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Last updated by MooMoo on 1/5/14: added new accounts

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How this page works:

  • Thank you to everyone that donated accounts, I’m glad I have such kind viewers!!
  • This page has been completely updated, on July 21, 2013. I am no longer adding ID Fones, to save time. All non-working accounts have been removed, and new ones have been added.
  • Blue text means the account is a boy.
  • Newly added accounts are at the bottom.

U: jade101012
P: Miniclip10

U: j873
P: 123456789

U: emu1221
P: 3263572

U: midnight438
P: love444

U: zoe_nicole03
P: nicole3

U: cuppicakez33   all accounts copyrighted by Fantageville
P: monkey4

U: lala667
P: dora12

U: iralynn7878
P: moroney1

U: selena72234
P: bff123

U: paperclip125
P: pop987

U: annajordan11
P: bffl11

U: harvestapple
P: bookcase111

U: spongemaha
P: maha123123

U: __bubble__
P: pop123

U: alizelhuvsyhu
P: ishonna1

U: momi225
P: 1234567

U: watermelon2261
P: fantage228   all accounts copyrighted by Fantageville

U: lasvegas1995
P: lasvegas1998

U: charlotte25123
P: awesome8

U: lilyr6   all accounts copyrighted by Fantageville
P: nayeli8

U: momi225
P: 1234567

U: lolz90901
P: Monkeyz1

U: elmer10203
P: 1234567891011

U: tack990
P: 1851938

^Weird account, always invisible…

U: chismas_princes
P: gifts1

U: buttercup9870   all accounts copyrighted by Fantageville
P: 1timewinner

U: murietta
P: bugmenot11

U: colorful32121
P: old32121

U: courtneysk8ter7
P: isw123

U: brittany16kitty
P: milkismyfav1

U: mina334
P: mina2003

U: tiara0761
P: popcor3

U: matt2kool   all accounts copyrighted by Fantageville
P: bubbles1

U: prince_jesse
P: x123456

U: emma49522
P: emma49

U: emma4952

U: famousbofriend12
P: sakura

New 1/5/14

U: amberb99
P: happyday99

U: weinnie
P: kater1na

U: ellieearthhaven
P: wizard101

U: sorry103
P: 5417044

U: bernardanny


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