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Fantage Music Mania Event


I didn’t even know Fantage would be releasing an event today, so this caught me by surprise! It’s kind of a combination of the Blackout Event (collecting colored music notes) and the 2012 Pop Stars Event (more…)

Fantage Blackout Event 2014 + Other Updates

Other Updates are on the way bottom, including: I ❤ School Wordz – New Comet GameCody’s Crazy Combos – New Sky Surfers Set, and Bonus Level Medal – Get Free Items

This is the third Lights Out/Black Out event, there was one in 2013 and 2012 too! And by the looks of it, it’s EXACTLY the same as the 2012 event. Here we go…

Limited Items

Of course, they’re selling it for Gold instead of ecoins/stars 😦


Lights Out Event


Event Info

1 2

3 4

5 6

Click the pictures above to be directed to the matching part of the post!


Fantage Fashion On Ice


Basically, you have to either be a member or have a lot of ecoins to participate in this event, sadly…

Item Carts

Buy an ice skating outfit from the Limited Item Cart at Uptown or Downtown!


BUT before you buy them, you should take a look at what the prizes are!

How to Skate

Wear your ice skating outfit, and go to the rink, which is at the left side of the beach.


Just walk over to the START circle.


You do NOT have to smile, wave, jump, etc. It does it for you, so easy!


Sean will then “judge your style” (lol not really)


Don’t worry, you will always get a prize the first time…


Then 10 stars each time you do it again.


Of course, you can’t just do this over an over again to get unlimited stars. You have to wait about a minute before Sean will judge you again. But it isn’t that long, don’t worry!


Here is the list of prizes, you should look at this BEFORE you buy the costume, so you get the prize you think is the best! I bought the blue one, the board is SO COOL!


You can also view this prize list by clicking on Sean at Uptown, Downtown, or the Beach.


Wondering how these items look on you? Here’s a pic!


Where are the Torches?

(Click here for the Fantage Summer Games post)


  • If you already lit all the torches of your color from yesterday, they will remain lit up. You do not need to find them again, unless you want stickers.
  • The LOCATIONS of the torches are mostly the same every day. Only the COLOR changes.
  • The colors for be might be different for you. If so, go through all 5 lists until you find one that matches your color, then use it to find the rest.
  • OR! Try using yesterday’s list!
  • If you do not see your colors, please WAIT. I promise I will post them.

I will post the locations every day!

August 5

1. Castle Bridge (right)

2. Castle Entrance (above Mouse Out)

3. Castle Entrance (left)

4. Castle Entrance (far left)

5. Inside Castle (left)

6. Uptown (front of Costume Shop)

7. Uptown (right of Hall of Fame)

8. Downtown (left of Super Power shop)

9. Downtown (under Stellar Salon)

10. Downtown (front of Top Models)

1. Mt. Fantage (left of Extreme Snowboarding)

2. Mt. Fantage (right of HELP sign)

3. Mt. Fantage (near Reporter Quiz sign)

4. Inside Castle (far left)

5. Inside Castle (right of Type Boo)

6. Creature Area (under BoBo Fish)

7. Creature Area (left of HELP sign)

8. Creature Area (left of Creature Arena entrance)

9. Uptown (front of Furniture Shop)

10. Uptown (front of ID Fone Shop)

1. Carnival (under Rocket Board)

2. Carnival (right of Rocket Board)

3. Pet Town (right of Pet Games)

4. Pet Town (left of Pet Games)

5. Pet Town (under Pet Barn)

6. Forest (ALL the way left)

7. Fantage School (left of school)

8. Fantage School (far left)

9. Hidden Meadow (left)

10. Creature Area (under Creature Shop)

1. Carnival (left of Friendship Bracelets)

2.  Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

3. Forest (under Bubble Bug)

4. Forest (also under Bubble Bug)

5. Forest (left of Grotto)

6. Forest (all the way right, of Lucky Bob’s)

7. In Super Power Shop

8. In Star Cafe (left)

9. In Star Cafe (under window)

10. In Le Shop (thanks xyzt0!)

1. Castle Bridge (left)

2. Castle Bridge (far left)

3. Castle Entrance (right)

4. Wizard’s Domain (Orion’s Rare Finds entrance)

5. Wizard’s Domain (right of Candy Swap)

6. In Vintage Shop

7. In Costume Shop (left)

8. In Costume Shop (right)

9.  In Le Shop

10. In Stellar Salon

Fantage Summer Games 2012 Event

Item Carts (Uptown and Downtown)

Everything in the Limited Item cart is for Members

Buy a costume from the Gymtastic Outfits cart to do gymnastics! Nonmembers can buy the pink one!

Buy a costume from the Torch cart (in front of Le Shop) to light torches. Nonmembers can buy the yellow one!

Gymnast Mat Game

You can go to the Gymnast Mat at the far left of the Beach to do gymnastics and win stars.

To play:

1. Buy a gymnast outfit from Downtown or Uptown. However, the nonmember outfit cannot play this game!

2. Go to the “Start” area at the mat and do whatever moves the judges tell you to do. Earn stars for a good score!

Mini Games

Click on Michelle at Downtown to play. There is also an event movie, but since there is no stampbook, you don’t have to watch it.

How to Play Hurdles

Press and HOLD the spacebar to run. The longer you hold it, the faster you will get.

Press the up arrow to jump. You can press it twice to jump higher and longer.

You will run for 500 meters. Try to do it as fast as possible!

How to Play Discus Throw

Press and HOLD the spacebar as you watch this thing in the lower corner.

Try to let go of the spacebar EXACTLY when the green arrow touches the green line on it.

*Make sure you allow it to spin at least once before releasing!

How to Play Swimming

Press and HOLD the spacebar to swim forward. When the breath bar reaches about here, release it, so you can catch your breath!

Don’t wait too long to catch a breath, or you will slow down.

When the bar is green again, press and HOLD the spacebar until you run out of breath again.

Light the Torches

Buy a Torch costume first. Then, go around Fantage finding the color torch torch that matches your costume.

They look like this: (this is the yellow one)

Click here for the locations for ALL the colors, EVERY day!

The prizes:

Where are the Candles?

Okay, I’ve decided to make a list of all the locations of the candles. I probably will miss a day or 2, I AM TRYING MY BEST! Do NOT pester me with questions like, “I can’t find them! Where are they?” because the list is right in front of you.

Also, I will be updating this list throughout the day, so if you don’t see your color, just wait.

Other bloggers, you may NOT copy this list. I have tried very hard to find all of these. No, I don’t want credit. Find them all yourself. If I find that even 1 blogger has copied my list, with or without credit, I will remove it, and you can blame them.

July 3

Same as June 27, scroll down to see the list

July 2

Same as June 28, scroll down to see the list

July 1

Same as June 27, scroll down to see the list

June 30

Same as June 28, scroll down to see the list

June 29

Same as June 27, scroll down to see the list

June 28

1. Downtown (front of Star Cafe)

2. In Le Shop

3. Uptown (front of Costume Shop)

4. In Board Shop

5. In Costume Shop 

6. Beach (right of Splash)

7. Lighthouse (left)

8. Pet Town (left of Pet Barn)

9. Castle Entrance (above Mouse Out)

10. Castle Bridge (right)

1. Downtown (front of Stellar Salon)

2. In Star Cafe

3. Uptown (front of ID Fone Shop)

4. In Vintage Shop

5. In Furniture Shop

6. Carnival (right of Prize Booth)

7. Mt. Fantage (all the way right)

8. Oasis (under moon)

9. Carnival (front of Rocket Board)

10. In Super Power Shop (Downtown)

1. In star cafe

2. In Stellar Salon

3. Uptown (front of Mission Center Elevator)

4. Castle Entrance (left)

5. Castle Realtor’s/Inside Castle (on counter)

6. Castle Realtor’s/Inside Castle (far left)

7. Forest (right of Lucky Bob’s)

8. Fantage School (right)

9. Creature Area (above pond)

10. Castle Bridge (far left)

1. Uptown (Furniture Shop entrance)

2. Beach (left of Jelly Fishin’

3. Carnival (left of Arcade)

4. Pet Town (right of Pet Academy)

5. Mt. Fantage (all the way right)

6. Wizard’s Domain (right of help sign)

7. Forest (beneath direction signs, right of mushrooms)

8. Dock (left)

9. Downtown (Top Model’s entrance)

10. Oasis (far left)

1. Downtown (all the way left, on flowerbed)

2. Lighthouse (right)

3. Carnival (front of Rocket Board)

4. Carnival (front of Buzzer Beater)

5. Mt. Fantage (right of Comet & Co.)

6. Mt Fantage (left of Comet & Co.)

7. Wizard’s Domain (left of Help sign)

8. Forest (front of Grotto)

9. Creature Area (front of Creature Shop)

10. Oasis (on water well)

June 27

1. Oasis (right of the camel)

2. Carnival (next to Prize Booth)

3. Downtown (front of Stellar Salon)

4. Uptown (between Vintage Shop and ID Fone Shop)

5. Mt. Fantage (far right, under chair lifts)

6. Carnival (front of Rocket Board)

7. Inside Vintage Shop

8. Inside Furniture Shop

9. Inside Star Cafe

10. Inside Super Power Shop

1. Front of Star Cafe

2. Inside Le Shop

3. Front of Costume Shop

4. Inside Board Shop

5. Inside Costume Shop

6. Lighthouse (far right)

7. Beach (right of Splash)

8. Castle Bridge (right side)

9. Castle Entrance (above Mouse Out)

10. Pet Town (left of Pet Barn)

1. Front of ID Fone Shop

2. Beach (Sunblock entrance)

3. Dock (left, on the bench)

4. Forest (far left)

5. Wizard’s Domain (left of Bullseye)

6. Mt. Fantage (all the way right)

7. Pet Town (front of Pet Academy)

8. Carnival (front of Face Paint)

9. Oasis (right of Oasis Bazaar sign)

10. Downtown (front of Top Models Inc.)

1. Inside Star Cafe

2. Inside Stellar Salon

3. Left of Furniture Shop

4. Creature Area (entrance of Arena)

5. Creature Area (left of Creature Shop)

6. Beach (left of Jelly Fishin’)

7. Fantage School (left)

8. Forest (left of Lucky Bob’s)

9. Castle Bridge (left side)

10. Castle Entrance (far right, on bench)

1. Creature Area (below Creature Shop)

2. Lighthouse (right)

3. Forest (front of Grotto)

4. Wizard’s Domain (left of Help sign)

5. Mt. Fantage (right of Comet & Co.)

6. Mt. Fantage (left of Comet & Co.)

7. Carnival (front of Buzzer Beater)

8. Carnival (between Rocket Board and Arcade)

9. Oasis (on water pool)

10. Downtown (ALL the way left, front of flower bed)