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A Bridge, A Straw, and A Full Cup

Wow have I ever posted something non-Fantage related…? Don’t think I have, here’s a first!

I couldn’t RESIST sharing this video by one of my favorite YouTube celebrities, nigahiga.

It’s a special something for those of you who suffer from First World Problems, like your parents refusing to buy you Membership or an FGC. It shows how much we care 🙂

Ryan Higa is a SUPER funny YouTuber, you should watch some of his videos if you liked this one, click here for his channel.

My personal favorites:

The Best Joke Ever!

Most Annoying People on the Internet

The iNavigator

Honest Commericals


Notes from Casey:
Nigahiga is also my FAVORITE youtuber of all time. I watched every single one of his videos and love him so much! He inspired me to make a comedy webshow attempt many times, but like the person I am, I always give up and fail.
What is most meaningful to me about Ryan Higa is that he has videos about all those little stupid, yet true things in life! Like first world problems, or bad commercials and what not. He shows me a bigger world, and how we should appreciate those little things in life! Also he is the funniest person EVER.
And cute.