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Last updated by MooMoo on 3/22/14: added green sticky note

This method is no longer necessary, as Fantage has added the red text update (click here to learn more). We’ll keep this page here in case anyone wants to know how things were before the update!

So I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has come across this problem one time or another on Fantage, but we have never even addressed the problem!

Since I can’t take it anymore(Casey), I will tell you…


What I mean is, have you ever had the problem that you are chatting with someone, and your text never shows, and it gets really fustrating because that person doesn’t know what your saying? Well, I will tell you HOW you KNOW your text will show.

Ever see people on Fantage say things like this?

annual pass

Well apparently, if you say specific words capitalized, like SHOES and FRIEND, they will automatically un-capitalize and turn to lowercase letters, shoeS and friend. If it does do this, you KNOW your text will show to other people! If it doesn’t, your text will not show and you will have to change the spelling of your words!

For example,

The one on the LEFT will NOT show, the one on the RIGHT WILL show!


Now you don’t ever have to worry about your words “not showing” to other people! Just use this simple trick!


I just realized why Fantage automatically uncapitalizes those  testing words like grape, shoes, hope, shirt, shope, hello, etc. It’s because all of them have a bad word hidden inside of them.

I don’t want to show such words on my blog, but I need to prove a point here, so if you are mature enough not to take these words offensively and/or abuse them, you may reveal the hidden text below by highlighting it.


If you were to capitalize the words like the ones above, you could basically say a bad word without getting caught, because grape, shoes, and the rest are definitely not bad words x)

So, to solve this, Fantage must have taken all those words and uncapitalized them by default when saying it on Fantage. This way, no matter how you capitalized the word, it would show up as lower case anyway.

That means that if your testing word isn’t uncapitalized automatically, the rest of your text won’t show either, so Fantage doesn’t bother to uncapitalize it.

You could technically take any word that has a bad word hidden inside of it and use it as a testing word. Cool, huh?

Hope this clarified some things!


Comments on: "How to Make Your Text Show" (91)

  1. Reblogged this on Randomness by Moi and commented:
    Oh, now I get it! rofl


  2. Wow thanks! I never knew this. I thought people in Fantage were saying shoeS for fun. To think this was a trick!


  3. Never thought of it, thanks for the help! :3


  4. mrgrnforever said:

    Reblogged this on FF71.


  5. katsuam said:

    thanks casey that really helps


  6. I kno why certain words are like that.
    If you do HOPE it turns into hope because someone could do HOpE. LOL
    Or if you did therapist. theRAPIST just would be therapist.
    Or grape. gRAPE would be grape.
    Or even hello! HELLo would be hello.


    • I don’t think those are words that you can put at the end of sentences to make sure your text shows, but I do know that “SHOPE” is one, I’ve seen people use it.
      Also, I think these words change over time, it might not work in a couple months, because I remember everyone used to use “FUN” and “AWESOME”.


  7. Yea! I use SHOPE instead… I don’t know why. It is to kind of, prevent cursing or inappropriate language.


  8. Nell172 said:

    Here are some more:
    I don’t know if some of these still work.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Roselynh100 said:

    Omg Ty Ty for this post I was so confused when I asked my BFF a question she was like “?” and I was like “Did _ _ _ _ go cookoo?” And so I’m gonna apologize tomorow. Hehe…


  10. Thanks! This helped a lot!


  11. sasha888 said:

    Ahh thanks for the advice! I already know of this, but I have some other words you guys you can use to check your text! Here’s some other ones that are currently working ( I hope ) :
    ( all of them in caps remember!! )

    – SHOPE
    – HOMEY <—– funky~ xD
    – CLASS
    – GRAPE
    – HOPES
    – SHOES (like Casey already listed)
    – FRIEND (this one Casey also listed)

    …those are the only ones I remember right now. ╮(─▽─)╭
    I hope these help! Oh and by the way, some words wont show, even when you add the "ending words" like 'SHOPE'. Those get annoying too, so here are some tips to get the word you're intending to say to show:

    1) Like Casey demonstrated above, when she used the word 'like' in her sentence, it didn't show. So, she had to change 'like' to 'niek'. It looks and sounds weird, but if a word like that doesn't show at all, you have to change it into something that sounds and looks similar to the word.
    2) For some reason, Fantage sometimes lets you say the word 'like' in certain sentences. It's the same with other words too. Even though it works with that sentence, I say you stick with using 'niek' instead of 'like' because the majority of it showing in another sentence is not that big.
    3) If you try using one of the "ending words" and it doesn't work repeatedly, even if you used a sentence before with the same ending word, it might've been corrected by Fantage and you can't use it anymore

    4) If you're trying to say a word and its not showing no matter what you do, try adding "extra" letters to the word. For example, the word "smell" doesn't show. So all you gotta do is add a bit of letters in it like this: "smjwell", or something like that… LOL xD So basically, when you're trying to say a word, just add a bunch of letters like "x", "j", "k", and so on.

    Well, that's… actually a lot more information than I originally wanted to give out. (*≧▽≦) ROFL. Anyway, I hope this whole lot of information will help you people out~! :33

    ✨(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ sasha888
    *wee lil edit*- A lot of those extra words are already listed I think. I tried posting this a little earlier, but that didn't happen. Oh well~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


  12. Princess_ JC said:

    Ohhh, I didn’t know! So that’s why people keep saying ”niek”, ”shoes”, ”grapes”!
    Weird ~~ Same, I do not like this chat censoring too x( I guess they do this to avoid meanies or something O.o My friend always say that my words don’t show, So I have to do this always when I’m chatting with someone. Some say that I’m weird to say such a thing -.-” Oh my goodness, Fantage -.- Oh my..


  13. pinky2219 said:

    Reblogged this on ♥ Fantage Gumdrops ♥.


  14. Hey, casey_cow101 or princess_moomoo,
    do you happen to play Moviestarplanet? If so please add me, my username on there is pppppink.
    Please reply if you do or don’t.
    Thank you!


  15. ♋Hollow72244♋ said:

    Oh..clever, I knew there was something special about those words, i never knew they had abusive words in them though.


  16. Fivefeettuntanke said:

    One thing I have figured out on Fantage is if you say three bad words together with no spaces ,
    *Censor Following *Example:
    Your account won’t get banned.


  17. cookie_queen223 said:

    whenever i try saying to a girl, (like a girl thats a friend you’ll know what i mean) Hey girlfriend! (because i’m bored rotfl) it turns to, “Hey friend!” It’s pretty awkward…

    Also if you want to know how to have it in caps and show, you can put in a j,for example

    HEjLO! It works for me, and people know what i’m saying!


  18. Theresaisawesome said:

    Why does in fantage when I talk with my friend and I say free membership it turns to free zero its just weird ( no I’m not trying to ask for her account or for free membership iwas just curios) . :/ ITS SO ANOYING!


  19. Once, a girl on Fantage at Trade ‘N’ Sell, ,she asked if my “SHOES” were for trade. She made everything capitalized and it was like ” CAN I HAVE YOUR SHOES ” Then it turned out like ” CAN I HAVE YOUR shoeS ” I thought she wasn’t done her sentence. LOL!


  20. If you type Sex* It turns out cool.Sorry for using that bad word!


  21. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for the info!


  22. there’s also ‘awesome’ right?


  23. Thanks i was getting annoyed by Shope
    Why does it go to little caps though??? its not bad… class has ass but i am really glad
    i know tis now!!!


    • Taking out the S and P from shope will get you a bad word.


      • That word also means a gardening tool xD


      • just like a ratchet is a gardening tool. But if you get 10 people and you ask them what word comes first or what do you think when they say it, at least 50% will think of the inappropriate one. What has this generation become. But oh, think, if we’re bad, and we SURVIVE, imagine the next generation. And the next. It’s like we became smarter, only to become dumb again in our advanced electronics. I’m really scared what some of our people will do to this generation.


  24. Lol… Now ik what my friend was upset about… I was a clueless charlie.
    My friend: omg alicy so and so just said i smell like shirt.
    me: okay…. wat does that mean?
    my friend: O_O
    so and so: lol she is DaUM
    me: im not that DaUM.. and what does shirt.. forget it imma look it up.
    friend: *rage quits*
    me: O_O *looks on fatageville for anything…* comes across this poage* reads it * understands why friend upset * comments* texts friend * well theres nothing i can do about it * baiii*
    ♥ from

    P.S wat does dis mean? ☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯☯??? ty bai


  25. Sarah Starsplash said:

    I always use HELO lol.


  26. What does owo mean on fantage? I think its like o oi but idk


    • Its this really annoying smiley that is absolutely and absurdly overused. I think it’s the same thing as O.O but since Fantage doesn’t allow punctuation, they changed it to a u.


  27. moonshinezodiac said:

    Moomoo can you please tell me how made that hidden highlighting thing?


  28. Some person on Fantage called me an elohssa because I said, “Hi stranger!” What does elohessa mean?


  29. I don’t get it…


    • When you type stuff on Fantage, it always shows on your screen, but sometimes, it doesn’t show on other people’s screens. The only way you can tell is by putting the words we mentioned after your words. I always use SHOES.
      Let’s say you’re typing “blah blah blah.” To see if that shows, you have to type “blah blah blah SHOES”.
      Then, if it shows up on the screen as “blah blah blah shoeS” then you know it showed. If it shows up as “blah blah blah SHOES” then it means it didn’t.


  30. wow nice it helps


  31. Hi Moomoo! It’s Alex, again lol. I just have a small question: do MOST of the words that are capitalized have a bad word in it?


    • Er, not sure what you mean… If text shows up as capitalized, then it doesn’t have a bad word in it, that’s the whole point. If you capitalize a word and it shows up partially uncapitalized, then it has a bad word in it.


  32. ッMEOWIッ said:

    Reblogged this on We LUV Random and commented:
    Lawl, sho helpful.


  33. or, u can just type “igly” They’ll automatically turn it into “awesome” because they think ur trying to say ugly. That’s how u can advertise too! It’ll also make ur speech bubble GIGANTIC!


  34. Lots of people ask me “What’s the shoeS for?” LOL I just told them that somethings that you would like to say can’t show, I put shoeS at the end so I can see if it shows. And I don’t get why beach, black, like and hate wont show? There not inapporiate. Well, I dont know about hate. 😉


  35. isabelle welsh said:

    Moo moo, Fantage has come up with red text if your text wont show. Now it’s a lot easier to tell if it will or wont show.


  36. Anonymous said:

    i think COCKROACH should work cause co… and you know


  37. chaichaikule (SFGIANTS) said:

    fantage is way to safe. WHY THEY DO THAT


  38. chaichaikule (SFGIANTS) said:



  39. chaichaikule (SFGIANTS) said:

    after 12 hours of being banned if you swear once more are you banned forever or do you get 24hr bann then next time ur banned for ever or do you have just tell me how it works


    • You don’t get banned forever if you break the rules multiple times, you just get the same ban
      The only reason I ban forever is if you clearly don’t belong on the chat. Like, you’re some 20 year old talking about inappropriate stuff, trying to gross the kids out.


  40. awesome_fantagian said:

    I’ve noticed that in the new chat mode, if you say I hate you it shows to you as Please, be nice to others and other people won’t see your message. The new chat mode is really useful because now you know if your message showed!


  41. How about ‘fun’ and ‘funny’ ? Why would they be un-capitalized?


  42. BananaDanna said:

    This only works on the Instant Message. If you put your words in color you can tell if it shows. If the thing you typed does show, it will stay colored. If it doesn’t, it will turn black.


  43. lol thats why ppl say awesome after a scentence i started to do it to make my self be seen and to be cool 🙂


  44. I say igly then it turns to awesome but if it stays as igly then it didnt show but if it turns from igly to awesome then it did show i ways jse it then these newbs come and are like tea i know im awesome im like -_-


  45. Reblogged this on Fantage Bee and commented:
    Okay, now the red text thingy is not working, so this is what you do.
    People keep on asking me what shoeS means or friendS mean. lol


  46. “grape, shoes, hope, shirt, shope, hello” I now see the “words” in them

    In “Grape” take out the “G.” in shoes You can take out the 2 “S” in front and end or take out the first “S.” in “hope” take out the “P.” in “shirt” take out the “R.” in “hello” take out the “O” at the end.



  47. […] advertise on Fantage. Although you should be warned that sometimes, words don’t show. Go to here if you want help with getting yours words to […]


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