❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

✦ Full Rules ✦

Last updated by MooMoo on 8/16/14: added related links

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➜ Click here to go back to the main XAT page
➜ Click here for instructions on how to report
➜ Click here for our list of mods
➜ Click here to learn how to become mod
➜ Click here to learn how to add XAT to your blog


Message for Users

  • If you do not want to follow the rules because you don’t like them, then kindly leave.
  • See the How to Report page to report other users or unfair banning.
  • If you have any additional problems, whether it be with another user or with our system, contact us instead of starting drama. We are open to suggestions in making our chat a better place
  • You are responsible for your own safety! If you trade accounts or give away your personal info, for example, you are doing so at your own risk. We try to keep the chat safe from people who intend to harm others, but we are not responsible if you decide to jeopardize your own safety.

Message for Mods

  • Kick twice before a ban (two chances)
  • ALWAYS put a reason when banning/kicking, to avoid false reports of “banning/kicking for no reason”
  • Talk to rule-breakers in PC to reason things with them before banning if possible (skip this if they meet the requirements in the red sticky note below)
  • Do not include other users in an argument with a rule-breaker, or they will side against them and cause more drama. Notify users in the Main Chat that you will solve the problem in PC.
  • Never ban without proof (e.g. screenshot)

Full Rules

You will be banned forever with NO warnings if:

(1) Your profile picture and/or username contains R-rated, sexual, inappropriate content
(2) You come on the chat only to use language or send pictures containing R-rated, sexual, inappropriate things, whether it be in PC or main
(3) You do anything that clearly shows you do not belong on our chat

If you are reported (screenshotted) to have done either of these things when a moderator was not online, then you will be banned forever the next time we see you

Banning times are in red below but remember that 2 kicks are always given before a ban is used.

Inappropriate Language

➜ Includes cussing and using language that contains R-rated, sexual, inappropriate content (6 hours)
➜ Does not include using insults such as “stupid,” “idiot,” “loser,” “shut up,” “stfu” (see the Disrespectful Behavior section)
➜ Does not include using mild cuss words such as “crap,” and acronyms such as “wtf” and “lmfao” (but, if abused, 6 hours)

Disrespectful Behavior

Mods are encouraged to speak to the person in PC to reason things out before it gets out of hand

➜ Includes repeatedly bullying another user in an extremely hateful/hurtful way (24 hours)
➜ Includes taking advantage of the wording of the rules and finding a loophole around them in order to irritate the mods (refer to the appropriate section based on the rule they are taking advantage of and ban accordingly)
➜ Does not include expressing mild discontent toward a mod/user, everyone is free to have their own opinion


➜ Includes repeating the same letters/words/emoticons for more than 5 consecutive lines to fill up the chat with nonsense (1 hour)
➜ Does not include letter spamming in only one line


➜ Includes directing other users to visit another blog/XAT to gain popularity, through methods such as spamming links, telling people to click your home button, or bribing (6 hours)
➜ Does not include sharing links for entertainment purposes (e.g. YouTube video, memes, artwork)
➜ Does not include mentioning another blog/XAT name in passing without intent of advertising

Pestering to be Moderator/Owner

➜ Includes continually begging/pestering/threatening for a rank (1 hour)
➜ Does not include asking to be or asking how to be moderator/owner (direct them to the How to Become Mod page)


Assume that mods will ALWAYS have silver icons, and owners will ALWAYS have orange icons. 

➜ Includes posing as a mod/owner by saying they “are on a different computer” or “have forgotten their password” (1 hour)
➜ Does not include posing as another guest/member, it’s just very obnoxious and pointless

Discussing Ville Bills

If someone gives away the passwords to the Ville Bills again, they will be permanently suspended. All prizes earned will become invalid.

➜ Includes asking for/demanding/begging for/shouting out VB locations or passwords (72 hours)
➜ Includes trying to sell VB locations or passwords to other users for profit (120 hours)
➜ Does not include asking what VB are (direct them to the Ville Bills page)

Comments on: "✦ Full Rules ✦" (98)

  1. Um, I’m not sure what the whole point of XAT is. I mean, I get that it’s some kind of communication thing, but I’m not sure really what XAT is. Please tell me as soon as possible! :p 🙂 😦 xD


  2. Sorry I don’t know what xD is. I just put it there I don’t know why.


  3. Im just wondering… do unfair kicks count or only banning?


    • Kicks are just warnings, it doesn’t really affect you much, since you can keep on chatting right after. Unless, of course, the mod keeps on kicking you for fun, which is annoying.


  4. um, whats a kick?


  5. whens the next time ur updating and making members a mod or whateves i mean


  6. Is _Pollee_Aphrodite_ a mod? If so, she isn’t on the list…


  7. How can I report someone on XAT chatbox? Cause there’s this guy keep asking me some personal questions.


  8. Moomoo,can I put an “XAT Rules” page on my blog?It will be sort of like this,but different. Maybe if you want,I’ll do the page I was going to do,how I was going to do it,and you could look at the page I posted.If it’s fine,then I’ll keep it.But if you don’t want me to keep it,I won’t.


  9. It’s just because some people are cussing and advertising and stuff on my blog,so I want the rules to have a page.


  10. SunandRain3 said:

    This is just a question! First if all, I see lots of inappropriate acronyms that I could see go in the “cuss” section. The most popular are.. WTF, GTFO, and STFU. So, I was just wondering if that counted as cussing, a lot of people say stuff like that. And if it is, I recommend you put it in the rules, just to avoid confusion from viewers and moderators! (: By the way, I really love all your mods! They’re so nice, especially Ashla, she’s really sweet! Thanks (;


  11. SunandRain3 said:

    No problem! Lol, okay, just wondering (;


  12. moonlightmizuki said:

    Moo Moo! I am just wondering. You made that page about internet safety. I found it while browsing… So does trading accounts have a punishment? I don’t do it myself but I can’t just watch countless people getting scammed. There is like a 1% chance that it is a member or actually a GOOD account. Thanks!
    ~*.:。✿*゚‘゚ мσσηℓιgнt мιzυкι *.:。✿*゚‘゚


    • Trading accounts used to be banned, but Angela and I figured that it was pointless trying to enforce it. It would be the traders’ own fault if they get tricked. That’s why I never trade accounts. Pretty much, trade accounts at your own risk.


      • moonlightmizuki said:

        I know.. It’s their fault… People need to be careful since we are not making it a rule…. But usually people ignore them…… I’ve seen it once though. ;_;


  13. Anonymous said:

    I have a question that’s unrelated to this. Is there a way to turn off the sound made from the XAT box without closing the tab or reducing the volume on the computer?:


  14. Why is there no punishment if you do anything to the “members”????


    User poses as mod/owner, claiming they are “using another computer” ~ kick, “poser”


    User poses as another guest ~ none



  15. I’m just reporting to u that he banned me, nothing else. >;((


  16. moomooo how do u add a fex bot into ur xat… cos i want to add one :/ its kinda fun to talk to when theres nothing to do… and more ppl might come on my xat if theres a bot (i guess)


  17. Saturn (too lazy to log in) said:

    “Circle” is just Herobrine, Ginny, and Anjolique’s way to mess around with each other. I think it’s just harmless playing. ;P


  18. moonlightmizuki said:

    Moo Moo.. You didn’t finish the Smart Aleck part. It is half of the rule.


  19. Moomoo it is smart of you to make this page. I have a question if someone is cussing when they Pc you you are supposed to take a picture and send it to the mod/owner but I dont have lightshot is there another way to take a picture and send it to the mod/owner?


  20. is ιммσятaℓ+нσℓу+нєℓισ;тнєѕυиgσ∂=ѕυηηу∂aуχ∂χ∂ an owner? because she has a icon or is she a hacker?


  21. i think that rule is retarded because someone could easily pose as a member/nonmember if they had same icon but if they pose as you it’s against you can’t even be posed as unless the person had white icon or orange icon and you trust you’re mod’s aka pookie asha Pollee or do you not for instant’s Angela’s friend kayla is a member she has blue icon someone who hates Kayla could easily change there name and pretend to be Kayla and tell angela she hates her well then angela would there for probable figure out and ban the person but they weren’t posing as any of you so they wouldn’t get banned and it would be very hurtful too the person so…. i think that’s retarded so.. i think this racist comment against user’s should be delt with!it delt with it will be


    • Ok first of all… PLEASE use periods next time, I could barely understand what you were trying to say, lol
      Next, uh it’s not racist… Racist is bias against race…
      Third, I limited it to mods/owners only because that’s who people mostly pose as. They always say that they are on another computer, on stealth mode, etc. And that’s dangerous, because if other users think that the poser is really us, then they could accidentally give away some private info.
      Most people don’t pose as other users, there’s nothing they can do.
      But alright, I understand your point, I will expand it to all users!
      Next time however, please do not use the word “retarded.” I can understand your meaning just fine without it.


  22. Thank you princess_moomoo. i am sorry for using Retarded it was UN mature of Me thank you for enplaning it to all user’s


  23. Hi MooMoo/Angela! I’m a massive fan 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that as you stated in rules #2 where you said:
    “Update 12/22/13: Many people were abusing the fake cuss trick <sow and <s2s and using it to call each other “circle.” New users who do not know this trick will get the impression that cussing is allowed, when it really is not. I don’t know what smart aleck came up with this insult “circle,” and I have therefore banned this fake cuss trick. Do not use it, or you will be kicked and banned for 1 hour on the third time by the bot."

    They are now not using the word "circle". They have started using the word "Cyber." and it's not just a few people. They are still using <sow/ <s2s. There where some cases where the bot banned new users because they thought that cussing was allowed.



    • Cyber is one of the words that xat bans automatically, they didn’t use the sow trick to say it. I guess xat regards “cyberbullying” as a bad word.
      Thanks for letting me know though!


  24. Princess Moomoo,i think you have to worry because when VilleBot is here people use this to cuss: !(cussword) and the bot doesn’t kick them,so they cuss like that all the time.


  25. ~αѕнℓα~ said:

    Ummm…Is it possible if you could remove the comments above from me and Avalon? Its causing some drama and Avalon was being put down earlier…


  26. Snowy girl36 aka theresa7897 said:

    Princess moomoo when the bot was gone people like cussing so hard theyre like * insert cuss word * like the whole time and then I went away because they were cussing to much (no mods no owners just well members) ps did you see it ?


  27. ♔*:- ρнαηтσмнινє °-:*♔ said:

    The villebot keeps disappearing lately…?


  28. Probably the wrong page to ask but could someone please explain what is snakeban, codeban, etc. and when you request it (from the bot) how do you get rid of it? Thanks :3


    • Those are all just games, pretty much. Just say “mazeban me” (or all the other types of bans) and the bot will ban you for 1 hour. To unban yourself, you just have to play the game and win 🙂
      If you cannot solve the game, just sign out and in twice, and you will be unbanned.


  29. On my XAT, how do I kick people?


  30. hwi! love your blog! i dont mean to sound bossy but im addicted to your villebills so because this page has rules, you should put a villebill here kinda like a reward for reading rules so less ppl break rules? idk just a suggestion XD i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ur blog TuT


  31. Teh Evil Whittney Core~ said:

    Oh, yeah! I remember the circle joke. Steve liked Minecraft WAAAAAY too much.


  32. Thank goodness you posted that there was posers :\


  33. Oh my glob~
    The poser of chu, moomoo, said that no fangirl for Japanese stuff-u T_T
    She also was racist to Kiwi~chan!


  34. What’s sow? Isnt it, like, a female pig’s name?


  35. ❤кαтє❤ said:

    The villebot asked me where im located 🙂


  36. ☆ρan∂ιι★ тнє ♦1/2 Joкєя♣ said:
  37. Princess moomoo is there a way to get somebody in trouble when their in private chat? is there the report button? theres this guy whos talking about child ponnogrphy i need help


  38. Theres this guy called KROOK that always comes on and talks about his girlfriends and its gross http://prntscr.com/4961tr and another pic http://prntscr.com/48v9c4


  39. I’m suggesting that on this page you should have a list of the names of the mods and list of the names of the admins for people who are new to your blog.


  40. ;-; krook is back! and hes WAY GROSSER! help me ;-; idk how to report plz help meh ;-; hes still here on xat! 😡


  41. I have my own XAT but I don’t know how to kick or ban or make users mods. How do I do it? Thnx 🙂


  42. lisa3072fromWW canada MSP >_ said:
  43. […] here for full […]


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