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♉ Medals ♉

Last updated by MooMoo on 11/30/13: added sticky notes

Basic Pet Medals

You can level up these medals even with the starter pets, Mumbo and Jimbo:  

1. Pet Collector Medal


Levels up each time you get a pet. If you have only Mumbo and Jimbo, you can get 2 levels max.

2. Pet Trainer Medal


Levels up when your pet gets a gold, platinum, or diamond ribbon when playing games. If you have only Mumbo and Jimbo, you can get 6 levels max.

Click here for the Wild Slinger pet game cheats

Here is the guide:

3. Pet Academy Attendence Medal


Levels up when you check in at Pet Academy daily. Go to Pet Town, enter Pet Academy, and click on the guy in the window.


Here is the guide:

Magic Code Pet Medals

To level these medals up, you need pets that are not from the Pebble Family. Click here to learn how to buy them, using Magic Codes.

1. Pet Walker Medal


Levels up each time you take 1 pet outside and walk around for 1 hour.

To take your pet outside, go to your home and go inside your Pet Barn. Then, click on your pet and select “BRING OUTSIDE”


Remember that the Pebble Family cannot be brought outside!

2. Pet Treat Medal


 This is a very fast way to level up, so I put it on the “How to Level Up Fast (Nonmembers)” page. Click here, and scroll down to #3.

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  1. Anonymous said:



  2. Candelicious said:

    Hi princess_moomoo,

    I know another way for non-members to level up. It’s by entering the Comet contest on either Writer’s Den, Comic or Fan Art. I recently entered the Writer’s Den contest about Fantage Summer Poems and I am one of the winners. They reward me with a level 5 writer’s medal and I leveled up by 5. I think if we enter but we don’t win they will still reward us with a level 1 writer’s medal (depending on your essay/poem). Then, level up depending on the level of the writer’s medal. Hope I helped. Add me on Fantage I’m Candelicious. 🙂


  3. iPuppies said:

    Thats because you have to be a good poet/writer.I’ve won 1st place twice and,second place 4 times,and third place once.


  4. thanks for the tip moomoo its me jessica


  5. Anonymous said:

    Wow this is a really cool blog…..finding the pass is challanging….(of course!)…… well gotta brush it off and keep looking


  6. ikr Anonymous?


  7. xcottoncandix said:

    You can also level up by Inviting Friends ( This is the most effective way for me beacuse Im a non). I don’t about members, but as a non, it levels me up 1 whole level per friend.


  8. Hermione24 said:

    Where exactly ARE all of the pet treats located? Do they change places everyday or do they stay the same?


  9. I did the attendance thing in 2012 I’ve stopped at 20 days. 😦


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