❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Fantage Farm

Last updated by MooMoo on 12/21/13: added green sticky note

Are you annoyed that someone keeps on harvesting your crops and stealing your EXP/stars? Trying to find a way to lock your farm? No need. See the UPDATE 12/21/13 sticky note under “Visiting a Buddy’s Farm.”

Oh dear… It seems that FarmVille has invaded Fantage…

I have no idea where this randomly sprung from… But anyway, here’s the post!

Where to start?

Everyone gets a free farm! To visit it, go to your home and click on the new farm button, right above your Pet Barn.


Everyone starts out with 5 squares of land. This is where you will grow your crops.


How to Plant Crops

1. Click on any available square of land.


2. A Farm Items catalogue will pop up. For beginners, the only crop you can plant is wheat. You will be able to unlock more crops as you level up your Farm Level.


3. Click on the crop to buy, and it will be planted in the square you clicked. You can click on other squares to plant more of the same crop!


4. Click FINISH at the top when you’re done planting.


It costs 1 sun to plant 1 crop

How to Harvest Crops

Hover your mouse over any growing crop to see how much time is left.


You can see the crop grow progressively over time, until you can finally harvest it by (clicking on it) and get stars!


Unlike FarmVille, I don’t think your crops will rot if you leave it there too long, you can harvest them whenever you want.

It costs 1 sun to harvest 1 crop

What are suns? How do I get them?

As noted in yellow sticky notes, you need to collect suns to plant and harvest crops! (I dunno why you have to wait for suns to appear, shouldn’t it be a resource available at all times? Well, except for night. Wait. It’s like past midnight Fantage time, why is the sun still out??? K this makes no sense…)

Everyone can get suns for free, just look for these bright shiny things hovering around:


They are suns! To collect them, just hover your mouse over it. These suns will appear every 1 minute or so.

The fastest way to get suns is to leave your farm and come back later. Your sun bar fills up by itself. Another method is to help your friends harvest their crops (scroll down to “Visiting a Buddy’s Farm”).

There is an option to upgrade your Sun level, so you can store more sun at a time. I think this is pretty pointless, you get upgrades for free when you level up your Farm Level anyway, so don’t waste your ecoins!


Also! Whenever you reach the next Farm Level, your Suns bar will be filled all the way up for free!

Farm Level

You can check your Farm Level bar at the top.


Each time you fill the bar up all the way, you will level up your Farm as well as your Farm Medal in your ID Fone!


Benefits of leveling up your farm:

  • Your sun energy bar will be filled up all the way for free each time you level up
  • You can level up your Fantagian
  • You can unlock new crops that have higher profits
  • You can unlock new squares of land for free (the rocks on the ground will turn into a new square of land that you can plant on; hover your mouse over the rocks to see what level you need)

Make sure you don’t waste ecoins to unlock these rocks. Like I said, you can unlock them for free just by leveling up!

Visiting a Buddy’s Farm

Click on the heart on the top right corner.


HUGE TIP (thanks Cat!) : To access ANYONE’S farm, just click on their farm button on their ID Fone! Remember, you can access your buddies’ ID Fone by going to your Buddy List and clicking on their name. You will never run out of suns again! Just visit random peoples’ farms and help them out! 😀


Click on a buddy to visit their farm. The green number on the right tells you how many more times you can help your buddy. You can help them for a maximum of 3 times every day.


Each crop you help to harvest will earn you 1 sun! You can also click on crops that are not fully grown to speed up the time, you will also get a sun for this! If they do not have anything planted, then you cannot help them.


UPDATE 12/21/13: If someone harvested your crops, don’t be disappointed! They didn’t steal your EXP or stars, they will have been automatically added into your counter! In fact, be thankful, they saved you the trouble of wasting your suns to harvest them!! Thanks for this info, xxhemi.

To go back to your own farm, click on this button at the top of the screen


More tips

Notice this EXP thing on the catalogue (boxed in red)


What does this mean?? It took me a while to figure it out. It tells you how much you will level up your Farm Level once you harvest it!

This makes sense: the more expensive plants have higher EXP.

My favorite plant is the Rose plant, because it only takes 10 minutes to grow, you get a lot of stars, and the EXP is 6! You can unlock the Rose plant once you reach level 5.

DON’T plant the Carrots. They take 4 HOURS, and the EXP is only 4…!

I expect I will update this post a couple more times once I think of more stuff, but I hope this helped!

An overall tip for everything: Do NOT unlock anything for ecoins, such as new plants, more squares of land, more sun, etc. You can get ALL of this for free simply by leveling up. Don’t waste your ecoins!!

Update 12/21/13: If you have a lot of ecoins to spare, I recommend unlocking the orange tree. It gives a LOT of EXP, and you only have to harvest it once a day, so you don’t need a lot of suns.

Comments on: "Fantage Farm" (78)

  1. Yay first comment! Awesome post, as always! 🙂


    • Lol thanks, this was an especially exhausting one, there were a LOT of things to talk about… And Fantage managed to condense all of the instructions onto one simple little sign… No wonder people are confused


      • twinkie432664 said:

        I can totally understand, it must have taken a long time to get all those pictures and text on there….


  2. You can actually just go to your buddy’s farm through their IDfone or house…and then, for some reason, I could harvest 2 plants in each of my buddies’ gardens, even if they were banned or never played anymore…


  3. I’ve noticed that this is basically a ‘bank’. For example; you put in 10 stars and for 1 minute, you get 12; so your getting ‘interest’ every time. If you know what I mean 😉


  4. If I had pinkstardust’s idfone, I’d visit her farm and steal her crops! >:D


  5. ♒ Skylar Heartfilia ♒ said:

    Fantage is running out of ideas and since Vintage Gold is there, no one would bother to buy the crops.


  6. i think EXP means experience. and yes those rose plants are wayy better than those carrots!!!


  7. I think fantage is kinda inspired by ‘Plants vs Zombies’ cause it had a zombie event first and now it has the same concept of falling sun for energy. Btw..nice post! Its very informative.


  8. I like this fantage farm idea 🙂 As soon as i went on fantage and read the instructions about it, i didn’t have a clue about what was going on. Thanks for summarising it all beautifully, like you always do 😉


  9. nathanpaiva051 said:


    You hit a million!


  10. lily102003 said:

    Princess_Moomoo, the Ville bot just Private chatted me, and asked me what 11 + 4 was so I could become a member, and I said fifteen, and the Ville bot asked me how it felt to be fifteen. Is something wrong with the Ville bot?


  11. ”1,000,242 Views! 1 million by 2014?” OMG CONGRATS! And Its past 1mil and it’s before 2014!!!!! *Might wanna update that :p

    But congrats!!!!!!!


  12. Sorry for commenting alot but tbh, I think this event has got me into fantage again 🙂


  13. ♔*:- ρнαηтσмнινє °-:*♔ said:

    Congrats on getting 1 million views c:


  14. Im smith883… Any way just to help people (lol) when you go on people’s idfone and to their farm you can hide in the big tree or whatever it is to the right. All you have to do is make sure you have no pet or big boards on you. I did with cherrydrops24 and I told my friend and cherry was their and she locked her house after lol.


  15. Majesticness said:

    I like this… thingie?( you said they probably copied…?)
    I’m almost at level 200 🙂 ♥


  16. ρяιη¢єѕѕ_ѕтαяℓιηg said:

    If you click on a plot of land, then plant something, then plant it on separate plots of land, does it cost money per item planted, or just for a group of things?


    • It costs money per crop planted. Those numbers that you see on the catalogue apply for one crop only.


      • ρяιη¢єѕѕ_ѕтαяℓιηg said:

        They might as well give us the stars for free. We only get a small amount of stars. We get 2 for the wheat, 3 for the corn, 4 for the carrot, 5 for the rose, 6 for the soybean, 7 for the tomatoes etc.


  17. Awesome you earned a million views! Keep on rocking this blog!


  18. Theresa7897 said:

    Did you forget to change the views it pasted 1 million alreDy?


  19. Do people still get stars if people harvest their crops? If you do you should let them know because cherrydrops was cussing my friend for that


  20. SunandRain3 said:

    Fantage Barn. Fantage Farm… well, I don’t know about this.. I don’t really “spend time” on the barn, nor will I the farm. This sounds like a rushed event, for there is only a simple sign that you explained better then. And no limited items really, I think this was just an event to add “cushion time”, so they could work with more time on the holiday event, which I don’t mind at all. 10 stars into 12 stars. It’s really only a 2 star profit, and you’re spending time, time is money, so I personally think you’re just better off playing games. But, since it helps you level up, it’s all good I guess. I just think Fantage has better things to spend their time on than farms, and this was only to give them more time. 😀 CONGRATS, MOOMOO!


  21. Hey Moomoo, I know this is a pretty stupid comment, but who cares.
    Do you have any tips for those times of insane boredem? I’m re-reading Harry Potter again, but somehow I still get bored >^<"


  22. ℓιℓу102003 said:

    http://prntscr.com/2bewpv I saw mzcavs!


  23. Oh gosh… I already had enough of all that “farming” stuff without Fantage making their own “Mini FarmVille” T_T Anyways, CONGRATS on getting 1 million views! I know I’m kinda late though XD


  24. NathanFantage said:
  25. wowz Fantage got caught! FarmVille and Fantage Farm. 0_0


  26. What’s up with the title changes and stuff?


  27. FantageVille + FarmVille = FantageVille (If you mix it up!) Worked that one out yet? I just though it was ironic :3


  28. Upgrading your sun level doesn’t help you store more suns. It actually makes more suns appear faster (the kinds you hover your mouse over).


  29. Instead of waiting around for my crops to grow, I open another tab and play on another website or put fantage up again on another server while the crops grow and the suns come. I think its much easir instead stopping in the middle of what ever ur doing.


  30. I grew lots of plants and I started out with only 8,000 stars and now I have 14,000 stars. YAY! And also I started out at level 84 and now I’m level 123. SO happy I’m an apprentice now… 100 more levels to explorer… 😦


  31. Hey MooMoo~ Just discovered – First I was planting the new [L] plants and found I’d ran out of suns. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for the suns so I logged off and played transformice for a while – Later, I log back on and I have 20/20 suns once again – Filled up in about 15 minuets.
    Maybe add this onto this post? (Dont log off and on again because it wont work like that ~ It happened to me…)


  32. Bellosnowy said:

    I’m almost to scholar status!? 😀 I’m level 373 right now. 🙂



  33. Sometimes random people come to my farm and help me. That’s good i guess but I am sick of people just pick my plants. I would like to pick them my self unless I asked some to.


  34. prettymeme75 said:

    OMG Im at level 115 and a non, thanks to this! ☺☺☺


  35. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Actually, you get suns if you harvest your buddy’s crops…so if you harvested three crops you’d get three suns back. At least, that’s what happens for me…


  36. awesome_fantagian said:

    The crops never rot. Once I planted something, then I forgot all about my farm, until four months later I harvested them…


  37. As you said, Roses are very quick and easy to profit (5 stars profit per plant!)
    But for the people who don’t care about EXP, just stars, plant the wheat, and harvest it immediately after its finished growing. This way, you profit 2 stars per plant, but its faster than the roses, and “earns its keep.” The math works out 😛


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