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☂ Item Lists ☂

Last updated by MooMoo on 2/18/14: Renamed from ‘Help & Comments,’ updated entire page

What are your Item Lists, and what are they used for?

Here are all of our Item Lists in order of creation. We have also provided how you can use each one.

1. All Fantage Items

  • Easily find out what month and year an item was released so you can vote for it at Vintage Gold, without needing check every single month using Fantage’s Catalogue
  • Browse through all the items sorted in order by date on one handy, simple, easy-to-use page
  • See which items are Pet-Locked, Level-Locked, Trendsetter, or Not Wearable

2. All FGC Items

  • Find out all the Fantage Game Card (FGC) items there are in a particular set so you know how many more you need before moving on to the next set
  • Find out how the FGC Cards work (e.g. gems, furniture, items)
  • Find out the order of the sets, so you know which one you will receive next

3. All Rares

  • Browse through all of the Rares from Orion’s Rare Finds sorted by clothing type (e.g. Hair, Tops, Bottoms, etc.) on one handy, simple, easy-to-use page, without needing to scroll through the list on Fantage

4. All Vintage Gold Items

  • Browse through all of the items ever sold at Vintage Gold on one handy, simple, easy-to-use page
  • Easily see which items were sold more than once
  • Find out the price of the item on the day it was sold

Sounds Cool, So How Do I Use It?

To figure out when a certain item was released, follow these steps…

1. Choose one of our Item Lists. The page should contain an extremely long list of item pictures numbered in red, with a numbered list of names below it.

2. Once you are on one of the pages, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and hit the letter F on  your keyboard. This is a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl Find.


3. A search box will appear either at the top of your screen (Google Chrome, Safari?) or bottom (Firefox)


4. Type in the name of your item.

  • If you don’t know the exact name, try guessing it until you find it on the page.
  • You can even type in the slang name, because we’ve included the slang name for some popular items in italics.

e.g. Stylish Fall Look (a.k.a. Autumn Leaf Hair)
e.g. Basket Ball Hair (a.k.a. BB Hair)
e.g. Polar Bear Accessory (a.k.a. PB Hat)

5. There might be more than one result, if you typed in a common name. For example, if you typed in “glow stick” you would get 4 results. Just press Enter on your keyboard to go to the next result.

6. If there are no results, then I probably have not added it yet, or you are searching in the wrong list. For example, if you were trying to find an FGC item on the Rares page, nothing would show up.

7. There might also be specific instructions or tips on each page, in sticky notes. Just read!

Can I borrow some of these lists for my blog?

No! Fantageville is the ONLY blog that has these lists (numbered items in a picture with numbered list with names below), nobody else has even come close to finishing this extremely long, pain-staking task.

If you see any of our lists anywhere else, please inform me. I have spent months on these, and I would be very angry to find that someone had just copied and pasted the names and/or pictures.

I have not given anyone permission to “borrow” my All Fantage Items list, so even if you put credits, I will NOT accept it. Credits are not worth months of my hard work. Again, these lists are exclusive to this blog only.

However, I have been seeing several people using my idea of All Vintage Gold items and the All Rares so I will be less strict on that. You may have these on your blog as long as you use your own pictures and words.

Comments on: "☂ Item Lists ☂" (186)

  1. Awesome Idea! Your such an expert on blogging and I could say that a gazillion times. -_-


  2. anonymous said:

    Hey, I joined in 2008 August and I have the party hat (with purple strips) that you put in the section January 2008, so you might’ve placed the item in the wrong month. I think it’s from 2008 December not January.


  3. Lol, this must have taken you forever.


  4. Genius!!! Genius, I say!!!


  5. Prabha Rani said:

    Awesome! How can we know if an item is a premium members-only or not? 🙂


    • Once you know what it looks like, it will be pretty easy to find it in the Trade n Sell catalogue on Fantage, you can search by color or something, then you can see if it’s for nonmembers/members.


  6. I know when Prom Hair was released and in which event. It was released in the 2012 prom party,1999.I mean May 24, 2012.Argh I wish I earned ecoins during that event so I could get Prom Hair. Argh.


  7. Thank you for the Help


  8. Oh wowwww….I made my account before 2010….AND.I.COULD.HAVE.GOTTEN.GLOWIES.


  9. I can’t find my item anywhere :/ It’s called “Chicken Head” and it’s beta 😀


  10. Glittergloss_100 said:

    I can’t find an outfit… It’s called Flower Dress. ://


  11. MintyFudgeSundae said:

    What is the RAREST item of all time?


  12. awesome!!!! moomoo seriously you have great patience I only wish i was as smart and patient like you omg you are soooooooooooooooooooo awesome you made it successful!
    3 cheers for Moomoo
    *hip hip* ‘hurrah!’
    *hip hip* ‘hurrah!’
    *hip hip* ‘hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
    lol 😉


    • xXpopzsugarxX said:

      Hi hannah i saw you on fantage. And yeah, to princess_moomoo,verrrryy goodd jobbb its helpful


  13. fefe3485 said:

    People must be so dumb to copy this, Princess MooMoo took time out of her life to look up EVERY SINGLE fantage clothing item and people just go and copy the whole entire thing and they get countless hits from just literally clicking two times, right click and copy and paste. Ugh, it makes me so mad! Some people just don’t care about others.


  14. Foreverball11 said:

    I can help you on April 2012 if you want!


  15. hey moomoo! This is so amazing!! You really have a lot of patience. You told us to tell you if there were ANY typos. This soooooooo small that I had to go searching for an error to find it but if you want to know any ways, here goes: Feb 2011, no. 50. You wrote HEAT board instead of HEART board. Is it supposed to be like that? If it is I’m really sorry!


  16. I got a question. When did Fantage start? When did they make it? From this clothing thing, I feel like it started during 2007


  17. Merry here! I’m on my friends computer! I know you can look it up on Wikipedia, but people can edit it anytime they want I think. So it might not be true


  18. Christine said:

    I have a question. How do friendship bracelets work? If 2 people you got a friendship bracelet with are with you at the same time, will it work at the same time?


    • Yes but u have to put it on by going to ur inventory and clicking the button in the left corner of ur avatar and click the right bracelet to wear


  19. seyaki54 said:

    In the ‘Oct 2011’ section, what is #40 called? (If you might know because it had no name)


  20. Hi! 😀 May i please have a list of items released in 2007 on my blog? i’ll give you credit and WON’T use your pictures, i promise 🙂 But i understand if you say no,considering how many jerks have copied you in the past Dx
    Btw, you’re blog is featured here: *Hidden*


  21. Fashionable <> Fantagian said:

    I already know how you get all those items. It’s from the Wishlist right?


  22. ArtisticBerry said:

    In the Nov 2007 section, is there anyway I can get number 39 and 49 look clearer? I’m making a Fantage Custom and I can’t find anymore images on Google.


    • Yes, go to your inventory, and click on the catalogue (or whatever it’s called) in the upper right corner. Just search for it there, and you will have it full size.


  23. I’m sure you know this but tinkerbell copied your entire 2007-2010 list. Arent you going to do anything about it?


  24. The ho ho ho Santa Beta hat was said twice


  25. Theresaisawesome said:

    This helped me a lot thanks


  26. jadeallstar said:

    #13 on May 2012 is called Gypsy hair C:


    • Could you send us a screenshot as proof? I don’t want to get any incorrect names, it’s really important not to (as I explained on this page). Thanks so much for your help!


  27. Are all the items from 2007-2010 considered ”beta”?


  28. Anonymous said:

    Can I please put this on my personal website? I’ll link it to you guys.


  29. caro1726 said:

    On the page 2010-2013, it only shows up to August 2012? What happened to 2012? And the rest of 2012?


  30. I have #52 the purple witch costume and i wondering if it is retired or rare? hopefully both lol probs not!


  31. Anonymous said:

    Umm… moomoo I have a coined ice girl costume it was a gift for buying membership or sections I can’t find it on the page for . Items it it was released 2013 my email is amycat10@hotmail.com I also have a girl on a rocket I have no Idea about its info I traded for it. Help
    Please reply soon as possible


  32. Anonymous said:

    Umm moomoo I have an ice girl costume and it was a gift for buying membership or ecoins and I could not find it on the list. I also have a rocket girl costume and I have no Idea it’s info because I traded for it


  33. I pressed Ctrl and F And typed – Elegant Flower Hair –
    0 out of 0
    :-: Hmmh… It’s a limited, So idk whether you will put it up..


  34. Wait are you going to delete the All Fantage Items pages? Please Don’t~~~ I still want these lists D:


  35. jadeallstar said:

    Can you make a Retired items page? I mean like I know Vintage Gold is selling retired items now, but there’s still recently retired stuff, like Black n White shorts, Jodi Style Hair, etc…


  36. Ohhhh, do you also use Microsoft power point to make stuff like that? Right now I’m making a FAS ( fantage animated series) in a power point! xD


  37. Um…”67 Minty Costume (PLd)” Is that a typo? If not, what does it mean?


  38. cindylili said:

    Can I do this on my blog? I will not copy any of your names or pictures and I will credit you. I understand if you do not let me. Thanks!


  39. I just wanted to inform you that there is new non member shoes, they are called “Magenta Shoes”, and they are from Sept. 2013.


  40. Dear People of Fantageville i have posted several Thing’s so princess_moomoo mod’s/owner’s and reader’s would get the Love That i share between my friend’s I’d just LIKE TO SAY CHEER’S TO FANTAGEVILLE AND EVERYONE ASHA THANK YOU PRINCESS_MOOMOO THANK YOU! CASEY THANK YOU POOKIE THANK YOU POLLEE THANK YOU EVERYONE THANK YOU


  41. superstargirl1 said:

    I really wanna tell you this because you and angela are REALLLLLY awesome (oh and, dont forget the moderators and sunny on the xat chat!)

    Moomoo ~ Thanks for making this blog, this page in particular. this page is really good for people who are new to fantage and who need to find out about items in particular. This helped me because when someone said “do you have ____” I’d come on here and say yes or no because This page helped me.

    Angela – Your name begins with “angel” Because you truly are. You helped moomoo with the blog and without you, this blog wouldn’t be so successful! all the posts you have made in the blog have made a difference. I’m gonna try and post something on every page so I can tell you how AWESOME this blog it ^-^…

    Moderators and Sunny on XAT – Okay, I know I’ve sworn abit but I’ve been honest and so have you. I remember one time one of the moderators said they’d been scammed in trade and sell and people gave them their items, they didn’t hesitate because they trust you! I trust each and everyone one of you and it’s nice seeing the chat peaceful. when Ashla was promoted for being kind and things, lots of people were hating but I just congratulated her and was really happy you’d found someone else you could trust. wow trust goes round alot round here! Moomoo trusts the mod and the owners trust the mods and the owners ❤

    all of the awesome people that support you ~
    All of the readers are awesome! I was so happy to hear you reached 1,000,000 views not long ago! 1,055,062 Right now and counting! I've been advertising like CRAZY on fantage being like "got to HOPES fantage HOPES ville! HOPES" thats what you say to advertise like crazy! It shows up like
    "GO TO hopeS
    FANTAGE hopeS
    VILLE hopeS"
    So it actually says "go to fantageville!"!!
    ❤ Thanks once again for an awesome blog :3 ^-^

    😀 Superstar


  42. I found that this list helpful…but it looks like you haven’t added anything from 2013 or 2014 yet (no offense, just saying). I was wondering, are you planning to add another list for those years? If yes, when? Thanks!


  43. Bellosnowy said:

    I’m usually on iPad here so there is no Crtl on the keyboard. 😦


  44. Henrietta said:

    Thank you for this but I can’t find the “rockin dance floor” and I know that is an item and I really want to know the release date.


  45. i can’t find the glowing lantern that shows 平安 on it, please help!


  46. moonshinezodiac said:

    Nice instructions. 😉


  47. ッI happy again~meowiッ said:

    uhm, where is Black And White shorts?
    I’m looking
    and I cant find it!!
    Well, do you know? 😛


  48. ッI happy again~meowiッ said:

    Where is Black&white shorts????
    Please help,


  49. Bellosnowy said:

    What is CC hair? And which year is it in?


  50. Bellosnowy said:

    When was PB hat released?


  51. Awesome Idea!



  52. shanaya said:

    On the 2010-11 list item number 20 in jan 2011 the name is Black skort
    Is it correct ? Sorry if it is corrct 😀


  53. man! this is gonna be super easy now because of the closet thing in the theater!


  54. Anonymous said:



  55. I can’t thank you for this enough *^*
    (I was looking for the photo booth to try on clothes, it took me 1 hour to realize it was in the theater…I was like, what? No creature area? =3=)


  56. Anonymous said:

    MooMoo you added me on fantage, but I want to ask you a question…How do you get level locked and also the photo booth? Did fantage take it out forever?


    • twinkie432664 said:

      The level locked items are still at Uptown, they’re just all the way to the left. And the photo booth is at the theater at the school. 🐱


  57. Raspberry Music ♪ said:

    Hi! I’m the Raspberry Music girl but you can call me Berry Sick. I’m extremely obsessed to music and a bit new to your blog. I’m 10 years old but I ain’t like other kids. Wanna know about my hair? Well, it’s black and it has a hot pink streak on it. I have a rare birthmark, it’s shaped exactly like a music note and is placed on my shoulder. I am a master at the disk but I can never play without my headphones on. I usually wear black and pink to match my hair. Once I run out of black and pink clothes, I redye the streak on my hair til I have more black and pink clothes to wear. I think that’s all I need to say ’bout myself. See y’all in my next few comments, bye now!
    ~ Berry Sick


  58. Anonymous said:

    the photo booth is in zacks theater


  59. math10000 said:

    Will you be updating the 2013-2014 page?


  60. math10000 said:

    Isn’t it suppose to be
    Jombu Hat
    instead of
    Jumbu Hat
    on the ‘All Fantage Items List’?
    ( item 130, Aug 2011)


  61. math10000 said:

    Here it says:
    April 2008
    31 Ultra Rare Rubber Duckie Board

    But Photo Booth says:
    Rubber Duck Board

    Here it says:
    May 2008
    8 Gypsy Suit

    But Photo Booth says:
    Mystical Outfit
    ( I don’t blame you for the second one, I think Fantage changed the name in even says in the inventory. xP)

    I am using a template now:

    Here it says:

    But Photo Booth says:



  62. math10000 said:

    Here it says:
    December 2008
    3 Ho Ho Ho Hat, 4 Ho Ho Ho Hat, 5 Ho Ho Ho Hat

    But Photo Booth says:
    All of these of called Santa Hat
    ( I swore I saw these called Ho Ho Ho Hat before…)

    I don’t know if this is worth using my template, but you forgot to capitalize
    Feb 2009
    9 Librarian hair

    And you put Warm Sunset Glasses twice, April 2009 and December 2007. But in photo booth it has a picture of that item, but its name is ‘null’. Just put this because an item can’t be released twice, the first time it was already released.

    I had more, but I got to go now.


  63. math10000 said:

    Here it says:
    July 2009
    5 2009 Wizard Party Cape
    But Photo Booth says:
    Enchanted Cape

    Here it says:
    Aug 2009
    22 A mini UFO,
    But Photo Booth says:
    Alien Hoverboard


  64. math10000 said:

    Here it says:
    Jan 2010
    28 Trail Wheels
    But Photo Booth says:
    Train Wheels


  65. math10000 said:


    Can I have your permission to check through all the names and maybe ( if needed) correct them?

    I just don’t want to annoy you.

    Also, I am not trying to prove you wrong, because sometimes Fantage changes the names of items and because I really love this blog.

    Would that be alright?


  66. It’s ok, I understand.

    Would it be ok if I do like numbers and letters instead?

    Like a hair could be called 1A instead of just 1.
    Or, is there some other system you would prefer for me to use instead of like numbering?

    I could do credits.


  67. Princess moomoo:

    March 2013 has already passed. Do you mind if I put a picture of all the items for March 2013? I can find them very easily 🙂 (Or maybe other years that have already passed)?


  68. My friend mystery150 is selling SUPER CHEAP LIMITED ITEMS in MyMall!!
    Everything is minimum price
    :Limited Chic Black Hair: 9000 Gold
    :Limited Fancy Dress: 3,000 Gold
    :Limited Deluxe Explorer Costume: 720 Gold
    Go to Kiosk 28E-3!!



    greenolicious: nope u scjm
    anitazen: i dont
    anitazen: skammers are stupid and ill never be 1 of them
    greenolicious: idk
    anitazen: cmon i have cc hair for 500 gold
    greenolicious: nooo
    anitazen: fyne its ur shame
    greenolicious: ScammerZ
    My three new items in my acc! 🙂


  70. My limited board is only 1,000 gold and it’s koined.

    Go to kiosk 39C-9 and you’ll find it. I have other items too, ALL COINED! The others are 500 Gold. I’m going as cheap as possible so I can get rid of them since I’m quitting Fantage.


  71. do you have a kiosk?


  72. Hi Moo Moo!! Please read! There’s a website called Fantagevill that has almost the same thing as on your page!! I don’t know if you allowed her, but she didn’t credit( I think ) and I just wanted to tell you about this. See the screenshot: http://prntscr.com/7iq4bh


  73. Crystal27490 said:

    Oh my goodness so helpful thank you so much just put together my wish list thank you!!!


  74. Fantagian said:

    When did twinkling earrings come out?


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