❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

We Need a Break

We’re very busy, and I know a lot of you guys are too, so I’ll get straight to the point. (Even if you are busy though please read everything on this post, because I put a lot of heart into it ❤ )

I need as much time for school as possible, meaning I need to cut back on some of my hobbies. And as much as I would like to stay and continue being a part of your lives (because you all have touched mine; even though I don’t know what you physically look like I see you all as real-life friends), I need to take a break.

Several people have (sometimes rudely) pointed out already that I’m “too old” to be playing Fantage. Maybe I am, but the only reason I’ve continued to blog is because I can’t imagine leaving behind SO many people and something I’ve put SO much time and effort into, no matter how “childish” it is. So choosing to leave for even just a couple months was something I was really hesitant about. I’m just really attached to this blog, it’s like my second life 😐

In short, I created this blog to help, and, even in my absence, I want to continue doing that. So, it makes sense that if I am no longer able to help, I should direct you all to someone who can.

I do NOT want to choose any workers. It’s time-consuming; it puts pressure on the person I choose because it’s like an obligation; I don’t want to choose favorites; I don’t want drama and hate directed at any new workers; and I can’t imagine adding a third person to what has been a two-person team for nearly two years.

Instead, this is how I will deal with the most major things on Fantageville to keep them running for you guys FOR NOW, until we come back (yes, I am planning to come back). It’s really sad to see a great blog become “dead” or inactive just because its owner has moved on in life.

Event Posts

Some of you bloggers out there have AWESOME posts.

If you feel that your event posts are proficient in detail, neatness, and overall awesome-ness (and maybe even match our usual format), please add the hashtag #FVHelper to your event post TITLE, and I might choose your post to reblog during an event!

e.g. If you are posting about a Fantage Halloween event, make the title of your post “Fantage Halloween Event 2014 #FVHelper”

This way, I’ll be able to find your post quickly through Google Search.

This might be an unusual method, but I think it’s better. You helpers will get viewers (reblogging means my viewers have to go to the original post from your blog to see the entire thing), and I get to choose from a variety of bloggers, all with different skills, each time there’s a new event and I’m too busy to post.


We get a loooot of comments, and it’s what makes this blog a happy place. The minimum rank needed to moderate comments, unfortunately, is Editor. Again, I wish to avoid the process of choosing any workers.

So, I’ll change the settings of the comments to “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” (meaning if you have an approved comment already, your comments will be automatically approved). Then, you guys can answer the questions (if you can) yourselves! It will be like a fan-run blog for a little while. I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

This is a risk of course, but it is also an act of trust. I trust that you guys will continue commenting in an appropriate way, as you have done for a long time.

Remember that we have a “Recent Comments” widget near the bottom of the sidebar, that should help, because it shows the 15 most recent comments on this blog.

Vintage Gold Items Page

Maybe it’s my OCD-ness, but I would hate it if the list were to become incomplete, after nearly a year of posting all the items.

If your knowledge of screenshotting and using Google Docs is proficient, hopefully you will consider taking up this job.

I’ll need people to take screenshots of the Vintage Gold items, like the ones you see on our page. I have up to August 31 only. Paste them onto a Google Doc, and remember to write down the prices in stars. No need to add any copyrights, I can do that myself; just the plain screenshot is perfect.

Hopefully more than one person will volunteer for this so I can combine them together in case someone misses a day. This also ensures maximum accuracy.

These two awesome people have volunteered almost instantly after I posted this, thanks so much! I’ll be waiting for your banner/advertisement. If you miss a day, it’s no big problem, that’s why we have two people 🙂 To other people who were planning to help, I feel that two is more than enough, but thanks so much anyway!

1. cindy_lee_9
2. avalon (Brooke on XAT)

If you do volunteer to help us and you’re listed above, please send me a banner advertisement of your blog. I will keep it on our sidebar with a clickable link for the period of time that I am gone, as appreciation for your help ❤

My Fantage Items

I’ve been wanting to sell my items for a while now, but I didn’t get gold until now. Visit this link for all the information:


My Social Media

I will keep only my email (fantageville@gmail.com) active for the time I am gone. I may check Facebook now and then, but I will not be running the other social media links on the Find Us On pages. Last, since I do have to come back to find posts to reblog, I may check the comments once in a while.


I feel that this is a win-win-win situation (yes, three wins). I get a break and can focus on school. My viewers will continue being informed and helped. Helpers will gain the viewers they truly deserve. I know that this blog has become very “popular,” and I don’t want our work to have gone to waste. I think it would be a good idea to use it to pass down some of that “popularity” to you younger bloggers so you can pick up were we left off 🙂

I’m not sure when I will be back (very latest will be December), but hopefully this system will be kept in place until I do.

If you have any VERY URGENT matters that is related to this blog only (e.g. An offensive/harmful comment that needs to be removed) then you can still email me at fantageville@gmail.com.

While I am gone, I won’t be going on any social media, including XAT and ask.fm. I hope that you people on XAT are mature enough by now to behave yourselves. You’ve done really well this past week, thank you so much for that.

I’ll wrap this up, thanks so much for EVERYTHING, from continuing to visit this blog to helping us out when we need it. Love you all ❤

Angela’s Addition

I think this would be great for our blog. I have been SO busy lately that I have not even been able to GO on the internet OR edit my fashion blog. Ever since the start of the year, I’ve had to focus on 3 AP classes, learning how to drive (it actually takes a lot of time and effort), staying dedicated to my workout routine, SAT prep classes and homework, in addition to ice skating 5 times a week. I know I sound like a whiny baby right now, but my junior year of high school is one of the most important for my GPA, which will seriously decide my future in college and for getting a job.

I really like Moomoo’s idea of a sort of “fan-run blog” because that is a very innovative idea. I hope you all are mature enough to do what is right and appropriate for our blog. Maybe by next summer, I can start doing more for the blog. Otherwise, I can barely even get on the internet to do anything a few times a week. 

Unfortunately, I also have to say that I have to cancel the Fantageville Games. I know it took forever to do all the tasks, but once school started, I realized that I literally CANNOT keep up with the games. To all the participants who have made it this far and who have not, I am truly sorry and I give you my utmost apologies. I have also decided to suspend regular posting of videos on my Youtube channel, Twins Entertainment.

Since I am not interacting with basically any of my blogs or anything during the school year, I think the best thing for me to do would be to post vlogs. Vlogs are super fast and easy and I may be able to do them every week. I really want to stay connected to people during the school year, so I’ll let you guys know when I start doing that.

Otherwise, have fun running Fantageville 🙂

Comments on: "We Need a Break" (98)

  1. You guys should both focus on your studies. I’m sure FV will be fine. Good luck to you both for the school year!!!


  2. Good luck on school this year! 🙂


  3. Good luck you guys 🙂
    And maybe Moomoo you should just offer to sell your items through MyMall because who knows what people would do under your name


  4. hanna24678 said:

    Are you quitting fantage moomoo?


  5. ♥☆red3438☆♥ said:

    Genius..! I hope everything goes out okay…
    I’ll volunteer to take screenshots of vintage gold items. 😉


  6. Wow, that is a really unique idea.
    I’m really really really happy that your not quitting blogging forever, because that would kill us all. Seriously. ^_^
    Good luck in school! Mine is starting tomorrow and man, I’m nervous..
    But if you are as good at school as your are at blogging, you don’t need to be worried! 🙂 ❤ you and your blog!


  7. Good luck on your studies MooMoo and Angela 🙂 Your blog rocks!


  8. This has nothing to do with the post but can someone tell me why there are fake people in fashion show and wild rumble??
    I have noticed this for ages. Like when I play fashion show, the people who are fake NEVER talk, they wear old fantage items and when you exit from your fashion show they are never around… Once I was playing a fashion show and it was the last round. I was up against two people, and the round before the final round they were both wearing the same board. When the last round came, the final theme had the board they both had, but when they were both finished changing they put on a different board! They were obviously not real people… It’s so creepy!
    And has anyone noticed that in Wild Rumble most of all the people you play against are guys? I played about 5 games and every single game was a boy, and no matter what they were wearing they had member pets.
    Something else, but why has there been nothing in Vintage for the past 2 days? There is nothing on the shelves and when you click on the “shop” button it just gets stuck loading at 99% and you have to walk out using your arrow keys. I heard some people saying it was because nobody votes, but Fantage only use the votes to see which items are the most popular.
    Sorry for the long post, but I really want to know, does anyone know why? 🙂


      for ur first question, its because fantage just makes up fake usernames, just in case u wanna play fashion show or any other game when theres no people on.
      for ur second, its because vg might close or they just r lazy or forgot


  9. Aaradhya_12 said:

    Best of luck for school 😀 🙂


  10. Good luck on your school year both of you =) I’m sure people will understand that we still have a life and school out outside the internet and it can be hard to keep up.


  11. Aww it’s sad that you have to quit. But i understand about homework and school. I’d like to help by sharing my posts and screen shotting vintage gold items…except there aren’t any now. I am kinda confused about the shared google doc thing. Does that mean i make a new google account and tell you the name and password? Just ask if you need help!You can use any posts on my blog: http://fantagewardrobe.weebly.com/. The next post I make I will put the FVhelper thing. I hope you do well in school!



  12. I’m sad to see you and Angela take a break! But it is needed so you guys can focus on academics. I would be interested in buying your account, though. I have a visa gift card, and I can make a paypal account for any more transactions. Please email me if you want to talk more (areseuwuoruya@yahoo.com). Thanks!


  13. This blog has really helped me and i’m sure others too. You make blogging look so easy. Good luck with school and stuff. Always will be a fan of you both. Cant wait when you come back , Wait lemme rephrase that , If you come back… Love this blog! ♥.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I literally nearly cried at this post 😥 I love u guys so much and I hope you do BRILLIANT in school! GOOD LUCK!! I know how stressful high school can be and i understand you guys need a break 🙂 I love your blog btw!!! I know u guys will do amazing and get into good colleges and get good jobs, i’ll be praying for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. ღℓ͜͡Angie~chaℓ͜͡n♥ said:

    Good Luck ~~~~~~~ ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Wish you luck this year and I don’t think you should sell your account since people will think that it’s YOU and the way the person acts on that account might become directed at you as if you act like that (if that makes any sense)

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I just love your blog, it’s just so inspiring. I just started a blog because I got inspiration from you Princess Moomoo. When I read this post I started to cry. Even though I can’t see your face in real life, it feels like we are close friends, all of us who come on this blog. I hope you do well in school. Really, just get the nice teachers to like you and study, study, and study!(That’s what I do Tee hee ) I hope this helps. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is make my bed, brush my teeth, and then look at your blog. 🙂 Your blog is unique and it’s different. cutiecake ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I’m sure everyone will love to contribute to this blog! You may use any posts from my blog anytime! Also, Angela, good luck learning to drive!PS. Nobody is ever too old to play Fantage!


  19. Now i’m freaking out!. Who am i gonna go to when I need advice and tips on events Dx.


  20. That’s okay. I just want what’s best for you both. Good luck in school!

    Oh btw, something was going on with Vintage gold yesterday. Nothing was selling. I hope Fantage removes VG. I hate that store and their prices.


  21. Guys, if we all pitch in, we could all call Fantage and complain about Vintage Gold! Then, we could get back the Trade N Sell! The number is (201) 944-6622 400 . This is my idea. cutiecake ❤


  22. Aww, it’s so sad to see you go! Luckily it’s not forever 🙂
    This is a very unique and creative idea. You’re so brilliant, both you and angela! I bet FV will be fine, because if you followed, and even if you haven’t most people love this blog and will take care of it.
    Oh, and good luck in school!


  23. RainbowGlitterKitty said:

    Good luck! Hope you have a good school year 😉


  24. You guys should take your time! School is important, I’ve been kind of busy myself as well!

    I would like to help too! I’ll try to post the events whenever I can 🙂

    I think drama will rise if you sell your account though 😮

    Good luck(break a leg, whatever) in school! 😀


  25. Reblogged this on fantagebirds and commented:
    Not Moomoo! Not Moomoo! It seems that all the nice people on Fantage are quitting. First Civic Princess, then Moomoo. 😦


  26. dear moo moo:
    fantageville just wont be the same without you:((((((
    i really wish u would stay but i understand about how important school is.
    and i have a question: is casey_cow leaving too?
    plz awnser



  27. fantageawesome6 said:

    You focus on school because it most important! I might want to buy your fantage account, but I want to know the price that you are looking for. I can take up the Vintage Gold tasks. I have pictures now and can send them as soon as I can. It just won’t be the same, but I’m kinda liking how your making the blog more viewer-interactive


  28. twinkie432664 said:

    I hope you do great in school, moomoo! And I’m SOOOOOOOOOO happy you’re gonna be coming back! 😀 (Oh, i also clicked on the great blog thingie. I kinda cried when I saw that post :/)


  29. At least shes coming back, unlike some bloggers 🙂


  30. Good luck to both of you! ❤


  31. memorystep said:

    When I say this, I am probably speaking for every viewer of FV.. I understand that you both need to focus on your education and it is your top priority, and that blogging is only something you do for fun and to help others that play Fantage. Most importantly, I wish you both good luck in school! ^.^ I think most of us will be having a mini-party in our minds when you become active again, lol.

    (It probably is bizarre to see a ten year old person to speak so maturely ((as I am told)). o.o)


  32. ๒ย๔๔єг ร๏гςєгєรร said:

    Good luck with school mate.
    And I hope this blogs viewers will be respectful with commenting and XAT.
    I started school three weeks ago so xD


  33. GOOD LUCK=)


  34. Moomoo and Angela,

    Firstly, a big THANK YOU to you guys! You two have been an inspiration to all, and pioneered Fantage blogging, along with Wind & Slippy. Thank you to you two for always providing quality blog posts, keeping up with it for so long, and for being positive role-models and bloggers for younger kids to look up to. The workload for FV must be insane, and I can’t believe you’ve gone so far in two years! (Is it two years yet?)

    Thank you for always notifying us of and sparking discussions on topics of concern (scamming, the abuse toward Fantage employees) in a respectful manner; both bringing attention to said subjects and asking opinions on a resolution. I love seeing posts like that, since I adore reading others’ opinions and feedback.

    Please do take time on your studies, your social life and most of all, your “real life” in general! Fantage and Fantageville will always be here, whereas you only get one shot at getting those straight A’s in whatever year of high school you two are attending. Remember — Fantage is temporary, but the grades you earn in your Sophomore, Junior & Senior years are permanent (unless you want to re-sit those years, but who WANTS to do that?) and will play a heavy hand in your future. (Unis, Colleges, etc.)

    You two were/are huge personal heroes in terms of Fantage for me. Best of luck with your studies, and “real life” things! We will never forget you, and will be anticipating your return.

    Congrats your accomplishments with this blog.



  35. Wait. Are you quitting or just going inactive for a bit? If your quitting. I will be sad. If your just going inactive for a bit. I will be uh. Sad and happy? (A mix). T_T Good luck in school ;-;


  36. Why are you selling your items moomoo?


  37. Hey Moomoo, I totally get what you’re saying. I haven’t been on your blog for ages because I quit fantage so long ago.I used to have a fantage blog but I deleted it once I turned a teen. You definitely should focus on your school work and not worry.


  38. Good luck at school! I don’t know if you go to one of those gifted schools or not, but I’m guessing you’re pretty smart though, right? Just wondering, if you ever get time to see this anyways, have you ever gotten any major recognition or awards; like a Highest GPA Award, etc? Also, have you been invited to participate in the 7th Grade Duke Talent Search Program or something like that? Haha, anyways good luck and study hard!


    • Thanks Britney! ❤
      Hm, my school gives those awards away on senior graduation night, they don't tell us what they are though, haha.


    • Fantage Boutique sucks!!!
      -only for members
      -only items from stores
      -worse than vintage gold
      -it’s making nons quit


      • Yep! THEY GOT RID OF VINTAGE!!! vintage was actually being more reasonable- the prices were still WAY too inflated, but they weren’t like in the hundred thousands much. I saved up ecoins, and bough a nice fishing rod and blue pig tails from there with a total of 1,600 ecoins. Not bad for vintage. Then, of course, a day later it’s replaced by a stupid store JUST for members.


      • fyretotherain said:

        Sophia murdered Victoria and wrecked her shop and made a new one. I actually feel bad for wanting vintage to leave 😦 I want it back now!


  39. Good Luck you two! I’m also focusing on my classes too, High schooler, Freshman year.


  40. Awesomeness678 said:

    There is this new thing on Fantage called a Bestie. Only members can buy them. Basically Fantage knows that lots of people want a “whun” these days and they are trying to make money out of it, and its working. Girls can only buy boys and boys buy girls. They’re really creepy and repeat the same lines over and over again. They follow the person who bought them and every now and then they say something, and repeat themselves over and over again. It was only released today and I have already seen over 20 people with one. You can turn them on or off in your inventory, and the name underneath them says (users name)’s bestie. Personally I find them really annoying and Fantage shouldn’t have made them.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to let you know as you both are super busy. Good luck Moo-moo and Angela, and I’ll be looking forward to your next post! ♥♥♥


  41. Guys, just to tell you guys know there is a problem on Fantage. If you log in the first server, the loading will stop making you to refresh. Then, it will say you are permanently banned.
    Anyone else having this problem???


    • I think Fantage made a new rule where you can’t log in to your Fantage account on more than one device. They made this so you can’t have “shared accounts” which is stupid because a lot of people have more than one computer!!
      I wasn’t sure if this is true or not, I only heard it on Facebook, so I didn’t post it.


  42. what is GPA ?


  43. Best wishes for school! Education always comes first.


  44. im not sure but who would want to buy virtual items with REAL MONEY?


    • You would be surprised by how many. People who have enough time and money and effort do. I actually wanted to spend money on the game- I have grown attatched to the game. But… I’m focussing on just gaining special items and improving my charactor’s looks and house, and I don’t wanna spend money on a game that i wont take really seriously. (like pinkstardut, i bet she has spent at LEAST $500 on the game)


  45. Ah the boutique sucks. It’s worse than VG.


  46. Good Luck for your schooling,in Singapore,now its a time when ALL EXAMS are over.YIPII!Hope you will do well.I’ll do as much to contribute to this blog.:):):)


  47. Anonymous said:

    Dear MooMoo,

    Brooke, who you left in charge of your xat chat fantageville has advertised the heck out of it while you’ve been gone and taken all the members to her own xat, danceville. She breaks the rules and your trust in an unforgivable backstabbing way. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

    Sincerely, someone who knew Brooke couldn’t be trusted.


  48. fyretotherain said:

    wat the hell fantage! omg their new event for halloween has a costume that is innapropriate!


  49. my kiosk is 50-C10 pls buy *^*


  50. I miss you guys!! When are you both coming back to blog


  51. Missing you guys already 0.o
    when ever i check my mail during a new fantage event, my inbox feels unnaturally empty, like info about fantage’s new halloween items or whatnot. This is odd, because I usually have like 10 emails about google and ads staring at me, but I’m always watching out when deleting the useless mail, as if hoping a notification from this blog would pop up. Maybe I’ve grown too attached o.O.
    I hope your guys’s (did I spell that right?) school year is going well, my bro is in highschool, and I’m just staring horrified at the piles upon piles of homework he has got: piling up up up on his desk 0o0


  52. Fantageville has shut down offically They haven’t uploaded In months casey’s Youtube video hasn’t been Uploaded In about a year,


  53. princess moomoo
    when will u be bak? 🙂
    i am excited to know


  54. queenfan2 said:

    I am willing to update the ‘All Fantage items’ page.


  55. its almost 2015!!! Cant wait until you guys start posting again!! 🙂


  56. I miss you guys! nobody is really on anymore on the chat D:


  57. fyretotherain said:

    Moomoo, since Angela is gone, will you continue to work on this blog by yourself, or will you ask someone to help you? Just asking 🙂


  58. Good Luck… I got B’s and C’s meh…


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