❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Note from MooMoo: I still need to get to the Vintage Gold Items Page helpers, because I haven’t checked email in a couple days. I will do it on the weekend. Several people have already signed up, thanks!! For now, enjoy this awesome post from TheFantageLuckyBlog, by Math100000!

🍀 T͙h͙e͙ F͙a͙n͙t͙a͙g͙e͙ L͙u͙c͙k͙y͙ B͙l͙o͙g͙🍀

back 2 school

Sounds cool! When you first log on, you will receive this notification, saying you got free pencils!

free pencils

Members will receive 5 pencils and “Basic” Members will receive 3. Basic. Love the language Fantage,

Anyway, here is the event info:

back 2 school info It sounds like a real event right?

There are two sets of limited items for this event, one that can only be purchased with Gold, and one that can be purchased by both gold and star, for premium members only

limited items

So, now for the good stuff about the event. There is a new game called “Book it or Bucket”, apparently it’s a quiz game.

You can access it from the school:


It is found in the Off the Hook Area of the school, second floor gym.


How to play:

how to play

It looks ALOT like Q-Blast!

Need help when you are already in your player screen? Simply press this button in the left…

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Comments on: "Fantage Back 2 School 2014 #FVHelper" (7)

  1. I got five pencils anyway…. And I’m a non-member 😀


  2. Can i help with the vintage gold thing? I will create a shared google account and tell you as soon as possible. I can do it every day apart from Sundays (ugh technology free day) but i still might be able to sneak on my mums phone.


  3. Thanks Moomoo for re blogging my post! I hope you all enjoy it 🙂


  4. Hi! I know the invisible board glitch! Just go on all acces dressing room ( is at the theater, just go on a room 1,2 or 3 and press up the white dressing closet button) then go at september 2014 boards and u will see ” Empty Board ” click on ” Try On ” on it. Then Tadaaa! You have no board!


  5. єηנσу тнє gℓιт¢н ρρℓ!


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