❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Hi everyone! Long time no see! ❤

A brief description of what’s been going on for me:

School has been really busy! I finally got past a huge hurdle that’s been on my mind these past months, so it’s a great relief. But, there’s still LOTS more to do, so I won’t be able to resume blogging completely just yet.

I have, actually, been going on our ask.fm the most lately, so if you would like to keep in touch with me, just visit our ask page! It’s a lot easier than writing full posts, and you guys can still interact with me and get quality responses/opinions 🙂

Wow that took so long to type and phrase, it’s difficult getting back into blogging-mode after so long! Sorry if I sound different and not as sophisticated as usual… And I was completely confused when I logged into Fantage at first too, because so much has changed.

Speaking of changes, since I’m here, I’ll post the most recent update on Fantage. I know I missed the Halloween event and the release of the PM Boutique (I knew it was only a matter of time before they closed down Vintage Gold, whoohoo!). I don’t want to go too far back because that would be so many things to post, so I will update you on the most recent thing 🙂

Clubhouse Survey


This really shocked me, because Fantage has rarely ever asked us for our opinions before, especially in such an informal manner! We’ve had votes before during events, but those were always inside the game.

From what I inferred, this new “clubhouse” idea is a user-based forum outside of the game. For those of you who don’t know what a forum is, it’s pretty much a place where you can create topics to discuss with other people! Sort of like this blog, but in a forum, anyone can make a post and anyone can comment.

I guess they want ideas for what the forum should be about, which is why they created a survey! The survey can be found at this link:


It’s really simple: just choose up to five topics that interest you, and add an optional comment at the bottom. This is what I put:



I feel that half of these don’t even make sense though, like economics, physics, philosophy, psychology, entrepreneur, and job, because how would kids know anything about those??

And oh my goodness, if you value your sanity, please do not choose “Boys” or “Girls,” as if there wasn’t enough drama already on Fantage itself…

I also thought it was extremely unsophisticated of them to use a Google Form. Google products are awesome, but I don’t think it’s appropriate in this case. For one, anyone could have filled out this survey and put a fake username (or even posed as someone), and two, people can submit these as many times as they want. The results won’t be accurate, but I am still glad that they are starting to ask for our opinions!


Like we mentioned in the “We Need a Break” post, we won’t be back until December. Hopefully by then this Clubhouse idea will be put into action!

I know this post was a little short and doesn’t cover many updates at all, but hopefully you found it useful nonetheless.

Before I leave, I wanted to thank you all for continuing to visit this blog even though we haven’t been updating; your dedication means SO much to me ^_^

I also wanted to thank you for respecting the comments section and not abusing it. I was so happy that I did not see a single spam/inappropriate comment!

See you in December, and until then, continue being awesome! >_<

Comments on: "Hi!" (30)

  1. WEBUHH! Aww well mss you again


  2. focus on your studies we’ll wait!


  3. Susan Peytonatorღ said:

    Glad you’re back, even for a few days! We missed you


  4. welcome back! And I agree with Susan we missed you so much! (I felt like something was missing over the past days)


  5. ❀◕ω◕♬αмɛɛɛ♬◕ω◕❀ said:



  6. can you guys not be a weeaboo by not voting for an anime club, pls? i mean, imagine a real life anime club. lots of weebs and lots of Cultural appropriation >_>


  7. There’s a typo in your last paragraph: “I’m so happy I did see a single…”
    you mean did not*

    LOL sorry sorry but #verygrammarnazi

    and oh my god i took my first sat subject test school is just starting to be scary for me


  8. chloe123367 said:

    Um ask link does not work


  9. We missed you :3 😦


  10. Aaradhya_12 said:

    WEBA 🙂 😀


  11. fyretotherain said:

    🙂 I cant wait till December xDD
    I keep checking here everyday trying to find a post and I’m like…..OMG NEW POST ASDGSJSGJSGJSGAG


  12. fyretotherain said:

    OMG LOL I VOTED FOR YOU AT PM BOUTIQUE! I didnt even know that was you! You got three model points x3


  13. Welcome back princess_moomoo! 😀


  14. sophiarocks21 said:

    Just saying, your posts are better when your sound less sophisticated xD


  15. Welcome back (for the time being) 🙂 Looking forward to December XD


  16. Moomoo… you’re alive! I’ve missed you so much, these posts cradle my thoughts together. You are a big inspiration to me, i can’t wait till you return in December! Happy Early Thanksgiving! cutiecake ❤


  17. Reblogged this on fantagebirds and commented:


  18. ♛Ɯaяяισя♛Δиɢɛℓ♛ said:

    I also put anime! *High-fives* xD


  19. My suggestion made it into the top 50…what?!


  20. ღ вeтнany ღ said:



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