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Adventures in Wonderland

Adventures in Wonderland Header

The first thing I notice when I’m making this post is that WordPress automatically put a 2 in the URL, meaning I have another post with the same exact name as this one. And as we all know, it’s because this is another reused event. Sigh.


Click here for our Adventure in Wonderland post from 2013, most of the things are the same so I’ll be referring back to it very often in this post.

Limited Items

They actually made a new Limited Items Cart this time, unlike the other reused events 🙂


Everything is for gold only except for the Alice Package, which Members can use stars as well to buy. The items look pretty cool actually!

A friend on Facebook (his name is Levi) wanted me to show you guys a video he made about a cheat for getting Limited Items for stars instead of gold (members only). Hurry and try it now, before Fantage fixes it! If it helped you, make sure to give it a thumbs up 🙂


Travel to Wonderland

Last year, I loved visiting the Wonderland on Fantage, so I guess it’s cool we can visit it again. You can get to it, like last year, through the Forest.


YEPP I finally changed out of my Elsa outfit, most of the stuff I’m wearing (bunny ears, flamingo crochet thing, and painted rose board) were prizes from last year’s event. You can refer back to the post to see how I got it, because they aren’t available this year.

First thing you see is Mr. Caterpillar again, but looks like he’s bumped up his prices because it’s 10 Gold now instead of 20 stars 😦


HAHA so true:


There’s no scavenger hunt for the March Hare this year and they got rid of the “Queen’s Tarts” mini card game, but the other two mini games (Curious Croquet and The Queen’s Roses) are still here. I’m going to copy and paste the stuff Angela wrote from the other post:

curious croquets These are the instructions for the game. croquet instructions It’s quite simple, the card bridges move up and down, and once they are in line with your hedgehog, click your hedgehog, and it will kick the hedgehog straight forward. The more card bridges you go through, the better! Of course the cards cheat when it is the queen’s turn, so they move to the right place for her! Still, you can beat her though. curious croquet game If you do beat her(it’s quite easy), you get a prize: a ah… flamingo! curious croqut prize

Actually, no prize this year :/ Just stars…

To play “The Queen’s Roses,” I don’t think you can reuse the costume from last year (I sold mine at Trade n Sell so I can’t check). This is the new costume:


Other than that, it’s exactly the same:

ROSE PAINTER queens roses instructions If you wander farther right into Wonderland, you will come to the next section, which is basically the painting rose section for The Queen’s Roses, which you can only paint if you have the Royal Gardner(isn’t it gardener?) Costume for members. To paint ALL the roses, you have to work with other people! rose tree garden You actually do NOT need another person to help, if you are very fast. Start from the left and keep going right, try not to miss any, because it will take time to go back. Each rose you paint is 5 stars! This is the prize for getting all of them. prize

This wasn’t a very exciting post, I know… If you’re really bored, you can listen to the witty talking flowers.. *trying to think of something to write*


“Once Upon a Time”

Since there really isn’t that much to talk about for this event, have you guys seen the ABC Family show “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”? It’s a branch series to the original Once Upon a Time series, and both are REALLY good. If you have time, check it out! If you’re young, I’m sure your parents will let you watch it, it’s not very mature at all 🙂

 If you’re into fairy tale characters, then Once Upon a Time is the show for you, because it combines every fairy tale character you can think of 😉

Reflection and Suggestions

Ok we’re obviously annoyed that this is another used event, maybe the artists and programmers didn’t have time to create a new one for us. On the bright side, at least there were new limited items and none of the same items from last year, so we didn’t earn them for nothing.

Fantage, if you’re reading this, I personally would prefer late but UNIQUE and FUN events (plus maybe random small updates in between to keep us entertained and keep your gold revenue coming) rather than on-time but reused events.

I also noticed that this event is based on a book. Please make more events based on books and other pop culture, like Harry Potter or anime! 😀 Again, have a vote and ask what WE want. I’m sure there will still be room after to add the usual Gold so you can make money. It’s a win-win situation.

I’m not going to rate this event or any other reused ones, because I don’t know whether to rate it based on how much I liked the original event, or how much I don’t like Fantage reusing it :/

Comments on: "Adventures in Wonderland" (31)

  1. The limited items cheat didn’t work. Great post anyways.


  2. square face said:



  3. Jamie (katiekat1203) said:

    If the next event was Harry Potter, I would scream YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to everyone and buy gold if there were gold items. 🙂 Yeah, I love Harry Potter…


  4. мσσηѕнιηєzσ∂ια¢ said:

    I would also suggest letting us buy the limited items with ecoins.
    If not, then what’s the use of spending money on ecoins and why are they even there if Gold and stars are going to be the only currency we use?




  6. Susan Peytonatorღ said:

    Once Upon A Time seems cool, I need to watch something other than Pretty Little Liars, Young & Hungry, and Mystery Girls lol


  7. Feeling like Fantage’s creative department is on vacation for a looong time. Honestly, after years Fantage’s creativity have been really declining. They have no more ideas left than recolouring some past outfits and costumes and expect us to be thrill about it. ㅠㅠ~~

    Anyways, don’t waste your time watching Once Upon A Time unless you are not a highly observant, good plot-consistence tv-series seeker like me. I used to love the show until season 3 when they push the love between Emma and Hook sooooo far at the point where irrelevant story lines have to be taken in place so that their love would fall in place..And the morals aren’t healthy for especially young children and girls (i.e. You will always find your happy ending..through love..from the opposite gender (let’s be honest there are no lgbt characters yet), true love cures every burden and negativity in your life, good always *italics* beats evil, etc.) I understand that the show is build upon fairly tales-isque ideas, but they are characters living me the real world. I had a lot of high expectations for the show but it just all fell apart when the writers apply no logic whatsoever after season 3. Which truly saddens me due to the fact that I love the concept they are using. -진리


  8. OMGitsBudderSorceress said:

    I might watch it after I finish watching Doctor Who on Netflix 😛


  9. Totally unrelated, but in Secret Adventure if you open the teal treasure chests, are the items coin? I’m saving up eCoins to buy it and I don’t want to waste them :/


  10. Helping fantagian :) said:

    Hello! We can still recieve the prize from playing the Curious Croquet.
    What you have to do is:
    1) go to espanol server
    2) go to forest
    3) go inside the wonderland and click play
    4) after you play they wont show that you got stars or any prize
    5) but when you click your iinventory and go to the body accesorry it will be there
    i just got it 🙂
    And the prize i got is not from the previous alice event because i missed it 🙂
    So i can tell that its from this event!
    Hope this helpss!


  11. I wanna watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland but we dont have ABC where I live 😦


  12. They changed the price of the mushrooms to 50 gold :/




  14. Helping fantagian :) said:

    Even though they changed the price of the mushroom to 50gold if you press tab, tab and press enter
    The popup still says ” would you like to buy for ’10 gold’ ” and if you click yes i guess it only costs 10 gold.


  15. memorystep said:

    You can’t play the Painting Roses game with the costume from the last Wonderland event.. D:


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