❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

☾ Cosmic Bingo ☾

Last updated by MooMoo on 4/17/14: created page

I will add games to this page each week, depending on which games are on the Bingo Board.

General Notes

  • If the task is to play the game __ times, you don’t need to win the game or get a high score for it to count. Get a couple of points, then lose on purpose. This page doesn’t contain tips for this type of task, because it’s very simple.
  • If the task it to “get a score of __” in the game, use the tips on this page to help you reach the minimum score!
  • Once you’ve reached the minimum score, just lose on purpose or let the time run out. This will save time.
  • Remember that you don’t get anything extra for making it onto the Fastest Finishers list. If you’re trying to make it on to become “famous,” you won’t. The list changes every week, and people are more focused on finishing the board themselves than on the people on the list.
  • If the game has a single player and double player option, you must choose the single player mode for it to count.

Art Smarts
✔ Get 100% easily by using my guide, click here for the page. It is a sub-page under the main “How To…” page.

Fish Fish
✔ Holding the mouse down will make the fish hook go down, but also remember that releasing the mouse will make the fish hook go up.
✔ Use that trick to maneuver around the small fish and get to the bottom. It’s like crossing a street: wait for the small fish to pass, and keep going until you reach the bottom, where the bigger fish are.
fishfish1 100
fishfish2 300
fishfish3 2,000
fishfish4 3,000
fishfish5 5,000
fishfish6 10,000 points
fishfish7 15 seconds
fishfish8 Double Score for 15 seconds

Galaxy Hero

Jelly Shuffle
✔ Remember to click the SKIP button when it’s the opponent’s turn, so you don’t have to waste time
✔ Try to win both round 1 and 2 so you don’t have to waste time on round 3
✔ The best place to aim for on the power bar is at the very top of the green region (stay out of the red)

Mouse Out
✔ The easy level won’t get you enough points, but the hard level is nearly impossible. Go for the medium level!

Pearly Pop
✔ Try and find pearls near the top that are holding up a bunch of other pearls beneath it. If you p
✔ Don’t worry if you don’t pop bubbles in every shot. If there aren’t any you can match, just shoot it in a random place and move on, so you don’t waste time.

Stained Glass
✔ Use the hint button, there is one starting at level 5, and it will help a LOT
✔ Organize the tiles outside of the grid, so you can move it around easier
✔ There are places where more than 1 tile is a possibility. The smarter method is to find places where only ONE tile can possibly fit. Once you’ve put those tiles in and can’t find any more places like these, you will have fewer tiles to work with, and it will be much easier to finish the puzzle.

Word Up
✔ It’s a lot faster to use your keyboard to type the letters. You can also type Enter to submit the word, and to move on to the next level.
✔ Hover your cursor over the tiles for a hint (the answer to the one below is BRAY).

Comments on: "☾ Cosmic Bingo ☾" (102)

  1. LOL. I really hate Fish Fish. Those evil little fishes hate me. I hate Slip N Splash slide game the most. STUPID SLIDE!!!! WHY CAN’T I GO FAST AROUND THE CORNERS? Hmph. First-world problems. xP. <3.


  2. Anonymous said:

    Moo Moo, can you put up some tips for Mouse Out? Im always stuck at 175.


  3. nothings under galaxy hero?
    hmmm :0


  4. I think you missed a fish in FishFish. When I played, there was a blue one. Thanks for the help, though!


  5. Here’s a tip for Mouse Out: Win a medium level, easy levels are hard to get high points.


  6. Sorry OCD moment:

    ✔ There are places were more than 1 tile is a possibility.

    Did you mean where* ? Nice tips though 🙂


  7. A tip for Galaxy Hero:

    Try and make a hole where you can hit the U.F.O/ Spaceship so you can get the special power-up. And, when you use the power-up, don’t waste it. Time it right to get the points you need.


    • redsparkle123 said:

      Actually, when you hit the spaceship, if you get the power up, you also get 2000 points. It is really helpful to me whenever I play.


  8. pearly pop hates me


  9. Pearly Pop is hard, but with a bit of practice(and some skill) you can win it!


  10. Have a tip for Wild Slinger once you add…..

    Everyone use the Wild Slinger Cheats page….

    Wild Racer..

    The pet with the most ribbons is the fastest, or so I’ve heard..




  12. Quetioner said:

    I’d like to ask regards the board’s prizes, I do get the ecoins but not the gems. is this even possible to get? I’m stuck.


  13. Anonymous said:

    This may be a glitch thats only on my computer but when you play jelly shuffle and use the brown jelly if you keep clicking really fast as soon as it is your turn multiple jellies pop up at once and score you more points.
    That’s how Iv’e been winning .




  15. omg i came here to see what are the prizes for cosmic bingo but oh dear me no one ever DARES to complete it so how willl they EVER put up a post like that ?! its true blogers are ALWAYS HAVING LAZY BUTTS!! btw play woozworld its cool


  16. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Is it just me, or do I have to play a game 6 times instead of 5 for a chip to come on the bingo board?


  17. A tip for mouse out; for the medium, block all the exits in the direction the mouse is going before it gets there, and use the already placed blocks. Helps me a lot.


  18. Hmm... said:


    Fantage has just cheaped out. 3 lines of bingo have changed into…………….150 STARS!!!

    Not to be mean, but seriously Fantage, you thought we wouldn’t notice???


  19. Urg................... said:



  20. Awesomeness678 said:

    AWW why did they change it 😡


  21. Awesomeness678 said:

    Princess Moomoo could u post all the items that have been in cosmic bingo so far? I have missed one and I really want to know what item it was
    Also, do you know what the “super cosmic effect ” was?


  22. I’m stuck on Galaxy Hero. It just annoys me how you have to get a score of 60,000. It’s on this week’s bingo.


    • TROLOLOL To finish that I was sneaking on when my dad wasn’t home and he suddenly came home so I closed the screen but the computer was still open and put a book on the spacebar…and when I opened it again, it passed the score I needed…


  23. Uhh, I hate stained glass. IT’S JUST SO HARD. I like stained glass t- shirt though xD


  24. Anonymous said:

    Moo moo why does it say on pearly pop, if you p


  25. Appledentist said:

    You should have the articles of clothing that you can win also.
    I always wonder what I can get and if its really worth it :/


  26. Pearly Pop is my most disturbing game, It confuses me and how I rage whenever I fail. xD


    • Lol ikr! In one day I ended up playing and failing like 5 times to get the crazy score of 2000! But I got better at it at least a and now I only have to try once or twice to get it… Practice really does make perfect!
      Now, if only that was the same with Bullseye… -_-
      100 IS ENOUGH, NOW U WANT ME TO DO 200?! UGH!!!


  27. They should really change the values of the prizes. It’ll make more people want to play games and fantage can get money from them watching ads! It’s a win-win 🙂


  28. lol theres too mutch people chating


  29. I was playing a game for cosmic bingo, and THE THING SAID NO MORE STINKING MOVES!!!!! I had to get 20,000, and I was at like 18,000. Why do those candies hate me????


  30. Check out my MyMall kiosk! 35C-1
    I’m selling cheap, limited things, like Limited Pink Fairy Wings and the Limited Panda Eye Mask!
    Fairy Wings: 1,300 gold
    Panda Mask: 5000 gold
    Orange YoYo: 500 gold
    Kiosk 35C-1!!


  31. Madoka kaname said:

    Hello princess moo moo I have recognized your face whilst fighting Charlotte the dessert witch the face is Elsa nice you are a very nice girl become a magical girl cause your soul gem will never corrupt and you will never turn into a witch and curse any other magical girls we will fight forever to protect this world
    Xoxo Madoka kaname


  32. i hate the game math links. its just really confusing


  33. Cosmic Bingo isn’t really worth it anymore. I mean, we don’t get 1200 ecoins ans 6 Moonstone Gems anymore, and they even added STARS. Who needs STARS. We GET stars when we PLAY the games, AND we sometimes get stars when we log in and the Daily Attendance prize pops up.
    Sure,the items may be cool (especially the ice/snow/wintery set), but the challenges are really hard now, even I’ve stopped doing it. It’s just too much pressure, and when I see the people who finished it in maybe 20 minutes, I before I would say, “Wow, how did they do that.. They must have very fast internet…”, but now, I would say, “Wo-o-ow. They got no life.”

    Note: If someone says that I got no life, you’re right, and I know it. My high score on Flappy Bird (Mobile Version) is 159. I wasted a lot of my life. :I

    By the way MooMoo, if you’re reading this, you need to change the “Your comment will automatically be approved if you have commented before. Please be respectful while we are gone.” to “Your comment will appear after MooMoo approves it.” or something like that.



  34. Cosmic Bingo ruins bingo for me.


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