❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Little Codies Update


Now you only need 3 of each item to build a cube, instead of 10!

TIP: If you want all 3 cody pets, make sure you have 9 of ALL items (3 items x 3 cubes) before constructing anything. I heard in the comments that, after you get your first cube, the games don’t give you items as often, which makes it hard to complete another cube. I accidentally constructed 3 cubes already for purple, and I have noticed that I didn’t get items every time, but it wasn’t impossible, so I’m not sure if this is true.

After you have 3 cubes of the same color…

cody2 cody3

… go to your barn and use the Magic Code by clicking on the red basket inside your barn. If you never knew what Magic Codes were, click here for our super old page.

This is an instant Magic Code, so you don’t even have to wait for it to hatch, like the eggs!


Make sure to visit out Pet Guide page to learn how to level up, especially if you’re a nonmember and this is your first pet (not including the starter pets, Mumbo and Jimbo). The page used to be named “Pets for Nonmembers,” but I renamed it since I just realized that Members can absolutely use it as well 🙂


Speaking of those pages, I will be adding these Cody Pets to the Wild Slinger Cheats page, so keep checking the Blog News page for updates! (If you didn’t notice, the Blog News page was recently updated too, so make sure to check it out!)

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If you see this post anywhere else, then that’s pretty funny, because it means the copier was so busy copying they didn’t notice this.


This is exactly the type of thing that restores my faith in Fantage: making us happy instead of trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of us.

I don’t know if they get money or not based on how many hours we play, but even if they didn’t, this was still a really nice thing to do. I’m sure a lot of people already gave up on earning materials to get Codies. Seriously, 90 items (3 items x 10 of each x 3 cubes)?? Not to mention the probability of getting the item you needed.

I just feel sorry for the people that already got a cody before this update, because they wasted their time for nothing…!

Other than that, I very much love this update, so


Comments on: "Little Codies Update" (50)

  1. Can nonmembers walk the little codies and play games with them or is it members only?


  2. *❄Winter❄Snow❄* said:

    Well, what about the people who sent a lot of gold on it? If you spent 90,000, now you would have to spend much less. Wouldn’t having a Cody now mean much less than hard work now that they updated this?
    But on the bright side, it’s much less work c:


  3. hanna24678 on fantage said:

    How do you get a little Cody egg


  4. I feel bad for the people who got the pets before this too. I think some of them are mad because they had to play a lot of games to get those items


  5. Princess moomoo, the bot i think was controled by a hacker!!! First of all< it said I have Chosen grupes! The bot also said idk! The thing that scared me most was that it said this, " I LIKE ME SOME GRAPES". It even said but i like u stella! cutiecake ❤


  6. Text copyrights 😛


  7. I think after you get one pet you are not getting any item after. This happened to other people on fantage and I sent them an email but they didn’t respond yet.


  8. Andyluvpoodles said:

    Today i created three blocks for changing them to a magic code but when i went my barn to set the egg it said that i didn t had any magic code,but the create a cody machine take the materials to make the blocks.
    Please help!!!!! ToT


  9. Edgar265388 said:

    Hey princess moo moo please don’t delete meh on fantage your the best blogger we are friends so don’t delete meh and any une you want help on a blog post just tell meh or talk to meh on fantage


  10. you know how when u have a pet, you can redeem it for a prize (item) right?
    well what’s the prize for this pet?


  11. cutedodo said:

    ugh,i wish i have some ecoins to get pet codys for magic code 😦 and now i tryed to play a game but it wont even give me da items! so mad >:c


  12. I like this new update! Hopefully the Alice In Wonderland event is just as good and not the same as last year.


  13. How would Fantage get money from the amount of time you play??? The ways Fantage make money is through: People watching/clicking on ads. People buying membership, people buying eCoins/Gold.


  14. how long do you hbave to wait till you get another item from cody?


  15. This is not relevant but I LOVE your new profile pic MM!!


  16. The first time I played a pet game I got an item (purple yarn) for little codies but after that every time I play and win the game I don’t get any items. I’ve tried logging back in but i’m not getting any items. Please help!


  17. LPSSantaPaws said:

    Dear MooMoo, I have figured out a new way to get stars super fast! (But this was before when Cody Pets needed more items) Go to Lucky Bob’s on Mondays and sell all the EXTRA cody items you have! Jackpot is about 1200 stars and I got about 12,000 stars for selling my Cody items! You should try this too! 😉


  18. OMGitsBudderSorceress said:

    I don’t really play Fantage that much anymore :/ I quit because of all of those annoying people….


  19. Susan Peytonatorღ said:

    Lol MooMoo, your new icon/picture is so cute


  20. Sounds cool. I might come back later.


  21. cool


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