❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

The End of a Dark Tunnel

Sorry everyone for that nasty fight between me and AprilMay, I know you guys don’t like to see that sort of negative stuff on here, and neither do I.

So I’m super happy to say that we’ve talked it over on XAT (oh, XAT, the place where everyone makes up ❤ ). Here’s the entire coversation.


Most of you can’t read the beginning because it’s in Japanese… Basically, it was me flustering around with my poor Japanese skills (I only took 2 years of it rofl), and me saying repeatedly “Do you speak English?” “My Japanese is bad” “Sorry I don’t understand you” (sorry Japanese-speakers for making you cringe!). I was also using Google Translate to figure out what she was saying, but you know Google Translate… And I had no idea who she was until we spoke English.

First lesson for myself and for everyone: If you ever get into a fight with someone, the solution is always to make up, not to hold a grudge. We are all humans here, and none of us are evil. Our emotions might drive us to do crazy things, but once we calm down, control those emotions, and realize our mistakes, that is the time to make up. If you hate someone with all your heart, figure out why, find a solution, and then forgive and forget. You will both be so relieved when you’ve done so. Believe me, nobody likes to be in a fight. Nobody likes to hate.

Another lesson: admitting that you are wrong is NOT a sign of weakness. It takes strength to admit that you were wrong. And if you have done so, then it proves that you are reasonable and mature. So thank you for that, AprilMay.

Last lesson: when you are in a fight, keep your head. To the people that commented calmly on my post and suggested that I forget the fight and move on, you’ve already mastered this 🙂 Look at the big picture, and try to find a solution. Never resort to full-out rage cussing, because that makes you look unreasonable and closed to finding a solution. Even if it means that you have to give up your dignity to apologize, do it. Apologizing can sometimes help you regain your dignity.

So yeah, AprilMay is in the process of removing that “quit Fantageville” group on Facebook, and I have already removed that post. And as another act of forgiveness:


So yes, as promised, here are some tips for you, AprilMay:

  • I see that on your inactive blog as well as your active one, you are currently using the default background. Try to find one on Google images that fits either the season (like mine) or Fantage. Just Google “______ blog background.” Since it’s spring, here are some that can get you started (click on them to visit the original):

  • I see that you’ve already uploaded a Favicon, that’s awesome! A good idea to make your Favicon more official and professional is to make it unique to your site. For example, adding letters, so it’s clearly your blog’s “logo.” That’s what Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. do
  • The URL of your blog “thefantgagers” might be confusing to audiences: Your header is “The Fantagers,” but the URL doesn’t match. People might accidentally type in thefantagers.wordpress.com and get confused since that didn’t go to your site. You can easily change your URL, see this: http://en.support.wordpress.com/changing-blog-address/
  • This is more of a psychological tip than a physical blog tip. Don’t worry so much about hits and followers. Hits are just a number, and they don’t define who you are. There are some amazing bloggers out there that everyone loves, and they don’t have hundreds of thousands of hits. For example, TheFantageTrio (yep I’m putting your link here because you guys are so awesome ❤ ) I love them, their blog, pretty much everything, and they aren’t top-of-the-charts in regards to number of hits. They don’t need to be.
  • Following up on the tip above, hits will naturally come. People come to a blog for help, not to look at the hits counter. If the only goal of blogging that a blogger has is to get hits and become “famous,” then that blogger would be missing the point. Focus on the real goal–creating a helpful blog–and fans, hits, and followers will follow.

Hope this helped! For more generic tips, you can see the Blogging Tips page.

Comments on: "The End of a Dark Tunnel" (37)

  1. thanks moomoo ❤


  2. Reblogged this on тнє ƒαηтαgєяѕ and commented:
    I really love this ❤


  3. Oh >.<
    The first background I have and I was going to use it
    Oh well
    I'll find another one c:


  4. Happy you guys sorted it out


  5. First of all it’s really great everything’s resolved! Second, wow thanks so much Miss MooMoo! It’s really nice of you to put our link. We love you and your blog as well!

    And to AprilMay:

    Just checked out your blog! It seems pretty cool. Love the quote in your header:

    тнє ραѕт ιѕ α gнσѕт, тнє ƒυтυяє ιѕ α ∂яєαм. αℓℓ ωє яєαℓℓу нανє ιѕ яιgнт ησω.

    Very nice 😉


  6. Theresa7897 said:

    Glad you guys made up on that fight 🙂


  7. problem resolved..
    sorry april for saying you were a brat,, :/


  8. Wow- Even when a phoenix grows old and dies, it can still be reborn, even after damage.
    That’s pretty much what happened here… 🙂


  9. That awkward moment when you can read Japanese .__.

    (Isn’t exactly sure if google translate was used but ok. (:)


  10. lottie17 said:

    Yayy glad you guys made up ❤


  11. Aww man I’m Japanese yet I can’t read Japanese >.< I feel so bad about it! At least I can speak it. Anyways, I'm glad you got your fight sorted out! It does feel good to know that you and the other person are friends again.


  12. tiffany9452 said:

    I’m so happy for you guys 😀 We are back to peace (idk if that makes any sense but … who cares xD)


  13. Anonymous said:

    I read like every new think u post. I love your blog! I’m caroline2854 but call me Amber. I love that name! I’m glad you guys made up.


  14. Anonymous said:

    When you blog, in the blogging thing there is no place to type. And, when I talk to the bot of Fantageville it asked what is my name and where I live to shop. I just I say I don’t know- Amber


  15. nice you guys made up. applause to you two.


  16. wait lol why did you even fight in the first place?


  17. princessmoomoo this is kind of urgent I went on this blog http://fantagesakuramoon.wordpress.com/famous-fantagians and I know it look like your blog but , on the famous fantagian page I noticed that in the comments someone asked “princes moo moo?” and the owner replied “mhm” at first wasn’t sure what the “mhm” meant but I searched around the page, and I think she is posing as you though I’m not sure please put your attention to this


    • Oh I think that person who asked “princess_moomoo?” was suggesting for the owner of the blog to put my ID Fone on there. But the owner must have misinterpreted it and answered that without really knowing what they were asking.
      I know the owner, they wouldn’t pose, it’s obvious she’s not me xD


  18. ohh ok thanks for clearing that up


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