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♥ Free Cursors ♥

Last updated by MooMoo on 4/14/14: added “cupid bow” cursor

Did you know that you can change your mouse pointer/cursor? Here is how I customized mine, on my Windows computer!


How to Use My Cursors

1. Visit my MediaFire folder by clicking here. MediaFire is a site where users can upload their stuff and allow other people to download it. Since I uploaded it from my own computer, no need to worry about viruses, the files are created by me! It’s kinda like PhotoBucket, but for files instead of pictures only.

Don’t download cursors from anywhere that you don’t trust, as you can easily get a virus. Scroll down to the “How to Make Your Own Cursors” section for the sites I use.

2. Choose a cursor that you want to download (to see previews of each cursor, scroll down to the Design Credits section of this post.) Wait for it to download.

3. Don’t open the file yet, you won’t be able to because it’s a .cur file. Instead, keep following these directions…

From this point on, I can only provide directions for Windows users, since I don’t use Macs. But I’m sure you Mac users can figure it out, try Googling it!

4. Go to the place where you change your mouse pointers. Just right-click your desktop, click Personalize, then Change mouse pointers.

 cursor2 cursor3

You can also access this by: Start>Control Panel>Search:”mouse”>”Change how the mouse pointer looks,” but I thought this way might be easier.

5. Click on whichever cursor you want to customize. For example, I want to customize the “normal select” one. Then click Browse.


6. Find your Downloads folder, and the cursor you downloaded earlier will be there! Double click it!


7. Your “Normal Select” cursor will be changed, yay!


8. If you want to customize the other cursors (e.g. the default cursor for clicking on a link is a hand, but you can change it to something else!), repeat steps 5-6 (make sure that you’ve downloaded the cursors you want first). This is how mine looks like (yes I love Shingeki no Kyojin)


Notice how I did not customize every single one. Some of them, like the “Handwriting” cursor, are never used, so it would be pointless to customize it. I also kept the Text Select cursor for functionality.

9. Once you’re satisfied, click Apply, then Ok.


Yay, personalized cursors!

How to Make Your Own Cursors

I use these sites:



I haven’t provided a tutorial since both sites are very simple to use. Have fun, and maybe even share your creation with us!

Design Credits

Since I’m very bad at pixel art, I just Google “____ pixel art,” paste the image onto paint, and enlarge it, to see where every pixel goes. The cursor makers I use don’t allow you to just upload an image, so “modified from” means I got the idea elsewhere, used it as a template, and drew in the pixels. “Design by me” means I drew it from scratch 🙂

Eren's Key “Eren’s Key” modified from deviantArt’s CardCaptorHailey

Eren's Key Tilted “Eren’s Key Tilted” design by princess_moomoo

surveycropslogo “Survey Corps Logo” design by princess_moomoo

shingekiblade “Shingeki Blade” found on cursor.cc

eren “Eren” found on cursor.cc

Popsicle  “Popsicle” modified from cursors4u.com

Popsicle Eaten  “Popsicle Eaten” modified from cursors4u.com

cupidbow “Cupid Bow” modified from Fantage’s Arrow Accessory

cupidheart “Cupid Heart” modified from Fantage’s Cupid Heart moodie

heart (diagonal2) heart (diagonal1) heart (vertical) heart (horizontal) “Heart” resizing package, design by princess_moomoo

You can download these and use them yourself without crediting me, but PLEASE do not put them on your blog and say you made them. If you want to tell people on your blog, just paste the MediaFire link that I provided and credit me. If you want a cursor page on your blog, fine, as long as you use you do not copy the format of my page. Use your own pictures and ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Nice. I like the eaten popsicle one. I ate a popsicle today… it was blue and pink. 1 degrees Celsius outside, but who cares? 😀


  2. lottie17 said:

    YAY NEW PAGE!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! sorry i’m so excited, this is a great page! 🙂


  3. Candykatx said:

    Awesome page!


  4. NWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Sadface. I have a mac and look at this page: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19549357#19549357
    it says Mac users cannot change. SUPER DUPER HUGEEEEE SADFACE!!!!!! D:


  5. ღ ηιηαк099 ღ said:

    Attack on Titan *_*


  6. Theresa7897 said:

    Gonna make one XD


  7. These are awesome ^.^ I like the Popsicle <333


  8. This page is a great idea, but I have to share a computer with my brother, and I don’t know what he will say if I change the cursor to anything Fantage-related 😦
    Is there a way to change the cursor for your own account instead of the whole computer?


  9. Can you make more Fantage-related cursors? I tried making my own but they all look weird… Nothing compared to yours…


  10. Gonna use your All Fantage Items List for more cursor ideas 🙂


  11. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

    But, they need a mini Levi character >:C


  12. This is a great page, Moomoo! 😀


  13. omg I have a cursor blog
    except i make lame ones


  14. I love the bow and arrow kind! >.<


  15. Theresa7897 said:

    Ack i really need to get a new computer my computer is like window 4 and it won’t let me change it or may be too much viruses on there 😛


  16. cursor.cc allows you to upload images


  17. This page is such a great idea


  18. HEY YOU
    all it did was close all my tabs and made me unable to open my browser
    and when I finally fixed it, it set some random page as my homepage and it closed my tab in seconds again



  19. Serena-San said:

    Arigato! ~<3


  20. Eeeeeeeee… doesn’t it take a long time to draw the designs pixel by pixel? Eek. I would have quit on my second one. Haha. I don’t have any patience.


  21. Check your email please, thanks!


  22. aquaforevergirl said:

    Damn major Sadness I got Mac book pro .And it won’t work o ‘well

    p.s i tried to make this as perfect spelling since you (Moo moo) like it neat 🙂


  23. ty so much 🙂 I like my cursor 😛 Thanks moomoo!


  24. Anonymous said:

    Princess_Moomoo, is this is a good cursor site? i think it is called like rw-designer.com?
    please reply


  25. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    Ooh~with the websites I made every single cursor for each thing~

    its my fantage OC, and just drawing things on the side of her~



  26. Grace5z said:

    Is cursormania a virus? Just wondering


  27. bubblez1234 said:

    I made a Fem!Eren one, XD


  28. Anonymous said:

    can you help me? i want to download this. http://www.cursors-4u.com/cursor/2011/11/07/black-moustache.html


  29. pandas_unite said:

    lol u like attack on titan? my friend is obsessed with that anime


  30. i’ve got this fetish for impossibly small cursors that blind the eye and hurt the soul


  31. Hello…I noticed you modified my Eren’s key cursor without my permission. Its okay, but next time could you ask? Thank you. -CardCaptorHailey


  32. I love the Popsicle one ! But my dad found out and he was like “do you have any idea how much that computer costs and now you want to get a virus?” So yeah. I can’t! 😦


  33. Hmm, but mayb I can somehow persuade him…


  34. Hey,i got a question to ask,I don’t know if you still check this page or not lol,but when i want to download it.Ex: shingekiblade.cur,they ask me to choose the program i want to use to install this cursor.I clicked Adobe Flash Player,then i got in and they told me i can’t use this program with AFP.When i wanted to re-download it they told me i can’t cuz it’s already installed with Adobe Flash Player.Please help.


  35. i dont know how to do it xD


  36. aw50m3tt3☮♪ said:

    Personally, I like the popsicles. :3


  37. Thanks this really helped!!


  38. What software do you use to make ur animations
    It will really help if you tell me so I can make animations
    Oh and My name on Fantage is Angel19247 and Lexi1972


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