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$ Money Talk $

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As you probably already know, the Fantage chat doesn’t allow you to type in numbers, which makes it VERY hard to tell people how many ecoins/stars you are selling your item for at Trade n Sell.

Of course, you could just type SHOES after everything and see if it shows up as shoeS (meaning it showed) or SHOES (meaning it didn’t show), but that takes a LOT of time and gets pretty annoying.

This page has a list of “number words” that WILL show up on Fantage.

1 Digit Numbers

1 ~ one

2 ~ tjwjo or too

3 ~ thjree or tree

4 ~ for

5 ~ fjve

6 ~ siks

7 ~ sejven

8 ~ ejght

9 ~ njne

2 Digit Numbers

10 ~ lO (lower case L, upper case O)

20 ~ tjwenty

30 ~ thjrjty

40 ~ fjorty

50 ~ fjfty

60 ~ siksty

70 ~ sejventy

80 ~ ejghty

90 ~ njnety

3 Digit Numbers

_00 ~ ___ hund

4 – 6 Digit Numbers

___,000 ~ ___ tousand

7 Digit Numbers

___,000,000 ~ ___ mjllion

I Don’t Get It

Here are some examples that should help you. The colors are to show you which group I got the word from.

50 ~ fjfty

99 ~ njnety njne

100 ~ one hund

500 ~ fjve hund

750 ~ sejven hund fjfty

999 ~ njne hund njnety njne

1,000 ~ one tousand

8955 ~ eijght tousand njne hund fjfty fjve

50,000 ~ fjfty tousand

900,000 ~ njne hund tousand

5,555,000 ~ fjve mjllion fjve hund fjfty fjve tousand

9,999,999 ~ njne mjllion njne hund njnety njne tousand njne hund njnety njne 

What Is The Point of This?

This is used when you want to say a number on Fantage (e.g. when you want to tell someone how much you want to sell your item for). Remember that on Fantage, you cannot say numbers, and things like “nine hundred” or “fifty” do NOT show. The ‘number words” in the list ALL show up on Fantage chat.

What About Things Like “ZOjOOO and SOjOOO”?

All you need to know is that Z = 2, S = 5, and j is a comma. That means that ZOjOOO is 20,000 and SOjOOO is 50,000.


Comments on: "$ Money Talk $" (43)

  1. ♋Hollow72244♋ said:

    oh, i need this :p


  2. really helpful XD


  3. i dont get it…


  4. Also, you can make three show up as “E” or a shorter way to say “million” is mjl.


  5. pups215 said:

    thanks! REALLY helpful… but I have another way like you could say m!ll for million… !’s can be used as i’s. I hope I helped!


  6. Lol i always ask people to meet up at a chat box and tell me the amount of ecoins they have and such but i guess i will use this helpful tips. thanks guys!


  7. For six, you could also do sick 🙂


  8. Thanks for the guide (: Also, the number “2” could also be written as “Too” for the number, but tjwjo works also. And “5” could also work as “fiv”. But yeah, vice versa works too (:


  9. sydcurl123 said:

    What about eleven? Twelve? Teens? I was trying to sell something for 15,000 and I didn’t know what to say.


  10. pinkijello said:

    or say ISjOOO S=5
    Though some peeps dont understand…


  11. purpleadventure5 said:

    This really helped. Thanks!


  12. ★ тαяαн ★ said:

    Thanks, I really needed this. ^^


  13. I used it and it didn’t show…


  14. Maegan (Mrsjapan on Fantage) said:

    Thanks for help c:


  15. lily102003 said:

    0.0 thank you so much I thought that SOjOOO was 60,000.


  16. so helpful
    my friend was like
    what did u get for the maths test (on fantage)
    and im like I GOT 78 OUT OF 79!!!
    and shes like
    and i say I GOT 78!!!!!! (gosh in my head)
    and then, i came across dis. Very helpful


  17. populargirl681 said:

    OMG!! Thankyou so much and if you see me around, please add me. I’m such a huge fan. My username is populargirl681.


  18. Cupcakequeen404 said:

    OMG! Thanks 🙂


  19. how do i say 17,18 and 19 in fantage?


  20. what does “ft” mean?? i saw it when somebody offered me but i couldn’t find it >.<


  21. How would you say something like sixteen??


  22. Anonymous said:

    how do you say twleve?


  23. what dos G in Gjooo mean?


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