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Fantage Fashion On Ice


Basically, you have to either be a member or have a lot of ecoins to participate in this event, sadly…

Item Carts

Buy an ice skating outfit from the Limited Item Cart at Uptown or Downtown!


BUT before you buy them, you should take a look at what the prizes are!

How to Skate

Wear your ice skating outfit, and go to the rink, which is at the left side of the beach.


Just walk over to the START circle.


You do NOT have to smile, wave, jump, etc. It does it for you, so easy!


Sean will then “judge your style” (lol not really)


Don’t worry, you will always get a prize the first time…


Then 10 stars each time you do it again.


Of course, you can’t just do this over an over again to get unlimited stars. You have to wait about a minute before Sean will judge you again. But it isn’t that long, don’t worry!


Here is the list of prizes, you should look at this BEFORE you buy the costume, so you get the prize you think is the best! I bought the blue one, the board is SO COOL!


You can also view this prize list by clicking on Sean at Uptown, Downtown, or the Beach.


Wondering how these items look on you? Here’s a pic!


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Comments on: "Fantage Fashion On Ice" (23)

  1. Just a question… About how many hits do you get per day?

    • Uhhhh… at least 1,000 I guess, on slow days… 2,000 during events when we post, 3,000 if we’re lucky. NO PLEASE DON’t ASK ME THESE QUESTIONS I FEEL LIKE IM BRAGGING…!!! xO


  3. pennypiecutie said:

    AHHH! LUCKY! You could afford ALL the costumes! I spent almost ALL of my 10,000 ecoins in about 6 minutes.

    • LOL actually, I traded with people for the prizes, since they are star nonmember items. This is kinda a trick actually! I didn’t use the costumes to get them.

      • sunnydayXDXD said:

        You should make a page about that. xD There’s probably lots of nons who don’t know this trick. And I bet they will want to hear about this. :)

      • pennypiecutie said:

        Oh, ok. Cool. You look A LOT like a member btw.

  4. LOL. Princess MooMoo, can I ask you a question that DOESN`T have to do with this? :) Are you a member now? And I love the NEW baground!


  5. Umm..Do you know how to get the rose tee-shirt? It came out with this event but I dont know how to get it!

    • You mean the Rosie pet T-shirt? That was a loooong time ago, during the Pet Playtime event. They gave prizes out to people that had the holiday pets. It isn’t available anymore, unless you get it from trade n sell.

      • sunnydayXDXD said:

        I think she means a tee that came out of this event. 0_0 It’s a long sleeve shirt but idk where people get them.

  6. Luckily, I received like 9,000 eCoins just in time for this event!! But now, I think of it, the costumes are not really worth it… I don’t know if I should buy it or not.

  7. Hey princess_moomoo!! I have been on your blog everyday since i found it!! Its so awesome!! I know your not member. Its probably better to buy stuff with ecoins than being member-buying stuff with stars- then when membership runs out- you cant use your stuff. Im a member, but now that im thinking about it. Im not sure anymore, but hey- life goes on-. Tee tee deedledoooo!! i love your blog!! Oh and when the password comes back on for the mem/rares ill be looking for hints ;)

  8. I think I found sallys site: http://sally****.wordpress.com/

  9. This event will end on which date? Just curious to know.

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