❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Cataclysm Event

Remember these weird octopus-like bowls of bubbly, smoky pink stuff from the past couple of weeks?



Looks like the culprit behind it is… not Cinderella, but Cindeline!


She’s turned the Oasis into her headquarters, maybe because nobody goes there anyway. Poor Raj, nobody likes his Trading Card game. Oops didn’t realize that the Oasis just moved to the side, haha, I guess Raj is safe!


Click on the glowing opening, and there will be game instructions. Ooh, you can win medals!


There are 3 stages only, even though there are 5 different color shards, so it’s a lot easier than you think!

The shards look like this, they cover up 1 square only


When you start, you can only see 2 squares in every direction.


Find the torch in each level to make your circle of vision larger, to 3 squares in every direction


Find the treasure chest, and you will get a star bonus. You don’t need to find a “key” or anything.


Find the treasure map, and you will be able to see the entire stage! Once you move though, everything will turn black again. So either memorize where everything is, or take a screenshot!

I thought at first that there would only be 3 stages, but there are lots more… In fact, I think each is randomly created. So I won’t be able to show you what each level looks like 😦


Watch out for the guards. You lose only if their red beams touch you, and they aren’t that smart! And if there’s a wall in between, they won’t be able to catch you.


As long as you keep your eye on the outside rim of your circle, you won’t run into them.


This game is a bit like chess, because you all move 1 square at a time. If you don’t move, the guards won’t move either! If you take one step, they will take one step too, in a random direction. This isn’t timed either. You get fewer stars if you take more steps, but we’re here for levels, not stars, right?

Other than that, I can’t think of any more tips. There isn’t really that much strategy, it’s more like blind luck, literally.

If you don’t pass all 3 stages, you get stars. But if you pass them all, you will earn 1 level toward the Hero Medal! The maximum, for mems and nons, is 10.



I like how they decided to change things up for this event, it’s not the usual expensive Limited Item Cart, boring mini games, and movie. There’s actually a storyline!

I also appreciate it that they not only gave nonmembers a chance to gain 10 levels, but that the maximum level for that medal is the same for nons and mems!

It also looks like this isn’t even the entire event yet, there’s more to come! So…


Comments on: "Cataclysm Event" (72)

  1. mqquendes said:

    Hi there, I was wondering if you could please check out my blog Fantagania? (If the name seems too similar, I’ll change it 🙂 ).

    Mqquendes 


  2. Candykatx said:

    I’m so horrible at this game >_<


  3. I haven’t found a single green shard either… weird.
    I really don’t like how they put the stupid guard right in front of you when you first start.
    They puppy guard!!! Sometimes, there’s like 3 guards crowding around the same corner, cornering me. Intense.


  4. --> fill in my name said:

    I sometimes get annoyed with those guards. x( I get caught mostly at the second time. 😦


  5. In one of the pictures, you were cornered by, like, four guards…Did you lose that one, or did you win?


  6. ☆♔♥FantageNathan♥♔☆ said:


    What are they planning to do with this?!


  7. princess moomoo?
    are you wearing guy hair in the 4th picture?


  8. lottie17 said:

    This is a great event, unlike SOME of their recent ones.


  9. Theresa7897 said:

    Do you have to get the whole three rounds to get the medal and level up cause I could only get to level 2 Lol


  10. omg! I remember that…. (it ws 1 day ago xP) I saw you! And I fail at that gameee


  11. i like this game. it’s hard. it challenges player. i like that. Fantage become better every day, ever since your blog post, moomoo. ty.


  12. Omg, once an admin appeared and asked what we liked and everything and people said UNICORNS!!!


  13. “I like how they decided the change things up for this event” A grammar mistake?


  14. I just noticed… Cindeline sounds way too much like Cindy for my liking 😦


  15. The Unknown said:

    Sorry, i just dont know where to put this, but heres a way to level up. Make an account on a new tab, go on your original fantagian, wait for your new account, make the new account ask you for a tour, end the tour, and your original fantagian levels up. Sorry if its confusing, EHEHEHE >.<


  16. Blurasxbery said:

    Grrr I passed the first two levels and on the third level I got he two gems and I started to head for the exit and THE GUARDS CAUGHT ME Dx


  17. Selina Xu said:

    Can you post something about the Fantage Comet App? They just released it.


  18. Anonymous said:

    Hey moo moo, How do you get to your screenshots? This website told me how to screenshot thanks! I need help with the screenshot question with accessing them. I’m caroline2854 but call me Audrey.


  19. I’m not sure where to put this-
    Anyway, Moomoo- Are you going to make a post about the new “Fantage Comet”? 🙂
    It’s kind of cool and the items are super cheap.


  20. Ohh, well, you could also just do it on Google Play, you know… 🙂


  21. Anonymous said:

    It’s Audrey again. Thanks for telling me about the screenshots and how to get to them. So you know, Oasis is beside Cindereline’s base. (I know I spelled Cindereline’s wrong) XD


  22. Anonymous said:

    Can you add a thing to the side of the page around the yellow part of your Status if your on or not. Please so I can know? ~Audrey


  23. Anonymous said:

    Yes you can. Can we meet somewhere cause I just saw you put the message there.


  24. Anonymous said:

    I’m just testing if the emotions work. XD xD Xd ❤


  25. Anonymous said:

    Are you and Angela friends in real life? Do you know her in real life? I want you to post a picture of yourself in real life~Audrey


  26. Moomoo- Since you have a Google account(fantageville@gmail.com) you can acces Fantage Comet on Google Play. Just type Google Play in the Google Spacebar and search up Fantage Comet. 😉


  27. Anonymous said:

    I just played Fantage Comet on my family iPad. It has two cool outfits. But only two places and one kind of fashion show and I was thinking to make a blog with my best friend in real life. How old do you have to be?~Audrey (Audrey isn’t my real name)


  28. Theresa7897 said:

    Argh i only have an ipad and when I downloaded fantage coment (err however you spell it) i logged in then after it i came back to homepage 0:<


    • I had the same problem! It’s either because you have the iPad, or the iPad2. Fantage Comet only works for iPad3 or newer. Either that, or something else.


      • Theresa7897 said:

        I dont know what my cousin has but I told her to download it and it worked for like a minute then it glitched. 😦


  29. Yay! You’re my buddy! And your also so nice. I didn’t know those words you said would actually show! (btw, I’m aung306)


  30. Can you friend me too, please Moo Moo?


  31. ♥❤red343❤♥ said:

    At first, I thought cataclysm meant cannibalism for cats. And those Octopus things became bigger.


  32. ♥❤red343❤♥ said:

    I think its like a disaster…… That’s what it says on google.


  33. Do you think fantage will bring trade n sell back!


  34. Anonymous said:

    How’s your day? I did my homework yesterday when I had to school. So today I might watch the movie BEARS in theaters with a friend in real life. I’m having a really good day XD


  35. pandiithepanda said:

    Wow, this is helpful~!
    I was wondering if the fire would “kill” me, or something :3
    Maybe I should read the instructions xD


  36. pandiithepanda said:

    Lol, I looked up how she looked like, and she looks like this –




  37. You can’t even walk on the fire pit thing…
    It’s just there to like, trap you or something???


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