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Fantage Updates #FVHelper

I will only be coming on every Friday night at the very most. My items for sale have been posted on a Google Doc already, but I need to arrange a time to do it! Remember that all updates are on the Blog News post.

Enjoy this awesome post from MyFantageInfo, by cindy_lee_9, on:

  • Book It or Bucket updates
  • Gold updates
  • Luxury Caribbean Resort
  • new Cody’s Crazy Combos set
  • new android app for free Gold!

My Fantage Info

Book It or Bucket Chat

We now have a chat when playing Book It or Bucket!


If you say something that won’t show, it says [blocked] in front of it:

There’s also a new category, Games, that you have to buy with gold.


I didn’t buy it, so I don’t know how it’s like. Is it about real life games or Fantage games?

I like this update 😀

Book It or Bucket is a bit glitchy, though. Sometimes there’s no question, just blank space, and then everyone gets the bucket. -_-


Gold is spreading…

We can now do Lucky Bot with gold or ecoins.

choose Half price gold

You can also buy gems with gold.

gems Half price again… In reality, the original price…

I have nothing against these updates, since Fantage was nice enough to give you an option of ecoins or gold. But Fantage must know that we would rather…

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Trade n Sell Refunds

This has finally been released! Although Fantage was unnecessarily late in doing so, let’s just put that behind and be thankful that they did this in the first place!

How to Refund

Go to Uptown and click on this wonderful green sign


Vintage Gold

Last updated by MooMoo on 12/27/13: added link to All Vintage Gold Items page

Click here for a list of all the items Vintage Gold has ever released

MooMoo’s added words are in purple

Guess what came out today? Vintage Gold! I actually like this idea.

“Equality before law” right? Now the only thing that distinguishes us will be level…

As you probably know, it replaced Trade n’ Sell in Uptown

Vintage Gold Front



Guess what? Trade n Sell is going to CLOSE!!!


It will be replaced with a brand new shop, Vintage Gold!

Why is princess_moomoo supporting this, you may ask?