❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Gizmo’s Q-Blast


Fantage has released an update to this game, click here for our post!

Turns out that this is a new game, not an event! And I think it’s REALLY awesome! We’ve been wanting more player-interaction for a long time now, looks like Fantage has (maybe) taken our opinion into consideration 🙂

This game is difficult to understand at first, but that’s what makes it good. Things that are too simple, like the rest of the games on Fantage, get boring very quickly.

Here’s my tutorial/explanation, hopefully you’ll understand it better!


The story is that Gizmo, the owner of the Super Power Shop in Downtown, discovers a new element called “Q Particles,” accidentally destroying his own shop in the process. He must be a pretty innovative and optimistic guy, because instead of weeping over his decimated shop, he’s created a new game for us to play together!



To play, go inside the Gizmo’s Q-Blast shop at Downtown. There is a PLAY button on the top right corner, and instructions in a screen on the wall.


How to Play

Here are some helpful descriptions of the key parts on your screen. Click to



One the game begins, find your Q-bot. It is the one with the green arrow floating over it.

Use your arrow keys to move up/down/left/right. When you press spacebar, a cube will drop where you are standing. Get out of the way before it explodes! Remember that normal cubes without powerups can only go 1 square in all directions, so if you’re 2 squares away, you’re safe.


The purpose of the game is to zap the other team with the exploding cubes while staying alive. The team with the last player alive wins and gains 100 points experience, while the losing team gains only 10 points experience.

Although you can never lose Exp, there is a glitch that makes you lose a level. See the Problems/Glitches section.


There are lots of items/powerups on the screen that you can pick up/destroy, here is a guide.

gizmo12 These are barriers that can be destroyed by exploding cubes. Some of them contain powerups that you can pick up!

gizmo13  These are barriers that cannot be destroyed by cubes. Hide behind them like a shield to block explosions!

gizmo14 This powerup allows your cubes to explode 2 squares in all directions, instead of 1, for the rest of the game.

gizmo15 This powerup allows you to place 2 cubes at time instead of 1

 This powerup (powerdown?) messes up your movement

gizmo16 This powerup makes you faster for the rest of the game and gives you an extra life. If you get hit, you lose a life and your speed goes back to normal.

gizmo17 This powerup (power-down?) makes you slower for the rest of the game but gives you an extra life. If you get hit, you lose a life and your speed goes back to normal.


1. Even if you already have a helpful powerup (e.g. pink arrow, wings, cart), if you see another one, pick it up! Although you won’t gain anything, it prevents your opponent from getting it.

2. Most of the time, players lose by accidentally lasering themselves. Try not to drop too many cubes! You can even spend the first 30 seconds doing nothing.

3. Be aware of your surroundings. In the beginning, everyone usually starts out in a cramped space, so make sure you don’t zap yourself right off the bat!


4. The cubes are harmful only the second they explode. The pink lasers last for a while, but they won’t harm you after the second the cube explodes.

5. You can keep on pressing the arrow keys while pressing spacebar to drop cubes quickly!


Many of these have been fixed in the new update. Click here for the post!

1. I haven’t seen anyone with a level over 3 yet. I noticed that once you’re at level 3, if you lose a game, you drop back down to 2.

2. Although the game can be started with only 2 players (you just need an even number of people), the game stops immediately with only 2 players and ends in a draw.

3. Sometimes, too many people join a room, and the system is too slow in realizing that more than 6 people joined. This can result in missing people (e.g. no host, or you can’t see yourself).


If this ever happens to you, just leave the room and go to a different one.

Then, even if the game does start, the teams are weird and uneven


4. Has anyone seen the black arrow powerup that maximizes your laser distance?? Is it for people that buy the special Q-bot only, or…?

New Shop Items

I thought that this would be something special, since they normally don’t announce new store items, but I guess it’s just a regular update. I usually don’t post new items, but since I have a section of it on this post anyway, I might as well!

locoboardz stellarsalon



It seems that whenever we start completely losing faith in Fantage, they gain us back with something new and fantastic.

I really like this new update, my favorite game on Fantage has always been Fashion Show, because it has so much user interaction and competition. This, in my opinion, is even better, because you need strategy and logic to win, not just clothing and money.

I hope Fantage continues down this path to make more wonderful things for us!

My one and only complaint is, this game somewhat lacks motivation, because you don’t get stars, coins, or levels from it. I’m not quite sure why they don’t have a Q-blast medal in the ID Fone…

But for the game itself, I’d say…


Comments on: "Gizmo’s Q-Blast" (55)

  1. About time, too! It’s been so long since there were NEW shop items!!!


  2. how come there was alot of green stuff on fantage o.o


  3. Q-Blast has been set back…… -_- I stayed all this time….

    Such a disappointement…… dot dot dot


  4. sliverkid said:

    its 10:37 am on Fantage and the event still hasn’t event started yet:(


  5. There’s a trick: If you “buy” the items with ecoins, you get the item for free!
    But maybe Fantage will fix this, like the unicorn boards


  6. sliverkid said:

    did you know there’s a cheat to get all of these items without wasting ecoins?


  7. sliverkid said:

    fantage actually made a version of a game that is popular on chinese minigame websites such as 7k7k and 4399


  8. The new game was just released!


  9. The new Q-Blast game is basically Bomb-It .-.
    On the other hand, I like the new Sky Blue Headphones :3333


  10. http://prntscr.com/4461vb
    Boys Shoes Glitch, MooMoo! The new ones in the catalog!


  11. Yuuuuuuuussshh!
    Q-Blast is a bombing game!
    We used to play those games all the time! (Bomb It was the best!)
    I love the new shop items.
    That puppy board is too cute!
    Fantage updated their blog! (Finally!)
    This is just Fantastic!


  12. Has anyone notice that slowly all the top ten users have been disappearing?
    First pink, then an molly and nickwall, and now drew!


  13. hope you had a nice dinner :p I’M SO EXCITED TO PLAY THE NEW GAME I’VE PLAYED A SIMILAR GAME BEFORE. you’re right though, on the motivation part. people will start to not play it because it doesn’t give you anything. they’re just excited over the new updates, like i am.


  14. Ashleymoua said:

    I wanna check this game out now.


  15. There’s a game called bomb it and it’s basically the exact same


  16. PRINCESS MOOMOO! I found a really cool thing that nons can do! Nons can actually get all the items! (Including the premiums). And I know what you’re gonna say… just you gotta get alot of eCoins! You don’t! Just go to one of the shops and click buy with eCoins. It doesn’t matter how much you have! It’s super cool 😀


  17. Reblogged this on fantage strawberry scones and commented:
    I don’t know why I reblogged this


  18. Susan Peytonatorღ said:

    I took advantage of the glitch, but I didn’t have enough ecoins for any of the new things, so I logged on saw a lot of my ecoins gone, but I had some left. I guess I was lucky enough to have very little ecoins from the beginning so I didn’t really lose much.


  19. Anonymous said:

    Did yall know that they made the green sneakers a member item now?


  20. thathorseskittles said:

    did yall know they made the green sneakers a member item now?


  21. Annoyed said:

    This comment is in regards to the new green sneakers that are sold at Le Shop. I am a non-member and I purchased the shoes for the 900 stars, and have even worn them. However, I was shocked and outraged to see them grayed out when I went on a few minutes ago. I went to Le Shop and it is now a starred premium member item. I found this an extremely rude and disappointing thing for the Fantage workers to do.


  22. This game was copied from another game! If you want to see how go to my blog post here: http://fantagenewspost.weebly.com/9998news9998/gaming-update
    I used to play the original game since 2005 It’s the exact same thing!


  23. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    I had about 6,000 ecoins and since there was this new glitch that you can buy anything with ecoins and you get for free, I did it and then the next day i had 4,000 ecoins… -__-


  24. Susan Peytonatorღ said:

    Moomoo, this is honestly really off topic, but I made an edit for my idol. Would you mind giving me tips on how to make it better?


  25. The green sneakers, the one available to everyone, apparently changed to a members item


  26. mellowyellow127 said:

    The new shop items are epic! Thanks fantage for making good non items.


  27. Anonymous said:

    Darn it. I forgot how to log into wordpress now.. xP doesn’t matter
    but Q-blast is exactly like the game bomb it.
    Im not sure if most people played it, but there’s like bomb it 7 already..


    • Yeah its available on Agame.com I was thinking that this game is similar and I have played it early before. This turned out to be Bomb It games. Its nice but some people are not aware of the bomb it games. Sometimes the arrow keys don’t work which everyone hates a lot.


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