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Gizmo’s Q-Blast Updates


Click here for the first Gizmo’s Q-Blast post, with all the instructions, tips, and more!

Limited Items Cart

They’ve released a new Q-Blast themed item cart. Although none of them are starred nonmember items, I’m really glad that they made it on sale for gold and stars this time. Thanks Fantage! (more…)

Zombie Invasion Event Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Zombie Invasion event, click here for Part 1!

4 games have been released for the Zombie Invasion event…

1. Zombie Escape


This game is explained in the first post, click here for the tips and cheats!

2. Pumpkin Carving


Star Blaze App

Last updated by MooMoo on 3/3/13: created post

How to download and launch:

1. Log in to Fantage and go to your ID Fone. Go to Apps, click on the green shopping cart button, and get the free game, Star Blaze


2. Wait for it to “install”, then click on it to start the game.


How to play:

The Main Screen



The goal of the game is to drag a line of stars and match stars with the same color in groups of 3 or more. They do not need to be in a straight line. You have 60 seconds to make as many matches as possible. It is the same as Staries (a game at Wizard’s Domain), except with more fancy features.

Special Stars


These special stars will appear once you make a large group of stars. As it says above, a group of 4 stars will get you a supernova, 5 will get you a wildcard, 6 a crossfire, and 7 a black hole. Once you make a large group, the appropriate special star will appear in its place. To activate, just click on it!

The example below is a supernova star:


Any special stars that are not clicked on by the end of the game will be automatically used in the Final Blaze, you will still get the points!

Also, make a match with this star to get bonus coins.

Points and Draco

Blaze14 Blaze15

The bigger the group of stars you make, the more points you will get. Every match you make will get you closer to creating the Draco constellation, shown at the left of the screen.

You start out with a simple constellation of Draco.

Once you get enough points, you will progress to a white Draco constellation


Then red… then green (no picture yet, haven’t gotten that far xD )


Notice the bar at the left and right of the screen that looks like a thermometer. Once it reaches the top, you will progress to the next Draco level.



If you rapidly make groups, they will be counted at “Combos”. You must make the next group of stars within 3 seconds, or it will start over. Combos are extra points!

Leveling Up

After each game, your points are added into this blue bar. Once you hit the maximum, you go up a level. This does NOT give you levels on Fantage.


Click on a power on the main screen to activate. You won’t actually be paying for it until you start the game, so you can always click on it again to remove. Once you click play, whatever is inside the 3 circles will be used.


You must buy 3 at a time. Each game will use up one. You cannot remove it once you have used one up.


The Supernova power gives you free supernova stars at the beginning of the game.

The Quick Hint power gives you a hint on every move right away. If a star has a target on top of it, then the hint is telling you that you can move that star to make a combo. Note that hints do not always give you the best move though!


The Super Time power can be activated during the game if you make a match using it. Note that is is locked until you reach Level 3 (I think). Once in a while, a star with a timer inside it will appear. Make a match using that star to gain 2 extra seconds.


The Quick Fire power decreases the amount of stars required to get into Draco Mode. Unlocked at Level 6.

Prize Wheel

You do not get a free spin!

Since coins is this game aren’t really that useful, the prize wheel is pretty much a waste of ecoins. If you want to buy, click on the yellow Get Spins button and buy with ecoins. Here are the costs:


New Fantage Trading Cards

Last updated by Angela on 1/21/13: created post

There are new “trading cards” on Fantage that kind of work like Pokemon cards…

If you go to the Oasis, there’s a whole shop on it called “Desert Jewel”


So if you click on that shop, you can buy 3 different set of cards. The first two with stars, and the 3rd you can buy with ecoins. The first one cost 5,000 stars, the 2nd one cost 2,500 stars, and the premium booster cost 1,500 ecoins. Nonmembers AND members can buy the packs and play the games!

card packs

The more cards the better. It will make the game much easier. This is basically what you need to know about each card.

card info

-For the game, you should try to get as many cards as possible, in different values and colored symbols.

-Their are six colored symbols, and you’ll need them all for the game, so try to get cards of different symbols!

-The value is also very important. The higher it is, the easier the game will be. I spent about 300,000 stars on card packs and I didn’t even get all the cards! I didn’t get the cards that were the rarest and highest value.

-There are 50 cards, and you can look at which ones you have by clicking the card album button, which is on the left of the map button.

card album button

But before you play the game, you have to build a deck! So click the Card Album, and click Deck Builder.

card album[

Each deck has 30 cards that you get to pick.

Since 30 cards divided by 6 symbols is 5 cards, it would be most wise to chose 5 cards of each symbol. 

Just choose 5 of the highest VALUE cards, even if you have multiples of the same cards.

To choose a card, click any of the symbols, and when the cards load at the top, click the 5 or whatever many you want to choose and click MOVE.

If this is too complicated, just click the Instructions button for a better understanding.

deck builder

When you are done moving 30 cards, just click the X button. Now you’re ready to play the game!

To get to the game, click the big Card Quest sign at the Oasis.

card quest sign

If you don’t want to read the instructions that I put next, then just read them in the game.

The game is quite simple. If you don’t have enough stars to buy 30 cards, just play practice mode. Otherwise, it’s better for your Card Quest medal to play Single mode.

play card quest

To play, press SPIN and it will automatically chose a random symbol. Then you have to chose a card with the same symbol.

But not only that, it has to have a equal or higher value than the next circle with that color.

If you have no cards, you must discard one. Otherwise, choose the right card!

card quest

Basically, you do that until you get to a treasure chest. Then the game ends.

And you always get a card for prize.

card quest prize

And then you’re done.

There’s a medal that comes with the game, you get it after you play your first game.

Then to keep leveling it up, just keep playing it more!

That’s basically it on Card Quest! Enjoy it!

Fantage Summer Finale Event 2012

Item Carts

Limited Item Cart (Uptown and Downtown), Premium Member items only.


Buy a Lemonade Costume to serve lemonade. Members can buy the white one!


Stuff to Do:

1. Cooler Hunt

Go around Fantage and find coolers! You can get stickers, prizes, stars, or nothing.

Prizes include furniture, hair, board, accessories, and clothes. EVERYONE (including nonmembers) can get ALL the prizes! 😀

Where are all the coolers? 

*The coolers sometimes move around, so if you don’t see it there, just go somewhere else.

*You can open the same cooler more than once!

*Prizes are VERY hard to get, they are given out RANDOMLY

Beach (far left)

Creature Area (far left)

Fantage School (left)

Forest (next to Lucky Bob’s)

Wizard’s Domain (right of Staries)

Castle Bridge (left)

Castle Entrance (left)

Oasis (under fountain)

Pet Town (left)

Uptown (far left)

Downtown (under Star Cafe)

Lighthouse (right)

Mt. Fantage (far left)

Carnival (under Rocket Board)

Sea Breeze

2. Serve Lemonade

Buy a lemonade costume first, then go to Uptown or the Carnival and click on the Lemonade Stand to play the game!

You won’t get any prizes, you will only get a “special” effect on your Fantage that lasts for a couple of seconds. Nothing special really…!

3. Food Fight

Go to Downtown or the Beach to play, you do NOT need a costume!

Click on the button on the left of your screen and target somebody’s face


*You cannot throw food if you are hit (try hiding behind someone!! :mrgreen: )

*You have to click the button every time to throw again

You get 1 star every time you hit someone

If you throw 50 pieces of food, you get a spaghetti board. If you are a nonmember, it will be in your inventory, but you can’t use it 😦 Members only…

4. Parasail Mini Game

Click on her to play the game (Uptown and Downtown)

Just use your arrow keys to move up and down to get the stars

Fantage Summer Games 2012 Event

Item Carts (Uptown and Downtown)

Everything in the Limited Item cart is for Members

Buy a costume from the Gymtastic Outfits cart to do gymnastics! Nonmembers can buy the pink one!

Buy a costume from the Torch cart (in front of Le Shop) to light torches. Nonmembers can buy the yellow one!

Gymnast Mat Game

You can go to the Gymnast Mat at the far left of the Beach to do gymnastics and win stars.

To play:

1. Buy a gymnast outfit from Downtown or Uptown. However, the nonmember outfit cannot play this game!

2. Go to the “Start” area at the mat and do whatever moves the judges tell you to do. Earn stars for a good score!

Mini Games

Click on Michelle at Downtown to play. There is also an event movie, but since there is no stampbook, you don’t have to watch it.

How to Play Hurdles

Press and HOLD the spacebar to run. The longer you hold it, the faster you will get.

Press the up arrow to jump. You can press it twice to jump higher and longer.

You will run for 500 meters. Try to do it as fast as possible!

How to Play Discus Throw

Press and HOLD the spacebar as you watch this thing in the lower corner.

Try to let go of the spacebar EXACTLY when the green arrow touches the green line on it.

*Make sure you allow it to spin at least once before releasing!

How to Play Swimming

Press and HOLD the spacebar to swim forward. When the breath bar reaches about here, release it, so you can catch your breath!

Don’t wait too long to catch a breath, or you will slow down.

When the bar is green again, press and HOLD the spacebar until you run out of breath again.

Light the Torches

Buy a Torch costume first. Then, go around Fantage finding the color torch torch that matches your costume.

They look like this: (this is the yellow one)

Click here for the locations for ALL the colors, EVERY day!

The prizes: