❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

I’ve just finished reblogging some of the older updates, sorry we’ve been behind! I decided to post something myself since I haven’t in a while and I feel bad for just leaving you guys hanging.

First thing that went through my mind when I logged on to Fantage after like 2 weeks of absence:


SO much has changed, and I’m overwhelmed by how nearly all the updates require gold.

Daily Attendance Update

Before the update, when you logged in, Max greeted you with your daily login check mark and the recent news on Fantage (took me forever to find a screenshot of this!)


I think they haven’t changed this since Fantage was first created, so I guess it’s cool that they updated it!


It matches well with the modern look of everything else on Fantage, and it’s a lot more… gold.

They kept the daily award thing, but made it even better! It’s on a range of 12 days now instead of 7, and the prizes are way better than stars:


I don’t think you have to log in consecutively, but if you miss too many days, you won’t be able to get to the super awesome gift at the very end because you won’t have enough stamps. It looks like the prizes are Cody’s Crazy Combos free draws, My Mall permissions, and Lucky Bot free draws.


My first impression:


My second impression:


My third impression:


WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WITH THIS UPDATE??? I’m not sure whether I should rejoice (because there will be no more need for “wun tryouts”), laugh until my abs (flabs) hurt (because this is just ridiculous), or feel insulted (because Fantage apparently thinks we don’t have friends on Fantage).

This is even worse than the “wun tryouts.” I mean, at least there are “tryouts,” so you get to (sorta) know the person before “getting together”!! This is no different than buying a pet from the pet store.

On a more serious note, I feel that this update is absolutely degrading and puts the wrong message in kids’ minds, because it implies that:

1. A “bestie” has to be someone of the opposite gender for you to be considered “cool”

2. Friends can be bought with money

3. Friends can be customized to how you want them (e.g. race, appearance)

All of which are absolutely false. I may be taking this a little too seriously, but honestly, if Fantage is going to sell us a friend, at least make it a pet??

I’m obviously not going to buy it, but if you want to know what it does, just Google “Fantage bestie,” and you will find YouTube videos of people messing around with it. Apparently, it talks to you.

Personally, I think buying a “bestie” is no different from wearing this sign around your neck, except this sign is free ;D


Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this meme-filled post, in comparison to the normal ones! I probably won’t be able to reply, but it’s nice to have feedback 🙂

Comments on: "Daily Attendance Update + Besties (Um??)" (27)

  1. I liked the memes, they were funny. 🙂


  2. The memes were so funny lol.


  3. It’s nice to see you active Moomoo! I had the SAME intentions about besties! #LOL! The memes were AWESOME. I like your style of blogging because you tell us about your opinions and that makes us readers understand you better. I like how you are funny in your posts because that engages the readers. I like also how you are descriptive and detailed because that helps the readers learn more about the subject! I started my blog, https://fantagebirds.wordpress.com/ because I was so inspired. What inspired you to create this blog? I love the background, fall IS here!
    Loyal as Always,
    cutiecake ❤


  4. Lol the memes are hilarious! xD
    I agree! This update is kinda weird and wacky-tacky.
    “Your ONE and ONLY best friend!” Wow, Fantage. So we have no other “best friends”… ok. We got that. But that’s not true. -__-


  5. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Same experience and I ❤ the memes


  6. You just made my day!. Awesome post!.


  7. twinkie432664 said:

    LOL! Those memes! XD Anyway, I feel exactly the same way about the besties. I mean, this kind of bestie is a robot. O_O You need pay money for this bestie, but it’s a robot bestie. REAL besties are free.


  8. great memes!


  9. Potatodayz said:

    Love this post XD So much meme filled awesomeness! But yea, i really did feel the same way, especially with the reactions. Those things are like pets as you said, and even if I may be lonely (metaphoric o3o) I don’t need no robot to make me feel better. 😛 Silly Fantage, robot people are for loners! (which obviously not a lot of us are)


  10. sophiarocks21 said:

    Lol, i made a video of messing around with one, so you may have seen mine….I was bored.


  11. Hey, Can anyone help me?. I just got my sixth day gift and I got mymall permissions but it still says i have to buy gold to use it Dx. Someone please help me!.


  12. Best Friend (if you look at the initials)= bf.
    Fantagian best friends of opposite genders…coincidental? =.=


    Thank goodness for that 😀
    (P.S:Yes, I am against gold.)
    Well done fantage for finding something we could use our gold on.
    Some people don’t even have gold
    😀 Congrats Fantage! Woo hoo! Yay!
    II Claps II


  14. I thought that the daily rewards would be great, but I got the 7 day mymall pass and I cant even use it because all the kiosks are taken


  15. Argh! Now my permissions have gone and that was the last of my gold! I really wish we could earn gold or even put it on the daily spin. It would make life so much easier…


  16. Omg people I am so confused about Halloween event! How do you smash pumpkins?! gahhhh…


  17. Anonymous said:

    fantage said something about being offline on 10/28/14 3-5 idk what it is


  18. Are you going to post a Hallooween Walkthrough? It’s fine if you don’t though.


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