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Raffle Winners

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82 people entered this raffle, which was a lot more than I expected! Thank you to everyone that took some time to write a “welcome back” comment, I wish I had time to reply to all of them! Don’t worry, I read them all :)

Time to announce the winner! Here is a screenshot of the randomized list from random.org. I randomized it 10 times, as I said I would.


Congratulations, Jade! Just email me anytime and I’ll reply with the code :)

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to make a couple of comments/explanations.

If you commented on this post, I automatically entered you, even if you didn’t mention your Fantage username (or forgot to). This way, there won’t be any people unhappy about forgetting to write their username :)

Also, note that your number on the screenshot above doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a randomized list! Being #82 is no different than being #2, because I am not doing anything like “the winner has an hour to claim the prize before it is passed to the next person.” It’s just proof that I typed everyone’s name into the machine, so everyone had an equal chance.

Last, I am a little disappointed to say that there were several people trying to enter multiple times under a different username. I only called out a total of two people after solid proof from identical IP addresses, and their names were not entered. However, I know there were more. Some had nearly identical IP addresses and were commented within half an hour of each other (and of course I did not have the time to check all 82 entries). Anyway, if you tried entering twice, you know who you are. Cheating just to gain another 1/82 chance of winning is not worth it! I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I am fairly familiar with the loopholes. No hard feelings, just don’t do it again please.


Thank you to every one else for participating! It’s SO good to see you all again!


It feels SO great to be back, at last!!! Since I left in September, things have been pretty rough, but I have finally finished my work.

Enough about me, here’s a quick check-list of the things I plan to be doing this month, to get everything up and running again:

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MooMoo’s response/reflection/reaction at the bottom in purple, hopefully Angela will see it!!

Hey guys, it’s caseycow101. I’ll get straight to the point.

I have changed my name to angelakzhou, so no more caseycow101. I’ve decidedly quit Fantageville and my fashion blog SoCal Spirit and created a new blog: justyouraveragezhou.wordpress.com. On this blog, I am basically blogging about my life and whatever I feel like. Please give me a follow, because this will be the only blog I will be updating from now on. I have created this new blog because I feel like my old blogs are too constricting, subject-wise. I also do not want to quit blogging as it has helped my writing skills tremendously.

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Hi everyone! Long time no see! <3

A brief description of what’s been going on for me:

School has been really busy! I finally got past a huge hurdle that’s been on my mind these past months, so it’s a great relief. But, there’s still LOTS more to do, so I won’t be able to resume blogging completely just yet.

I have, actually, been going on our ask.fm the most lately, so if you would like to keep in touch with me, just visit our ask page! It’s a lot easier than writing full posts, and you guys can still interact with me and get quality responses/opinions :)

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I’ve just finished reblogging some of the older updates, sorry we’ve been behind! I decided to post something myself since I haven’t in a while and I feel bad for just leaving you guys hanging.

First thing that went through my mind when I logged on to Fantage after like 2 weeks of absence:


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Enjoy this awesome post from MyFantageInfo, by cindy_lee_9, on:

  • MyMall updates

Originally posted on My Fantage Info:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 4.18.11 PM

Every day, one type of item will get a 20% tax discount! This is awesome, since Fantage MyMall tax is usually a lot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.03.58 PM My kiosk is 8C-3

The tax discount item changes every day.

Also, there’s a “Best Buyer” and “Best Seller” award.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.02.33 PM

The more items you buy/sell, the more you level up. But then I just bought an item and got two levels. So maybe you get more levels if you use more gold?


Click on the scroll to see the top ten people for last week.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.02.57 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.02.48 PM

You also see where you are on the list.

If you get on the Top Ten, you get a medal. It levels up to 99, and it’s for nonmembers too!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.12.17 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.12.25 PM

If you’re one of the top 100, you get a gold medal on your kiosk. I haven’t seen any kiosk with a medal on it, though.

And also, when you choose a kiosk, there’s…

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Enjoy this awesome post from MyFantageInfo, by cindy_lee_9, on:

  • Q-Blast, new Cosmos theme
  • Buying Membership with Gold

Originally posted on My Fantage Info:

Another Q-Blast update, and now you can buy membership with gold!

Q-Blast: Cosmos

Limited Items

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 4.12.01 PM

Looks weird in my opinion… No offense to the aliens


(It’s a nonmember item, so nonmembers can buy and wear it)

Step 1: Go to the Limited Items Cart.

Step 2: Click to buy anything from the blue pixey set.

Step 3: Click on your tab key,
until the yellow box is on where any of the four “Buy” buttons for the pink Pixey should be.
Screenshot 2014-09-20 19.05.01

Step 4: Click enter. Another item price tag should pop up, for whatever pink Pixey item you wanted.

Step 5: Buy it with stars. You don’t need to use gold.


New Map

There’s a new cosmos theme!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.43.17 PM

The moon rocks are explodable, the planets and galaxies aren’t.

New Character

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