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All of you have probably seen guy Fantagians wearing girl clothing, or girl Fantagians wearing guy clothes, like the pic below.


Yes, that’s me masquerading as a guy 😀

Since I was finally able to get my hands on guy clothes, I thought I should tell you how I got them!

First of all, it’s NOT a hack. It’s NOT some tricky maneuver in Trade n Sell where you cheat the system or take advantage of a Trade n Sell glitch. It’s not a glitch at all.

A lot of people think that it has something to do with trading boards, since boys and girls can trade boards with each other. BUT, if a girl tries to offer a dress, for example, to a boy’s board, it won’t let you.


Like I said, it has NOTHING to do with tricking the Trade n Sell system.


I heard it was because of a mistake Fantage made during an event a LONG time ago.

They gave out some sort of prize, and they accidentally programmed girls to receive the boy prize, and for boys to receive the girl prize.

They fixed it almost immediately, so very few people got the incorrect items.

I’m not sure what event it was, but my best GUESS is the 2012 Winter Ball event (click here)

The Fashion Judge prize for the girls was a blue tuxedo, and the prize for the boys was a blue dress.



They fixed it right away, and I wasn’t able to impress the Fashion Judge in time to get a tuxedo.

Another reason why I think it was from this event is because there was ANOTHER glitch from this same event. The second board in the Limited Item cart (the one with the blue balloons on the stage) was INVISIBLE. When you wore it, it looked like you weren’t wearing any board at all!


Fantage fixed this “invisible board glitch” only a few months ago.

Now, back to wearing boy and girl clothes.

The ONLY way to get clothes from the opposite gender is by trading with someone who already has them. Or, by waiting for Fantage to make this mistake again (they probably won’t, but keep your eyes peeled!).

I got 2 boy tees from trading my prom hair. Afterwards, I just kept on trading with the boy accounts that I have to get more expensive boy stuff. It takes a long time, because there’s a limit on how high the value of the item you’re giving can be.

As for the value of boy items for girls, I’d say a LOT. It’s pretty rare, so if you ever get any, make sure to ask an impressive price for it 🙂

Hope you learned something new!

Comments on: "How Do Fantagians Dress in Boy and Girl Clothes?" (77)

  1. hey how come I cant see it Ive been following you guys for 2 yrs


  2. Cool. I found like 6 foods. >.<


  3. foreverball11 said:

    Cool. But that hint was like no help. lol. Hopefully i can find out what that hint means.
    Currently, I found 8 reds and 8 oranges.


  4. Thanks so much! I’ve been trying to find out this forever!


  5. foreverball11 said:

    I only have the boy mustache you’re wearing. It was a gift.

    The boy item i really wanted is the Beanie Hair. It’s white and brown. I tried trading that hair on my brother’s account with a aboard, but that sign showed up. So I thought, only trade hairs with hairs. So…. My brother would have a girl hair. rofl.. it’s really hard to test it. And stuff.


    • I was hoping someone would ask how to trade it! This is what I did over and over again:
      1. I post the boy item
      2. I go on a boy account and offer a boy item I want (must be within the price range, or it won’t let you). Remember that this can be any boy item, but don’t offer a board, or you’ll lose your original boy item!
      3. I accept, and now I have a boy item that’s worth slightly more.
      If you’re a girl and you have a boy item, you won’t be able to help a boy get a girl item. For a boy to get a girl item, they will need another BOY account that has a girl item, not a girl that has a boy item. If that makes sense.


  6. I have the boy mustache the second girl is wearing :mrgreen:


  7. O_O I never knew you could do that, I’ve seen that picture alot, I just thought it was some sort of loading glitch… ><


  8. chocolateytoast said:

    I gave you those shirts! xD
    and thats exactly how Im getting more guy clothes 😀


  9. I followed you before the post was out. I can see right now that on the following button it is ticked ): Sorry if this is stressing you or something 🙂


  10. What? I could have sworn I followed you. I clicked the follow button at the top on my WordPress account. Oh no. 😦

    I don’t know how that happened. Oh well. .-.

    I didn’t get any confirmation letter and when I came on the next day, it said I was following. ._.


  11. Oh.. I found it out. I wasn’t follow via email, just reader. I’m following by email now. ^^


  12. I really like that you made it hard, but not as hard as the last one 🙂

    P.S. not to be rude, but how old are you? Don’t answer if you don’t want to.


  13. Thanks this helped!:D


  14. Today i traded with a girl and i got dude hair for party popper


  15. lily102003 said:

    Thank you SO MUCH. no one would tell me how it works! finally someone did! your’re one of the best fantage blogs! i finally got a dude shirt!


  16. Hi Moomoo! do u want some more dude items? i have dude hair and pants. i dont mind. the only dude stuff nft is dude wings and dude tee Okay reply back the answer! ~Kermit



  17. umm princess moomoo please answer me how could i have an a coined boy hair ? how can i trade o-o ~teehee~ hopeS u answer me as long im here


  18. That is awesome! How can you get that mustache? not the one in the picture of you. Some times I see girls wearing a mustache (not your kind). Thanks! 😉


  19. Lets say I want boy hair from a girl, how would we trade exactly? I’m really confused ):


  20. that is just gross and wierd in many ways LOL!


  21. One question:
    How do you get free eCoins without hacking or paying for them??


  22. Anonymous said:

    so basically you cant get it if the other account doesnt have a boy item or you dont??


  23. Anonymous said:

    Isn’t there an item at the Le Shop that girls can get that looks like a boy item? I think it’s called “Spring Blue Shorts” or something like that. When you preview it as a girl, it doesn’t fit as well as the other shorts in the shop.


    • A lot of items do that. It’s actually kinda frustrating, if you are a non trying to find a cute outfit to wear.


      • *especially if you

        I don’t mean to be rude in that comment, I’m actually a non member, too. I just bought ecoins right after I had my fantage account for a year.


  24. I think you should make a sticky note saying that now, because Trade N’ Sale is no longer at Fantage, it is practically impossible to get a boy/girl item.


  25. How can we do this without trade n sell?


  26. I remember that glitch :3 I was there. When I saw the Tuxedo, I was like,”Wait wuuuut?”


  27. Bellosnowy said:

    Aawwww. I wanted to get boy clothes when I saw a dude wearing girl clothes. I first saw that at hall of fame and found the guy at trade n sell. ❤


  28. Could you update this?


  29. im confused? if i wasnt following ur blog while the old page was up… does that mean i miss out on a villebille?


  30. I know this is old, outdated, etc.
    But the mass outbreak of different gender clothes happened Dec 2012.
    The holiday giftboxes that you got with buying membership and ecoins had a mixup.
    Girls recieved the boy items, the boys recieved the girl items. Fantage did patch up this bug, but the items remained in their inventory.
    Before trade n sell closed, i was able to get my hands on the outfit and shoes, which i traded for a limited boy hair and more.
    The hair was starred, and so was the rest of the items i got.
    But when vintage gold came around, i bought them back with ecoins.
    Also, when trade n sell first came out boy items were available to girls, and vice versa.

    But i just thought you would’ve wanted to know ^^


  31. I think it was also from the pumpkin picking event in 2013. When I got my pumpkin item for picking the white pumpkin, I got a boy item pumpkin item instead of a girl. Also, I’ve seen more people like this.


  32. If you have an item that is both a girl and boy item and you put it up for trade, could boys try to offer it since it was made for both boys and girls? I know trade n sell is not here anymore but im just asking.


  33. mellowyellow127 said:

    Lol, this isn’t related but green punk style kinda looks like a boy hair.


  34. amyasuna said:

    On the very first day of MM, girls could buy boy outfits/shoes/hairs… until 24 hours later. Poof. 😦


  35. Anonymous said:

    IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Today when i was getting the free stuff from the level up medal thing it gave me the boy hair. It is the boy hair but it was animated and they fixed it when i was trying to get the boy board.


  36. fizzy284 said:

    I really think you should delete this page, it being quite useless now, with the fact TNS is gone (even though we hope it comes back :/)….
    Just saying


  37. There is an item in le shop called blue spring shorts or something like that and it looks like a boys item and guess what? I went to my cousins (boy) account and there was a short that looks the same as the one in le shop but it was dark blue. So what i mean is Fantage is selling us a blue spring boy shorts in le shop. Also, when i went on a boy account and went to le shop, there were the same shorts there but different color.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. There is an item in le shop called blue spring shorts or something like that and it looks like a boys item and guess what? I went to my cousins (boy) account and went to le shop, and there were the same shorts but different color.


  39. I thought you can buy boy clothes in MyMall if your a girl and buy girl clothes if your a buy in MyMall I tried it but it showed nothing


  40. Thanks a Ton! I’ve been trying to find out this forever 🙂


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