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Fantage Copying Ideas for Items??

Since I’ve finished finals, I’ve been hooked on another new anime, Sword Art Online. I heard it was really good, it’s the anime that EVERYONE was talking about in 2013.

(If you aren’t interested in learning what this anime is about and you want to read the main part of this post, skip this part)

It’s about a large group of people who test for a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online, but they become trapped in it during testing because the creator purposely didn’t make a Log Out button. They can’t leave, because the NerveGear that connects them to the world will fry their brains if anyone on the outside world tries removing it. If they die in the game (e.g. lose all their HP), they die in real life. To escape, they have to complete 100 floors/levels of the game, beating a boss each time. The game is just like any game you can think of: there’s HP, items, inventory, “guilds,” adding friends, levels, item names, etc.

Oh gawd what if that was us on Fantage?? Well I would first start a riot in Vintage Gold in an attempt to shut it down annnnddd….