❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Blog Updates

I know you guys have been asking for new pages, so I’ve just made two!

The first one (you Shingeki no Kyojin fans will love it especially) is Free Cursors! Some of you already know, since I announced it on XAT yesterday, but I just finished making another cursor that’s Fantage-themed!


The second new page is titled Did You Know.” Changed the name to “Fantage Fun Facts” because someone already had a page with that name 🙂


So go ahead and check them out!


Since I have some extra time this week, I’m also planning to release the green Ville Bills! I have 3 ideas for what the prize should be, and I couldn’t decide, so how about you guys vote on it?

Ok it’s only been a couple of hours but it looks like the majority vote is pretty obvious… I’ll start releasing them right now!


If you don’t use GiftHulk, FoY codes are codes that you type into a page, and you get points. Many codes can be used more than once, and there’s an entire page on Gifthulk that shows you which codes have been used, and which haven’t. If you haven’t joined Gifthulk yet, click here to learn more!

I didn’t put an “other” option in the poll because I KNOW trollers/haters are gonna comment something rude/disgusting. So just comment if you have any other ideas!


I’ve also removed the To Do list AGAIN (sorry I keep on changing my mind). I didn’t think it was very useful, it’s annoying for me to update it, and if I were to put everything on my mind on it, half of the stuff would be “it’s surprise!”


Last, if you think I’m doing a better job of creating new pages and making this blog more fun, then change your votes on the Speak Your Mind page! Thanks!

Comments on: "Blog Updates" (15)

  1. i dont need to see a pic of princess moo moo because i saw you and casey cow on tinychat hehe :3


  2. Lolz- Twins are awesome! 🙂


  3. Can’t wait to get the Green Ville Bills… I wanna see you in real life 🙂


  4. lottie17 said:

    Great new pages 🙂


  5. omg can I pay you real money to see what you look like


  6. Moomoo- I just earned my “Hero” medal for the new event and I think you should include this in the new post: You get the medal after beating Round 3. It took me like 10 times lol.
    Also, I guess this really is “Part 2” of the Fairy Feast since the bad witch is back though this time the fairies play a smaller role.
    Hope this helped! 🙂


  7. jimmy neutron said:

    such talent *o*


  8. Actually, the Oasis is still there. By the way, I like your new pages!


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