❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


I didn’t even know Fantage would be releasing an event today, so this caught me by surprise! It’s kind of a combination of the Blackout Event (collecting colored music notes) and the 2012 Pop Stars Event

Limited Item Cart


These costumes are required to collect music notes. Nonmembers can get the yellow one for 5,000 stars (or 2,500 ecoins, but why would you use ecoins when you can use stars? 🙂 )

Both the green and blue costumes are 3,000 gold/6,000 stars. The red costume is for 3,000 gold only, and the board is 2,000 gold. Unless you have lots of gold, the only thing that Nonmembers can get it the yellow costume.

Finding Music Notes

If you’re not planning to buy all the costumes, there’s pretty much no point in collecting music notes; you only get a very small amount of stars as a prize for collecting all of one color, and there’s no item prize. You get the medal only if you collect all four colors.

The music notes, like the candles during the Blackout event, can be collected if you’re wearing a costume of the same color.

They will be in areas that all Fantagians can access, including inside of stores. They will not be inside areas such as the VIP room or the hidden areas (Fairy Forest, Finkelstein Lab).

Where are the Music Notes?

If this is like the candle event, then the locations are the same every day except for the first day. I’ll try and keep you updated on where the music notes are each day, on this post. They’re the same every day, yay!

These are actually a bit harder to find, since they’re kinda small and they blend into the background. Good thing they move up and down!

*Access the lighthouse by clicking it on map, you can’t get to it from the beach. For some reason it’s separate from the beach location now – Thanks for your help, jasminkaur101!


I think this is really obvious, but I will say it anyway, because some people don’t pick up on obvious things when they’re too busy copying. Don’t copy this and put it on your blog. Seriously.

Downtown (front of Star Cafe)
Le Shop (ceiling)
Stellar Salon (left, above Bella)
Costume Shop (bottom left)
Board Shop (above Michael)
Forest (above Lucky Bob’s)
Forest (far left, under Gems Machine) – it may be covered by a pet treat, look closely
Inside Castle (above Elizabeth)
Mt. Fantage (far right) – it may also be partially covered a pet treat, so look closely
Pet Town (above Pet Barn and Pet Shop)

Gizmo’s Q-Blast (ceiling)
Le Shop (left, next to shelf)
Stellar Salon (right, above Stella)
Board Shop (bottom right)
Fantage School (under Zack’s Acting Academy)
Forest (between Secret Adventure entrance and Grotto)
Mt. Fantage (far left, under Comet & Co.)
Pet Town (above Construct-a-Cody machine)
The Island (under Treasure Hunters entrance)
Lighthouse* (bottom right)

Star Cafe (on blue couch)
Uptown (between MyMall and Furniture Shop)
ID Fone Shop (above entrance)
Orion’s Rare Finds (upper right, near Orion)
Castle Bridge (right)
Inside Castle (left staircase)
Mt. Fantage (left, under helicopter)
Pet Town (far left, left of Pet Barn)
The Island (far right, near Hot or Not)
Lighthouse* (under the sun)

Gizmo’s Q-Blast (far right)
Star Cafe (on window)
Le Shop (above monkey couch)
Downtown (in front of Top Models)
Furniture Shop (left of entrance)
Vintage Gold (middle, on ceiling)
Uptown (between Costume Shop and Board Shop, up high)
Forest (front of Secret Adventure entrance)
Mt. Fantage (right of cave, under Boxy)
Carnival (above Face Painting)

Prize for finding all yellow music notes (let me know if the other colors have a different prize):

Beach Music Mania Stage

Sorry I forgot to add this yesterday, almost forgot about it!


You can only enter the staged area if you’re wearing one of the costumes. The song playing depends on which costume is the most popular you’re wearing (thanks, Twinkle Cat!)


Last, this is unrelated to Fantage, but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY J.K. ROWLING AND HARRY POTTER!!!! ❤

Comments on: "Fantage Music Mania Event" (52)

  1. I also found a red music note in front of Secret Adventure!


  2. Another one inside Orion’s, a blue one.


  3. Sorry, I have a lot… There’s none in the School but there’s a yellow one in the Castle.


  4. what is the max levels you can get from this bc i am debating whether i should get the costume or not


  5. Are there any prizes?


  6. The yellow there is another on the left side of the forest


  7. xxhanaxx said:

    I wish everyone can get the medal. :3


  8. мσσηѕнιηєzσ∂ια¢ said:

    Out of all the costumes I actually like the non member one the best. It looks cute.


  9. after I found all the music notes mine automatically reset and it keeps giving me stars


  10. RainbowGlitterKitty said:

    When I first saw the name, I thought it said, ‘Music Mama’ XD


  11. sliverkid said:

    Fantage is so desperate that they even need to do the double gold thing…but didn’t they do that with the ecoins before??? Btw, out of all the costumes, why does the yellow one have to be the best out of all of them?


  12. Did you get the medal?


  13. waterfairy66 said:

    The prize is lame. No offense to Fantage. 😐

    Liked by 1 person

  14. waterfairy66 said:

    I have to say, the costumes look better 😀


  15. I think the yellow costume looks better then all the other costumes.


  16. Personally, I love the nonmember costume. It’s the best in my opinion 🙂


  17. I got the medal and i leveled up 30 levels and im a non xD so I recommend getting all the costumes because you can’t really level up a lot when you reach the thousands


  18. Reblogged this on 🍀 The Fantage Lucky Blog🍀 and commented:
    Pretty cool event, personally, I think it’s the best event this year.


  19. The beach has some cool stuff for the event too…


  20. They have QBLAST Medals!


  21. man, I wish I had gold to buy the red costume :/ OH WELL It’s still an awesome event and I still like the yellow costume


  22. I should have read your blog before buying the costume. 20 stars for a prize is nothing compared to 5,000 stars for buying it. >:C


  23. Ƭωιиκℓɛ_cαт said:

    When wearing one of the costumes on the stage, the music that plays is the costume you’re wearing, not by how many people are wearing the same type of costume.


  24. Reblogged this on Fantage Domain and commented:
    Ty MooMoo ilysm


  25. there are new things on the daily spin! its a ballon and a moon, do you know what they are for?


  26. to get the medal do we have to buy all the costumes and find their music notes? PLS HELP OwO lol im so confused


  27. I think they made the red costume for gold only so the members HAVE to have gold to get the medal. Otherwise, they could just get it with stars


  28. Thanks for your help.The last music note was covered by pet treat so i dint saw it after reading this i clicked the pet treat on mt. fantage and voila , i got the last yellow musical note!
    fatage i’d- honestsweetgirl


  29. How do u get gold without buying???


  30. I have no idea where to comment, but I want to do anfantage all items item list, kinda for myself and I decided maybe I want to put it on my blog, so can I ask your permission? I am not doing it your style (AT ALL!) like a whole buncha pics and a bunch of words below, i doing it my own way, and I am not in any way copying you, except maybe for the idea? So I’m asking permission for it. If you say no, I’ll just make it for my own use… : o


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