❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤


Drama is annoying. We’ve tried to stay as far away from it as possible, but it’s hard to when people copy off of you every single day, insult you, lie at your face, and all of those “wonderful” things.

From now on. Copiers like these…


… will be ignored and left alone with their little cricket noises and a big fat ZERO on their hits counter

From now on. Hater comments like these…


… will be ignored without further thought, and deleted if possible.

From now on. Jealous people like these…


… will be ignored and left alone to brood in their pool of jealousy even more.

From now on. Liars like these…


… will be left alone to sit there and look like a fool in front of everyone.

I have also deleted the Hall of Shame, because these people do not deserve to have their blog’s name on Fantageville.

People like these that insult Casey and me only do that because they take joy in bringing other people above them down to their level. Well, just to let them know, Casey and I aren’t going to let that happen, because we always have and will ignore those losers.

Thank you to everyone else that has been doing the opposite: saying positive things and doing wonderful things in general, we love you all ❤

Just don’t go on the copiers’ blogs anymore; it’s a waste of time trying to get sense into them, and it just gives them more attention, which is what they’re looking for. 🙂

Comments on: "Enough." (47)

  1. That is so true. I am proud of you guys, but I actually know how to get there whole account deleted. What they are, are cyberbullies. Cyberbullying, is everything that they are doing.


  2. jadeallstar said:

    I agree with you moomoo and casey


  3. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ-ღ~♥αηgєℓιηє♥~ღ-Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ said:

    OMG. So rude. I hate ppl who copy you. You are an amazing blog. Seriously. I loved meeting you during the Fashion Week event and you told me personally to come here. I loved it since. ^-^ You deserve pretty much everything! Except the copiers >.<


  4. well said 😀 but I have to admit, the Fantage Cattle Farm part was pretty creative..


    • Hollow72244 said:

      yea, although it’s offensive


    • fina566 said:

      So, your with them? That was NOT creative at ALL. That was “Cyber-bulling” with a capital C. They deserve to be banned from the whole entire INTERNET for the rest of there Cyber-Bullying days. :mrgreen:


  5. nina11773 said:

    i agree with you it should stoppppppppppppp


  6. Foreverball11 said:

    I agree with you. Copiers, liars, and drama kings and queens, or whatever’s will never see a single viewer. Have u seen tinkerbell’s blog! The page. She lied. I know you would never hack. You two don’t even know each other in real life. Ugh! I hate liars and copiers!! Makes me wanna puke,




  8. I agree people just copy for fun and Becuz they’re jealous I love your blog!!


  9. I feel bad for you.


  10. WTH?!?!?!?!?!? HAVEN’T THESE MORONS KNOWN ENOUGH?!?! I have alot of things to say…

    To Fantagevillie: Do you know how to spell “pigsty” you spell it pig-sty is “sty” a word? NO, GO BACK TO FIRST GRADE.

    To everyone who swears: Why would you swear at the very best blog in history? Swearing is very bad ._.

    To iSwirlfairy: Mhm… Nice name NOT why do you copy princess_moomoo?


    To every moron out there (copiers): GET A LIFE. DIE OR GET A LIFE.

    Now the words now messed up… everyone swears, copies, does inappropriate things. WORK THIS OUT. WHY DO YOU COPY?


    • I never understood what exactly a “pigsty” was…


      • theeny49 said:

        Moomoo, It’s a messy place, or a home for a pig. and since all the california missions have a mini-farm (im doing my missions right now 😀 ) you are practicly insulting your ansestors. even more rude then insulting random people!!


      • Hollow72244 said:

        Just say whenyour brother messes up the house, one of you’re parents may say ”OH, this is a pig”sty” (as fantagevill i e spells it)”

        So for example, the trash truck, inside of it would technically be a ”pig”sty”’
        (not to be offensive, although i may be)


      • Pigsty is a pig pen, 🙂 BUT WTH?!?!


    • I do not fully agree with what you’re saying, cloudy55, because you made insults that were equally as horrible as the hater’s. We need to respond to this situation in a responsible manner, not a mean one. I do realize the hater’s comments angered you, as it did me too. But whatever the case we cant lower to their level. WOAH. That’s alot of words I just wrote xD jk


  11. slushipup1903 said:

    Ohhhh they’re so famous they have 17 fans -.-“


  12. theeny49 said:

    Cows are cute…


  13. I totally agree with you. Thank you on behalf of everyone who is blogging. You really showed us what is humbleness. 🙂


  14. lol moomoo! I will be with you until the end! You know whats funny? For my 8th birthday i got this littlest pet shop cow toy thing, and i named it Moo Moo! I still call it that! LOL The irony
    PS: What i would do it laugh at their stupidity instead of wasting my energy on battling them. I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY.


  15. It’s amazing…the number of people who think copying is also a form of blogging they’re just to stupid and lazy to find their own ideas.
    if they wanna copy good for them we will all have front row seats to be staring at them when they finally realize copying isn’t getting them anywhere


  16. ashleymoua said:

    They r just jellous becus ur blog was sucess and awesome and they jus twant to copy becus they r to tired and lazy to create their own. Your blog is too awesome to be copy


  17. fefe3485 said:

    Omg, I can’t believe that girl just like insulted you guys for liking cows! I’m a vegan, and her saying that cows are ugly and fat, people just basically eat them, omg, that girl is soo idiotic and dumb! I know this might sound a bit weird but, she should respect cows because cows like basically give away their LIFE to give us stuff like veal, meat, milk, etc… That girl doesn’t respect anything practically, like life, or cows…. Sorry, I just get sooo mad when people totally disrespect animals that give their life away to people and like animals don’t have feelings…. This is coming from a vegan, so sorry about that…. And sorry about people copying you!


  18. I agree it’s not nice when people copy.


  19. just don’t listen to these b*tches (im not supposed to say that) but they have no right of copying u and they deserve to get banned!


  20. Prabha Rani said:

    Cow is a respected animal here in India. It has a big history. They shouldn’t talk like that. They are too lazy to use their minds. I agree with you, princess_moomoo and casey_cow101. I won’t visit the copiers’ blogs.


  21. Dear Moo Moo & Casey,
    I know you don’t like copiers and I don’t either but do you seriously have to write a whole post all about copiers don’t waste your time with other peoples foolishness your blog is awesome and You know that you wrote it so leave it at that and don’t worry I Have my eyes peeled on copiers LITERALLY!


  22. What you did is right! And I will never visit theyre blog, EVER


  23. Fantageville Rulles said:

    the copiers are probabally dumbsh*ts who dunno how to think properly!


  24. Omg lol. From Kaycie and “her” >>original<< thoughts.
    Your correction seems legit.


  25. Hi Princess_Moomoo and Casey_Cow101….I hate those copiers and taking credit for EVERYTHING >:| What’s their deal,anyways? Oh,yeah. They can’t think of anything of their own…. Hey…I noticed one thing…On the post where it shows you two as cows (which was rather a stupid idea >:|), the person who posted messed up BIG time…Haha. *laugh* At the bottom it says (I’m typing with the error) ‘Haha, it’s perfect for there stupidity right?’ Ugh they’re calling YOU stupid while they don’t even use the correct ‘there.’ Gee,they have SOME nerve…I love this blog,and I,too,hate copiers. They call you guys stupid when they have grammar mistakes. Well,I go to school -.- One more thing….They are nothing but copiers,and remember,(not saying this is a good thing) that they are copying you because your ideas are SO awesome. I vote for the one and only,Fantageville<3


    P.S. If you see a similar comment like this,no one was copying my comment…I submitted it at first,but I didn't see it go up…I wanted this comment,so I tried twice.

    Sorry if this was trouble for you guys (Moomoo and Casey)


  26. Hermione24 said:


    Did you see this page?! Moomoo, you should do something. This is going WAY too far.


    • We don’t care anymore, she can do whatever she likes, she isn’t gonna get any more attention from us.
      Also, please don’t visit copiers’ blogs anymore, they will just get more attention!!


  27. Jessica said:

    Hi princess_moomoo and Casey cow,

    You know you guys have nothing to worry about,
    I’m pretty sure lots of people like/Love this blog.
    I’ve been here first thing in the morning since I discovered this blog. And I Love it!
    Oh and I agree with you guys!


  28. Gosh D: This is bad ~ Very bad!


  29. Kay said she was nice
    now I feel kinda scared Dx


  30. Hi Moomoo
    I know you quitted
    But looking at your old posts
    Make me mad
    I mean not YOUR posts
    But this one
    Like this mean ppl
    Saying bad things about you
    Hurts me
    Because we know you are nice and awesome


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