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Easiest Way to Get Candy Cane Chest Keys

The easiest way to get keys is to MAKE a bunch of new Fantage accounts and get the keya from them, open chests, and transfer them to your account. But sorry it only works for members because if your not a member, you cannot put up star items in trade n sell. And id sign up the new accounts by saying you invited them, you can also level up your invite a friend medal!

2013 on Fantage

I cannot believe they are releasing a new event already, those Fantage computer programmers must have too much time on their hands! Time to start posting!

Item Carts

Limited Item Carts at the usual places, Uptown and Downtown. And… hey! There is a nonmember item! What a lovely surprise 😀



*Psst… Casey… can you help me do the boys’?

You can also buy an “exclusive” item at Uptown and Downtown




You can click on Michelle at Downtown and the Castle Bridge to watch a short video of Blizzy and Springy beating up throwing snowballs playfully at Michelle and Rocket.


On December 31 at 11:59 PM (you kiddies shouldn’t be up so late!) you can watch that magnificent ball drop at the Caste Bridge, and probably get a free prize, I’m thinking.


There are still ice skating costumes on sale. They’re just recolors of the costumes from the previous ice skating event though…


The Holiday Blast event is still going on, so you can still earn candy canes!

Be on the lookout for updates, it doesn’t seem like Fantage is done with this event yet…

New Candy Cane Prizes

*Nonmembers can wear these too!


Candy Cane Key Prizes

*Click here to go to the main Holiday Blast post, with the rest of the info for the event

*Need help getting the keys? Scroll down, I added a new section to this post!

You can usually find the chest either at Mt. Fantage (left or right of the cave), Downtown (front of Stellar Salon), Uptown (front of ID Fone shop), or at pet town (far left). That’s where I usually go!

Chest9 Chest8 Chest5






Sorry… I know I only did like 5 people, but this is getting very ridiculous. 30 people are asking me to do their accounts, and it’s just way too much. Not only am I wasting my day that I could use to spend with family (during Christmas!!), I’m not getting anything out of this…

So, just try and do it on your own ok? There isn’t any difference between be doing it and you doing it. We both have the same amount of luck.

To slushi and eli, enjoy the keys I got for you, a special gift for being such awesome people 🙂