❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Level Title Plates

Level Title Plate Header

Another mini update!

Click on this sign at Downtown to buy. Nonmembers and Members can get these, as long as you have gold.


I went to a full server just now to find someone with these so I could screenshot them as examples, and I ran into two viewers! Thanks, jenny2268 and katy3972 for being our models!


The regular one that they are wearing costs 500 gold for 7 days, or 2,000 for a permanent. The yellow and blue ones are both 1,000 for 7 days, or 4,000 for a permanent.


Reflection and Suggestions

After the things I reflected on from the previous post, “The Life of a Fantage Employee (click here), I’ve decided to be much more positive, so I’ve added a “suggestions” part to the usual “reflection” section. Also because I know for sure now that someone from Fantage reads this blog 🙂

I know this seems like yet another update that makes us spend gold, but really, business-wise, it’s something they have to do. So I’m not mad or anything. They need things like this to keep Fantage going.

I will, however, list some suggestions so they hopefully make some changes.

The plate is not very appealing first of all, and it doesn’t really match. We’re supposed to be on hoverboards, and now there’s like a floating piece of metal under us, lol. (Maybe this is because of time restraints for the artists). Also, I don’t think putting it underneath is a good spot, since it will likely be covered in full servers. To solve these two, maybe put a pretty flying banner above the Fantagian’s head instead, sort of like the flag in the 4th floor Hall of Fame?

There’s also the fact that it’s repetitive, because your title is something accessible by simply clicking on your ID Fone.

I know they’re trying to think of something to reward us for leveling up, and I really liked the prizes that they gave out on the bonus level medal sign. They should do something like that, like customized clothing for each title you receive. Ooh! Maybe a crown, and it gets fancier each time you reach a new title! That would be SO cool! 😀

And then, to satisfy the gold part, we can pay gold to customize it extra or something.

Comments on: "Level Title Plates" (34)

  1. ❣Ƴαиιcκ_cαт❣ said:

    I like your crown idea MooMoo 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on 🍀 The Fantage Lucky Blog🍀 and commented:
    Awesome crown Idea Moo Moo!
    I thought it was a bit weird to but the first level plate. I mean, you are spending 2000 Gold to get 2 red words over your username. Lol.


  3. hey MooMoo! could you tell me your opinion now?


  4. fantageawesome6 said:

    I love the idea of a crown. Sounds super cool 🙂


  5. Yea the crowns would be awesome!


  6. Someone from Fantage reads this? 😮


  7. Even though your crown idea seems promising, it means me forfeiting a head accessory…(for example) I have to give up or not wear my cat ears just to wear the crown. And I don’t like being choosy about it because 1. I like my cat ears and 2. I want to show my achievement. So maybe the banner thing is better? But then again that would sucks since the size can be burdensome especially when navigating crowded servers. However, if can perfect the design, then I’m on board.

    Okay.. Here’s my idea: What I feel is the best way is to make your name title changed colours (as in the highlights). Fantage will give you colour palettes. Every time you level up your rank, you get to unlock one colour palette and so forth. When you reach the higher levels you then unlock gold, silver, bronze, or any metallic colours. Let’s put it this way..If I level up to 50 I get to choose a palette like pink (or plain solid rainbow colours) and customize my name tag with that colour. If you want to unlock another palette before leveling up another rank, you can use gold to buy it. As I level up, I get to unlock more palettes until the higher levels where the metallic colours are available (which cannot be bought via gold, but through only leveling up). That way you can kinda tell that this person is a Legendary because they decorate their user id with gold compare to a newbie like me with level 50 with pink. OR each rank could represents a level but yea. -진리.

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  8. Maybe every time you get a new title, you get like a Tee-Shirt that goes well with shorts that says your title? And you can customize it for 200 stars or ecoins or gold or something?
    I leveled up to 400 and got the title “Scholar”, I will instantly get a Tee-Shirt that has “Scholar” on it.

    Now that I think about it, a sash would be better 😮 😀
    BTW Moomoo, when you said, “…gold to customize..”, I INSTANTLY thought about Transformice xD


  9. Does someone on Fantage really read this moomoo? How do you know? And who is it? :O Sorry for the question overload xD


  10. Just a quick question! If I become a member and use gold to play Cody’s combos and buy other things, will I still be able to wear them when I’m a nonmember again? Thanks, and hopefully Vintage Gold is just deleted soon because I was a non since 2009 when leveling up was hard and rares were… Well rare LOL! Thanks & love da blog ❤


  11. I wish you can buy one with stars or ecoins.


  12. sophiarocks21 said:

    I don’t like the idea of having title name plates. To me it’s just a reason for people with high levels to show off and be mean to people with low levels.


  13. i wish fantage would have a suggestion box so we can submit good ideas for them to use so they don’t have to rack their heads all the time for a new event or ideas.


  14. Do you mind if I use the idea of a suggestion box for each update? I could add a credit if you want…

    I wont copy your suggestions though, I will make mine original.


  15. […] here for Fantageville’s post about that, which I […]


  16. I have an idea.
    How about when you purchase title plates, it changes depending on your level. Maybe it could change colors? Like if you’re at level 1-100 it could be blank and 200-299 it would change to blue etc. And when you get to level 1000+ it could turn into a gold level plate.


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