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© All Fantage Items ©

Last updated by MooMoo on 2/18/14: added ‘2013-2014’

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Fantageville’s “All Items List” contains all of the items that Fantage has ever released. You can search for it by name using Ctrl + F, and you will be able to see what month and year it was released, as well as the other items released with it in the same month.

Just choose one of the date ranges in our subpages (2007-2010, 2011-2012, or 2013-2014) to start! If you are unsure which date range the item was released, just check them both.

We divided our All Fantage Items List into several parts, because putting it on one page would be just too long. Comments are also disabled, to prevent the page from lagging.

Comments on: "© All Fantage Items ©" (21)

  1. I was a stealer on the Trade n Sell and now I scam on My Mall. I almost have every item I like now since people are stupid enough to fall for my trick. Wow someone lost their cc hair because of me at My Mall and it’s not bad because you fall for it there will be item lists. LOL and I also scam on Gold. I trick a user that I’ll give them an item if they buy my worthless item and they fall for it and lose thousands of Gold for nothing!!! Hey I don’t type that bad even if I’m off the computer and on my iPosd


  2. It’s actually worth it 😛 I would’ve never gotten my green chalk board and CC hair unless I scammed. BTW, I just got 450 gold. From scamming Lool. I told Prettygirlswag05 that if she buys my worthless items then I’ll give her all the limited stuff I’ve got and she fell for it because she never traded in her life before and she didn’t even know what a scam is so yeah she’s new to Fantage


    • That makes you look silly 😛


    • really stupid, you just scammed useless pixels. What are you gonna do? Go to the store with no money and be like, “Well, I have no money but I have some “valuable” pixels that I stole.” You would get banned from the store. You will learn from this life lesson one day.


    • kawaii person said:

      Ha. Pixels?! Really. Wow. Grow up, pixels on a computer screen. You’re making yourself look pathetic and stupid.


  3. Thats kind mean Anita


  4. angel456_456love


  5. LOL SHEESH IDK said:

    Anita it’s just pixels worthless and you’ll realize that someday in your life.


  6. In Fantage lots of ppl be mean expecially in movie tryout and today l saw a movie tryout in the photo booth and the director was so MEAN!!

    p.s if u see me in fantage im wendy0975


    • Also the most people are mean to me. They talk rudely and hate me. Most of the time people with higher levels are meaner.


  7. mollylove101 said:

    dont scam its wrong listen try to win it your self play fair make your life worth It Do something with your life don’t go around scaring other people trust me I’ve been there I really wanted this one item I got some one to sell it but they scammed me this happened 5 years ago and I still don’t have it I was like 6 its stupid and sad that you go around scamming other kids I know that the misery on their face brings a smile to yours its wrong don’t scam and grow up we all did and I know its hard to let go but you should you have enough items just stop your lucky we get it just stop


  8. mini8777 said:

    Cool Cat Hair- 2011 Nov


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