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♫ Fun Fantage Facts ♫

Last updated by MooMoo on 4/14/14: created page

Newer ones are at the top.

Many of these are commonly known and super old; I did not discover most of them. I just figured it would be nice to have all these interesting facts on one page.

How many of these did you know? Comment if you know more!

9. Changing Prices

For nonmembers, you can click on those greyed out member items that you can’t wear anymore to buy them for ecoins at the original price.


However, this “price” changes if the item gets sold at Vintage Gold. My Leprechaun Style hat costed only 1,800 ecoins when it was sold in March 2013 at the event Limited Item Cart, but after it was sold on March 6, 2014 at Vintage Gold, the price shot up


There are 3 ways to take advantage of this.

One, if you have a greyed out item that you want to be able to wear, make sure to buy it before it gets sold at Vintage Gold.

Two, you can sometimes predict the price of the item at Vintage Gold, as long as you have the greyed out version in your inventory.

Three, if you never liked the item anyway, DON’T buy it with ecoins. Keep it in your inventory and hope that it gets sold at Vintage Gold. Once it does, the “price” will shoot up, and you can sell it at Lucky Bob’s for an awesome price! So, while other not-as-smart Fantagians are wasting stars on worthless items, you’re making big money!

8. Megaphone Messages

When you see a megaphone message, you can click on it to open the announcer’s ID Fone


7. Trendsetter Items

If you go inside the Hall of Fame, there is a Real Time Trendsetters billboard hanging from the ceiling. Click on that, then click on the purple Trendsetters Item List button.


Now, you can see every Luxury, Limited, and Rare item ever released! There are also checkmarks next to the items you own, and names of the item if you hover your mouse over it.


In the Luxury tab, you can even buy the items, since most of them are at the shops (Stellar Salon, Le Shop, etc.). Even better, if the Luxury item was sold at Vintage Gold and you missed it, you can buy it for the Vintage price, for stars or ecoins.


6. Nighttime at the Beach

You can make it nighttime at the beach…


…by clicking on the sun


5. Reappearing Table

Looks like Fantage loves recoloring everything, not just clothes. This table shows up twice on Fantage: in Comet & Co, and in the Mission Center


4. Confusing Clocks

The clocks at Pet Town and Downtown show Fantage Standard Time…


… but the clock inside Star Cafe shows your time zone, wherever in the world you are (blurred out for privacy reasons)


And the clocks inside Fantage School just never move…


3. Hidden Areas

There is a hidden Underground Lighthouse Basement (click here to learn more)


and a hidden Fairy Forest (click here to learn more)


2. Creature Arena Stars

You can earn stars inside the Creature Arena


1. Grotto Bubbles

You can drag around the bubbles on the tree of the Grotto at the Forest


Comments on: "♫ Fun Fantage Facts ♫" (102)

  1. Love this page! even though i know most of them, I can’t wait to see you update this page!


  2. Err
    I have a same page in which I put Fantage DidYouKnow’s and it’s a copyrighted page…
    Can you credit? >-<
    (I know I'm annoying)


  3. ❤stacey said:

    cool. recoloring table–i’ve been playing for 4 years and haven’t noticed til now. c:


  4. I have one, you can still wear creatures (for the creature arena) you bought with stars while you a member.


  5. --> fill in my name said:

    What about the sunblock and the DNA pods?


    • eyecandy18 said:

      well if you go into the right dna pod and close the door and click on the wall you will fly on the walls (just in sunblock)


  6. jessica82390 said:

    Did you know there’s a parasite living on your eyelashes (I think eyebrows too) that eat your dead skin? ‘-‘ Random.


  7. The Unknown said:

    DId you know that youre awesome?? CX


  8. Blurasxbery said:

    You can click the palm tree at the beach to see some monkeys pick the coconuts off of it 🙂


  9. I didn’t know the table or clock one, wow…
    Did you know that…
    1. When you buy membership, you get a Lucky Bot SS Item for free (elsa cape, long blonde hair, giant bot board, antlers, scepter, etc.)
    2. There are bots in Fashion Shows, Wild Derby, Off the Hook, and Wild Rumble.
    3. You have to buy ecoins with your membership, you can’t just buy membership alone anymore.
    4. The prices of nonmember items in the shops have gone WAY down. You can buy them for like 50-500 stars!
    5. Lucky Bot has a little top hat and mustache! I don’t know why…Maybe left over from April Fools? Or is it supposed to be that way, for coolness?
    6. This is more of a past thing, but Fantagians used to live in the Castle, they has no user homes!
    7. You can hide in the bushes in the Lighthouse and talk to creep others out 😛
    8. When you try to say emoticons in the Creature Arena, a bunch of other words appear.
    9. When you go underwater, you have to wear an underwater costume. But if you are waling a pet, it can go underwater without any special breathing suit!!! What sorcery is this?
    10. In the third round of Fashion Shows, Fantage actually takes things from your inventory, it’s not completely random. If it WAS completely random, then no one would ever have anything that matches, since there are SO MANY Fantage items to choose from. SO it comes from the contestants’ inventories. I use this by going to fashion shows filled with (or mostly) boys, so Fantage HAS to choose things from MY inventory for the final round.
    Sorry for the long comment


  10. lottie17 said:

    These are cool even though I knew most of them. Can’t wait till you update this page!


  11. Woah, how did you get over 20 million stars? I only have 50,011 because I just spent half on a hair at Vintage Gold… 😛


  12. So cool! Especially the trendsetter items thing. The luxury winter belle top is a retired luxury item, I was looking everywhere for it after I accidentally sold it during the week in which you can sell items you got from trade n sell. Coolest thing is, I bought it for 1,000,000 stars at trade n sell, sold it for 1,000,000 and now I bought it back for not even 2,000 stars!


  13. I would like to share an interesting fact:

    Fantage DOES love recolouring! So many hairs change colour and become ‘new’ fantage items. I.E. the fantage daily spin item is the same as a hair in stellar salon. Look up some more , there are a lot!


  14. moonshinezodiac said:

    Ha!(The first one)
    I bought the Purple Bikini that was on VG a few days ago before with stars for 1800 stars. After, VG makes it to 30,000 stars I do Lucky Bobs and get 15,000 stars out of it!


  15. jessica82390 said:




  16. Did you know that in the game Fish Fish, the string/worm goes in the middle of the stomach of the puffer fish and the yellow fish with glasses? It’s pretty weird, hook in the stomach


  17. Maybelle2017 said:

    even though i knew some of these, its so interesting to see more!


  18. This is really cool!


  19. tiffany9452 said:

    O.O the trendsetter item thing is awesome tysm! (im usually a little late on finding out things) :3


  20. I have a Fantage Fun Fact- Did you know that by doing all the lines that reward you with ecoins you can win up too 900!


  21. Did you know you can take pics with your bff’s in BFF scene in photo booth @ creature area


  22. Did you know- you can walk off the edge of the lighthouse by holding the yellow arrow


  23. The Unknown, your right! I never noticed that. The ninja is in the left window in le shop and the left window in stellar salon.


  24. Not trying to steal the credit, just thought it was really interesting.


  25. Oh, a bunch of glitches on this blog.
    some of these are from old fantage, so it doesn’t work 😦





  27. I know more tricks! Moo_Moo or Angela >.< Email me at *Hidden for privacy* to find out!! 😉


  28. Cupcakequeen404 said:

    OMG!!!!!! i gotta tell my friend #7. she will be crazy. xD


  29. Princess moomoo, #9 is the one I was telling you about! 😀 I told you I could buy premium monthly gifts using that trick 🙂 I was thinking…can you buy items from the Limited Tab/ Rare Tab. and Thanks 🙂


  30. Did you know (you already know, MooMoo)…
    that if you type in
    Thats One Crazy Monkey
    A monkey shows up!!!


  31. Hmm... said:

    The gems in rare items have doubled in price!


  32. Newbz get all furniture items :O


  33. You can get beck to the old wizards domain and creature arena:

    1.Create a new account(or use an account with NO mini quests complete or with none of the quests completed that I am about to list.

    2. Do the quest: For old wizards domain, use a quest about rare items( in the items tabs) and press take me there.
    For old creature arena: Use the quest about ‘enter creature arena'( sorry, forgot which tab) and press take me there!

    3. Take some photos!

    I will comment more after I figure some out. xD!


  34. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    I knew 6 of them. 😛


  35. Anonymous said:

    Interesting Fact: VG turned non-member items to member items which also made the price go up for non members.


  36. http://fantageartist.wordpress.com/fake-people-in-fashion-shows/ on that link, it shows an article about NPCs (fake ppl ugh) in fashion shows ;D


  37. awesome_fantagian said:

    9. doesnt work anymore… or is it just me???


  38. ****Lucky Bobs****
    Did you know how to get a ton of stars?
    If you have a pet, sell your pet prize at Lucky Bobs. Then go back and get the pet prize again and keep selling!
    You can also sell your Fashion Show Starter Pack! Go back and get it again and sell sell sell!!!
    Make a new fantage account. Then when you log into it, it will give you stars and prizes. For the Prizes: Click the type of outfit. Push OK. Then it will ask which costume you want. Choose it but do NOT, I repeat do NOT, click OK. Just refresh the page. They will ask you what items you want, again. Then keep doing the same! But since the Blue Costume with Blondish hair was sold at Vintage, I recommend you to choose that one! After you do that as many times as you want, finally click OK or log out. Sell your costumes and outfits at Lucky Bobs for a lot of stars!!!Hope this helped!!!


  39. taylor17384 said:

    2 secret places: oasis and dock. How to go to oasis: go to carnival, click play card quest, click deck builder and click play card quest in the corner (DO NOT CLICK THE X!!) and exit out of the sign. Dock: click on the airplane. PLEASE SHOW (they are new don’t spread because they will find out)


  40. taylor17384 said:

    I noticed the pink ruffles dress (in le shop) HAS BEEN RAISED IN STORE TO 30,000 I HATE FANTAGE GOLD!!!


  41. some stuff that I did not know


  42. you are a GENIUS. i NEVER knew the changing prices one. are you telling me i could have done this the entire time!? 😮


  43. Ƭωιиκℓɛ_cαт said:

    Did you know that you can fly in the Tanning Salon by going into the second DNA Pod in, close the door, then click on the ceiling?


  44. Fantage really likes to suck up all the money out of our pockets like a vacume cleaner these days but its there’s job and all. I wonder of the fantage admin has a child, and HE/SHE plays too! Lol if she’s banned she’s probably gonna b in big trouble lol from her dad.


  45. twinkie432664 said:

    Actually for the confusing clocks section, the clock at room 123 can move. You just hover your mouse over it and it will spin. You have to keep your mouse over it though, or it’ll stop moving.


  46. i know everything except the part when the grey out part I never liked is sold as vintage I can sell it for higher amount in luck bob than when it is NOT sold as vintage


  47. My friend mystery150 is selling SUPER CHEAP LIMITED ITEMS in MyMall!!
    Everything is minimum price
    :Limited Chic Black Hair: 9000 Gold
    :Limited Santa Dress: 540 Gold
    Go to Kiosk 28E-3!!


  48. You can’t buy greyed out items anymore T_T


  49. hi can we trad i promis its my birtsya today please


  50. my user is epicmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan


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