❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

ღ More Blogs ღ

The purpose of this page is to gain a larger audience for your blog if you own one, and to explore the wide variety of blogs if you’re looking for more good reads!

Back in 2012, we had a page named ☆ Blogs ☆ (click here to see it in the Wayback Machine) that contained the blog of everyone who followed us, as a way of showing appreciation for those who gave us their support back when Fantageville first started. But, I eventually got rid of it because it was too much of a hassle to update.

Two years later, I now realize that it is SO much harder to make your blog known to the Fantage community. Back then, there weren’t nearly as many active Fantage blogs, so it’s difficult to get people to visit your brand new blog among the sea of older ones now.

I created this page so some of you newer bloggers can get the boost you need to jump into the Fantage blogging world! I know there are some amazing, creative blogs out there that go above and beyond, but they are often skipped over simply because they are new.

Most “Advertise Your Blog” pages are really basic, you just post your link and you’re done. Mine is different; you’re gonna have to put a bit more effort into it, so we know you’re hard working and passionate. And also because posting a link is just a boring advertisement, it doesn’t tell us anything about you.


Any blog owner can comment, whether you’re new or not! Please provide the following info when commenting your blog to advertise:

1. Blog URL

2. Month and year you started blogging (refer to the date of your first post if you don’t know)

3. One word that tells us the topic of your blog

4. One sentence on the best part about your blog that would catch our attention

5. One sentence that tells us more about you as a dedicated blogger and/or your goals

I approve all comments. The only exception is if you clearly showed no effort at all. Examples and non-examples are below in the comments section. Don’t worry too much about your comment not being approved–if you’re worrying, it shows that you care, which means it will be approved 🙂


Help out our page by giving the comments thumbs up/down!

Comments on: "ღ More Blogs ღ" (52)

  1. Here is a good example

    1. https://fantageville.wordpress.com

    2. January 2012

    3. Fantage

    4. I believe the best part of my blog is the detail and effort I put into every post and page; on top of simply announcing the release of an event, for example, I spend the time to explain thoroughly, to create helpful diagrams, to make the post visually appealing, and to answer any questions in the comments.

    5. My goal as a blogger is to help as many people as possible (not just to understand the game Fantage, but to make wise choices) as well as adding some humor and creativity to the Fantage community.


  2. Here is a bad example (extremely exaggerated). This would not get approved, as it shows a clear lack in effort.


    jan 2012


    i hav alot of hitz and followerz

    i wnt 2 becom famous


  3. 1. http://fantagecelestial.wordpress.com
    2. April 2013
    3. Fantage
    4. The entire point of Fantage Celestial is to bring people together while helping to shape a generation of thinkers, rather than followers, while keeping the innocence and spirit of the younger generation in mind, in order to help them better understand everything social on Fantage so they will not be rude to others and try to think before acting using common knowledge and newly learned etiquette.
    5. My goal as a blogger is to learn as much from the viewers as a can about myself in order to become both a better writer and a better listener, and hopefully teach my viewers that being kind is always better than rude remarks, that fitting in doesn’t always have to be important. (And to also not mistaken the new Pomeranian Board for a squirrel XP)

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  4. 1. http://fantagecheatsbyaprsept.wordpress.com
    2. June 8th 2012
    3. Fantage (Virtual World)
    4. Our blog has mainly all fantage related pages. It contains all basic information on fantage as well as all fantage events that occurred. We have detailed posts on every event to help out all the younger audiences. Other than basics we have our tips on fashion, tryouts etc.
    5. Our goal is to answer our viewers questions on fantage. Our blog is meant to resolve all fantagians queries.

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  5. 1. http://amberliya.wordpress.com

    2. July 2013

    3. Fantage

    4. The main reason I decided to start a blog was to help others by making their lives simple, making people happy and have a laugh, because I do know it is a Fantage related-blog but sometimes you just got to smile. Another reason why I started my blog is because all my friends on Fantage were slowly quitting, and I just stood there, frozen. So why not make a blog and make new friends? And it did! I cannot thank my followers enough.

    5. My goal is to make the people that visit my blog visualize reality in my blog. That we are a group of people that like the same perspectives. We all like to laugh, and feel shameless of ourselves. To learn in a positive way. To think in a positive way. To live in a positive way.

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  6. RainbowGlitterKitty said:

    1. http://fantagerainbowkittens.wordpress.com

    2. April 2014

    3. Fantage

    4. I like to express my feelings out to others and help people, and that gave me the idea to start a blog! Even though I don’t get many viewers it still dosen’t mean that I should give up on that idea and besides, that doesn’t even matter. I try to make things right from wrong.

    5. My goal is to make everyone happy. Have a smile! Laugh! I would hate to see people quit Fantage because they have been bullied/sad for a long time. When I see that, I think, isn’t that like you gave up your life, but on Fantage? Do you know that you can put an end to this so OTHERS can’t quit just because of these bullies? It isn’t fair, so be a leader, not a follower.

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  7. 1. http://fantagewardrobe.weebly.com

    2.April 2014


    4. Not only did I want to post latest fantage events, or post “how to level up” pages, I also wanted to help non members (and members) find nice clothes and help them with their clothes choice.

    5. My goal is to help people, and inform people without being too formal or boring. I like to bring humor and bubbly sense of humor in my posts. I may not have many viewers, but i find blogging really fun! I don’t really care about views anymore, i’ve gotten a few comments that helped me to improve, and so I guess, helping and improving is my goal.

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  8. 1. http://tomgirldays.wordpress.com

    2. July 2011-this is when I actually discovered wordpress, but my blogs weren’t that popular.
    3. Tutorials

    4. I think the best part of my blog is that I always ask for everyone’s opinion. I always want to know more people and help them with their blogs. I also take a lot of time to write posts-mainly tutorials every Thursday. Sometimes I’m up till twelve writing them.

    5. My goal is help people learn new things. I love making tutorials for everyone and they end up liking it a lot. I had always loved making new things when I was like five and I l still do. I may not have many viewers just yet, but I believe everyone has a miracle in life and this could be mine. Blogging is a total fun, me experience that I don’t want to let go.


  9. 1. https://thefantageluckyblog.wordpress.com

    2. I started this blog during June 2014

    3. Fantage

    4. I almost always post the info about Fantage Events first. I also try to think up some unique ideas for my blog, that won’t be found on other blogs. I try to make my posts have many updates in one post, so Fantagians don’t have to search everywhere for each update.

    5. My goal for this blog is to HELP people during Fantage events and such. I also want them to challenge themselves by participating in contests and blog events that require more than one step to complete the process while having fun at the same time. And, so Fantagians can have fun not only playing Fantage, but exploring my blog as well.

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  10. 1. http://fantagevanillapie.wordpress.com/

    2. December 2013

    3. Fantage

    4. I’m thinking the best part of our blog is that we are not just a WEBSITE. We are a COMMUNITY. We do our best to help, entertain and have fun with our viewers. We all help each other, whether it has something to do with fantage or not. We love our viewers, V.I.P’s (Very Important Pies) and they love us too, even though sometimes aren’t active for a few days. Their dedication and participation to us is truly a treasure~!

    5.Our goal is to keep fantage a community and not just some virtual game. Fantage has been going downhill in some ways, so we want to make things fun and nice the way things used to be! Even though we didn’t start fantage in the early years, you could tell how fantage has changed, by the way fantagians have been acting. We truly hope that we can revive fantage, with not just us, but by all of the other blogs working together to keep fantage fun!

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  11. 1. https://fantageshimmers.wordpress.com

    2. September 2013

    3. Fantage

    4. I believe that the best part of my blog is that I can help some people that are new to Fantage, be able to have a good time like every other person. I love how when you give out good advice, the person will maybe take their time commenting a thank you and it really makes my day.

    5. The goal of my blog is not to attract fame, but to help others that might not understand it. Not only to post how to level up, earn stars, or stuff like that, I want to make it a fun for the person looking for advice and things like that. I might not have much viewers, but I love to blog even if no one is going to scroll through it. And it’s also fun to blog with my friend who is also, in love with Fantage.

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  12. moonshinezodiac said:

    1. http://everlastingfriendships.wordpress.com/

    2. June 2014

    3. Information (My life, world news, tips on life, etc)

    4. The best part of my blog is my posts. I put effort into my posts, and always try to bring “me” into my posts. They give great information and always have emotion in them. The content is great and it captures the audience which makes them want to actually read what I say (well type :P)

    5. What I want my blog to be is a just a nice blog that people can stop by. My goal is that I want to inform people and inspire them to be a better person each day. I also want people to know that there are people that are also helpful and nice out there and that you can make a new friend every day.


  13. http://fantagegoofs.wordpress.com
    1. July 19 2014
    2. Tips
    3. The best part of this blog (I don’t own it I work in it) is that there are multiple choices of what you can choose from, eg; trading accounts, free accounts, Xat, contests..
    4. My goal is to keep this blog running and get lots of viewers on it and for it to be went on a lot and people actually going and entering in there stuff and everything because right now there aren’t many viewers on this site.

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  14. 1. http://fantagechickensoup.wordpress.com/
    2. 22 June 2014
    3. Fantage
    4. To me, the best part of my blog that would catch your attention is the amount of effort I try to put in in my posts, although sometimes I may be quite busy with schoolwork. I try to make it up by keeping the blog in good shape and full of bubbly fun!
    5. My goal is to do my best in helping anyone and everyone in Fantage. Be it events,stuff like that. I don’t ask for many followers, I just hope that my blog will be able to help as many people as possible.


  15. 1. http://shadowsparkle1.wordpress.com/
    2. April 2014
    3. Fashion/Creativity
    4. The best part about my blog is that it isn’t strict to just one subject, but over all, my topics are
    ‘Fashion’ and ‘Creativity’, because those things matter most to me. My blog has Fashion Tips, DIY Crafts, and even more. I’m most proud of my ‘Traveling Diaries’ pages, as whenever I travel (Paris is on August 14) , I do little diary posts on those places, to share tips for traveling, my experiences and more, and I’ve learnt that a lot of my viewers enjoy them.
    5. My goal as a blogger, is to entertain, and show the world in my perspective, with humor and creativity; share my experiences, share tips and build my blog to be the blog I’ve always wanted to read. A blog with advice, fashion, tips ‘n tricks, writing tips, and more; a blog written with efforts and passion.


  16. dolphinsrockmay said:

    1. http://fantagepavillion.wordpress.com
    2. August 12 2014 (LOL)
    3 Fantage
    4. I believe that the best part of my blog is the time and effort I use to try to help people understand Fantage better.
    5 My goal as a blogger is to help people understand fantage better, while also putting in sprinkles of other things, such as edits, advice, glitches on fantage, and sharing hilarious moments. I want to make people laugh and bring them up when their down. I want my blog to help people with problems, real life or not. I want my blog to bring people together.


  17. 1. http://animalpicsforyou.wordpress.com/
    2. February 3rd, 2013
    3. Animal Pics/Facts
    4. I believe the best part about my blog is just showing people animal pics. Rather than looking them up online. they are all in one blog
    5. My goal is to change peoples minds on animals and provide them with facts on them and help them with school projects etc.


  18. 1. http://thefantagebear.wordpress.com
    2.July 8th, 2014
    3.Fantage Virtual World
    4.I think that the best part of our blog that will grasp our viewers’ attention the most is our humour & creativity in each and every one of our unique, helpful pages, and our self-satisfying posts. My friends and I work hard as a team, and we hope that our efforts will pay off wonderfully. 🙂
    5. We all try our best to be dedicated- including to please and to inform, and our goals are simple: we wish to help the players of Fantage to learn more about Fantage, understand each and every event, and learn to have fun-hopefully something we can influence. 😉
    We also hope to begin new friendships and ideas-with everyone.


  19. 1.) http://fantagebambiexpress.wordpress.com
    2.) somewhere between July 28 and August 9(on a different account)
    3.) Fantage
    4.) I think what’s best about my blog is that I try to post 1 or 2 posts/ pages a day and I try to make my blog interesting to read.
    4.) I really don’t have a goal, but I just want to make whoever is reading/following enjoy and see how much time and effort to put in my blog.( I have to beg my Dad or Mom to go on my computer for 4 or 5 hours with no breaks. ok maybe bathroom breaks 😉 My parents are the type where they MAKE me do homework to go on the computer or watch TV for 30mins. Wow time goes fast lol.)


  20. ( I was too lazy to do this before lol)

    1. http://deliciousrandomness.wordpress.com
    2. March 27th 2014
    3. Randomness
    4. About nothing in particular, just a normal girl trying to turn a normal blog into something much more better.
    5. My number one goal is just to make more friends here on WordPress since you have more fun with people standing with you, and also I would like to entertain more people with my blog; making them smile when they have had a terrible day. 🙂

    (P.S: Moomoo, are you allowed to post more than 1 of these?)


  21. 1. http://infiinity.wordpress.com/

    2. 17th of September, 2013 (this is the date of my first post on my current blog. I have blogged before this on different places and blogs.)

    3. Life

    4. I post daily on all sorts of things that revolves around my life, this sentence makes me seem so self centred.

    5. I blog daily because it’s interesting and it’s great to look back on what you typed in the future years and see how my life was like and how I think, and meeting all these people around the world is also great.


  22. 1. http://fantagianunicorn.wordpress.com
    2. July 2014
    3. Fantage
    4. I post every week to update people about fantage.
    5. My goal is to inform people about fantage because i know many people need a hand to understand fantage!


  23. 1. http://fantageeditors.wordpress.com/

    2. August 25, 2014

    3. Fantage

    4. My blog allows other to not only advertise their blogs, but to submit their own artwork in a chance to A. Boost their popularity on sites such as deviantART and B. To have their artwork selected for the Featured section of my blog.

    5. I don’t really have any goals for my blog; I created it so that I could allow undiscovered Fantage editors/custom makers to express themselves and let out their true shine.


  24. 1. http://imperfecthoughts.wordpress.com
    2. December 2013
    3. Imperfection
    4. My blog includes tips, tutorials, and advice that I hope my viewers can use and benefit from throughout life; from everyday teen life problems to showing life cheats, I hope that by reading my blog they can get the best out of what they have and love the imperfection of life.
    5. My main goal as a blogger is to show everyone ways that they could improve their own life; I believe everyone is special in their own way, and hopefully my blogging can help them realize that and show it for everyone to see. ♡


  25. Budder Sorceress said:

    I have two… Can I put two? xD


  26. Budder Sorceress said:

    Alright… I have two blogs (As you can tell from my previous comment :P)

    1- http://poptropicaandstuff.wordpress.com/
    2- July 22nd 2014
    3- An Online Game Called Poptropica
    4- The best part about this blog is probably either the tips, or the walkthroughs, I mean, I did add something original called Poptropica Weekly Recap, which if you asked my followers, that would probably be the best part…
    5- My goal for the blog is to help people with Poptropica, I know some people struggle with some of the stuff on Poptropica, so I’m trying to help.

    1- http://youtubetopic.wordpress.com/
    2- August 21st 2014
    3- YouTube
    4- I think that my blogs best part is that we have a bit of original ideas I guess, I mean, we do put some stuff on there like songs (My friend spams the feed with them -_-) but, I also add a tad bit of detail (Not that much though, lol) I’m going to try to fix it up a bit today, I mean, it’s a bit of a mess…
    5- My goal for this blog is to try to update whats been happening in YouTube lately, like if something super important happened… Such as, if a YouTuber hit a milestone, etc.

    If you read all of this, THANK YOU! 🙂


  27. Moomoo this page idea is super awesome and helpful!!! Thx!!!


  28. 1- http://fantagenekos.wordpress.com/
    2-August 28 2014
    4- my blog basically combines two of my favorite things (fantage and anime). I made it to help with things in fantage where most would be stuck at while at the same time making it hilariously funny at the same time! it also provides a new experience with anime for some who’s never seen it
    5- my goal for this blog is to help while at the same time give a good laugh. I hope to inspire others to let their true self out and I want this blog to exactly that because you only live once why not make the most of it???


  29. 1. myfantageinfo.wordpress.com

    2. November 2013

    3. Fantage

    4. I think that the best part about my blog is the pages, since I work hard to have pages that are helpful to everyone on Fantage.

    5. My goal is to help Fantagians and make their life easier by helping them understand Fantage.


  30. 1. My Random Guide (http://www.myrandomguide.wordpress.com)
    2. April 2012 (I actually started a lot earlier but I was like 9 years old and I had a BlogSpot)
    3. Life
    4. I guess the most exciting part about my blog is that I post kind of often with a wide variety of topics to discuss. I like to share my real opinions; I never sugarcoat anything or give out free compliments (therefore if I compliment you, I mean it).
    5. I am totally a dedicated blogger. Everyone went through the phase in blogging where they were just thirsty for views and followers. I went through that phase too but after those years of being in this great blogging community, I realized it was something else (obviously). It’s about making friends, helping others, and sharing thoughts. My goal is to keep making that happen, and expanding the blogging community so we can get more people to go through the great experience.


  31. 1. Fantage Neko ( http://fantageneko.wordpress.com/ )
    2. I started on Oct. 11, 2014
    3. I post mainly about Fantage and other kawaii stuff
    4. The best part of my blog are my posts, edits, pages, and of course the humor!
    5. I always believe to never give up, don’t worry about whether you got many hits or not, and help as many people as you can! I also like to talk with people about Fantage and all of its fun craziness. 🙂


  32. 1. http://fantageurbanity.wordpress.com/
    2. I started on November 16, 2014
    3. My blog is mainly about fantage
    4. I don’t care if my blog is popular or not, I just want to help people and be CRAZY!
    5. I’m nice, honest, and humble.


  33. 1. http://catchingfantasies.wordpress.com

    2. I started blogging in March 2014

    3. My life, tutorials

    4. My blog is about my life, tutorials, funny things, and randomness! 😛

    5. I’m a really nice person who loves to make friends and tell jokes/riddles. 😀


  34. goldenflare said:

    1. https://fantageflare.wordpress.com

    2. November 2014

    3. Fantage

    4. I believe the best part of our blog is the part where we entertain and inspire our viewers. Not only that but the BEST part of our blog is helping Fantagians make their accounts better!

    5. My MAIN goal as a blogger is to help the Fantagians who need help making their accounts better. My other goal is to make our viewer’s stay at Fantage Flare the best it can be.


  35. 1. fantagetrix.wordpress.com
    2. I could never remember when I started blogging, but I started posting on this fantage blog this past November, in 2014.
    3. fashion (on fantage)
    4. I post an ootd every day, sometimes I give fashion tips on items, and I also provide information about events, and some little tricks for fantage
    Oh boy, this is going to be a long sentence.
    5. My goals for this blog would probably be to make a place for other ‘fantage fashionistas’ to come together, as well as just anyone who plays fantage!


  36. Veronica1613 said:

    1. http://fantagebookslife.wordpress.com

    2. December 2014

    3. Sorry, three topics, actually. Fantage, books, and life.

    4. I believe that the best part of my blog is the pages, because I try to put a lot of effort into each one of them, with lots of pictures and accurate details

    5. I pretty new at blogging, but my main goal for the Fantage part of the blog is to inspire, help, and try to answer questions. My goal for the books part is to discuss, and share and hear different opinions about a story. My goal for the life part of the blog is to share my experiences and relate to other people.


  37. nancydog6 said:

    1. http://www.fantagedoggies.wordpress.com

    2. July 2014

    3. My Life

    4. I’m hosting a Potato Days contest!

    5. My Purpose is to learn how to blog….and help people out on fantage. Fantage does not last forever, but your blogging skills will be with you the rest of your life!!
    I love to support other people’s blogs because we’re all on the same boat. 🙂


  38. fantagecookies123114 said:

    1. https://fantageducklings101.wordpress.com/

    2. March 28, 2015

    3. Fantage

    4. On my blog you can find lots of free things like free accounts, and you can earn points to get free things also, we work really hard to make it fun for our users.

    5. About 3 weeks ago I switched from blogspot to wordpress and on blogspot I had 28,101 views, but now that I’ve moved to wordpress I have 168, so my goal is to get my new wordpress blog just as popular as my blogspot blog, So please go check it out, it would mean a lot to me and my co-owners! ❤
    Thanks, bye.



  39. 1. https://fantageflock.wordpress.com

    2. March 3, 2015

    3. Fantage and Harry Potter

    4. My blog is where you can chat, find free accounts, find glitches and tricks, meet new and nice people, and just have fun! My blog is bright and colorful, and always cheerful (I hope it’s true. It depends on what the authors are posting about)

    5. I want to reach my weekly goals every week, while having fun blogging and making new friends.



  40. 1. https://fantagiousfantage.wordpress.com/
    2. May 5th 2015
    3. Fantage
    4. The best part about my blog is the amount is the posts and tips that are avaliable to help other fantagians .
    5. My blog is about fantage and helping people have a better my-mall experience . It includes pricing of different items . My goal is to help people make gold by selling their items in mymall .


  41. 1.https://pinkrandomness.wordpress.com/
    2. October 2013
    3. Edits
    4. The best part is I mainly make K-pop related edits that people can use. I also rant on Fantage related things, post on my life, fangirl on EXO, and post pictures
    5. My goal is to share my edits with the people of the internet and improve my own skills too.


  42. ItsAly~Senpai said:

    1: http://itsalygraal.wordpress.com
    2: July 2015
    3: Graal Gfx (Possibly Fantage in the future)
    4: View my edits, art, my pixels and advertise your own blog.
    5: Improving gfx and sharing it to the world. I also believe that I’m able to help other bloggers to raise their followers and hits.


  43. 1.https://fantagenes.wordpress.com/
    2.August 31st
    3.Just Fantage
    4.It actually have a story for its name 🙂 Fantage +Genes.Fantage DNA.You explore the blog with no DNA and read all the post to collect DNA to build A FANTAGIANS.What are you waiting for?Explore this blog now

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  44. 1.http://fantage-flower.weebly.com/
    2. 2015 6th of November
    3. fantage
    4.i was so inspired by you.
    so I wanted to start a blog to help new fantageians:)


  45. 1. https://fantagegeneral.wordpress.com
    2. March 2015
    3. Fantage
    4. The best part about my blog is that I post very interesting posts and I just put a lot of effort and work into every single post i make ( Interesting posts may be how fantage stole some ideas from shows and etc)
    5. My goal is to slowly be inspired, but also be inspirational. I want people to know that I was once an ordinary person but I decided i wanted to be a blogger, and you could be one too!


  46. fantageraspberrybear said:

    1. https://fantageraspberrybear.wordpress.com

    2. February 2016

    3. Fantage

    4 I think the best part of my blog is the Fantage guides. I think they are clearly written, and they are neat, with pictures explaining what I am talking about. I also create interesting posts, which are about my Fantage level goals, events, updates, and more!

    5. My goal as a blogger is to become more well known. Only one other person has visited my blog other than me. I also want to be inspired by something, but not make that inspiration into a 900 word essay.


  47. Queen Nora said:

    1. http://www.theroyalfantagian.wordpress.com

    2. July, 2016. I’m pretty new to this.

    3. Fantage

    4. I think the wide variety of posts can help out others in many different ways, although I’m still working on that, since I only started a small while ago.

    5. Well, my goal is to explore more of Fantage with you all, and sharing my new knowledge on it to help others in my situation.


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