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1 update on the bottom: a short conversation with dragon_iron

Several years ago, Nons could barely do anything in comparison to Mems. The only way they could get Mem clothes was with the meager 500 they received as newbies. Back then, you could immediately tell who was a Non and who was a Mem simply by how they dressed. Because of this huge difference, Nons vs Mems fights frequently broke out.

Fantage heard this and replied. They created the Earn Free Ecoins button. Now, Nons had a lot more things on Fantage available to them. The gap between Nons and Mems closed a bit.

This was the first change that triggered several more.

Less than half a year later, Trade n Sell opened. Both nons and mems alike were delighted with this new change. Items began to have “value” and “rarity.” It was no longer impossible for Nons to obtain the items they wanted. The gap between Nons and Mems closed even more, and people forgot all the Nons vs. Mems nonsense.

But, it took very little time for people (should we even consider them “people,” or would “immature douche-bags” be a more appropriate term?) to take advantage of Trade n Sell. Yep, the scammers. People became unhappy again because they were losing their best items. They directed their anger toward these scammers (rightfully), and eventually toward Fantage, who remained silent while people were being scammed left and right.

Fantage heard this and replied. They closed Trade n Sell and replaced it with Vintage Gold, hoping that it would solve the scamming problem and, at the same time, help boost their low profits. But we all know what an utter failure that was. Betas and users with rare items quit because all their items had become worthless. People who had bought item with real money quit too, because they had wasted their money for nothing. Fantage lost the gamble.


So do you see the pattern? We’re unhappy, then Fantage makes a change to make us happy. We’re happy again for a little while, but it’s ruined very quickly. So, Fantage has to make the decision whether to take the risk to find a way and solve the problem, or simply ignore it.

Each time, they’ve taken the risk to solve the problem, but they paid the price for trying. They’ve cornered themselves.

Yes, I’ve posted things like “Fantage is so greedy” and “all they focus on is getting money.” I gotta say now that it was somewhat mindless. Yes, Fantage has been making updates that appear to be very greedy, but they aren’t evil people trying to steal your money. They are struggling to maintain business, to earn money and feed their families. These people don’t even look like rich upper class based on their clothing, much less evil, greedy, money-hoarders.

Many of you are complaining about the Bonus Level Medal. Believe me, I hate it too, and I think it was their worst idea so far.

BUT. If you think about it, they had no choice. Think about it: what are the things on Fantage that had value and kept the game going?

Ecoins. Not that much anymore. Nons can get them for free from the Earn Free Ecoins button. And then there’s those people with hundreds of thousands of ecoins, who got their fortune from Trade n Sell.

Stars. Not very much anymore either. There are people with hundreds of billions of stars, thanks to Trade n Sell decreasing the value of stars.

“Rare” Items. Not anymore at all. Vintage Gold made every item worthless now, like BB Hair, Frisky, CC.

Beta Items. Nope. Vintage Gold has sold most of them, and they were shuffled around, scammed, and hacked when Trade n Sell was here.

FGC Items. Not really. People bought them when Trade n Sell was around to show them off and exchange them for super rare items. Well, Trade n Sell is gone now, and nobody is going to spend $200 to get them.

Levels. This is my point. This is the only thing left that had any value. But I’ll have to cross this off too, because of the Bonus Level Medal.

Now, nothing has value anymore. Fantage no longer has purpose. Notice how the things I bolded and highlighted in red above are things that Fantage created to make us happy, but instead worked in reverse and slowly destroyed their profits.


I know that Fantage was a childhood game for many of us. But now, so many of us are abandoning it, like a toy that was fun while it lasted, but has finally exhausted itself. It seems a little callous to abandon a game that made us happy for so many years, and even more so to talk crap about it.

Now, I’m not defending them for some of the things they’ve done, like the scam with Himani, or those more-than-suspicious charities. These actions, in fact, lessen my sympathy for them. All I’m saying is that they did it because they are trying to get by and make a living–NOT because they are evil people.

So what now? We could just abandon Fantage altogether; it doesn’t affect us. But I’m sure that many of you, especially the younger ones, silently wish that Fantage could somehow go back to its old self and become fun again.

Why don’t we all come up with a list of suggestions as to what Fantage should do to bring itself back up? I’ll start. (Me too ~Angela)

1. Remove Vintage Gold. This is why so many people quit in the first place, because all of their good items became worthless once they got sold there.
2. Bring back Trade n Sell. This time, lower the maximum selling value from 9,999,999 to maybe 999,999, so the value of stars won’t become deflated again. And of course, take a smarter approach to prevent scamming: put a “value” on items, and only allow items of similar “value” to be traded. Make sure that this “value” is based on OUR opinions, not on yours. Last, punish those who take advantage of your system. Don’t cut them slack just because they are family of one of your workers, like angelwish12.
3. Put more effort into the events, make them fun. Don’t just reuse an old event and pretend it’s a “Part 2.” Make challenging scavenger hunts and more interaction between players.
4. Branch out your User-Inspired Items idea. Perhaps make a store out of it, and put statues of the creator inside, just like the Hall of Fame. Release User-Inspired Item contests regularly.
5. Cut it out with those glaringly-obvious, desperate moves, like the Bonus Level Medal and Lucky Bot “special sales.” We don’t like it, and I’m guessing it’s doing you more harm than good in terms of business.
6. Make use of those free ecoin buttons. I know you get profits out of those, why aren’t they available for most of us? You could get big money from those.
7. I know that listening to us has gotten you into this mess in the first place, but that’s not completely true. I feel that we have very often incorrectly communicated what we wanted. For example, we wanted you to get rid of scamming, not to replace Trade n Sell with some “Vintage” shop. You created this game for us, so it seems pointless if you don’t even listen to our suggestions. Well here they are, even in pretty little sticky notes. I hope you’re going to read these.

me 2

1. Bring back Trade n Sell, like Princess_Moomoo said. I actually loved Trade n Sell a lot because even though you can trade rare items in there, the items still had “value” to them. Now with Vintage Gold, everything is worth basically nothing. I also loved being able to get any item I wanted by buying or trading for it. With Vintage Gold, not only is everything now completely valueless, but you only have 1 chance to get them anyway. And I do think Princess_Moomoo is right when she said the selling limit is way to high, much inflation.

2. MUCH more user interaction. I don’t just mean user-inspired items, but also things like making fanart contests a bigger deal than just a page in the Comet, items that are inspired by real life people and events (like Frozen costumes or Miley Cyrus), etc. It would be cool if everyone could not only be connected within the game, but also be connected through mass culture and trends of dominant society.

3. Stop treating users like 8 year olds, even though some of us are actually 8 years old. As much as we don’t want kids to grow up, younger generations know much more about mass society than older generations did before. What I mean by this is that 8 year olds are already engaged in things such as fashion, Instagram, Twitter, MTV, etc, when we before only thought about cooties and playing jump rope at age 8. What I am saying is that now that the younger generations aren’t as interested in things such as hopscotch and stuff, why not make events and items for THIS generation, like related to iPhones, memes, Youtube, etc. You get my jig?

That’s pretty much all I got.

Also, I saw dragon_iron at Vintage today, and I asked him “So are you high levels going to stop playing Fantage?” and he replied “No.” Although dragon_iron is just one of the several well-known Fantagians in the Hall of Fame, I’d like to think that many of them are keeping their heads and hopes up high.


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  1. Great post!

    One idea from me is make it possible for users to trade star items for coin items. Scamming would stop since you could trade items for any type of payment. after all, some of us don’t care whether it’s coined or starred, we just want an item because we personally like it…just an idea :S

    And a blue sticky note please 😀

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    • I have an idea. I think that we should be able to trade items, not sell them for unrealistic prices. If we don’t agree with a trade we can just decline it and exit out. I think fantage should offer a monthly competition that only non members can participate in, that will offers them an opportunity to receive a tremendous amount of ecoins. I also think they should offer brain teaser games that are like impossible to achieve for ecoins, that way it will actually be hard.

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  3. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Wow! What a great post. I totally agree on everything!


  4. Good Idea! Here are my suggestions:

    1. Make a “Idea Machine” where Fantagians can put their ideas for events, because it seems like you are running out of ideas for events.
    2. Add more games that are actually fun.
    3. For events, instead of giving out free items, you can make Fantageians actually work for the items. The scavenger hunts were a good idea, but they suddenly ended for some reason.
    4. Make more missions, since all the missions are way too easy and there are so few of them.

    I want a blue stickynote, please

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  5. I don’t know, maybe try to actually spend time on making hairs and clothes instead of spending one week on it. We don’t care about how long it takes, we care about the quality it has.

    idc what color sticky note, lmao.

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    • icyblue111 said:

      Ikr! They just recolor past items. But now they’ve got the Hiar Dye…good luck getting new items, fantage.


  6. Bellosnowy said:

    I agree


  7. 1. Keep vintage shop, BUT no beta items or ” rare ” items can be voted. Which leaves us only to vote for rare items ( gem items ), limited stuff, and stuff that they used to sell at vintage shop ( the original ).
    2. Bring back Trade N’ Sell. Make the most you can sell up to 999,999 stars and 555,555 eCoins. Don’t make us trade by what you guys think is worth it, but what the players think are worth it. Example: frisky even though it is only 750 IS worth bb even though their prices are way different. Have a way for people to trade starred items for ecoined items. Most of scamming gone! 20% of players will come back.
    3. NO REPEATS! The balloon event was NOT the most famous event ever! That was cruddy fantage!
    4. Giveaways! Some people on YouTube and websites out of the goodness of their heart giveaway stuff to non-members. If fantage gave away just 4 memberships a month for a month. Or 10,000 eCoins then 30% of the players you lost will come back.
    5. Let users make OUR own items. Open up a user inspired store like moo_moo said. If we have like a design studio in fantage that will get people to play who like star doll and games like that. Also give us maybe 10% of everything we sell 🙂 That way people can buy more of the stuff that other people make. And the designers should be able to pick whether our item can be for non-members or members. 10% of new players will come from designing games!
    6. No giving us cheats for eCoins! I mean lucky bot! I watch the YouTube videos and no wonder people have been broke with no eCoins! I have not seen anyone win at all! I wasted 9,000 eCoins and got stuff I already owned! Bonus level medal, really? I know your desperate,but come on!
    7. Fantage if you read this I want you to know me and my friends won’t give up on you. I promise I grew up with this game ever since my bff’s dad started to work their. I AM NOT GIVING UP ON FANTAGE!

    Oh and can I get a red one? I will post this on YouTube and send the link of this website and page to fantage 🙂

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    • vintage has to go. it’s way 2 xpensive unless make items cheap again like used to sell at real vintage. they shouldn’t sell rare, beta, fgc, or cashu items users pay lots money to get. it’s not fair, make players mad.

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  8. princessjillana said:


    Vintage gold isnt a bad place
    it just needs some improvement

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  9. Let non-members have a chance to do User-Inspired items, a lot of them have good ideas. Some of them might even be an awesome thing that everybody would like!

    If you bring Trade ‘n’ Sell back (Which, you should), let non-members also post starred items, lots of them want to.

    Liven up the events. We don’t want events that give us items then the end. We want fun! Put up some games, goals, and prizes!

    Members should be able to earn e-Coins from the Free e-Coins button. They don’t want to buy everything with stars.

    Kick some non-member items into the Limited Items cart. A lot of them want some, too!

    Lower the tickets you need for the Ticket Booth for the items. It takes a long time to get the tickets, and sometimes, you can’t even get them!

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  10. icyblue111 said:

    I agree! Selling BB hair in Vintage Gold? Not okay. Selling it for 100,000 eCoins? Not okay. Ban me if you like, Fantage, I don’t care anymore. Your new items are lame and ugly. “Awesome Lucky Bot items!” 90% of the time, we only get lame furniture items. “Buy it in advance!” 100,000 eCoins for a stupid long blonde hair? No, just no. I considered buying eCoins in the past, now I am thankful I haven’t. My so-called “rare” items are worthless now, not that they ever were. It’s stupid, you trying to pressure us into buying eCoins. Seriously, Fantage, I can go on forever. PB Hat back at Orion’s? Thanks for considering the people who spent all their money to buy the PB Hat. Thanks so much for bringing Vintage Gold. I mean, it TOTALLY did NOT decrease value and interest in Fantage. It was totally NOT a waste of effort. Putting the freaking “Limited” “Rare” “Beta” items back, for sky-high prices. I’m TOTALLY going to spend $50 on eCoins so I can buy some pixels!
    Fantage, I hope you read this. Read more of my rants about your so called “fun, childrens, safe game” laaaaaaaaaaame virtual world. When I joined it was fun. Now you’re just trying to get us to buy your freaking expensive membership and eCoins. Your new Fashion Show is super-laggy, even on my new computer. Fashion show used to be my fave game. New inventory updates – Lame. Hair dye – LAMER. Seriously, seeing a lime green Frisky and purple Summer fun isn’t cool…its a waste of time and ecoins.
    So yea bye. Fantage, you should seriously take into account some of our ideas. Not your “cool new ideas and features”

    (And only members can enter for user-inspired items???!!! Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sure nons don’t have imagination or creativity unless we pay you $5 a month)

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    • I’m not going to add this, because these are all pretty much complaints, instead of suggestions. I agree with a LOT of your complaints though ❤ But since it doesn't really offer a solution (and that's what this post is about, trying to help Fantage), I'll wait for you to elaborate 🙂

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      • icyblue111 said:

        OnO sorry.

        Though I agree with someone that their SHOULD be a chance for nons to enter for the user-inspired items…add non member limited items, AND PUT BACK TNS.
        The most obvious solution to stop scamming is to allow us to trade starred for coined items, and vice versa. Also, I think we should have a way to “reserve” something. Once I wanted to give my friend the Secretary hair, and I posted it for minimum amount, but before my friend could buy it, SOMEONE ELSE DID. :c

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    • i never play lucky bot or daily spin for money. i play my free spin. i play lucky bot 2 times. i got ugly items and never play again. do not play lucky bot. one day it’ll be in vintage gold anyway. don’t waste your money kids.

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    • fantageawesome6 said:

      I really like your reserve idea. That makes it easier for giveaways and transferring one item to another.

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  11. Susanღ said:

    -Make it easier for some nons to level up
    -Make some kind of awards show thing where you get to vote for Fave Store or NPC
    -Make events for real life things (ex. KCAs event, TCAs event, etc.)

    Pink or purple sticky note please.

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  12. Maybe we should all comment all of our ideas onto Fantage’s Official Blog so Fantage can hear what we have to say, and hopefully they can improve!

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    • I’ve already emailed this link to them. To one of the workers directly, actually, because I know his email.
      They’d probably ignore or even delete it if we did it on their site. But since they have no power over what I say on here, they might listen.
      More people would see it here anyway, I’m pretty sure not a lot of people go on Fantage’s blog to comment. The only comments I see are “I love Fantage” or “Fantage is sooooooo cool!”

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  13. Well… since Trade N Sell had caused many problems. I don’t see why they just can’t take VG and TNS away and replace them with the old stores like the Vintage Shop before. I really like their Bingo idea, everyone gets to earn some ecoins every week. But their Bonus Level stand and Lucky Bot are trying to make us spend the ecoins. I think they should just post some events that are more complex and make them last longer. Add more competitions . Listen to some players’ advice. If they’re really that desperate for profit, adding more ads that are appropriate won’t bother anyone that much. I really don’t think their new updates are really exciting, since most people are just ignoring them.

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  14. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    How did you get the picture of the Fantage staff?

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  15. xxkaycixx said:

    1. I feel like Fantage should maybe create a “money raising event” where people can donate and equivalent of like 1,000 ecoins = $2 or something. BUT THIS TIME not for some so called”charity”, be truthful about it and say “you know we aren’t getting a lot of money and we need more help” I’m sure people wouldn’t be so reluctant to donate if they know what the cause is and why they should care.
    2. With the red text, since some people on Fantage are youtubers, they should create a way to deactivate it. If I were to make say, a music video on Fantage, I don’t want people to be distracted by “oh you can’t say ____ on Fantage” and it’s pretty annoying sometimes
    3. Allow people who lost their membership to keep their items in stars and still be able to wear them. Idk about you but I lost a lot of my good items after my membership ended.
    4. When people quit Fantage they should have a ‘deactivate’ button in the settings with options.
    -qutting and coming back later
    A lot of good usernames are taken because of quitting etc.
    5. A feedback section in settings. That way instead of their other inboxes being flooded with complaints, ideas, etc.

    That’s all that I can think of now.. I’m really blanking out.. If this gets posted can you make it pink? Thanks 😀

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  16. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    Yerp. But I have to say that if you complain about them getting money, thats the end of fantage.
    Fantage NEEDS money to KEEP FANTAGE.

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    Moomoo is genius. I, personally, have been playing Fantage since I was a little kid (it’s been 4 years!) and I loved all the challenges it’s presented. It’s time to make Fantage a great place again.

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  19. I remember the day I joined fantage. 12/12/08. There weren’t many things in the catalog, maybe 20 tops and 17 pairs of pants and 12 outfits and 15 costumes. The events were fun too. The wizard event was my favorite. There were different homes. I had all of them until Fantage changed the home system and deleted them. At the time fantage was kind of new so they could come up with a lot of ideas. It was a small community and everyone was happy. The devs were nice and weren’t money hungry. It’s like the game was made for fun and not for the money. Non members were happy and had almost as much privelages as members. I was happy and played it almost every day. There wasn’t an ID FONE shop or a vintage gold or a school or pets. Nobody was really mean. Pinkstardust didn’t have an account back then so everyone was happy. Then ecoins happened. Everyone was happier than before, especially nons. The only downside was that they didn’t have free ecoin buttons. Then, fantage started to advertise their website on other popular websites. More and more people joined. Then, they started remove clothes and hair and replaced almost all the non member items with member stuff. Then, in the middle of 2010, the downfall started. Fantage changed. Less non member privelages, everything was for members. Events were full of member clothes and prizes, rarely anything for nons. To be honest, if I joined during that huge change fantage did, I would’ve quit a week later. Nothing was the same. Old users/beta testers started quitting but fantage didn’t care. The last straw for me was ads. There were ads everywhere and they happened after every game you played. It was so annoying so i just gave up and quitted. I wanted to hold onto my childhood memories but I should just move on. Fantage was a fun game, now it’s dead to me.

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  20. moonshinezodiac said:

    At first I thought that Vintage Gold would be the old Vintage. Apparently not…

    TNS was great till scammers came…

    These events are so lame that my 7 year old brother could do better…

    I hope Fantage changes its way to become the fun game I used to play. I won’t give up on you Fantage!

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  21. ~Either think of actual fun events or have a place where players can suggest some options, because it’s obviously they’re running out of ideas :/
    ~Seriously, get rid of the lucky bot thing or make it actually possible for players to get the actual cool stuff in it
    ~Add at least one non-member item you can buy from the limited items sale in events, they want some items to buy too!
    ~Please get rid of the bonus level thing, it’s really annoying how now people can just buy their levels instead of working for it like the rest of us in the old days……
    ~You know how there’s a monthly premium member gift thing? Maybe do something like that for non-members, just to add a little zing
    ~Spend more time thinking of hair and clothes ideas for us, or again let us suggest some ideas
    ~I think this is long over-due, add a new house a non-member can buy with stars
    ~Also long over-due, at least let non-members walk the pets they can have with stars, Jumbo and Mumbo, and cut out the part “They’re too shy to go outside” Ridiculous
    ~In my opinion, it’s always interesting when they add a new area to the map, so maybe do that? Or a new game at least

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    • For a new place how about a hotel? The resort has one,but it is just a lobby. People can hang in the lobby and rent rooms out. It should be for all people not just for members. Members can get a deluxe room I guess and non-members cold buy it for a small amount of ecoins. All users can invite people over. Non members should get a new pet family that they can own for 300 eCoins a pet. The whole family would only cost 1,500 ecoins! Then non-members can get pets to walk around with.

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  22. Theresa7897 said:

    1. Make items not so much ecoins so nons would be happy
    2.make the events less boring
    3.expand fantage like more places to go and shops and games etc
    4 less things for membership make it fair and square
    5 actually maybe just get rid of membership and just keep the ecoins
    6 make oririganal games stop copying the apps on any device like flappy bird we had enough of the flappy bird
    7 make event times when its fair for everyone around the world
    any color will be fine.

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    I’m sorry monkeys but this is the best post about fantage I have ever read in my life. Re blog to raise awareness and maybe just maybe, the game we all used to love, might come back to us… Fingers crossed…

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  24. ~ ♡ ✿ ☯ ⓚⓐⓣ ☯ ✿ ♡ ~ said:

    1. Make a complaint box. Fantagians can submit our complaints and Fantage staff could work on it, improve it, and make it better.
    2. Non members should have a chance to create and enter user-inspired contests for our own items.
    3. Delete all the special offers, remove the ‘premium special bonus discounts’
    4. Add special bonuses like a buy one get another different one of your choice free (for clothes, hair, etc)
    5. Make creative NEW events. We’ve seen the cupcake chaos 2, which is the same event just added the “2”. We’ve seen the balloon maze event. Make new and more cooperative events!
    6. We all like free stuff, so just make a monthly free _______(anything) for BOTH nons and members, not just members who pay for a free gift.
    7. Maybe add an awards show! You know like the Grammys, or oscars? Just like that but maybe, a most leveled user, best user, most creative user, a dedicated user (who tries to help people throughout Fantage community), and even maybe a best Fantagian blogger (where the whole WordPress, blogspot, weebly, etc fantage community gets together and all of us are nominated on a poll to compete for votes) This would work, like, Fantage puts up a poll so Fantagians can vote on whoever they want to vote! Make it fun, make it interesting, we want surprises! And this means no ‘needing to pay 10 stars/ecoins to vote’ There would be lots of categories, and the winner for each category gets a BIG prize. Not an item, no, i mean like a medal like 100 levels, just for nons and memberss who are struggling to level. Fantage awards would be held once a year around the end of the year . All non members and members should participate, not just members

    I’d like a purple sticky note (hey its a rainbow isnt it?) just a suggestion, put the colored sticky notes in order, its more organized and it would maybe have a little illusion when you scroll down and see all the colors 🙂

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    • fantageawesome6 said:

      I like the compliant box and e idea for an awards show, but for the dedicated user they should be able to do giveaways. On my YouTube channel I did giveaways when tns was around.

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  26. MusicFan said:

    I completely agree with the things you stated in this post. I remember that the events on Fantage used to be ALOT more fun. Although I do think they’ve improved somewhat with adding more rights and better clothes, etc, they have been adding so many more additions that: a)seem to pop up out of nowhere, b)seem like rushed attempts to keep people playing, c) seem very unorganized. I remember when Fantage used to actually TAKE TIME with their events, sometimes even announcing it a WEEK ahead (which is certainly better than these random things that pop up in the middle of the night). I believe that in order for Fantage to restore itself back to the fun game it once was, they need to STOP adding these unorganized and rushed attempts. Personally, I believe Fantage has spread itself too thin by adding so many areas. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a new “friendship bracelet” or “”moodie” in a while. And does anyone even remember Creature Arena? Or how about that card game at the Oasis? My point is, by adding so many useless additions, Fantage is forgetting about these once “major” additions they added. I don’t see these being updated, and it seems like the only thing Fantage is trying to do lately isn’t to entertain us, but to make feeble attempts at KEEPING us. Another thing is that I had once stumbled upon the old Fantage blog. I was shocked at how much of a community it seemed like, and how close the admins were to Fantagians. It almost was like actually PEOPLE ran Fantage, not a machine programmed to add events every week. I understand that as something gets larger, it’s harder to maintain that friendly “community”, but that gives Fantage no excuse for retreating themselves behind a wall of virtual figures. At least TRY to be friendly, do stuff like user inspired items, as you said. Just little things that can bring the community together. If we no longer value stars or ecoins on Fantage, let us at least value our friends on Fantage.

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  27. Moo_moo can I send you a picture of what I think fantage should look like after I improve it?

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  28. 1. Forget Vintage AND T&S. Try an altogether new store. Make it so that users can submit item ideas and art. Also allow users to Trade and Sell their items. Instead of just posting left and right, get rid of the posting fee and taxes. Get a swanky new location like the lighthouse, or the forest to put it too! It would create more space and separate the crazy traders from innocent pedestrians.

    2. Make the maximum price 200,000. (So that its fair to non-members. I mean, how many nons have just millions of stars lying around?) and mimimum price 500 or so.

    3. Allow star-coin trades.

    4. Get CREATIVE. Have guest stars to sponsor events and have contests that are easier to do. Can’t get real celebrities? Try branching out to lower level celebs like FANTAGE BLOGGERS and YOUTUBERS!! Not EVERYONE can create a good movie, whether its lack of money, age, or just technology powers. Something like an Ultimate Fashion Show where style really counts!

    5. To prevent scamming, make users create a PASSWORD just for trading and selling items. May not fix the entire scamming problem, but it does make it harder for hackers to use the shop’s advantages for evil.

    6. Add more education to your aspect. I’m thinking a weather world in the Lighthouse! Or a Culture Event(S). Instead of humiliating and ripping off holidays and traditions (ahem, Pet Zodiac) gather certain aspects of international and worldwide events to make some new ideas! Maybe a yearly event based off Mardi Gras? A Dragon Boat Festival? Anti-Bullying events?

    7. Try hiring a real fashion consultant for items. Take your time and create specific dates for releases of new fashions. I’m thinking of twice a month?

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  29. I guess lots of people quit because they spent so much money on the game and then fantage is ripping them off a few years later. I mean, I guess I like to feel kind of like I have better stuff then other people on fantage, with all the member items and such. But I really want them to have, like many other people have said, some user inspired items each month. It would make a lot of players come back if they made it for non members to enter too. People would be much happier buying the items if they look good and were around 1800 ecoins (with the cosmic bingo and everything). More people would be motivated to play fantage. (I’m guessing) 1,000,000 brains are better than 20 right? I really loved fantage as a childhood game and I won’t be giving up on it, even with all the bad stuff they have done, because it must be devastating for the creators of fantage, to have players abandoning the game that they’ve spent years making and developing.

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  30. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS! I totally agree with all of Moomoo’s ideas. If they don’t make changes soon, there is just no point of Fantage anymore.

    My idea is inspired by my friend Tams’. All credits goes to her. Her suggestion for Fantage is to take advantage of the island and turn it into a marriage place. All girls dream of wedding dresses, bridesmaids, etc. The bride and the groom could pick out special clothing and bridesmaids outfits, write vows, wear rings, etc. And have a place for honeymoon. They could also have a place for dissolve or divorce marriage, they would make good money. Another idea she had in mind is bring back the traders, and put a commission on sale! That way everyone will be happy. Also Fantage shouldn’t compromise the values of some of the items some people have.

    – Tams and Zhang80

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  31. My Ideas!
    ~Lucky Bob (trading co.) to let us to sell ecoin items and maybey I dont know
    LET US TRADE! Its in the name. . .
    ~Captin Cody Returns! (come on admit it, it was always fun to get the free prizes)
    ~A better way to report and attack people saying stuff they shouldnt on fantage. . .
    How offen do you see someone getting reported and anything happing about it.
    . . . Thats What I Thought.
    and thats really all i have. . .please let me know what you think!

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  32. 🐍Stacey🐍 said:

    wow. i hadn’t thought of it that way. I feel so selfish.

    okay, my suggestion for fantage is…um. (I think some one already said this, but…)
    • give nonmembers another house to buy with stars—or, maybe do user-inspired architecture, sorta like the art that people submit. that’d be fun.
    • I’d suggest getting rid of the ‘repeats.’ you know, because some member items just get new colors and BAM they’re nonmem. maybe try and imitate some fans’ edits?

    if you put it up, green please!

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  33. jessica82390 said:

    1. More original and creative items. “DYE YOUR HAIR!” No fantage, it is called recoloring.
    2. FAN CREATED ITEMS. (anime stuff. think about it.) They have more creativity than you fantage. Let them design their magic.
    3. Secret areas were actually exciting in my opinion. More hidden stuff (prizes I guess?) available that isn’t limited like the secret areas.
    4. Better events. Maybe if there wasn’t an event every week there would be more interesting events.
    5. The themes of clothing and events. GETZ ON WIT LIFEZ. No one really cares about the balloon stuff like in the post. Potatoes and penguins are more interesting.
    6. Better music that actually sounds good. I got so tired of the event music it got annoying and I turned off the sound. This is just in my opinion but I have heard background music that I could listen to for three hours.
    7. The nonmember boards suck. They look like bookmarks or nail filers. Just something that takes enough time to make a decent looking board that doesn’t look like a piece of cardboard.
    8. Maybe crossovers with shows or popular things?
    9. I get tired of accidentally clicking someone and a giant thing covers your screen with a person and their personal info. Why not a mini list like :
    * See IDFone
    * Add as buddy/friend (buddy sounds weird just like “HAI BUDDY.”)
    * Chat with (after being friends)
    * Play game (mini multiplayer games that takes 2-5 rounds. 20 stars for winner 10 for loser.)

    My personal rant with opinions. Meh.

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  34. nadiasrubberbands said:

    I love how you created this post. It is so inspiring. I love it.

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  35. 1. The most voted items will be free for everyone { even nons} for that week.
    When people find out, they will go on fantage regularly.
    2.Lucky Bot.Lower the price to 20-30 ecoins or so.Let people “choose” the items.
    3.Destroy membership.Everyone has the same rights.
    4.Get a shop to pay only 10-15 stars and post some clothes you like on google search or something and the clothes will transform into fantagin clothes that you can keep for 10 days.
    I’m a non and I’m kinda disappointed in fantage,it used to be so fun.Now only members can get COOL things

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    • I’m not trying to be offensive at all, but I think many of those would make Fantage go bankrupt because it would produce no profits, no matter how “fair” it is for non members.

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    • icyblue111 said:

      Hmm, I think #4 sounds a bit unreasonable, and there is no way they will remove the membership. Its pretty much their only source of income

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    • good post and nice suggestions if was government fund and not private company. I not trying be negative, but if Fantage do any your suggestions, they be out of business yesterday. they have bills to pay for the servers, electricity, employees, art designers, creative team, rent, telephone, and more so they need a lot of money just to stay open for business. they need charge for membership, for ads and everything they can so they can pay their bills and also make profit. I just say they need attract more customers, bring in more business so they need advertise more. i know advertising expensive but my daddy say it takes money to make money. they need make a lot money, i just don’r want overcharge so much for everything. but they cant be free, they have make money for to stay in business.

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    • I have to disagree-sorry.

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  36. ~

    They can REDUCE the cost of the rare items. I know they are rare, but seriously? 50,000 ecoins/100,000 stars for the Basketball Hair is just too much. :/

    ~Release new games in the arcade (carnival) every once in a while. It gets kinda boring just playing the same games over and over again…

    ~ BRING BACK TRADE N SELL. I USED to like Fantage and one of the many reasons was for Trade N Sell. But now Fantage has replaced Trade N Sell with Vintage Gold. In my own opinion I think Vintage Gold is ridiculous. I mean like dude all the items are so expensive! And now that they’re bringing back all the rare items, all the rare items I have now are not even rare anymore.

    ~ Inside the lighthouse is pretty useless. I know there’s a secret place outside the lighthouse, but it’s just a useless empty room inside. Perhaps tey could turn the lighthouse into something cool, or put some cool things inside the lighthouse?

    ~ The events are lame (no offense). For example, the cosmic crest. They say if you wave near someone with the same color crest as you , there will be a special effect. Well I did just that, and there wasn’t really much of a “special effect”, it was just circles around the moodie.

    And there are many other more stuff that Fantage could improve on, but these are just some of the ideas I can think of now… :/


  37. fairycari said:

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    The truest thing ever

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  38. fairycari said:

    keep both vintage gold and trade n sell
    lower prices in vintage
    able to actually sit on a couch and not stand in front of them
    lower prices for membership and ecoins? (prob never gonna happen)
    make a WHOLE SHOP of user inspired items
    non members can get more items
    more events that actually make sense
    maybe put the user inspired item shop instead of vintage?
    have regular sales like the real world (eg. 50% off?)
    make a game to make clothing and the fantage staff moderate it and if they think it is good, they give you ecoins?
    find a way to track your friends instead of needing to IM them because if they are in a fashion show, and cant answer you, you may start to think they are rude

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  39. -------------> fill in my name said:

    1. Get at least a fun new game
    2. Get at least one swim suit for nons at the shop. And make the spa pool for everyone
    3. Have a box of the ideas that fantagians want for events, clothes, and like moomoo said have a shop of user inspired items, and let nons make some items
    4. Have a contest that people can get a few days of membership and get some ecoins
    5. Get lucky bot spins to at least 10 ecoins
    6. Level locked items to both mems and nons
    7. Don’t let fantagians have “wuns”
    8. Make skins, wallpapers, accessories, sticker pages for IDfone for nons. At least 1-8
    9. Not really related to this but, make fantage available on mobile please!

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    This is a really good idea! Try it!

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  41. I really think Fantage should let us have more buddies…

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  42. ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

    The ‘They are struggling to maintain business, to earn money and feed their families’
    I’ve been trying to tell everyone this ._.

    Like this:


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    • Amen, but you don’t have to be so forceful haha. You can just be reasonable 🙂

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      • ッ~ℳℯℴwiッ said:

        ^_^ It’s just me… LOL

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      • i agree 100% every business needs money, profits to survive but how much is reasonable? i suppose as much profit as possible in a capitalistic society so i agree they need profit.
        but, the rest is we don’t know for fact, they struggling at all or struggling to feed their families.
        we don’t know for fact they’re not greedy either.
        it’s possible they’re not greedy and it’s possible they are greedy. it’s possible they’re struggling or maybe not, it’s posible maybe just want max profit. it’s unknown their reasons, we can’t be sure. the problem is fantage do tactics lately make them appear greedy is all. that’s just as bad too coz many peops think they’re greedy for this reason, even if it’s false.
        they need stop appearance greed, do business like they use to with more normal prices.
        who can buy vg items? they cost so many stars and coinz, everything does..

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    • i agree 100%.
      every business needs money to survive. but there are smart ways to make money and not so smart ways. i honestly believe overcharging is not a smart way but.

      T1. smart marketing, advertisement, xposure, incentives, gifts always work. but must be done in smart way.
      2.we also need more fun games, fun activities, fun items to keep us coming back every day.
      3. fanatge has to keep and put more ads on site and continue paid membership, that’s their main revenue which brings them profits. if they stop those then we might as well pray for fantage to close today. they need paying customers or revenue somehow to pay their employees, themselves and stay open.
      4. but i truly believe overcharging customers they have is not smart profit strategy. let me xplain reason: it’s more profitable if sell 1000000 pencils for 1 cent than sell 100 pencils for 1000 cents.
      they need attract more business. it can be done if they market and advertise a little more. i never see fantage ads anywhere. there are many cheap advertising venues on google, yahoo and all over internet, kid magazines, schools, and other ways all over world.

      any color sticky is good.


  43. One idea is for Fantage to sell things at regular prices, like how it was in 2012. They should also have a search for every Fantagin in every server, online or offline, so that we can find people. They should also just bring back the regular Vintage shop. That would make us happier. The should change the Lucky Bot price from 900 eCoins to 900 Stars.

    They should bring back the events from 2012. That was when I first registered my first account. (I have two accounts).

    Any colour sticky note is fine by me 🙂

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  44. basically stop trying so hard

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  45. lol Fantage should hire a couple fellow Fantagians

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  46. I havent read through all these wonderful ideas yet, but heres mine 🙂

    I think Fantage should make a minimall in downtown. Open up Vintage CLASSICS, Trade n Sell with a new ‘trade star items for ecoin items’ thing, and open up a recolor and pixeling salon. In there, they can add a new NPC and have her run the shop. And what you do in the shop is recolor your hair that will last for as long as you want, or until you want to recolor it again. And the pixeling part, you can pixel new clothes, new hair, new anything-it will be just like user inspired items, but it will have more to offer, as players can pixel right on fantage, and non members can do it too! I’ve seen A LOT of (nonmember)artists on deviantart who’s fantage fanart is a LOT better than the non member stuff they give us. (This idea is kinda adapted from other people’s ideas, but I’ve had the mall idea for some time now)

    They should also make their animations smoother- I’m not too advanced as an animator but I can say my revamp of Fantage’s blinking/winking is a lot smoother than the actual one. Also allow non members to participate in a lot of things, not just members. This will boost the number of players.

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  47. Bravo, bravo! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.
    i have say that is best post i read in long time anywhere. very well thought out, well detailed and excellent writing. every point you make is 100% true. I agree with everything you say. Fantage should do all you suggest. they were great at one time, lots fun so can be great again. but if continues like this, you’re right, Fantage end is inevitable. I will be very sad if no more Fantage. I love Fantage even if I complain too and unhappy they get so greedy lately, so I hope they follow what you say. Thank you for this post moomoo. I still love Fantage too and fantageville.

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    • nadiasrubberbands said:

      I totally agree. In fact I was inspired I did a post like this on Fantage chocolate magic. I gave her credit though for the idea

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  48. I’m surprised you had the will to conjure all of this up, but I’m glad you did because someone needed to say something sooner or later to Fantage! Fantage really needs to get back up on its feet, and it’s about time we did something about it. I believe because of the vast number of blog members you have contributing, they might actually listen this time…And better yet, actually DO something about it. Dear Fantage:

    1| Clean up. You guys really need to get rid of a few unnecessary features such as the Lucky Bot and its “Double SS Weekend” specials and the Bonus Level thing. Get real, it’s not exactly attracting the customers. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m just complaining, if I take it in your perspective, I can tell you guys really do need the money and maintain business like Princess_MooMoo wrote. However, you guys are more like “Oh c’mon guys, we need to keep this business alive. Let’s add a bunch of new pointless things like eCoin-bought levels and 100,000 eCoin Lucky Bot items that no one bought because a.) they are way too pricey, and b.) they are ugly.” Which brings me to my next point.

    2| Do it for the people. Don’t just add in all these things for the money, please keep in mind that the users have to enjoy it as well. Do you really think the Fantagians who have been playing and earning their well-deserved levels for years will jump for joy for the sudden Bonus Level feature? Step into our shoes and at least try to consider what will attract our tastes and our wallets at the same time 😀

    3| Add in new and improved things! Fantage is really getting boring, and if you ask anyone they can tell you why. The events are unexciting and are simply repeats of past events that no one really enjoyed. You haven’t added any new missions, areas, or games in a LONG time. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add in a few other homes for Non-Members?

    4| Either take Vintage Gold out, or bring back Trading and Selling. I personally think that we should just start with a clean slate and take out Vintage Gold permanently and let users rebuild on themselves…but I know how much users loved Trade n’ Sell, so why not. Trade n’ Sell was the main reason 50% of your Fantagians logged on each and every day.

    5| Make better items. Seriously, your digital artists need a little more work. All I’ve been seeing are gigantic, shiny, moving items. (i.e. the 100,000 eCoined moose antlers and wings) User-Inspired items are actually really great, and like many suggested, opening a new User-Item Store would be a really great way to get back on track.

    6| I’ve been thinking about this for years now, and I don’t know if it would be the best idea because lots of things could result from this…but maybe adding clubs or guilds or something like that? People could form clubs that can gather in clubrooms or even people’s homes to chat and talk about things. For example, me, Sasha, and Udon would start an Anime/Manga club where we could talk with people who share the same interests with us, which would be really cool 🙂 I dunno, just a thought, not anything major.

    In conclusion, Fantage, you guys need to shape up. With the help of this blog and its believers, you guys can be back at the top in no time 😀 Thank you for your time.

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  49. my list
    1. i wish they make better games, that more fun to play so we want play.
    2. they need close vintage, too expensive. nobody can buy items anyway.
    3. they need bring back trade n sell and eliminate scamming ability so can trade as many items as want in 1 trade.
    4. get rid bonus level medal or make price cheaper, i can’t buy more than 20 levels coz so too xpensive.
    5. they need stop being so xpensive and have reasonable price for carts and items like use too. more players were always on back then.
    6. nice if promote more events at zack’s movie academy, where there are acting and movie classes games and events would be fun too.
    7. Fantage can be saved and be more glorious than before with littlel help with events, games and less xpensive items.

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  50. only point i disagree with ur post is peops in picture are employees, so they prolly struggling and not rich like you say. greedy peops are prolly owners who not in that pic. they seem greedy in their moves. I agree they have to run business but they don’t need greedy and try get max $ from the players that are loyal to fantage and stay on fantage. we’ll just leave to if continue.
    greedy acts like too xpensive shopping carts, 2 xpensive vintage items, 2 xpensive lucky bot, 2 xpensive megaphone, and expensive level up medal.
    We want fantage back, they need follow your suggestions and many on this blog.
    ONE QUESTION: what is himani scam? what is that?

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    • I slightly disagree with you because I think you are deducting conclusions from nothing. I really don’t think the owners are that rich if Fantage is at such a low stage in its life right now. Not everything they act for is greedy, but I get where you are going with this.

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      • we don’t know certain that owners not rich or how low level fantage is right now, so we both making deductions from nothing. fyi, i didn’t conclude for certain they greedy, i say possibility is that if somebody is greedy it would be owners who prolly might not be in that blog pic which said was employee halloween party, so owners may not be in it. the employees are wearing costumes, but even if they were dressed in jeans, we can’t tell us if somebody is rich or greedy or not from their clothes or one pic. peops actions are what can make them seem greedy or not. i posted my opinion, (not conclusion) that they could be greedy from actions on fantage. i saw litd carts have much less items than before for 10 X more emoney. also vintage items10 X more expensive than before. Each item sell for 50000 stars and 25000 coinz? it may not be but that LOOK greedy. especially if they’re struggling that’s bad strategy to LOOK greedy. that runs off users and hurt business. i agree 100% they need make money but in smarter way.
        fantage need
        1. to do smart marketing, smart advertisement, smart exposure to players,even more blogs all to attract more members.
        charging too much for items make it look greedy (even if not greedy) which won’t attract more players, and make them lose some. i give them benefit the doubt but 50000 stars, 30000 coinz for one hair at vg? where we suppose to get so many stars and ecoinz? i ask my mommy give me 44000 coinz for bonus level and vintage hair and she say she already pay member, no more allowance for me.
        2. they need get rid expensive glitchy lucky bot, megaphone, new level up bonus medal. it’s bad for business. they can tweak by lowering prices to improve but how things are now i believe bad for business. that’s reason i deduce opinion not conclusion of possible greed.
        fantage continue have less servers so their strategy not working like moomoo writes.
        I’m not enemy but it’s true as items continue be lots more xpensive than before, users going get false or right impression fantage is greedy and believe that. it don’t matter if our impression wrong, but players on fantage will get that impression like many do already. many think more xpensive items, closing trade n sell, lucky bot glitches means fantage greedy, and don’t like their users.
        that’s bad impression for fantage and bad for players like us who want fantage to be around for us now and forever.
        3. fantage need deal with that impression, especially if false. so changes moomoo and others made will help stop that impression.
        4. fantage needs create more fun activities, places, games and items.
        i agree 100% fantage needs to make money to stay open because everybody posting on this blog wants fantage to have success and continue, but we want them do it right way so fantage will always be around even when we’re 20 or 30 years old, even older.
        there are better ways make money without overcharging players they have left.
        they could attract players through advertisement then raise prices a little at a time but not so quick.
        5. Fantage needs promote its business in a smart way, smart advertising, must keep memberships or raise slightly,make items, games more fun, bring trade n sell back in a safer way, eliminate double trading, allow multiple items any kind for 1 trade. i can’t afford bonus level medal so they should get rid of it, it’s not fair to peops like me with very little coinz.
        Sorry for this very long post but i hope it helps my comment be more clear.

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      • I’m trying to be nice, but obviously you can’t walk in other people’s shoes…but ok. Sure. I guess I will just passively agree with you.


  51. I totally think we should have more user interaction. The best things for me are ‘Family tryouts’ and ‘movie tryouts’. I agree that fantage is more boring now. It’s like is used to be a rainbow, whenever I thought about it it felt happy and colourful. Now, it just feels grey. There’s nothing to it. I stick with it, well, because, I just don’t know. I feel like I have to. There’s no interesting stuff. Like, I just go on everyday for five minutes to spin that wheel and get a silly prize. No more fun, unless I’m with friends. I think they should just allow dating or something like that. How bad cat it get? (The cyber-safety lectures have no effect on me) Fantage used to be fun. It’s not like that any more.


  52. Starburst said:

    Um, this is an excellent idea, but how are Fantage going to know about this? We could just be doing this for no reason, and Fantage wouldn’t even know about it.

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  53. Okay, this idea might be a little too much to ask for and it might take a lot of time, but I really thing Fantage should consider this, because I think A LOT of us would want this.
    Make Fantage realistic. I know it’s supposed to be a virtual child game, but I think we should make it kind of like real life. Everyone should start out with a basic home with a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and at least one room. Then, you can buy more homes for reasonable prices, that have more rooms, better designing, and make each one better looking the more valuable. Also we should have better furniture! Make at least ONE furniture item for non members, I mean come on, we barely have any furniture!

    Green Sticky Note 🙂

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  54. TheFantageHipster said:

    Hi I just wanted to share with you some links I found interesting; http://kawaii-kaguyahime.deviantart.com/journal/Nice-to-know-Fantage-does-NOT-care-441884012 , and article in which the person states that Fantage does not care about their old fans, and http://cphan3sfantageguide.wordpress.com/about-fantage/ , information about the history of Fantage, and what I found most intresting of all in that article was that there was a section about the Fantage workplace! It explained what goes on at Fantage HQ and such I really think you should give it a read, if not just give it a chance and skim through it (:

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  55. Hey, cool idea! I want a red sticky note, please.

    My ideas:

    For each of the shops, let nonmembers get 2 pieces of clothing, same with the mems. But make them pretty!

    Make more hidden places!!!!

    You havent made any missions lately, Fantage…….

    You should let nonmembers get cool houses, too.

    And last but not least, my final idea is that you should keep on making new places.

    GO FANTAGE!!!!!


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    Princess Moo_Moo has a great understanding of what is happening to Fantage.

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  58. 1.)I know someone mentioned the idea, but let nons have fun too. Most of the people that play Fantage are nons, so give more options for them, but not too much where people would stop buying membership.

    2.)Don’t make it too obvious that you need more profits to keep Fantage runnigng. For example: ”Don’t want ads? Become a Premium Member today!’. Like NO, it’s just stupid.

    3.)When you join Fantage, don’t give the ‘newbies’ too many free items/currency. It makes them think Fantage is really awesome giving out free items, but they could be disappointed soon when they find out you can barely do anything with out membership. Getting eCoins was pretty cool, but an outfit, costume, stars, furniture and eCoins are a BIT too much.

    4.)Bring back Trade n’ Sell too. Most servers would be FILLED with Fantagians trying to get in Trade n’ Sell! Sometimes, I could barely get on Fantage because the servers were full.

    By the way, love this idea! I would want this is a green sticky note, please! Thank you!

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    • 5.) Like someone said earlier, make a shop with clothes that Fantagians made by the avatar that made it. Also, make it available to by and let the creator of the outfits decide how much each item would cost.

      6.) Put more items for nons in the Limited Cart. There was one year where 2013 Glasses were for nons, but all of a sudden, they changed it and it was for members. Like, really Fantage?

      7.) There should be a place where you can share your opinion to Fantage and other Fantagians. Like a little area on Fantage where you can send in concerns, etc.

      8.) Lower the prices of items! Things are WAY too overpriced these days. Like the Megaphone for 200 eCoins? No thank you.

      9.) Have an avatar of the day! Maybe award the A.O.T.D with an A.O.T.D item or ‘advantages’ like being a member for a day or something.

      10.) Have more quests. Quests were an easy way to earn stars. Maybe work with a company so that you can make a profit whenever we finish a quest or something, but not things like ads popping up ever (hint hint)

      11.) Make events more fun. There used to be LOTS of games that would win you prizes. Most Fantagians play or do things to earn the rewards.

      12.) Make ‘prettier’ items. Most items look like you made them in an hour. The non items are terrible. What am I saying? You barely give nons things these days. Remember in the olden days where you would give nons stuff like Bunny Nose, Santa Hat(s), Clover Items, many Boards? Now you only release one non item out of 4 premium items.

      13.) Let us have an opinion. You could do a poll where we could choose what event we would like and the games or prizes along with it or let us write to you about what we would want.

      14.) There should be more ways to earn Gems and more pretty items like Flower Drop hair for nons. I finished getting all the rare items in less than 1-3 weeks and so I haven’t been doing any Gems combos lately.

      15.) Do giveaways like being a Premium Member for a day or 5,000 eCoins but not too often where you won’t be making profits. Maybe, do it once a month or so.

      16,) Do something like non member item of the month. Give nons stuff and don’t leave them out. The Premium Item of the month is not ‘wowing’ us…

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  59. 1) I think you should keep Vintage Gold since you make money because of it.
    2) Make a shop where people can sell their items, you make money that way too.
    3) Just like everyone else I think the events should be more interactive and fun

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  60. is fantage going to shut down this year?

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  61. 1. Bring back Trade N Sell, and shut down Vintage Gold. Candidly, Fantage has become extremely monotonous since Trade N Sell was down. Although, this time, lower the value of stars as well as eCoins. Allow users to sell their items for maximally 999,999 stars and around 555,555 eCoins. Also, allow people to trade items with different currencies (stars and eCoins), which will absolutely eliminate the scamming issue.
    2. Remove the Lucky Bot thingy. It is honestly a complete rip-off! A lot of people spent THOUSANDS of eCoins on it, and unfortunately, all they got was lame, crappy furnitures. Either Fantage has to boost the opportunity for us to get better prizes, or completely abolish it.
    3. Remove the Bonus Level thingy. A lot of users were trying and struggling to level up. I do comprehend that Fantage staff are suffering recently and have ran out of ideas, but such moves won’t really work out well at all.
    4. Fix the gems issue. It is really exasperating how each time we play a game and reach the same score, we get a different gem. Allow us, users, to get the same gem once we reach a specific score each time, not a random one. Also, lower the prizes of gems to the old ones. Doubling the prizes is of no use, since less people will be able to afford buying them.
    5. Open up a store which allows users to use their own creativity by designing their own clothing items and selling them! Although, do not make people capable to sell them for very expensive prices, like how users were doing back then when Trade N Sell was existing.
    6. Update the Daily Spin more often by adding up new prizes each week! Although, do not just simply make recolours of old items and add them over there, since we already have a new, efficient “Dye Your Hair!” option in our inventories.
    7. Since Fantage allows us to buy eCoin packages, why can’t we buy star packages as well? This will absolutely motivate users to buy more, since most of us are too lethargic to earn them. In addition, it will definitely boost Fantage’s profits!
    8. Make it easier for us to earn stars. Since prizes have been going up, it has been entirely difficult to earn stars and afford buying those items which we demand. All games, or probably most, allow us to get only around 100 stars each time we play them. Hence, why don’t you increase the amount of stars earned each time we play a game? This will allow us to buy the items we would like to and gratify having them!
    9. Make the events more consolatory by adding up better games, such as scavenger hunts. Also, do not repeat the same idea in each event. Each time you host up an event, make it different.
    10. Host up different contests regularly, besides the writing contest, fan art, etc., with unique prizes such as items. However, those items should not be sold to the Fantage community in public, so that the prizes could have more rarity or value.
    11. Lastly, add in your FAQs section on your website an option where we could send all of our suggestions to Fantage.

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  62. 1. As a nonmember, and a person who loves to make fantage edits and hairs, there really SHOULD be more user inspired items.
    What they should do is open a shop in oasis, and they should have a cute little mailbox where users can upload their designs and idea and other users can vote on it.
    2. A lot of fantage users roleplay, and they’ve noted that and made those emoticons that say “family tryouts my plc”. They could maybe add a little closet at fantage school filled with cute uniforms and teacher’s outfits that fantagians could put on and roleplay with. That would be super kawaii and fun.
    3. I actually have trouble finding if i want to buy the house or not. Before fantagians buy the house, maybe we could preview it first by clicking a button, which transports us to a demo version of the house.
    4.Some fantagians prefer the ‘summer version’ (no snow in the background, the beach and stuff is summer-ish) than winter when its winter. so why not have an option where fantagians could pick the season of fantage? or an option for day and night?
    5. Adventures are fun. Why not add a few more? Even better, have adventure points! Didn’t get the item you wanted? Why not let fantagians collect points within the adventure, which they can redeem for the prizes that they actually want?
    6. Remove card quest. Seriously? Only Pinkstardust would be playing that game for the levels.
    7.The Island is sort of boring by now. Why not add more features to the spa? How about being able to get temporary hairstyles there ? Or how about changing the color of your eyes? The spa is sort of weird, because Sunblock is sort of the same. The Resort is pretty pointless. Nobody goes in there. How about add a second floor hotel ?
    8. Carnival. Its pretty boring. How about adding a food stand? Featuring cotton candy, fried dough, and other carnival cuisine. Fantagians can pick up food, and they can hold it for a temporary time. (until they leave the carnival)
    9. VIP area at The Palm dance club. Sort of unfair, but you’d expect it to be there wouldn’t you?
    10. Lucky bot item catalog. Shows you all items that you can possibly get! (Shows checks on which you have gotten)
    11. Limited items? Why don’t you put a certain amount of items? They are supposed to be limited, so why not sell only a number of them. (This should be the same with Vintage Gold)
    12.More areas in the creature arena. Seriously, ive always wondered what was on the other side!
    13. Fantage mailbox. The memo serves the same purpose, but i seem to always forget my memo.. So why not have an option on the idfone for you to write a letter? (Moderated first before sent) And with a little notification (like the one from before when your listings were sold) when you got letters!
    14.Nons submit Hot OR NOT things. Its not really fair for them to only allow members to be judged on their “pixelated beauty”. If you throw in nons, they won’t know if the “pretty fantagian” is a non or member!
    15. Built in camera at Zack’s theater. Personally, i don’t need this. But others may do! Don’t have a camera? Fantage will have one for you!
    16. Age servers. Talk to people in your age group!
    17. Fantage should really get a deviantart. Seriously, the art side of fantage would really appreciate it.
    18. User inspired events. Nothing said. Self explanatory.
    19.Nonmember hall of fame. Nothing said. Self explanatory.
    20. Model of the week/month! Fantagian who is voted most “fashionable” is displayed in hall of fame.
    21. Somebody probably said this, but maybe a marriage option? c; They have one in Transformice so why not? (Marriage fee too! want to get virtual married stupidly? Pay up children.)

    22. Last but not least, bring back Trade N Sell! But… keep Vintage Gold!
    Why? Well Vintage Gold’s selling items should have a limit of 100 or under to keep fair, like when Peabody and M sold at Trade n Sell. Also, they should make it so that when you want to post an item, you have to watch an advertisement. Whoa, how much money would that bring in?!
    23. You thought that was the last one?! No.
    Scammers? No problem. Fantagians should be able to submit a list of possible scammers, and if enough people claim that one person is a scammer, they will be added to a public scammer list that every fantagian has access to. Plus, being added to the list will result in not being able to complete too many trades at once. (But seriously why double trade at all. I have, but never been scammed once. Also, they should add a thing where users can vote ban. (In transformice, if enough people type into their chat /ban [user] a moderator will look into the problem and see if they will have to ban them or not.
    24. Official fantage blog and forum for fantagians! On Gaiaonline, they have a forum for fantagians to post threads and stuff. Topics can include trading, finding friends, etc. The blog thing is for fantagian bloggers here on wordpress! Maybe you could write a blog there as well.

    Fantage really has a lot of room for improvement. These flaws can be fixed only by the audience!

    Long list oops sorry. Can i have a purple sticky? c:

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  64. May I reblog this? Also, I have some ideas for Fantage, too!

    1. Add games that are NOT part of events. I’m pretty sure the newest added game was in 2010. Maybe even earlier! Fantage needs to make a larger variety, or even update the games that are running now.
    2. STOP HIRING ADMINISTRATORS! That means more people to pay, less money you have, and more star/ecoin/membership charges for us.
    3. Remember the furniture. Add more furniture, and take time on it. You don’t right now, and maybe that’s why people don’t buy furniture anymore! Seriously, there hasn’t been new furniture in over a month..

    I honestly don’t care about my sticky note color. I just hope Fantage hears us!

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  65. Like somehow, upgrade the banning system. I saw like 10 people (mostly pms) bullying other people just yesterday. I reported them then like, 10 minutes later they’re still on fantage (my friends always reported them too) and then somehow make members less stuck up because they have better clothes and such. I ❤ moomoo's user inspired idea. But again, since they need money, i think you should have to pay 100 stars to publish an item. but you can keep your item and buy other items because ( i hope ) that the items would be available to everyone. then, everything is censored. sure, things like i love you and i hate you deserve to be censored but k and OwO?!? Also, make that you can have more than 200 buddies (besides the glitch) and bring back T and S but just make it that it's all equal and the max for stars is like i dunno… maybe 9,000-4,000? That's way more than the price of regular items. Even bb or cc.and ecoins should be 5,000. And take out the unfairness between mems and nons. Example: The speech bubble thingy and the discounts and the ads and such. Talking about discounts, make more limited items be 4 nons too. Not all, but at least 3 if you're doing a 5 item sale. Or if it's a 3 item sale like for april fools, 1 item. And again, speaking about events, be creative! Or have this box in crowded places like downtown where you type in suggestions for other fantage stuff. I got that idea from animal jam where they were asking about parties. And parties …. EVERYONE should be allowed to throw them. Also, the trading should become a regular basis on something easy where you r allowed to trade anything for anything. No double trades or anything. If someone asks for a d.t, I'm pretty sure that we fantagians have the smarts to say no. That's all for now.. wait! Pets! Let nons hatch more pets and walk them and put them into your house!! Wait… SO MUCH IDEAS!! Anyways……… houses. Let non's design houses too! And don't retire houses or furniture some ppl (aka me) has been saving up their ecoins then POOF! The item has gone into retirement. well… thats it. FOR NOW…. lol

    – craftfitti ❤

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  66. Great Ideas to Improve Fantage:
    -I think that they should make a shirt/outfit for cosmic crests.
    -Check the red letter chat update. They are starting to ban letters and a lot of other perfectly good text!
    -Seriously take away the ads of non-member screens.
    -Make some new rare items for non-members.
    -Make some new hidden places for us to discover.
    -Have an event where you could find some secret places and get a prize.
    -Have a new game added.
    -Have a level standing for non-members in the Hall of Fame.
    -Make the Fantage Dock more exciting, maybe add a game.

    I would like a blue sticky note please.

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  67. -------------> fill in my name said:

    Remove those annoying ads! Some of them are inappropriate to kids under 10 years of age. Remove ads for the games for nons and try to kick up some new nice best looking clothing. Don’t just recolor clothing, brainstorm on how it will look.

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  68. 1. Bring back Oasis Bazaar

    2. Expand Uptown, bring back Trade N’ Sell and Vintage Classics, put it next to Vintage Gold

    3. Make User-Inspired Items for everyone! Like there is a cart that Premium Members made and a cart that Nonmembers made! User-Inspired Items should appear more often.

    4.If some people missed the User-Inspired Items, put a new shop in Downtown between Le Shop and Stellar Salon and put them there for the same price.

    5. Add another game that doesn’t use the spacebar….

    6. Put more scavenger hunts/item hunts with colorful prizes at the end

    7. Premium Members get a monthly item? Can Nonmembers get a monthly item too?
    8.Answer the emails we send you!

    9.Give out 3 Memberships + 1,000 ecoins to 3 random people in a raffle at the end of each month.

    10. People are wishing for the old Fantage back. Make a Time Machine Room in the Super Power Shop so we can go back in time! It sounds cool.

    11. Put back the secret areas..

    12.Take your time to make new items/hair in the stores. We don’t care how long it takes, and we wouldn’t want recolored items either. We can wait.

    13. Make more events, like a Carnival event with new games like duck fishing or something…..

    14. We all believe in you. Do all this and other peoples’ stuff and make Fantage a better, happier place..

    Blue sticky please c:

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    I really hope that Fantage will not shut-down (even if I get too old for it) 😦

    This post was reblogged from: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/
    (the best wordpress site eva! 🙂

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  70. Bellosnowy said:

    Have daily scavenger hunt! Or weekly one

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  71. Ok, so this is probs gonna be long soo….
    Alright, so I signed up mid October, and that was after Trade-n-Sell got taken down. I’ve heard some REALLY good things about it, and I think that it was a good opportunity for nons to actually have some FUN. Alright, here are my Fantage Complaints.

    1) The gap between Nons and Members. I mean, sure, I get how people who pay money get the better clothes and what not, but how come Nons get nothing? I mean, look at the boys shoes. None are for Nons. And the ones that ARE for nons look…. Weird… And what about the chat update?? WHAT?! It’s like segregation! WHY make it blue? What’s the point? Also, at Vintage Gold there’s a problem, but more on that later ;-).

    2) The ads. THIS IS A KIDS WEBSITE AND THERE ARE LIKE PORNOGRAPHIC ADS???!!! Like the “Angel League” ad or whatever it’s called. Ahem, this is (as I said before) a KIDS website! and the “Let’s Get Married!” One. C’mon Fantage. You don’t want “virtual BFs/GFs and you have an ad about marriage. That’s smart. At least TAKE A LOOK AT THE ADS BEFORE YOU POST THEM ON A KIDS WEBSITE!!!

    3) Prices. I mean, at Vintage Gold, sure the Featured Item should be a bit pricey, but like 300,000 ecoins for a bb hair? I mean, at least make it REASONABLE FOR THE BROKE KIDS Out THERE!!

    4) Vintage Gold. Ok, I think it’s really sweet how Fantage lets us vote on items that we can get and blah blah blah. BUT the majority of the items are for MEMBERS. WHATS THE POINT OF BRINGING IT BACK IF NOT ALL OF THE POPULATION OF FANTAGE CAN’T ENJOY IT?! Some days, there are actually GOOD non stuff but most days the good stuff is for members.

    5) The Events. PUH-LEASE. Have some GOOD events please :’-(. The last couple events have been boring, the only one I actually liked was the Halloween One.

    6) Lucky Bot. I used my ecoins (that I bought with my own money) to get some spins. And some of the stuff is… Weird. Like, I mean, the cape and hair and wings, pretty cool, but the ANTLERS?? WHO WANTS ANTLERS? I REALLY think Fantage is lacking in ideas now.

    7) THE RED CHAT UPDATE! Okay, I don’t curse. But now Fantage is censoring out words like “cute” and “u” and “i” and “ur”! WHAT? I’m trying to communicate to my friends and now I can’t say anything! It gets on my nerves SO much! I mean sure, whatever, do it for bad words and whatever, but please tune it up! I can’t even talk to my friends anymore :’-(

    Okay, done with my complaints. I know Fantage is sort of running out of ideas… So LET THE FANTAGE POPULATION MAKE SOME DECISIONS!! The Players are the ones that know how they like our games! WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT!
    I think it’d be an AWESOME idea for some player made shops! That would be SO cool!

    Fantage is going down. No doubt about it. But I really think that if they tuned it up it could go straight back up again and everyone WOULD LOVE IT.

    Oh yeah, and purple/pink sticky note color please xD

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  72. who wants to donate money to fantage! lol fantage will be so proud of ppl who do!

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  73. they need money to keep fantage, everybody know that. that said there’s right way, smart way and not so smart , not so right way to make money always. the problem is not with fantage making money but when overcharge. if we love fantage we want them to make money and good reasonable profit. we just don’t want be ripoff.

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  74. hmmm i’ll have to agree with a lot you said.
    i’ve called them before and the girl who picked up really did sound interested in my ideas.
    maybe since it’s a company the people up top don’t listen to the people on the bottom?
    like, our ideas are passed on but the people in charge won’t listen? idunno that’s the feeling I get… since it’s a company… my mom thought the same thing when I asked since she works for a company. >3:T

    3. Instead of a trade n sell just have like.. a trading post? Like neopets?

    Annnd.. that’s all I got…

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  75. It is so true that people left becuase trade and sell shut down!!!

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  76. I think that fantage should:

    1. Make more interesting events. Seriously, April Fools Day? I agree with Moo Moo. You can’t just give out items and have a limited items and call that an event.

    2. Make the ads more appropriate. This website is for kids, so have some fun ads. I understand they need money, but at least have some okay ads.

    3. Have a gift for users who have stayed on for a long time.

    4. Lower the prices in Vintage Gold.( Way to expensive, really guys?)

    5. Maybe update some Fashion Show themes, maybe something like Space.

    6. Make the gap between non-members and members a little bit bigger. Members have to pay, but if they keep selling all the good stuff at Vintage Gold, what’s the point of being a member?

    I’m not sure if we are still posting sticky notes, but I would like a green sticky note please.

    Oh, and Moo Moo, could you maybe send all of our suggestions to fantage?

    Thanks for being the BBE (Best Blog Ever)!!!!!

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    Perfect Points all wrapped up in a bag 😀

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  78. ~Muffins said:

    OMG YOU SAID THAT WORD THAT MEANS POOP. Well you are a teen so it’s technically okay but OMG lol

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  79. 1. Bring back Trade N Sell. We need to be able to trade, otherwise, what’s the real fun of getting items? To wear around with no value? Nope. Wearing items, that while pointless, are still pretty fashionable.
    2. Vintage Gold should be removed. It’s not wise to continue ruining high leveled richy user’s good items.
    3. A Fantage Mall! There could be lots of user inspired stores, and a food court with a fountain all users can go into. There could be daycare, and you could get a job, like in the Chez Fantage! We could get our own stores maybe? With different store templates for members monthly or so? There could be a designing draw-pad, with member-mode for Fantage’s need for money, and a regular mode for both users along Deluxe mode for 10,000 stars or 5,000 ecoins.
    4. Apartments! 5,000 stars a month to rent a room! Users should be able to open aparptments from their idfone instead of a house. Users should have roomates, girls with girls and boys with boys only. Their should be a indoor and outdoor pool in fancier hotels.
    5. Users should be able to buy height for their character! It could make your user literally rise above the crowd with an extra few mini-pixels. The limit could be like, 5 height add-ons a day.
    6. Star reward program! It would give you tasks such as, Host a Party with over 25 guests and win 5,000 stars!
    7. Simply put, a smaller version of Lucky Bot, with free spins for members and 1,000 ecoin spins for non-members. It should be one spin a day, member or non-member. FCG items should be included. Different items everyday. 3 wheel options to spin on. Hairstyles wheel, Clothes wheel and furniture wheel.
    8. Room add-ons! Like a backyard, swimming pool, own-hotel business.

    Green sticky note please XD

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  80. --> fill in my name said:

    Angela I saw you before at pet town, but you didn’t accept my request. 😦

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  81. the villebot banned me for no reason!

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  82. anniethepan said:

    Hi 😀 this is actually a fantastic idea. I’m just worried that Fantage won’t listen to us and won’t do anything about it.

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  83. I have no name said:

    moomoo how do u get adblock for chrome?

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  84. anniethepan said:

    Reblogged this on Fantage Council and commented:
    This is an amazing post made by princess moomoo and I hope Fantage would take this to consideration. Honestly, in my opinion, we should really have Trade N’ Sell back. Without it, Fantage is basically pointless. That’s why all my friends quit too. Please spread this!

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  85. angel88fantage said:

    Preach it Moomoo and Angela! Did you guys email your suggestions to Fantage?

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  86. ♥ⒶⓈⒽⓁⒺⓎ♥™ said:

    – Remove Vintage gold
    it makes all rare items worthless, i quit because of it. but im back
    -bring trande’n’sell back it was one of the best ideas they ever came up with.
    scamming can mind its own business
    – change the fashion show back to the old one (the poses are not well rated)
    -change the red and blue chat back to the old one

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  88. sasasiew said:

    – reduce the chances of having a red chat
    – members shouldn’t have big , bold and blue chat bubble, it makes the bubble… ugly.
    – remove vintage gold
    – have more giveaways and stuff
    – nons should actually get more benefits
    – bring back trade n sell
    well, those are the ones i wish, 🙂

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  89. I think fantage should

    1. Have music like Roar or Let it go, stuff from the radio and like that.
    2. 1 Free item per day!
    3. Let’s us be able to type numbers!
    4.More actions like sitting!
    5. Let us fantagians earn memberships, not buy them!
    6. Let non-members have funner stuff than members, they get all the fun.
    7.Make the lucky bot not cost so much! Like oh my Sugerbears!, 900 ecoins !? ( face palm )

    That’s all :)! purple sticky note please

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  90. Anonymous said:

    I have a couple of ideas…

    1. Fantage has all of the areas like the Fairy Place and underneath the Lighthouse. Make more of those and put in hidden items you can get for solving puzzles like the colorful stones in the Fairy Place. Use hidden areas to your advantage!

    2. Let non members do more things, just raise the amount of stars they pay like with pets instead of 200 stars for an egg, how about 5000.

    3. Let non members have access to the level locked items. I am over level 200 as a non and it irritates me how I can’t have the level locked items. If you don’t want us to have them for free, give us a discounted ecoin amount after we achieve the level.

    4. For limited item carts, allow nons to pick one item they want to buy with stars.

    5.Bring back scavenger hunts, and the thing like candy cane keys. I know I would spent hours trying to get prizes.

    6. Have events correspond with the real world. I loved the Olympics events they had a while back, however, make them bigger. For things like April Fools, let us have a prank off where you by pranks, or design them yourself. The top ten prankers get a medal, a costume, and some ecoins. Leave the events up to the user’s imagination.

    7. Let us write ideas for events and actually look at them. If you are running out of ideas, you have what over a million players, ask for help!

    8.Add some new costumes, outfits, and idfone things for nons. I don’t want you to go broke, but maybe one or two every 2 months?

    9. Use the Lucky Bot as a real world lottery. Lower the prices(50 ecoins a spin) , make it possible, but hard to win and always put in decent prizes, like a cool board or hair you can’t get without it.

    10. Get rid of places you hype up and then ignore. If you put as much effort into the main island as you do with “new areas”, you would have an amazing place to play.

    11. Get rid of the school and make it an academy where you can join a certain sector and learns skills specific to your sector (magic, movies, fashion, makeup, real estate, video gamer,etc) each corresponding with the NPC, which at this point, do nothing.

    12. Make a non member Hall of Fame.

    13. Go back to how you used to design your clothing. The hairs are wild and unattractive, and the non members hairs and clothes make them look like DORA.


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  91. Release more non member items or privilleges. It gets boring for non members to float around on a board and maybe get teased by members. It is unfair. 50% of non members (including me) have stopped playing because it is boring

    Maybe some fantage sweeptakes? Make some sweeptakes for a chance for membership or ecoins. Something for the holiday theme, maybe a joke or a riddle etc.

    Make the VIP room for non members too!

    Lower the prices for ecoins and membership. Yeah, fantage, i know you won’t get much that money, but if it is actually cheap, more people can aford it, which means more people will purchase.

    Ban people. Ban people who (for ex.) asks for a one, or says something like sjjex or fjjuck. Cmon fantage. You truly know they’re saying a bad word.

    BRING BACK THE OLD FANTAGE. I truly miss the old fantage. I have been playing since 2011 of Febuary and i miss it. There was the vintage shop (regular vintage shop, not vintage gold) most people got along, there wasn’t stupid family tryouts or one tryouts. Please, fantage. I’ll cut off my arm if it will make you do it.

    That’s all i really have for now. Thanks!

    *cuts off arm*

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  92. Anonymous said:

    – Be able to convert starred items into ecoin items.

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  93. 1. Bring back Trade n’ Sell. Some of us who aren’t scammers like to trade items with friends.
    2. Have NEW events. Not old ones, we don’t care how long it may take, we just want a fun event
    3. Let nons get ALL Level-lock Items. A lot of us work had to level up. (I’m lvl 400, and I always complain about Level-lock items… Took me 2 years to get me this far…)
    4. Let nons get recognition in the Hall of Fame (Fantage Royalty, etc)

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  94. 1.) I suggest they make Fantage trading like Woozworld trading you have a limit of 13 (I’m guessing) and nothing is more famous than another item, and like on Woozworld you can trade wooz bought items with beex bought items. They should do the same thing with stars and ecoins
    2.) Make stars have more value than ecoins or make ecoins easier to get and not just 50-60 at a time but more than that.

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  95. Anonymous said:

    I honestly think they should bring back Trade & Sell. Almost 80% of my buddy list quit because fantage became pretty boring or they couldn’t get any more stars/ecoins/items faster or easier.
    Also, they should improve their chatting system. Not to make it more “safe”. Fantage chat was MEANT for people 13 or over, and these days people who are over 13 curse. So, if theres someone under 13, or someone who can’t handle curses, they shouldn’t be using fantage chat. My friend got banned FOREVER for using a curse word. He sent a couple of emails to fantage, and they didn’t un-ban him. Then, there was someone that my friend knew, and he got banned forever too. He got un-banned, pretty much just because he was a member. Not only should they fix their chat system, but also their banning system. It’s crazy how people get banned for a month, maybe two or even forever! Imagine not talking to your friends for that long just for saying some word?
    There should be better looking items, too. Lately, the items look crazy. Hair that is possibly taller than your fantagian’s body? That is nuts! They should make hair that looks pretty and normal. Also, they should have cuter clothes that are stylish.
    Those are pretty much some of my ideas, the other ideas were already mentioned so I didn’t want to repeat it..

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  96. ☆♔♥FantageNathan♥♔☆ said:

    If you didn’t notice, TnS WONT come back because look at the event now. There is a sign (cant remember which) that says:


    This is a good enough reason to say TnS is NOT coming back

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  97. Okay, this idea might be a little too much to ask for and it might take a lot of time, but I really thing Fantage should consider this, because I think A LOT of us would want this.
    Make Fantage realistic. I know it’s supposed to be a virtual child game, but I think we should make it kind of like real life. Everyone should start out with a basic home with a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and at least one room. Then, you can buy more homes for reasonable prices, that have more rooms, better designing, and make each one better looking the more valuable. Also we should have better furniture! Make at least ONE furniture item for non members, I mean come on, we barely have any furniture!
    Green Sticky Note 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  98. 1. Make normal looking clothes and hairs. The hairs and clothes that fantage makes now make you look like the future Lady Gaga.
    2. The lucky bot. Have a higher chance for the lucky bot to win an SS item. All non members get are ugly furniture. Make one spin cheaper. 900 ecoins for a spin? I’d rather buy a lifetime suply of diapers!
    3. Make a suggestion box where users can submit ideas for clothes, events, places etc
    4. Make a place where both members and non members can create items, kind of like Chit Chat City and start a shop in their homes.
    5. Bring back the old rares. The non member rares look really bad today and fantage barley posts any new non member rares at all.
    6. Bring back Trade n’ sell. But make it so you can trade ecoin items for star items so there’s no scamming and make a limit price of stars and ecoins you’re allowed to sell something for. Maybe 100-50,000 stars or ecoins.
    7. Return the old chat box. The new chat box i thought would be a good idea, but this is stupid that you can’t say words like it, i, at etc
    8.Make things cheaper. C,mon fantage. There are ugly hairs that are like 1,000-2,000 stars. Totally Bogus.
    9. Make actions like being able to sit on chairs, being able to get off your board, or something like if you bump into a building, your fantagian could make a dizzy face and fall down, then get up or something

    Liked by 1 person

  99. some great ideas but i stopped playing fantage a long time ago and its probably too late for a change since a lot of items have already lost value.

    Liked by 1 person

  100. My only suggestion is: If Fantage is going to keep Vintage here ATLEAST restock the items every day! Don’t be lazy and wait until all the items are sold. It gets really annoying when idk what I’m saving up for >·<

    Liked by 1 person

  101. My ideas are:

    1. No more Vintage Gold stuff. If you want to keep it, at least put Trade ‘n Sell somewhere in the deal and/or make Vintage Gold items lower than 50,000 stars/eCoins.
    2. No more Lucky Bot. No one has had enough money and it just gives you nothing most of the time.
    3. No more Bonus Level. Kids need to learn to accomplish things on their own.
    4. No more taking our stars away that we earn from Lucky Bob’s. We may sell things over and over, but come on, deal with it please! This is a virtual world. At least we are buying multiple items doing that. I do this to be able to keep myself balanced on stars so that way I can get more items. It’s a virtual world, we need to be able to dress ourselves right?
    5. Decorate Fantage more. Original Fantage grounds look boring.

    Liked by 1 person

  102. awesome post! It was fun to read and I totally agree with everything! Also this was written on my birthday :3

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  103. 2 things that arent related to this:

    1: i had a dream where fantage made an event and we get to time travel to the old fantage and buy the stuff and so on

    2: it reallly reallllllyyyyy iritates me when all i see in the comments in the official fantage blog is ” fantage is soooo fun ” like seriously thats ALL i see 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  104. Princess_cows said:

    Mabey make trade n sell just a trading place and keep vintage gold lower the prices. I don’t know just a suggestion 😊🐮😭

    Liked by 1 person

  105. Omg- Angela and Moomoo, you rock! I have a VERY strong feeling Fantage actually read your blog because they have been adding some things on your list- Read the newest page of The Fantage Comet. I think both you and Moomoo mentioned the user-inspired item thing, right? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  106. People were shouting

    or whatever

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  107. I have no idea if anyones already mentioned this but they haven’t been updating Vintage Gold lately?? (Or maybe it’s just my laggy computer…) I mean I dont see any other clothing sets, besides tuesdays and todays…I have a feeling VG might close soon but not too sure yet :\

    Liked by 1 person

  108. Fantage is as good as over. Their new lay out is a push for new users as it provides clarity and everything is in one place. A complicated game turns new users away.
    The server list shrinks every once in a while, the player base is dwindling, and as premium members stop playing/paying, they cannot afford to run lots of servers. Everything they do is a push for money. Put items at super high prices that people need to buy ecoins to buy them. Any cool new item is a premium member item. One in every 4+ is a non-premium item these days. Interacting with players and holding competitions is a push to keep current players. They keep releasing new benefits for premium membership to try to increase the number of members. Creating the iPad app reaches out to a different audience, which they hope will join up to the computer version. The app is about to introduce in-app-purchases, yet another push for money. Also, children using the app are able to buy things easily without needing to use a credit card.

    All this points towards Fantage desperately searching for money and a player base to keep it running. If things don’t change, there may not be a 2015 Fantage New Year Party.

    -Agnt007 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • fantageawesome6 said:

      I am really really really sad to say this, but if things don’t change there may not be a Fantage Halloween.

      Liked by 1 person

  109. Berry7001 said:

    No Trade n’ Sell…! I got hacked and lost all my stuff. Can’t change my password… But I do wish for them to get rid of desperate moves like Bonus Level Medal and Lucky Bot.

    Liked by 1 person

  110. 1. get rid of Vintage gold. the items are way too expesive! Even The 6000 star stuff is pricy for nons because of Fantage members get free double stars. AT LEAST MAKE THE 5 STAR ONES FOR NONS!!! 2. Bring back trade n sell but ban the scammers I lost bb from a scammer and got a pink 2-2!!! 3. I see how you are doing the thing with the nons for some events they get a membership for 1-2 weeks its very nice but then they become nons again and all their mem friends delete them. 4. Make more stuff for nons! They only get a boring house painted grey with one window with 2 stars on it. I mean come on! They cat even get anything but a leaf!! Boring old leaf!! My point is Non members get nothing now! They cant even get a decent hair clip! I was a non member during the non vs mem war and it was not fun. Lots of bullying and depression. For a period of time I was sad in the inside. but then trade n sell came. happy times… THEN VINTAGE GOLD BARGES IN AND STEELS ALL THE YUMMY CRUNCHY GREECEY BACON! AND WHAT DOES TNS GET? STALE RASON BREAD! I am a member but I love the non members! Fantage doesn’t know that were going through this great depression again but they should. Some people who are non members have parents that may not have enough time or money to get them a premium membership or ecoins! and the thing is they opened this store called “MyMall” and it isn’t that amazing. Its practicly the same thing as vg but its available longer and half of the stuff is chincy. And why the heck do you have to BUY GOLD WITH REAL MONEY? Its not cheap either! Why not add some to bingo or daily spin or even for games? Fantage is coming up with ideas not that awesome. Their cool (cool stands for constipated overrated out of style losers) Their not losers though. They might be… But the events aren’t fun! Theres a event for the opening of my mall but whats fun about that? My point is (again) Fantage is getting cooler and cooler every week. They don’t put time in to stuff and the last time they had a new item in le shop was December 2013… Just see how much mems get, (Monthly allowance, monthly gift, other) What do nons get, 25 ecoins for a 10 minute long ad, Distreament, and other. ( not mentioning stale rason bread) But look how far fantage has gone! Different colors for chat, boring clothes, acess to nothing! And the thing is Fanatge might actually END soon. In 2008 Their daughter was 9 now she is 15 and she will probably outgrow fantage. Then it will end cause it was made for her and her little friends she probably kicked to the curve. I mean fantage is trying their best to make is happy but their getting stressed there not even updating there facebook or twitter! I am sorry for this super long comment but come on people speak out! Call fantage and say my point or yours! (Random note, GET RID OF RED CHAT!!!!!) Bye!! My user is prettygirl10066 on fantage

    Liked by 1 person

    • fantageawesome6 said:

      If fantage were to close (hopefully not) they would probably need to create a new game like fantage and do the things that people actually enjoyed about fantage, but not make the same mistakes. Example: Fantage 1 closes down. Fantage 2(New) replaces it and does beta testing. After a lot of people start to play they put in membership. A few stores with WELL-MADE items.Have betas get to make some items with the fantage 2 DESIGNING STUDIO. They can upload patterns from the internet and put them on dresses,shirts,pants,and accessories. Fantage 2 would have a lot of items to buy from the stores. Of course fantage 2 would give the users their items and a item making medal. They make FUN games and events. After that they DON’T make a vintage gold then the betas WON’T leave. Maybe Trade N’ Sell. Make starred items trade able with eCoined items. If some one gets around the system somehow put up a sign that says “Scammers List” No one is going to be scammed or be a scammer because then no one would trust them. Just my ideas. Sorry if my comment was really long. It was again just my ideas.

      Liked by 1 person

  111. When you saw dragon iron, were you a non?

    Liked by 1 person

  112. 1. Stop recoloring previous items. It also takes out value when you make the recolors non member items.

    2. Bring back vintage classics and every 6-12 months put in the most sold le shop/stellas salon items.

    3. Make my mall so thats you can trade items (but make sure its scammer protected)

    4. Make the lucky bot items better, so annoyed of getting super short ponytails >_<

    5. Bring back the oasis, but like my vintage idea, change it every few months

    Thats all and thanks for putting the vintage gold items up! I just got both jackpots on two items that sold in vintage on lucky bob's. I didn't even realize I had them XD

    Liked by 1 person

  113. I wish trade n sell was back.Here’s an idea:
    They should only let you trade and sell once a day.
    So that it’s almost scammer protected.

    Liked by 1 person

  114. Hi I have some ideas of what fantage could do to make the whole game better (at least for me)

    1. Bring back TNS. I don’t care what you do with it. Just bring it back. But Fantage, if you want to keep vintage, your gonna need to lower the prices. I wasted 35,600 stars JUST FOR A COSTUME.

    2. Make some Fantage areas better. Especially Cruise ship AND Chez Fantage. Only 3-5 percent of people still go here. Add more tables, like 1 more table so more people can order. And instead of just the waiter/waitress costumes (don’t worry, I’m TOTALLY fine with the same menu) keep those costumes, but also add some chef costumes! There could be a special room where if you have a chef costume you could go in this room and do something to make the order, give it to the waiters and bam! Perfection!

    3. Stop reusing events. I’m tired of having the same campground event, light it up event, things like this. If your reading this Fantage, just take the time and effort to make a never before seen event! (Reply to me if they already have an event like this) For instance, make an event where you can gain special powers and you can use them to battle robots or whatever and earn A GREAT PRICE!

    4. Also remove MyMall. MyMall won’t do anything for me. Even if I get gold, it won’t make a difference. Also, that thing you have where you can exchange gold for ecoins, switch it around and make it so you can exchange ecoins for gold! Not many of us want to spend money for gold.

    5. Make words show. What I mean is, some of us could be 14 year olds or whatever and play fantage! But the words not showing are making us sound like 4 year olds. For example: liak, b helo ed, RjOLL etc..

    6 (Connected to 4). Also try to create a earn free gold button, like the ecoins button!

    I would like a purple sticky note please! (If this gets approved) Thanks for reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  115. Anonymous said:

    i agree with all of these

    Liked by 1 person

  116. -Remove the card quest stand. Barley anyone ever plays it anyway.
    -Bring back osais bazzar.
    -For a start, give everyone 500 gold and make a new way to earn it besides purchase.
    -Put more then 4 items at a time for vintage gold and lower the prices.
    -Remove that dumb red text. It was a good idea, but i can’t even say “i” and “it”

    That is all. Moomoo, if you ever see this (and i doubt you ever will) i would like a blue stickynote please :}

    Liked by 1 person

  117. before fantage calls it their ” perfect site ” they should consider changing up things and doing it how WE want it it. after all, WE are the kids who play fantage, not them ( well maybe you never know 😮 ) here are my opinions princess_moomoo and Angela:

    #1GOLD. make a free gold button. that’s the least they can do for us. even if they consider putting up a free gold button, make it like 1000 or something and not 10 or 5 gold, because that is just a waste of time, and it’s still not fair to us. you can’t buy ANYTHING with that much. when MyMall first opened, users could sell stuff for any price like: 1 gold. now they changed it to no less than 500 gold. smh..

    #2 TNS. the only reason people didn’t like trade n sell is because of the scams that kept happening. but you can change what people think about that. as moomoo mentioned earlier, the people who scam should be punished and pay for what they’ve done a reasonable punishment: take items away from their inventories, and give a permemnant bann to all those who scam. that way, no one would dare to do it again. ( at least I don’t think so, unless there are some fools willing to take a risk ) there should be a limit for MyMall on how expensive people should sell things for. ” famous people ” have become really greedy. I’m not saying all of them, but most of them. they already own SOO many things, but they still sell things for over 100,000 gold. they aren’t even thankful.

    #3 make the stores BIGGER!!!!! the hall of fame is SO cramped up, especially the last floor!!! FIX THAT FANTAGE… your trying to drive your customers away..!
    I think this is really dumb: an ugly butterfly acc from le shop was sold in vintage for 30,000 stars. I mean how dumb is THAT!? it’s a le shop item!

    #4 ticket booth. LOWER the prices omg! ( I don’t mean to sound rude, or complain) but the only people you see getting the items are usually the ” famous high levelled people ” and in my opinion, it’s not fun to see the same people getting the items you’ve really wanted. lower them so everyone can enjoy things.

    #5 make more stores. many many many users have left fantage due to boredom. make a luxury store or something 💎, but the prices should be low. My opinion: let users design clothing, shoes, accessories etc. and sell them for their own prices. like MyMall, but better: limit of 5000 stars at max. there should be a clothes designing game is what I mean. it shouldn’t be like the user-inspired templates where you need to scan and send and all those things, just a game would do.

    #6 stop bringing the same events back. after all, were the ones who play fantage not you guys, and we know what’s fun or not when we see it. events such as the lights out, pop stars, blackout, summer camp etc etc. the worst part is limited items are now being sold for gold not stars or ecoins. keep it at stars and how it used to be long times ago like a dress costs no more than 1500 stars.

    #7 make fantage up-to-date with each thing that happens. recently, I made it onto the fantage pros list, and I’ve been on there for a LONG time. you guys didn’t even put my correct level up, and it was finally updated in 2 weeks. I didn’t even get the trophy or medal like I’m supposed too. :&

    #8 the chat. let us customize our own chat. what I mean is that we should be able to change the color of the speech bubble when we talk. some people are happy with blue speech bubbles being there all the time and some are not people like me aren’t.

    #9 make more houses, bigger and better 😉 with more animated items in them.

    #10 princess moomoo, there has recently been a ” super special summer deal ” but it’s only for a few more days I’m guessing, because fantage was being greedy by only giving double the gold to only the first 1000 users. I was really upset because I had no idea the deal was gonna come out the day AFTER I bought gold. the deal was: $10.00 for 40,000 ( members ) and the original deal: $10.00 for 20,000 gold. we should at least get a notification or something that a deal like that will come out, so for those who really wanna buy gold can start saving up for it.

    that’s about it.. I’m sorry that that this message was so long, but I really had to blurt it out somewhere 😏 p.s let me know what you think.. also I think you know sammydew2? she told me that she mentioned me on this blog so I came on here too. by the way tutsiepie1234 ( me lol ) wrote this message 💗💗💗 luv your blog!! I want a purple sticky note please 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantage needs the prices of things to be high so people buy eCoins and Gold. Otherwise, Fantage won’t make money, and there won’t be any Fantage.

      Also, giving free gold is completely against the reason they made gold. If they give away tonnes of gold for free, no one will buy it. And then people will make tonnes of new accounts just to get gold to transfer to their main account.

      Fantage needs money, and making you buy stuff with real money is how they’re going to get it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Anonymous said:

        yes, but Gold is a virtual currency. and i dont think you can transfer gold to another account. sure they need the money to keep the site running, but imagine this: hundreds and thousand of kids/teens or whatever buying gold. fantage can make a fortune out of that much money.. would it hurt to just give away like 1000 gold or at least add it to the daily spin? thats the least they can do in my opinion

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s so easy. You just sell a regular item that you can get easily, for the amount that the other account has. Maybe in the next daily spin they should replace 50 ecoins with 50 gold.

        Liked by 1 person

  118. Victoria50028 said:

    maybe its sometimes cause of the emails we give them. Like asking for the Hatsune Miku costume to be back. 😛 And if u email them about mean people 😦 maybe they wanna close cause of them 😦 i am so upset i never had time to make lots of youtube fantage videos. I uploaded some stupid video that is something like 15 seconds 😦 and all it was me saying add me 😡 what a waste of time! oops i am getting off the point 😛 ( btw my channel is Karolina Smietanka ) i think we should make a petition 🙂 ^_^ sorry this comment was rubbish :/ OH NO! PS. PINKERELLIE WONT BE ABLE TO MAKE VIDEOS ANYMORE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! XC

    Liked by 1 person

  119. 1. at least ONE nonmember swimsuit please!
    2. please give us back trade n sell! vintage gold is ruining a lot of our accounts and star values and other stuff
    3. vintage gold is overpriced for the fantagians that played for 3 years -_-
    4. we can tell your desperate and forcing us to buy gold won’t help

    whelp thats it 🙂

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  120. oh and also, change mymall. the idea of selling things u own is stupid. why can’t we just design our OWN things based on like a canvas… like fantage should make a shoe canvas, a accessory canvas, outfits canvas…etc. you know, just an idea?

    and please fantage, we want new missions. maybe even create a new area in fantage.

    just saying, in my own opinion, i think a lot of things in fantage are overpriced

    and what happened to the oasis? one minute it was new and cool and everything, and all fantagians visited, next few months, it magically disappears? seriously fantage, don’t disappoint users like that!

    Liked by 1 person

  121. sweety20136 said:

    change MyMALL into oasis again . it used to be a cool place . i always used to buy things there. FANTAGE don’t let s down!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  122. i wish they would let us buy things in MyMall with ecoins or stars, not just Gold. But i do wanna say thanks to everyone who left a comment. this is something that we all feel strongly about, and i love how we’re a trying to get a result. I love this blog, and hope the creators continue discussing things like this, trying to get Fantage’s attention. Thanks, my username is Thornpetal and ive been on Fantage awhile. if you see me, feel free to add me! (:

    Liked by 1 person

  123. The thing you’re forgetting is that fantage, shoved their gameplay away to a new company.
    Of course the whole thing started in 2014, when everything else opened up, Infact I actually rather still be stressing over trades then instead of trying to act like I seriously enjoy fantage.
    Of course we have the occasional weird ‘apparently-you-can-scam’ in MyMall.


  124. Wow. this needs to be shared everywhere on fantage!


  125. sliversweet555 said:

    I think that fantage should do most of these things that people commented that’s why I liked all the comments(except a few) I have some ideas (I use I mean a lot don’t judge LOL)
    1) I think we should be able to make our own customs but we can still use fantage items I mean like there are MANY skilled pixelators out there elephants547,juliaroxall,and many other people
    2)we should have old fantage back like there were no ecoins gold and stuff like scamming everything was bought with stars and cheap
    3)old chat bubbles so our fonts will work properly (I guess)
    4)everything should be able to show ( cuss words cant show but stuff like fhec and others can)
    6) its just becoming uhh like a dating web now I mean whenever I log into a full server theres like 7 when tryouts for something being hosted and like newbies are desperate (and some other oldies too) some are like hi ur my whun now like tf? People these days..( I don’t mind whuns but if its many people im just annoyed)
    7) mymall scamming ________SKAMS awesome awesome awesome ( I know they worked hard for it and everything I feel the same way when I get scammed but its just pixels!)
    8)like the first one but a lil diff I guess they should have more contests
    9)in fashion shows we should have the 4 poses back theres too many and when you get to about 1500 in score you only get “okays”
    10)nons should be able to be able to do what mems (also why spend money on pixels when you can get them and earn em without spending a dime on pixels)
    11) if you do spend they should lower the prices like old fantage and if not more sales whenever I spend my money they have a sale when I save and I wait for an entire year and NO SALE I buy theres a sale the next day
    12)there should be another way to earn gold instead of getting permission and waiting until you get it again there should be atleast like 300 from the daily spin
    13)they should update the daily spin, lucky bot (new items would be better and no furniture pls its normally called UNlucky bot because it gives you s$%#,lucky bob should have more use than selling old clothes you don’t need,carnival games,and others
    14)they really need new places to go and newer clothing more often cuz they’re just recolours(I think I already said that) what I mean by new places is lik there should be new parts of the map like an actual mall or something maybe tns and vintage could be there that would clear up SO much space
    15) non should level up as easily is mems do ( its on a diff number I already wrote but im too lazy to put it there)
    16)im wondering if they could release more decent items for once instead of recolour ( then again already said)
    17) we should still be able to recoin stuff like how it was when it originally came out like before then vintage gold changed it all like some people have gyms starred and to recoin it was like 48 ecoins now its like 50k ( I don’t remember how much it was)
    18) mymall should have REASONABLE prices I mean 638596978469864986594365083460840868340836690643086813480604839698436? no nobody would buy it dream on..
    19)trade n sell is good minus the scamming(why do people do this anyways why cant they do it regularly offer ur good item for the other and trade end of trade but NOOOOO people go all crazy and do double trades or whatever and do a crappy item for a good one accept and do it again
    20)I don’t think it should be called “fantastic age” after all of this.
    21)all the plcs are crammed that why the one about new places an more space is about
    23) parties are kinda useless now
    24)pm boutique is a no no
    25)ui have more but its gonna be over like 248396579469769765796734969761537349 lines long LOLOL okay bye

    and a blue sticky? :3


  126. Guys you can’t expect fantage to fill up the gap between members or nons up for you. That’s are doing. We should make the choices ourselves. I admit, I have been mean to nons, not adding them as friends. And I AM a non. Our generation is selfish, trying to be with the cool kids. It’s stupid. I only joined in either 2012 or 2013. I never saw the old fantage.( Though I have seen what they looked like and those mouths, I cuold never live like that!.) It is all our fault we are liked this, not fantage’s, so don’t go blaming them. Like if you agree, or just say OMG SO RIGHT IMA EAT A BANANA. or something…


  127. hather0 fantage said:

    i agree to all what it says


  128. I agree with princess_moomoo. Honestly, I think Fantage needs a break from the hate. Maybe Fantage should just start over. That would be the best choice, in my opinion.
    Remember those stores in 2007 and 2008 that sold all the beta items you could ever want, like Gym Shorts and Beta Crowns? If you could take all the money you have right now on Fantage, transfer it to a totally new account on an old Fantage, and get what items you want, well, how great would that be? I don’t know about others, but I’d really like to experience what it was like in those “beta times.” It sounds great. 😉
    Maybe even have an “alpha testing” for the “beta Fantage.” xD


  129. Shey343 said:

    I think fantage go back to the coupons so we can
    get prizes and bring back the prom that was in 2014
    that’s when I signed up. So please bring back the old
    fantage so new people that joined can see what fantage
    was like in 2009,2008,2010,2012,2013,and2014
    Fantage is not fun anymore which is the year2015
    So plz bring back the old fantage.


  130. i want vintage gold bak


  131. I really like the idea of fantagians can make their own edit of hair and clothes and so on and you can post them in some mailbox on fantage and then you can do the fantagian inspired items on fantage and you can also keep the fantagian inspired items pretty much, FOREVER on fantage and i want trade ‘n’ sell back and/or vintage gold. and it would be awesome if you can make some more games if you can think of some more if you are able to but you don’t have so you know, and some updates to fantage if you can. I would like some of the old fantage back and I really like how you add some limited items every so often and I would also like it if… this is only an idea – i’m sorry if you take this badly. So… I would also like it if you can find out a way to earn free gold like playing a game as many time as possible every day. So I hope you can take some these ideas and use them and if this gets posted, can I please have a blue sticky note.
    Thank You!! 🙂


  132. and also can you please do the thing that if it won’t show on other people’s screens, make it in red writing because i think that was a bit better so that we know that if it showed or not. Thanks again


  133. Anonymous said:

    It is incredibly unfortunate that the fantage officials didn’t seem to listen to the ideas suggested here to bring back the glory we all thought fantage was when we were younger. Fantage should have done the ideas you suggested and instead they just made things worse. *Sigh* Unfortunately, like all things that were good once, it must come to an end. Fantage is really losing money because there is literally nothing fun to do any more. They don’t update the Spanish version, they haven’t updated the comet since Feburary, there is a third currency that actually made e-coins completely worthless, and my Mall, which once non members could use, but as an attempt to earn more money, Fantage decided it would be a good idea to allow only Members to use My Mall so it could encourage the non members to become members. The events are the worst because it is actually the exact same activities but with different names and characters and limited items can only be bought with gold (the third currency). I only wish Fantage hadn’t made these decisions that they didn’t know would slowly bring upon it’s end. I am glad to have read your opinion piece on the changes in Fantage, even though I did read this 3 years after it was posted lol. You probably would have forgotten of this piece by now. 3 years is a long time.


  134. […] The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near? […]


  135. […] I think this is an idea from fantageville’s post: https://fantageville.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/the-story-of-fantage-is-the-end-near/#comments […]


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