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“Charity” Event

I am not saying that everything here is correct. They are only things that I find suspicious, so I can point them out and you can make a wise choice for yourselves.

First, I keep donating, but the counter doesn’t go up. It’s been at 151,200 for a long time now, and I’ve refreshed and gone into different servers.

I’ve donated at least at LEAST 300,000 stars today. The first ID Fone is from last week, but I barely spent anything since then, so it should be at least 19,720,000 before I donated anything. The second ID Fone is from right now.

ID Fone 31


K.I.D.S Charity Event

This event lasts from March 2nd-March 12th. It is in Uptown, Downtown, and the Beach.Image


These are the things you do during the event.




There are also limited items.



To donate items, you just click the box in downtown and choose what items you want to donate.



The more you donate the better, because if you donate more items, you can level up your donating medal more. The maximum level for this medal is 10.

If you donate limited items and luxury items, you will level up faster. I suggest donate easy-to-get luxury items from Le Shop and limited items only from this event, because you can always buy more.

Old limited items are worth way more, so don’t donate those!

When Fantage gets a specific amount of donated items, everyone gets these prizes!

Remember, you yourself do not have to donate a million items! Everyone all together has to!


Otherwise, have fun! It’s great Fantage is doing something to help the world!