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Fantage Fashion Battle


~Sorry this post was later than usual, school has started for me and it’s currently my priority, as it’s a very stressful year for me. Thanks for your patience!~


This new feature seems to be an extension of the classic Fashion Show at Top Models. It’s faster, more convenient, and has more one-on-one interaction, which is awesome!


Daily Spin and Fashion Show

Daily Spin Update


I’ll make this quick, because the star of this post is the Fashion Show updates.


New Fashion Show

*Ok I’m going to make this post sticky for a bit, since some of you guys didn’t seem to notice it

**This post is fully updated, whoohoo!

It’s November 18, 9:30 FST… It’s FINALLY here!!

Along with the Fashion Show, there are a BUNCH of new updates, no wonder Fantage took so long!

Fantage has changed the home page again, and either they got a new (totally awesome) artist, or they’re trying a different angle


Pets in Fashion Shows!

(Ok, maybe I’m just a bit slow, but I JUST figured this out… xP )

When playing fashion shows, you get bonuses for bringing your pet with you on to the stage. Since I see only members doing this, I thought that nonmembers aren’t able to get pet bonuses.


Yes, this includes the nonmember pets Jimbo and Mumbo!

1. Go to Top Model’s and join a fashion show

2. When a theme is chosen, go to your inventory and dress. Do NOT close your inventory yet

3. Click on the PETS tab all the way to the right. *It is partially hidden during the final round*

4. Choose any pet you want!

The pet you choose must match the theme! And, in the final round, it must be the same pet that is displayed!

So, just choosing any random pet that doesn’t match the theme won’t get you any points.

For example: the theme for this round was orange/formal

I brought my Jimbo pet out (it’s orange), and got some bonus pet points!

Also, try and match the pet that is displayed during the final round

Host on the Model Stage!

This is absolutely the most awesome cheat ever: How to get on the stage while being the HOST, at Top Models Inc.!!

1. Host a Fashion Show. Starting the show isn’t necessary for this cheat, so nobody needs to join for this to work.

2. Click the area where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

3. Enlarge the screen.

4. Click that same area again. YOU ARE ON THE STAGE!!! (If this doesn’t work, make the screen small again then click on the stage)

To go back, switch back to small screen, go to the other side of the stage, and repeat the process:

1. Click the area where my mouse is pointing. (Nothing will happen)

2. Enlarge the screen.

3. Click the host area again, and you are back! (This may take a couple of tries)

Amaze the other people there! Have fun!

**You can use the second set of instructions to get into the host area, while being a model; something even more jaw-dropping!!!

Fashion Show Cheats

It is SO easy to win the Fantage Fashion Show if you know all the tricks. Here are some that I will share with you:

1. The more time you take to dress, the less points you get, so dress quickly!

2. On the final round, if you don’t have an item that is needed, don’t try and make up for it by wearing something that looks similar or is the same color. That will not get you any extra points. Instead, if you wear rare items, you will be rewarded with extra points.

3. When posing for the camera, move to the circle QUICKLY! The earlier you get your head in, the more points!

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. When posing for pictures after each round, make sure you are standing so that your ENTIRE head is inside the camera circle. THIS WILL GET YOU MEGA EXTRA POINTS. (See picture below as an example)

Proof? I was once coming in last place, and the person in first place had about 200 points more than me. Because they didn’t know this trick (as MANY Fantagians don’t), I ended up in first place. Again, IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.