❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

You’ve all heard me say a million times that I hate drama. So, to not contradict myself, I’ll tell you now that this post is NOT to start drama. It’s to protect my reputation against a girl who decided it would be a good laugh to post lies about me and trick people into hating me. She really hurt my feelings.

This afternoon, I decided to make a Google+ account (which is like Facebook). To introduce myself into the community, I decided to start off with a status post.

In my post, I explain once again why I quit Facebook: because of several girls on it that kept on talking about having s*x with their boyfriend by posting a very detailed story of what happened between them.

Well, I guess a certain girl (let’s call her “Girl” for the rest of this post) overreacted and thought I was talking about her when I said “attention-seeking 10-year-old drama queens”, EVEN THOUGH several weeks ago I assured her that no, I was NOT talking about her.

Girl responds by posting about me. Her post becomes increasingly dramatic and confusing. I decide to email her about it to clarify some things, and she responds with phrases like “I create drama, by accident” and “I never said anything BAD about you”.

For one, “accidental drama” is an oxymoron. One does not create drama “on accident”.

Two, I suppose Girl doesn’t count this as saying “anything BAD” about me.

I have 58 pages, and I like to keep the number of pages to a minimum to keep everything tidy, thank you very much, kewlkat12.

And, Girl, if you think my pages are so “general”, please tell me why you asked for permission to copy one of them just 2 days ago?

After reading those comments on Girl’s blog, I concluded that the entire purpose of her post was to get people to hate me. She cannot resist replying to kewlkat12’s comment about unfollowing me, and tells her that one person unfollowing me won’t be enough to bring me down. Then she starts insulting my blog to try and degrade me further.

You know what the sad thing is? Girl was recently the victim of a lot of bullies on Facebook, who kept on calling her a hacker and scammer. I don’t know the full details, because I never bothered to get tangled in that mess. I did, however, defend her. I guess this is what I get in return, thanks a lot.

Notice, Girl, that throughout this entire post, I have had the liberty to NOT reveal your identity to my viewers, while you didn’t even have the consideration to get your facts straight before falsely accusing me.

Why did I decide to protect your identity? Because if I didn’t, it would cause more drama, which I don’t want. As I mentioned at the very beginning, this post is to clarify the confusions and lies Girl has fed to her viewers, and to clear up my reputation, which she has torn apart because of one post. I want this post to END drama, not start it, as you have, uh, “accidentally” done.


Comments on: "Did Not Have the Patience To Think of a Title" (59)

  1. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:


  2. ♒ Princess Jc ♒ said:

    It’s kewlkat not kewkat xD


  3. Hm…I should have listened to both sides of the story…Ugh..I always do this mistake..


  4. princess_moomoo don’t worry. “girl” is just a hater that wants attention. she probably just made a blog and can’t stand to work as hard as u and Casey did to earn a good blog reputation. everyone here that has been following u for at least 2 weeks knows that u would never do anything to hurt anyone. don’t worry about it 🙂 she’s just jealous because u and Casey are way more awesome than she’s ever gonna be 😀


  5. stephyobro said:

    That’s right moo_moo TAKE YOUR STAND! You don’t deserve to be falsely accused of stuff like that. And i know it wasn’t accidental drama can’t be accidental Drama is caused for a reason or purpose. I hope you don’t stress yourself out on this because everyone’s purpose for a blog is for the entertainment of their viewers, not ERMEHGERSH I’m in a race with fantage reality or fantage doughnuts and I have to get so and so viewers by this time. What I’m saying is don’t worry yourself over little crap like


    • Posting this and seeing all the positive comments has removed all my stress, thanks so much for asking! ❤
      I think this post will clear up any false accusations now.


    • stephyobro said:

      This. you have thousands of viewers Embrace that. Don’t let hatred get in your way. Tomorrow you can be like,”I lost 30 viewers cause of a rumor some ‘Girl’ started, I’m still ok!”, with a giant smile on your face because HATERZ GONNA HATE. BTW this isn’t my real accont it just didn’t sign me in automatically. Keep yo head up high girl



  6. Ok heres the real me ! BE HAPPY GIRL!


  7. jadeallstar said:

    You actually DO have 58 pages……..


  8. ★ тαяαн ★ said:

    Tbh, I doubt making this post is a good idea. And even *Hidden* was wrong to make her post in the first place.


    • Why do my comments keep on getting deleted…??
      My reply was:
      I think this was the absolute right idea. If I didn’t, then people would think the wrongs things about me. If someone started a rumor about you, you would want to clear it up too, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t just stand there and let the rumors get worse.


      • ★ тαяαн ★ said:

        Well “girl” was wrong in the first place anyway; for making the post. She could’ve just simply talked to you about it, and I’m sure you guys would’ve solved it. No need for post apologies, blah blah blah ><


      • Well, I guess it got solved one way or another, I suppose that’s all that matters


  9. kewlkat12 said:

    Moo_moo, why are u thanking me o.o


  10. I have a vague idea of who the ‘girl’ is, based on the few details given.
    If my guess is right, then I take your side. Even if my guess is wrong, I still take your side.
    Why am I talking so wierdlyyy


  11. Okay not trying to start drama or anything but Kewlkat is insulting us by saying shes arabic -..- now our image is RUINED thank you kewlkat12 ._.


  12. I so hate her rigth now. T Ti


  13. Princess moomoo, you are one of the best Fantage bloggers out there, I found your blog somewhere around January-Febuary and haven’t stopped looking since. Please know that we will always be your loyal viewers and no 10-year-old-drama-queen, or copying-maniac will change that 🙂 With that being said, “Girl” should know that by hurting you, she has hurt herself. Why? Because you have MANY viewers that are ready to just storm up at her and start defending you. To put this all into one sentence: Don’t let anyone hurt you, and nobody should hurt you (if they know what’s good for them).
    ~MusicFan :3


  14. princessjillana said:

    I only said O:
    Because I wasn’t sure it was true O.o


  15. princessjillana said:

    You go moomoo! 😉 😉 😉


  16. Even though you used “Girl” It’s pretty obvious who you’re talking about…lol
    Anyways, I’ve talked to “Girl” and she doesn’t want drama. She wants to end it.
    She just doesn’t know how…


    • foreverball11 said:

      ….. It’s true. I dont know how to handle these things. I only started blogging 6 months ago.


  17. “Girl” posted that she was sorry about it, and that she was very very sorry, see the post if you haven’t already! Censor this site: (it’s her site) *Hidden upon request*
    Make sure to censor it!


  18. I’m still following you! I don’t believe people who say bad things without proof! I don’t get it! How come Kewlkat12 believed “girl” without wanting to see proof or anything?
    How DID you get so many followers and stuff?


  19. It was really nice of you to hide “girls” identity. I mean my fantage blog BARELY gets any views but im not complaing!! I think that u have GREAT ideas and not general ideas.


  20. ღღღנяƒღღღ said:

    I think “Girl” must be ashamed now… x/
    Poor her and poor you.
    But you really know how to handle situations!
    Unlike me, I just give up. 😛
    I wish I wasn`t such a softie…


  21. Hiya MooMoo! I know this is kinda off topic, but could you add me on Google+? @December Cherri. Thanks!


  22. This post kinda caused a couple mini-fights. (Read through the comments)


  23. Anonymous said:

    What is ur google+ community called ? I can’t find it.
    Thanks ~littleelephant~


    • I just started using it, I haven’t really started anything yet. I’m not even sure if I want to use it, I just wanted to test it out.


      • Anonymous said:

        Oh ok. Can you please make a post when you start to post stuff on it? Oh yeah and hopefully the post will include the name of the community. x] ~littleelephant97~


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