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The Life of a Fantage Employee

Yes, this is one of those super long, “serious posts” about Fantage 🙂 Click here if you haven’t seen my first one.

Recently, I came across a link from a site called GlassDoor that contains reviews written by past Fantage employees. It was informative and depressing. Here are some screenshots, just in case they are ever taken down. Click to enlarge. You can read these yourself at http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Fantage-Reviews-E407395.htm



Hey guys! So I was watching the new Nigahiga video on Youtube the other day about cyberbullying, and it really got me thinking. Here is the video:

In addition to Ryan Higa’s very controversial opinion, here is my even more controversial opinion.

I believe that what Ryan Higa says about cyberbullying is 100% true. It is indeed a first world problem. It is extremely easy to evade, yet most people who are cyberbullied don’t even choose to do so. (more…)

Back From Vacation + Hacking??

Hi everyone, I returned yesterday as promised, but since it was fairly late, I decided to save this post for today 🙂

I had a wonderful vacation with my family (I won’t reveal where I went for privacy reasons, sorry!) ^_^

Onto the second topic. I checked Facebook the other day, and I saw a lot of posts about people panicking over getting hacked


Away for Vacation + Who’s Pinkstardust?

Hi guys, I wasn’t here for the past 2 days since I was stuDYING for the SAT on Saturday. Get it? Stu-DYING? 😉

Just a heads up, I won’t be able to see you for the next 2 weeks or so, since I’m taking a family vacation, visiting a bunch of relatives. It’s a bit disrespectful to be blogging about Fantage during family reunions >_<

I’m counting on Angela to post, there’s some “Big Bang” sign at Downtown, hinting at a huge event! Thanks Angelaaaaa!


Fantage Copying Ideas for Items??

Since I’ve finished finals, I’ve been hooked on another new anime, Sword Art Online. I heard it was really good, it’s the anime that EVERYONE was talking about in 2013.

(If you aren’t interested in learning what this anime is about and you want to read the main part of this post, skip this part)

It’s about a large group of people who test for a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online, but they become trapped in it during testing because the creator purposely didn’t make a Log Out button. They can’t leave, because the NerveGear that connects them to the world will fry their brains if anyone on the outside world tries removing it. If they die in the game (e.g. lose all their HP), they die in real life. To escape, they have to complete 100 floors/levels of the game, beating a boss each time. The game is just like any game you can think of: there’s HP, items, inventory, “guilds,” adding friends, levels, item names, etc.

Oh gawd what if that was us on Fantage?? Well I would first start a riot in Vintage Gold in an attempt to shut it down annnnddd….


The End of a Dark Tunnel

Sorry everyone for that nasty fight between me and AprilMay, I know you guys don’t like to see that sort of negative stuff on here, and neither do I.

So I’m super happy to say that we’ve talked it over on XAT (oh, XAT, the place where everyone makes up ❤ ). Here’s the entire coversation.


The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near?

1 update on the bottom: a short conversation with dragon_iron

Several years ago, Nons could barely do anything in comparison to Mems. The only way they could get Mem clothes was with the meager 500 they received as newbies. Back then, you could immediately tell who was a Non and who was a Mem simply by how they dressed. Because of this huge difference, Nons vs Mems fights frequently broke out.

Fantage heard this and replied. They created the Earn Free Ecoins button. Now, Nons had a lot more things on Fantage available to them. The gap between Nons and Mems closed a bit.

This was the first change that triggered several more.


Tell Me What You Think.

The first time you came on this blog, I bet the first things you thought were either “Man there are a lot of pages” or “the background looks cool”. You have probably explored the depths and corners of this blog, from the crevices between posts to the outskirts of the borders. You have probably looked through every page, maybe looking for Ville Bills, I wouldn’t know. Maybe you have always wanted to critique the blog: aesthetic, composition, organization, content, or just give us an idea. Now is your chance! I, Angela, want to know what you think of the blog. Do you think I’m lazy because I don’t come on often? Do you want to change the color scheme? Do you have an idea for a page or an post? Do you want to tell me what you think of this blog? Then just fill out this simple form! I know I haven’t been very active recently, but I just want to know what you guys really think. So much has changed, and I’m still not used to it all! Just try not to be rude or cuss, ya know.


“Charity” Event

I am not saying that everything here is correct. They are only things that I find suspicious, so I can point them out and you can make a wise choice for yourselves.

First, I keep donating, but the counter doesn’t go up. It’s been at 151,200 for a long time now, and I’ve refreshed and gone into different servers.

I’ve donated at least at LEAST 300,000 stars today. The first ID Fone is from last week, but I barely spent anything since then, so it should be at least 19,720,000 before I donated anything. The second ID Fone is from right now.

ID Fone 31



Guess what? Trade n Sell is going to CLOSE!!!


It will be replaced with a brand new shop, Vintage Gold!

Why is princess_moomoo supporting this, you may ask?


A Bridge, A Straw, and A Full Cup

Wow have I ever posted something non-Fantage related…? Don’t think I have, here’s a first!

I couldn’t RESIST sharing this video by one of my favorite YouTube celebrities, nigahiga.

It’s a special something for those of you who suffer from First World Problems, like your parents refusing to buy you Membership or an FGC. It shows how much we care 🙂

Ryan Higa is a SUPER funny YouTuber, you should watch some of his videos if you liked this one, click here for his channel.

My personal favorites:

The Best Joke Ever!

Most Annoying People on the Internet

The iNavigator

Honest Commericals


Notes from Casey:
Nigahiga is also my FAVORITE youtuber of all time. I watched every single one of his videos and love him so much! He inspired me to make a comedy webshow attempt many times, but like the person I am, I always give up and fail.
What is most meaningful to me about Ryan Higa is that he has videos about all those little stupid, yet true things in life! Like first world problems, or bad commercials and what not. He shows me a bigger world, and how we should appreciate those little things in life! Also he is the funniest person EVER.
And cute.

Did Not Have the Patience To Think of a Title

You’ve all heard me say a million times that I hate drama. So, to not contradict myself, I’ll tell you now that this post is NOT to start drama. It’s to protect my reputation against a girl who decided it would be a good laugh to post lies about me and trick people into hating me. She really hurt my feelings.

This afternoon, I decided to make a Google+ account (which is like Facebook). To introduce myself into the community, I decided to start off with a status post.


Take a Moment

In case you guys didn’t know, Earth Day is today, April 22. Apparently Fantage thought romance between pixels was more important than promoting environmental protection for our unique, one-in-a-billion planet, Earth.

Fantage is too narrow-minded to celebrate this year, but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the beautiful planet that 6.8 billion people share.

I’m pretty sure this comment I wrote on Fantage’s blog won’t be moderated, but at least they will receive my message, and all of you guys will see it too. (I used a fake account for this by the way)


On Earth Day, you should try and accomplish at least 2 of the following things:

1. Hug a tree ❤

2. Refrain from using any electronics, to save electricity

3. Play outside with your friends and soak up some sunshine

4. Lie down on the grass (if you’re not allergic), take in the beautiful sky (if you live somewhere sunny), and thank the world that you live in such a beautiful planet

5. Limit the use of lights, and remember to turn them off if you’re not using it

Embrace the world. If you don’t start now, it might be too late.

Happy Earth Day.



Drama is annoying. We’ve tried to stay as far away from it as possible, but it’s hard to when people copy off of you every single day, insult you, lie at your face, and all of those “wonderful” things.

From now on. Copiers like these…


… will be ignored and left alone with their little cricket noises and a big fat ZERO on their hits counter

From now on. Hater comments like these…


… will be ignored without further thought, and deleted if possible.

From now on. Jealous people like these…


… will be ignored and left alone to brood in their pool of jealousy even more.

From now on. Liars like these…


… will be left alone to sit there and look like a fool in front of everyone.

I have also deleted the Hall of Shame, because these people do not deserve to have their blog’s name on Fantageville.

People like these that insult Casey and me only do that because they take joy in bringing other people above them down to their level. Well, just to let them know, Casey and I aren’t going to let that happen, because we always have and will ignore those losers.

Thank you to everyone else that has been doing the opposite: saying positive things and doing wonderful things in general, we love you all ❤

Just don’t go on the copiers’ blogs anymore; it’s a waste of time trying to get sense into them, and it just gives them more attention, which is what they’re looking for. 🙂

Admin Items

Completely despicable. Fantage is taking advantage of its former owner, Himani and LYING to us, just to get more money. Please help spread the word of Wind’s post by reblogging!

Fantage Cheats | Tips | Glitches

Hello Windippians

You may have noticed that Fantage have released Admin Items because some admins are ‘retiring’, these are available at Downtown or Uptown.

The truth however is that this is a lie.

Himani isn’t retiring. She had to leave Fantage on doctors orders because of her health almost 4 years ago. Here is the email she sent me (Click to read).

You can see the date in the top right corner; 11th February 2009. Further proof that she is no longer part of Fantage is her IDfone, it hasn’t changed for 4 years! (She is on my buddy list, this is how i know).

She was the nicest Admin i knew, i was the 4th user of the week for the Comet and she met me on Fantage in my home and took the time to interview me in order to make the featured…

View original post 352 more words

Internet Safety

*100 post spectacular!!!* (MooMoo’s added words are in purple)

Ok, so moomoo and I are surprised that some people can be a little, no, VERY DUMB when it comes to Internet safety. So the rules I write will not only be for the Xat Box, the Blog, but also the whole entire internet.

1. Never ever ever ever ever give away your real name, address, email, age, area, school, personal info, city, etc. If you don’t want to get stalked down and kidnapped, KEEP YOUR INFO TO YOURSELF.

2. Do not cuss whatsoever, even if you are telling on someone for saying a bad word. You can’t just go in the chat box in front of all these kids and say, “Casey/Moomoo! This guy said STUPID to me!” That will definietely not help the situation.

3. I will rephrase this. DO NOT TRADE. Why? Because people will always say “Free mem!”, BUT THEY ARE LYING. NOBODY GIVES AWAY FREE MEMS. DON’T DO IT. We have warned you, not our problem if your account gets stolen by a liar. ALL TRADERS ARE LIARS.

4. Be nice! Remember these people are actual people! As they say, treat others the way you want to be treated.

5. Xat Box specific rules:

-Don’t ask to be a mod

-Don’t challenge the authority of moomoo, me, or the mods.

-Don’t trade/”give away”/ ask for accounts

-Don’t ask stupid questions, like “What’s the password?”



Okay, now your thinking, wow these are never gonna happen, think again. I know that some of  you may be young and honestly immature, but you’ll find out why these rules are important soon enough. I know sometime you are gonna say, “I’m all-powerful, I can take care of myself, I don’t need their help.” But think again.

Remember, we are only trying to HELP you guys keep this website safe. I know most websites are not like this, but this one is. Thanks for reading guys!

So, on the topic of posers, this is how you can tell it is us:

Casey’s icon will ALWAYS be .

Now, for MooMoo. Just assume that if my icon is NOT , then it is NOT me. Of course, I like to go into disguise once in a while, so just ask to make the icon If the person is unable to do that, THEN IT IS NOT ME.

Lots of posers will say “I am on my other computer, I can’t make it orange right now”. THEY ARE LYING. GET IT? LYING. I WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO MAKE MY ICON ORANGE. NO MATTER WHAT.

~Casey and Moomoo