❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

✐ How To…

Last updated by MooMoo on 2/18/14: added blue sticky note

I’ve put together a bunch of “How To’s” all over the blog on to the subpages of this main page, you can hover your mouse over this main page to see the rest of the subpages, or use the links below.

How to Make Your Text Show

How to Play Star Blaze

How to Play Card Quest

How to Screenshot

How to Get A Membership By Yourself

How to Daily Mini-Quiz

How to Play Jelly Shuffle

How to Play Wild Derby

How to Lock Your Barn

How to Earn Ecoins on ID Fone

How to Fly

Click here for lots of How To’s about wordpress, on our Help page.

Comments on: "✐ How To…" (28)

  1. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    Princess Moomoo, how do you change your picture in your XAT chat box.. 🙂


    • You click on your name, then there is a place where you can type in a link for a picture. If you haven’t changed it yet, then it will be a number. Just replace the number with a link.


  2. Nikki723 said:

    How can you make it so that your website can’t be copied? Can you just put copyright and that be that or do you actually have to do something else? Please reply.


  3. fantagecookietown said:

    How do you make subpages? Sorry, I’m slow XD


  4. fantageeprincess said:

    How do you crop a photo on a post or page? Please reply ~ thanks!


  5. fantageeprincess said:

    THANKS so much!! It works!


  6. Hey Princess_MooMoo!
    I was wondering if I could do how to pages! I wanted your permission first. I’m not going to copy ALL of the sub-pages But at least 2, if that’s fine. It’s okay if you say no. I understand. But if you do let me, I’ll make sure to credit you on the sub-pages you did. Thanks!


    • You can use the idea of a “How To…” and subpages, but the actual content on subpages you may not copy.
      And yes, please don’t just use all of my how to ideas, just think of all of them yourself.
      If you end up using my idea for one of your how to pages, please credit by putting a clickable link at the top.


  7. How to you get ad free in fanatge?


  8. Anonymous said:

    How do you sell items in Fantage? I mean, I know how, but it won’t work… I can only sell furniture and stickers at Lucky Bob’s, but I can’t sell fashion items. It loads til 99% then stops. Have any ideas?


  9. Mango025 said:

    How do you do that thing where you write ‘here’ in a post and when you click on the ‘here’ word it take you somewhere? You know what I mean?


    • highlight the word and click the button with a picture of a chain link which will allow you to “link” your word to a page


    • Haiii Princessss
      okay so does that free membership tingy still works i really need to buy some gold and im brook in rl life n on fantage please answer and tyyyyy heheh



  10. How do you add the “Whos Amung Us” widget?
    please reply, thanks!


  11. About the free membership tingy does it still work? I really need to buy some gold


  12. pumpchkin said:

    how do you make your pages like that? because every time i get a theme it never turns out like that? plzzz comment or email and could i like work here? lol email me back THANKS BYEE!!!!!


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