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My Last Post

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, and I’m not quite sure where to start.

I want to apologize for leaving for nearly three months without any explanation. Something rather unfortunate happened in real life that required my full attention, and, well, let’s just leave it at that, for my own privacy and to spare you from a long boring story.

I’m (again) amazed that this blog has continued to be active during my absence, whether it be through views, comments, or asks. You all are truly the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever met online. It’s difficult to express how extremely grateful I am to have met you all, merely by typing some words on my keyboard, but please believe that I mean every word I’m typing in the most sincere way.

Many of you have already come to the conclusion that I won’t be returning to blog. As much as I wish that I could continue blogging, I have to admit that you’re right.

But those of you who know me well know that I value organization and completeness, which is why I decided to log into WordPress one last time to wrap up this three-year-long “journey.”

If you were with me almost from the very beginning, wow, this has been an amazing three years, hasn’t it? If you discovered this blog somewhere along these three years, thanks so much for hopping aboard, I hope you had fun! If you just found this blog today, whether it be on the day I posted it or years from now, sorry I couldn’t be here, but no worries! Many viewers younger than me have already taken the initiative to become bloggers themselves, and I’m sure you will have an equally amazing journey with them.

I will change the comments settings so they will all be approved automatically.

I will leave everything on this blog intact, including the XAT Chat Box, Ville Bills, social media, etc.

I will be logging off permanently once I click the “Publish” button on the post, not because I don’t want to read your comments, but because I want to avoid a teary goodbye.

Also, if I have learned anything from my time blogging, it is this: Picking up where someone else left off will never give you the joy of starting from the beginning and working your way up. This is why I will not be selling/giving Fantageville or my other accounts to anyone.

I don’t want to ruin this goodbye by making it any cheesier, so I’ll end it here. Thank you all again, I love you SO much!

Princess MooMoo ❤

Task 3 Results

Thanks to all those that participated in Task 3 and the break period for the 5th Fantageville Games! These are the players that have been eliminated for this round:

  1. Mango025
  2. Ashley0711
  3. q790ert
  4. ada566131
  5. puppycrazy6
  6. prettymeme75
  7. kamryn155
  8. preetypie123
  9. ioki5
  10. mmchan
  11. nobe27
  12. beautiful_me123
  13. cloud82
  14. cinder_cider
  15. fiona135