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Internet Safety

*100 post spectacular!!!* (MooMoo’s added words are in purple)

Ok, so moomoo and I are surprised that some people can be a little, no, VERY DUMB when it comes to Internet safety. So the rules I write will not only be for the Xat Box, the Blog, but also the whole entire internet.

1. Never ever ever ever ever give away your real name, address, email, age, area, school, personal info, city, etc. If you don’t want to get stalked down and kidnapped, KEEP YOUR INFO TO YOURSELF.

2. Do not cuss whatsoever, even if you are telling on someone for saying a bad word. You can’t just go in the chat box in front of all these kids and say, “Casey/Moomoo! This guy said STUPID to me!” That will definietely not help the situation.

3. I will rephrase this. DO NOT TRADE. Why? Because people will always say “Free mem!”, BUT THEY ARE LYING. NOBODY GIVES AWAY FREE MEMS. DON’T DO IT. We have warned you, not our problem if your account gets stolen by a liar. ALL TRADERS ARE LIARS.

4. Be nice! Remember these people are actual people! As they say, treat others the way you want to be treated.

5. Xat Box specific rules:

-Don’t ask to be a mod

-Don’t challenge the authority of moomoo, me, or the mods.

-Don’t trade/”give away”/ ask for accounts

-Don’t ask stupid questions, like “What’s the password?”



Okay, now your thinking, wow these are never gonna happen, think again. I know that some of  you may be young and honestly immature, but you’ll find out why these rules are important soon enough. I know sometime you are gonna say, “I’m all-powerful, I can take care of myself, I don’t need their help.” But think again.

Remember, we are only trying to HELP you guys keep this website safe. I know most websites are not like this, but this one is. Thanks for reading guys!

So, on the topic of posers, this is how you can tell it is us:

Casey’s icon will ALWAYS be .

Now, for MooMoo. Just assume that if my icon is NOT , then it is NOT me. Of course, I like to go into disguise once in a while, so just ask to make the icon If the person is unable to do that, THEN IT IS NOT ME.

Lots of posers will say “I am on my other computer, I can’t make it orange right now”. THEY ARE LYING. GET IT? LYING. I WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO MAKE MY ICON ORANGE. NO MATTER WHAT.

~Casey and Moomoo

Comments on: "Internet Safety" (13)

  1. Ikr! I can’t believe a bunch of people on chat are still trading accounts! I’m pretty young but I promise I will never ever trade or anything.


  2. Yesterday some people were challenging me cuz I was green stead of white. To make them believe me can I tell bout the green icon so theyll belueve me? Thanks!


  3. T-beardiamondZ said:

    Yea traders these days. And i also het people who wants ur personal info and I Definitely dont wanna get stalked or kidnapped, honestly. And srsly, im not always dat guIIible. I Tont fall for ppl wen they say “I PROMISE NOT 2 HACK” But they will just lie anyway TuT De end baby~ Whew onO


  4. Posers, stupid posers. Stupid, stupid posers. I hate ’em.


  5. I think I saw a pinkstardust poser on xat.


  6. hey evry one


  7. Glad you put this up here!


  8. addigirl10 said:

    but what is the posures finds out how to do thoses icons?


  9. addigirl10 said:

    oh yeah, and what is a mod?


  10. emeralden said:

    A mod is a moderator


  11. Last time on XAT HAT I saw Casey and her icon was orange. Please explain? TY 🙂


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