❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

So I have finally finished recording all the points for the FV games. If your points are not recorded, it means you did not email me challenges following the proper requirements listed in the instructions for task 2. Anyway, it seems a LOT of people were eliminated from this challenge, so thanks to all who joined and participated! I have rearranged the teams so that there are an equal number of people on each team. People who are eliminated:

  1. lizziepinkie692
  2. noniimac
  3. 18kiusy2
  4. rose0250
  5. snowwinter2000
  6. lopezlilliana
  7. navya20055
  8. puppycrazy6
  9. flasher38
  10. cinnamonbunny567
  11. cassy12354
  12. irina_29
  13. emz
  14. ameee25673
  15. pinkypie3370
  16. amy12201
  17. hailey123220
  18. bailey9347
  19. carleykitkat12
  20. xxmarexx
  21. diamondpower
  22. snowballcjane
  23. pink_annoyness
  24. monita148
  25. jrf10
  26. math10000
  27. prettymeme75
  28. bubbleslps
  29. jennifer51552

1 player from each team with those points on that team will receive immunity for the next task. Great job guys 🙂 These 5 players are:

  1. for
  2. amberliya
  3. sandy_rose
  4. annie21200
  5. redsparkle123

Task 3 will come out tomorrow, so check often for updates 🙂 The 5th Fantageville Games page will be password protected until I release Task 3 tomorrow, so that no one will be able to see the task.

Comments on: "5th FV Games Task 2 Results" (19)

  1. I’m one of the top 5 :3
    Does receive immunity mean that we can’t be eliminated for Task 3?


  2. I did! You just never got my email


  3. Will the next FV Games be during the summer too, or will it be different every time?

    Plus, I think most of us were inactive because of a vacation, it is summer.


    • Well during the summer, people have the most time. And we change whenever it is since we don’t do it at the same time every year.


  4. nonamacdancer said:

    Oh well, maybe next year!


  5. Anonymous said:

    I sent you about 20 tasks, can you check again please?


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