❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

© All FGC Items ©

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➜ Click here to check out Angela’s page on FGC Items


April 2012 Sets

  • 1 hair, 1 outfit, 2 boards, and 2 furniture pieces
  • you do NOT get an FGC item every time you redeem a card, other prizes include 3 gems, stars, and FGC furniture
  • each time you redeem an FGC you can get: 1 FGC item, 3 gems, stars, or 2 FGC furniture pieces
  • you must get every item in a set before you can move on to the next set (this includes furniture, but not stars or gems)

Popstar Set


1 Popstar Hair, 2 Popstar Dress, 3 Popstar Stage Board, 4 Star Platform Board

Princess Set


1 Princess Hair, 2 Princess Dress, 3 Carriage Board, 4 Fancy Car Board

Hollywood Set


1 Movie Star Hair, 2 Movie Star Dress, 3 Red Carpet Board, 4 Hollywood Board

Super Hero Set


1 Superhero Hair, 2 Superhero Dress, 3 Superhero Board, 4 Super Pug Board

May 2012 Sets

  • 1 hair, 1 outfit, 1 costume, and 2 boards
  • most items in these sets have blank names, so Fantagians have made up names for them; I put the most common of these made-up names in italics
  • you will get an FGC item every time you redeem a card for these sets, there is NO furniture, star, or gem prizes
  • you must get every item in a set before you can move on to the next set

Gypsy Set


Gypsie Hair, 2 Gypsie Dress, 3 Genie Costume, 4 Camel Board, 5 Magic Carpet Board

Magician Set


1 Magician Hair, 2 Magician Outfit, 3 Magic Box Costume, 4 Magician Stage Board, 5 Lucky Cards Board

Under the Sea Set


1 Snorkeler Hair, 2 Snorkeler Outfit, 3 Mermaid Costume, 4 Conch Board, 5 Rock Board

Mage Set


1 Warrior Hair, 2 Warrior Outfit, 3 Mage Costume, 4 Castle Board, 5 Dragon Board

Comments on: "© All FGC Items ©" (72)

  1. Nice XD Is this a new page? I hadn’t noticed it before ~(><)~


  2. I can’t find any FGC now. Are they gone?


  3. Theresa7897 said:

    Cool only thing wrong with FGC is that their out of STOCK!


  4. YAYYYYY A New page :3


  5. I can get as many FGC as anyone needs!


  6. foreverball11 said:

    You’re making lots of lists……. If you’re planning to make ANOTHER list. Try a beta items list. That will be the hardest.


  7. I cant find FCG’s in england. Im saaaad D: Fantage say they still do them, but all my american friends online say they cant find them anywhere?


  8. superstargirl1 said:

    Even if something is beta, it’s no use having it. Trade and sell takes the fun out of earning some items…-.-


  9. Gypsie is supposed to be spelled “Gypsy” by the way. 🙂


  10. hey moomoo
    my friend said that ugc cards also get prizes like fgc.
    is this true???


  11. ok! thanks


  12. You have no idea how helpful these pages have become ever since Vintage Gold came out and we vote on items


  13. ℓιℓу102003 said:

    Wait, you can get gems in FGCS? I would be pretty dissapointed if that’s what I got.
    I mean, you can already get a rare item by playing games or something, or did you mean, that’s what you get in addition to an FGC item? Please Reply! :mrgreen:



  14. Monica1611 said:

    is it true that there didn’t used 2 be any membership on fantage and people could wear anything? my friend told me btw her name is pinky74330 and mine’s monica1611 s if u see us add plz.


  15. Are you always on here MOOMOO ? Sorry if I am nosy .


  16. Okay . I just wanted to know . What server do you usually go on ? I am going to go on later . I also wonder what item to vote for in Vintage Gold though .


  17. what is the difference between $10 game cards and $20 game cards?


  18. Hey MooMoo,
    I know this isn’t very related to the page above but have you heard of ‘Green Slime” on Fantage? On Instagram,we had this thing where we tried to figure out the rarest Fantage items.This one girl commented saying, “The rarest item on Fantage is green slime.Never heard of it before? Exactly.” Is that true?

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work on the blog!


  19. is that magician hair really fgc?????
    omg! i think i traded it away for something lame when trade n sell was there. cos i didnt know it was fgc


  20. would vintage sell fgc items?does anyone know >.< i kept voting for some fgc items everyday does vintage allow them?


    • No way, because that would be very dumb of them. People spent real money to get those, and if they sold it at VG, then nobody would spend money to get them anymore.
      Besides, VG is for retired items, and none of the FGCs are retired, because you can still get them.


  21. I spent most of my ecoins and now I have 14 but i still cant earn ecoins!!


  22. Anonymous said:

    hi. so, I’m a non member on fantage, and I want certain things like clothes or boards. I really appreciate your list of items… but I need to know if the items are non member items or member items. So, also, can you guys put if the items are non-member items or member items?


  23. What does FGC stand for? also how do you get the items. Btw, what r villebills?


  24. awesome_fantagian said:

    What happens if you buy a lot of FGCs and get to the last item, the dragon board and you buy another game card? Would you get nothing or a furniture item/stars/gems?


  25. I don’t know if this was answered or not, but for the mage set, isn’t there mage shoes too?


  26. summer21342 said:

    if you got some items from trade n sell or my mall would those count as part of the set or will i need to start all over from the popstar hair when i get a fantage game card?


    • silverstream85 said:

      No you wouldn’t. They will still be considered deemed previously, even if you were not the previous owner.


  27. I think you’re missing a few FGC items. There are two Mage Hairs (a brown one and a white one) with a bejeweled crown on them, there are two Mage Shoes (one purple and one white), and two Mage Arrows (one purple and one white one).


    • Sry I said that comment like 7 months ago. I realized those aren’t FGC items; they were reward gift things from Fantage this one event. 😛
      The Mage Hairs for girls are epic. Paladin Hair, the boy version, is kinda ugly…


  28. When did these items come out? I looked in the collection on Fantage but didn’t seem to find them? Only the first 3 sets.


  29. is this the order?


  30. silverstream85 said:

    Yes it is.


  31. silverstream85 said:

    Also, can you still get the FGC in 2015? My friend said no, so I’m confused.


  32. silverstream85 said:

    Oops, I meant FGC items.


  33. silverstream85 said:

    If you were to strive to complete the Movie star set, and you just began, your would have to pay $240 US dollars in FGC. Just saying for people with that question.


    • And THAT is why people play $250 worth (at least 1,000,000 gold units) on Fantage for Movie Star Hair! At least the girls. When I had it the guys offered me crap… Like what.


  34. silverstream85 said:

    That is, excluding the furniture, stars, gems, etc.


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