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Fantage Fashion Battle


~Sorry this post was later than usual, school has started for me and it’s currently my priority, as it’s a very stressful year for me. Thanks for your patience!~


This new feature seems to be an extension of the classic Fashion Show at Top Models. It’s faster, more convenient, and has more one-on-one interaction, which is awesome!

Even better, you can play the Fashion Battle anywhere on Fantage, you just have to click this button to start!


How to Play – Basics

First, you need Fashion Battle tokens. Luckily, all of us get 3 free tokens every day, just by clicking on the button above.


You can also buy extra token packs with gold. They’re actually not outrageously expensive, 10 tokens for 200 gold.


Like I mentioned earlier, you can be anywhere on Fantage to play this, you do not need to be inside Top Models or at Downtown.

Now, you have two choices. You can either challenge someone who has already started a battle, or you can start one yourself and wait for other people to challenge you.

How to Challenge a User

Click on one of the people in the Battles tab. You can battle anyone in the server, not just your friends or the people standing near you!


The colored level bars on the right indicate how well that person did. If you want to win you should choose someone with a blue, low level bar. BUT, I’ve noticed that if you challenge someone with a higher level bar, you get more stars and you gain levels faster.

The bars indicate how many items the person has in their inventory. So, it’s likely that the more bars, the more difficult the opponent will be. Thanks, person in the comments!

After you’ve chosen your opponent, you will be given a theme (it’s always a color) and you will be given the choice to buy the theme’s special hair. These items give you bonus points but cost a LOT: 10,000 gold.


Then, just dress up to match the theme! Close your inventory once you’re done, and you will get your results!


How to Start Your Own battle

Click the Battle button.


Your opponent is unknown for now, they have to click on your username and challenge you after you’ve dressed up.


Again, you will be given a theme and a chance to buy the special hair.

Once you’re done dressing, this notification will pop up. Close it by clicking on it.


Keep on checking the Results tab. If you see a username there, that means someone has challenged you, and the results are ready! Click on it.


Again, the winner will be given stars and points for their medal.


1. As far as I know, there is no time limit for dressing up, unlike the Fashion Show. Take as long as you need.

2. Like the fashion show, rares (items from Orion) give you HUGE boost. Even if it’s the nonmember rares, it still gives you more points than non-rare items.

3. Personally, I prefer challenging people on the Battles page than starting a battle myself. You don’t have to wait as long, and you know exactly who you’re playing against.

4. If your medal isn’t leveling up even after winning a bunch of games, just refresh, same thing happened to me.

Mystery Box

Play games and get points to fill up the XP bar at the bottom. Once it’s full, you can win stars, eCoins, or Tokens. I haven’t gotten there yet, but if I do, I’ll let you know what I got!


I just got the Mystery Box, finally. Once your bar is filled, you have to click on the pink box yourself to redeem it. Then, you get to choose 1 box out of three randomly. I got 286 stars, which is around the ballpark of what I’ve been hearing in the comments.

Reflection +Suggestions

I absolutely LOVE this. I think the Fashion Show is one of the best games on Fantage, and I’m so happy that they’re expanding it.

I’m especially happy that they finally stopped making updates/events that requires gold to have fun. It was super awesome of Fantage to give everyone 3 free tokens, even nonmembers. This is how things should always be.

And honestly, I’m not very bothered by how expensive the special theme hairs are. For one, nobody is forcing you to buy it. Two, Fantage needs to make a profit from this. And three, wow they actually look pretty good, I’m sure you FMV and editing people would find good uses for it.


As for suggestions, this is really small, but I hope they will add the “Points until next level” thing when you hover your mouse over the medal. It’s nice knowing.

And also, it would be cool if they added the special theme hairs to the Mystery Box as a prize!

Comments on: "Fantage Fashion Battle" (71)

  1. I absoulutely love one-on-one fashion show! Do yuor tokens carry over to the next day if you don’t use them all?


    • Yep! That’s a really good question! I went on for the past two days to get them but I didn’t have time to play, so I used most of my 9 tokens today.
      Remember that you have to claim them by clicking on the button though, you don’t automatically get them 🙂


      • I figured you could also verse a spare account to win easier? If you’re for example 400 points over the other person do you win more stars and XP?


      • I’m actually really unsure whether the amount of XP/stars you get is based on how difficult your opponent was, or by how much you won. On my spare account, prince__moomoo, in the very first match I played I got a pretty good score and my opponent got a 0. I leveled up right away, after only 1 game.


  2. Do you know if this is a permanent extension or just a one time event? Thanks haha ❤ fantage seems to be stepping it up 😀


  3. Hmm , What if you create a new account and let yourself win , Its cheating but I need the stars :3.


    • Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do, but I don’t think that’s the best idea.
      New accounts don’t have much on them, meaning it will get a low score. And if I guessed correctly that the harder your opponent is, the faster you level up, then you would be wasting your tokens by leveling up super slowly.
      I wouldn’t recommend it if you already have a super big inventory of stuff 🙂


    • Hmm. Maybe if you have a spare account with a lot of stuff. Dress the other account in the wrong theme and your main account in the right theme. Maybe it could work


  4. Yeah, it would be cool to have a special hair too! I think they should add maybe a bit of gold as a prize, maybe 300.

    Also, good luck in school 🙂


  5. I also love this Fashion Battle too. I wish the hairs were either gold or stars. xD They are so pretty.


  6. Derpyoreos said:

    I have been playing and i kept winning espicially when the theme was black (TY RARE ITEMS). Anyway the new update is great because it is so efficient and also reasonable. I love how gold is not required for the new update unlike all the other ones. Fantage actually improved a little. A little. Haha. I actually might keep playing if they keep making updates like this 🙂 btw my name…it was just a nickname i made for some of my games lol. Fantage hasnt been improving but i think this update is just perfect for fantagians 😊.


  7. Reblogged this on hanaomar30.


  8. Reblogged this on Fantage Chicken Soup and commented:
    Fantage Fashion Battles seem fun!


  9. Fashion battle would be awesomer if it didn’t glitch……. ;-;

    I played a battle and saw one of thise items you buy and clicked on it .
    I just wanted see what it would like. 😀 Then, I went ahead and battle my opponent. I had used up all of my battle points, so I checked out the marionet set in Captain Cody’s Crazy Combos! The strangest thing happened. First off, It showed the usual box thing. Next, after closing it, the fashion battle hair purchase box popped up showing all the Crazy Combos items randomly until it stopped on the gold board. (It said I could buy it for 999,999 GOLD!) I didn’t want to see that, so I closed the box. That sent me back to my inventory. Closing my inventory played the previous fashion battle I played. It was weird. I check the battle page and it said I had -1 battle points! D:



  10. Wait , how do you create a battle ?.This has been confusing me.


  11. I think Fashion Battle is better than Fashion Show,in Fashion Battle you get more stars,plus ecoins or items.Doesn’t matter if you play for free 3 times a day,because it’s only one round.While in Fashion Show you play 3 rounds and barely manage to win.


  12. There should be gold on the daily spin. That would be awesome.


  13. OMG I know this is unrelated to the post but I really need help! You Know the holiday train set in vintage gold today? I bought it and it didn’t show up in my inventory! This is the worst glitch in the history of glitches! R.I.P Holiday train set. ;(.


  14. I know this has nothing to do with this post but I need help fast! My account is getting hacked and I’ve tried to change the pass but it says its not the right e-mail eh do I do


  15. Hi moomoo! So this is cutiecake4321 and I want to be your buddy plz. I gave you a rare sticker and you can click it to access my idfone. I am so sorry if i am putting stress on you. I hope you do well in this school year! (Not that you won’t. Tee hee 🙂 ) cutiecake4321 ❤


  16. xxcarlyxx1 said:

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    Sorry I couldn’t blog!


  17. Hi Princess, I always enjoyed reading your blog. You inspired me to create my own. I really like how you have those tabs on top of your blog and I was wondering how you got them. Do you download a widget? Also it would be nice if you accept my friend request on Facebook! (Corissa Desiree)


  18. muzzzzzzzzz said:

    The bars indicate how much items that person has.
    If the bar is red and full that means the person has a lot of items in their inventory. Just thought I should share. 🙂


  19. I just finish filling up the xp bar. When you fill it up and click the mystery box
    You will have to chose between 3 mystery boxes to claim your prize(stars,ecoins,tokens)


  20. For the mystery box I got 162 Ecoins -_- So helpful…


  21. I got the mystery box thing.


  22. Hey, I just filled up the XP bar and I was offered three pink mystery boxes and told to pick one. The one I picked gave me 245 ecoins exactly. I’m assuming the other boxes would have tokens and stars. You can put that in the post so that others can know also! I wasn’t able to take a screenshot but I’m sure its the same for everyone! You’re welcome 🙂


  23. Volleyballhit said:

    OK I finished the box thing and and just thought I should let you know what happens when you fill up the bar.
    Basically, you get to choose between three random boxes. I got 119 ecoins which sucks in my opinion :/
    but I have no clue what the other boxes contain and I LOVE the idea of the hairs as a prize 🙂


  24. Awesomeness678 said:

    The new event at the beach is pretty cool, I hope all of the prizes are for nonmembers!


  25. I saw a video on YouTube about the mystery box, so far all I’ve seen are prizes that are ecoins or stars. It might be other things too, though, that’s all I’ve seen so far.


  26. Sophiarocks21 said:

    I’m finally able to open the mystery box! I only got 121 ecoins though 😦


  27. I got 261 ecoins from the mystery box.


  28. I opened the box and got 167 eCoins 😛
    Not bad, considering the fact that I only had like 10 before! I’d just blown mine off the day before! ;3


  29. imma
    deal with it


  30. I wish I could get hairstyles


  31. fantagekiwis said:

    I love the fashion battle, the great thing is that you get 3 free tokens everyday!

    If you play you get around 150 and above (if you are good) stars from it!


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