❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Tell Me What You Think.

The first time you came on this blog, I bet the first things you thought were either “Man there are a lot of pages” or “the background looks cool”. You have probably explored the depths and corners of this blog, from the crevices between posts to the outskirts of the borders. You have probably looked through every page, maybe looking for Ville Bills, I wouldn’t know. Maybe you have always wanted to critique the blog: aesthetic, composition, organization, content, or just give us an idea. Now is your chance! I, Angela, want to know what you think of the blog. Do you think I’m lazy because I don’t come on often? Do you want to change the color scheme? Do you have an idea for a page or an post? Do you want to tell me what you think of this blog? Then just fill out this simple form! I know I haven’t been very active recently, but I just want to know what you guys really think. So much has changed, and I’m still not used to it all! Just try not to be rude or cuss, ya know.

And I promise I won’t sass you or talk back.

If you ask me a question on here, don’t expect to get an answer. If you want your question to be answered, go on our ask.fm page.


Comments on: "Tell Me What You Think." (32)

  1. Ik, this is out of topic but…Fantage made new wheel of spin items, they are bubblegum blue and pink recolors of items BUT now they cost 100 ecoins! This is crazy! Do they really expect us to spend money JUST FOR THESE ITEMS?! I say we protest!! 😡


  2. Oh wow! I was actually going to do something like this, on a page, but I guess I never got to it


  3. haileylol said:

    Can u post the new daily spin item


  4. haileylol said:

    Post the new daily spin items princess moomoo plz I cant log in my computer


  5. Bella the awesome ;) said:

    Can we send more than one message? Just curious.


  6. I think its awesome!


  7. I like Fantageville because there’s a lot of information on here about Fantage. Sometimes the events are not well explained on Fantage. princess_moomoo and casey break it down for players like me. It’s a lot of work and it’s free so it’s very much apprecaited. Thank you much, princess_moomoo and casey for this free, helpful and much needed service. Great job girls!! Thanks for promising not to sass. OK, a little sass is ok. 🙂


  8. PS like fantageville info because like posters on this blog, I still like Fantage. I complain about money motivated changes because I wish they would change things back.


  9. This page thingy post is a good idea MooMoo!


  10. Actually on the Daily Spin the 20 eCoins got changed to 50 eCoins, I thought that’s why each spin after the free spin is 100 eCoins. And you’re right; the 20 stars are now 200 stars. At least the Fantage staff finally changed the clothing/boards/hair and those eCoins and stars.


  11. Frozen *-* Love that movie especially Let it Go in 1080p *-*


  12. My comments are still in moderation. Not sure why, there’s no bad language or anything so….


  13. This is a great idea 🙂
    No offence but why doesn’t casey ever reply to comments or post about events or answer questions on ask FM.
    Don’t spazz, just wandering.


    • Don’t use generalizations, saying angela has never replied to comments or answered questions is far from reality. She and I usually answer all the questions in our inbox when we log in, so there are always bursts of answers from each of us, alternating. Just scroll down and you will find hers.


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