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How to Lock Your Barn

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This will some make people VERY angry… but it’s actually pretty funny… This is the trick to lock someone into your barn. They will only be able to exit by using the map, or logging off. (However, some people can’t seem to figure that out…)

First make sure your house is open to everyone, by going to your house, clicking on the Home Options, and checking “Everyone”


1. Go to a server with a LOT of people… if you want to annoy a LOT of people

2. Say things that will trick people into going into your barn, such as…


(Trust me… at least 10 people will come)

3. Keep on saying this a couple more times, as you wait for your barn to fill up with your victims 😉

4. Go to your house, but do NOT enter your barn yet. Go to House Settings again, and click on “Nobody”. They are now locked in!


5. Annoy your victims by going into your barn, as you listen to them scream “Let me out!” and get mad at you :mrgreen:

The only way to get out is by using the map or logging off. Have fun!

Comments on: "How to Lock Your Barn" (39)

  1. sadly, there is a way to exit the barn. you have to go to the world map and click somewhere there, then ur gone.


  2. I would fall for it. What if someone held tryouts? I go to tryouts sometimes. Anyway, newbies might fall for it too.


  3. We are currently trying to work something out. I have sent her this comment on her blog:
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    However, if you are willing to listen and negotiate and talk about it, then respond “Yes.” Remember, both of us are at fault here, so do not think that you are innocent; several times, you cussed words that no 10 year old should know, which can be viewed by the entire world. However, I truthfully admit that I am at fault here too, and I will take full responsibility for what I did, as I am a person of reason.
    Please consider this carefully before responding. Believe me, I do want to end this argument peacefully. Again, if you reply with any insult, it means that you enjoy this argument. I am fairly certain that nobody likes argument. I hope we can work something out.
    Sincerely, princess_moomoo
    P.S. If you do not wish to continue this conversation on WordPress, feel free to email me at my fake email
    Thank you for reading.
    You can see this comment at http://fantagianzcupcake.wordpress.com/about-m/


  4. wow u sound so nice…i mean like, good for u for like, trying to fix this problem!! 🙂 u’re truly someone to look up to, in fixing problems/arguments like these


  5. awesome trick gonna go try it now !!!!!!!!! 🙂


  6. i tried it with my buddy and she got locked in and she was so mad


  7. princessjillana said:

    i went to someones house to get locked in the barn. i knew how to get out but the other people in the barn didnt know.


  8. Anonymous said:

    im gonna try it to random people


  9. how did u figure this out? from another blog or just on ur own? if on ur own, i was wonder if i could post something similar like this on my blog, (not copy and paste or reblog). if yes, i will give credit to you and your blog. -Rose


  10. Foreverball11 said:

    This is funny. I did this to my friend on FANTAGE. I said. Lets chat in the barn. She said, ok sure! I locked her in and in instant messager, she was like I can’t get out. Then, I said idk why you can’t get out. Then I let her out and she was so dumb she still didnt figure it out.


  11. Help us celebrate unicorn day on May 6th by wearing a paper unicorn horn!


  12. I have a question… what if I was one of the people that got locked in and I needed to get out, can’t I just click on somebody and click their house button?


  13. Someone locked me with other people in their barn. I went to my house and then I was wondering how to do that and fantageville really helped me in a lot of things 😀


  14. cupcake2002 said:

    cool I might try this sometime thanks


  15. thank you so much but I hope it dosent make anyone mad because we want fantage to be a peacefull plac


  16. Mystery Person said:

    Moomoo, can’t people report you while you’re in the barn? I mean, I would NOT want to be banned just for locking a few people in my barn. Oh, and by the way, would this trick work if you put victims in your house instead?


    • This trick is pretty old, it’s just a prank, it’s not meant to cause any harm. Most people figure out right away that they can escape using the map.
      And no, I don’t think this works for your home, because it automatically kicks the people out if you change the settings.


  17. Piragavy Rakulan said:

    lol! i did that to my friends and they were like ** hey who locked the door?!? ** when i went in i said ** hey guys i told u to come to my plc! i know my pets are beauty but u have to leave! ** then they got mad and when we went to school they were ** why did u lock us in ur barn? ** i said i did nothing. then they saw fantageville and they all started yelling and im sitting back on my chair relaxing with my earphones on xD


  18. haha lol, wait as your barn gets filled with your victims… I made that part up.


  19. This trick does seem really good. But I never did it before because one of the “victims” might report you and you might get banned. Did anyone do it without getting banned? Just wondering, so if I want to do it, I (hopefully) won’t get banned.


  20. Bellosnowy said:

    People don’t do this trick as much anymore.


  21. I love ur new header! I tried making it but failed. T_T How did u make it?


  22. I did this. It was SO funny!


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