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K.I.D.S Charity Event

This event lasts from March 2nd-March 12th. It is in Uptown, Downtown, and the Beach.Image


These are the things you do during the event.




There are also limited items.



To donate items, you just click the box in downtown and choose what items you want to donate.



The more you donate the better, because if you donate more items, you can level up your donating medal more. The maximum level for this medal is 10.

If you donate limited items and luxury items, you will level up faster. I suggest donate easy-to-get luxury items from Le Shop and limited items only from this event, because you can always buy more.

Old limited items are worth way more, so don’t donate those!

When Fantage gets a specific amount of donated items, everyone gets these prizes!

Remember, you yourself do not have to donate a million items! Everyone all together has to!


Otherwise, have fun! It’s great Fantage is doing something to help the world! 

Fantage Winter Ball 2013

Item Carts

Buy stuff from the limited item cart at Uptown or Downtown! Nothing for nonmembers though…



If you want to catch snowflakes, you will have to buy a costume from the Snowflake Hunt Items cart. There is a yellow one for nonmembers!



How to catch snowflakes

Snowflakes will only be falling at Uptown and Downtown.


You can only catch snowflakes that are the same color as the costume(s) you bought!


Just click on them, and they will fly to you. You do NOT have to stand underneath them.

Bought more than one color costume? Don’t waste your time going to your inventory and switching costumes each time you see a different color. Just click on any snowflake color, and if you have the matching costume, you will magically change into the right one!


You get 2 stars for each snowflake you catch.


Snowflake Prizes

If you are low on stars, make sure that before you buy a costume, you check the prizes list by clicking this on the left of the screen:


Choose which prize(s) you like best, then buy that costume. I like the blue and purple prizes, so that’s why I bought them! ❤


If you catch all 10 snowflakes of the same color, you will get a free prize! These prizes are starred, but nonmembers can wear them too, yay!


Once you have caught all 10, you can catch them again for stickers.


Why can’t I see any snowflakes falling, even though other people are catching them?

Your screen is different from other Fantagian’s screens, it’s just different timing.

Why can’t you see snowflakes? Because sometimes, the snowflakes like to take a little break from falling (hey, how would you feel if you had to fall down all day long and be caught by random people on hoverboards? xD )

Make sure that you have visited both Uptown and Downtown.

If neither of them have snowflakes falling, just wait a minute or so.

Why can’t I ever see snowflakes that are my color?

I was thinking the same thing!! I think Fantage does it on purpose. Those meanies…

I bought the yellow, purple, and blue costumes, and the only colors I see are red and green. Look at ALL those green snowflakes!!! What a waste… ._.


And, like I said earlier, everyone’s screen is different. So, I might be seeing a lot of green snowflakes, but you could be seeing a lot of purple. It’s all random!

How to Impress the Judge

Wear as as many items from the limited item cart and/or from the snowflake hunt item cart, and click on Sean at Uptown, Downtown, or at the Beach.


The more items from those 2 carts you wear, the better your prize will be!


After he rates you, you have to wait about 2 minutes before you can be rated again. This prevents people from getting unlimited stars :]

How many points do I need to be rated in order to get those prizes?

6 points to get the snowflake shirt, and 10 points to get the blue dress. I forgot the glasses, anyone have the number?


I was able to get the blue dress by wearing 3 items from the limited item cart.


I should have taken screenshots of what I wore to “impress” the judge, but I guess it slipped my mind… sorry!

Want something from this event?

As you can see, I got a lot of stuff from this event, so if you are interested in trading with me, click here!

Easiest Way to Get Candy Cane Chest Keys

The easiest way to get keys is to MAKE a bunch of new Fantage accounts and get the keya from them, open chests, and transfer them to your account. But sorry it only works for members because if your not a member, you cannot put up star items in trade n sell. And id sign up the new accounts by saying you invited them, you can also level up your invite a friend medal!

2013 on Fantage

I cannot believe they are releasing a new event already, those Fantage computer programmers must have too much time on their hands! Time to start posting!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at the usual places, Uptown and Downtown. And… hey! There is a nonmember item! What a lovely surprise 😀



*Psst… Casey… can you help me do the boys’?

You can also buy an “exclusive” item at Uptown and Downtown




You can click on Michelle at Downtown and the Castle Bridge to watch a short video of Blizzy and Springy beating up throwing snowballs playfully at Michelle and Rocket.


On December 31 at 11:59 PM (you kiddies shouldn’t be up so late!) you can watch that magnificent ball drop at the Caste Bridge, and probably get a free prize, I’m thinking.


There are still ice skating costumes on sale. They’re just recolors of the costumes from the previous ice skating event though…


The Holiday Blast event is still going on, so you can still earn candy canes!

Be on the lookout for updates, it doesn’t seem like Fantage is done with this event yet…

New Candy Cane Prizes

*Nonmembers can wear these too!