❤ January 27, 2012 – April 6, 2015 ❤

Instagram and Twitter

I don’t feel like I have been contributing greatly to the blog lately, and it seems Princess_Moomoo is literally running everything, from ask.fm to Facebook to the Fantageville Wikia. I find it depressing that today was the first time I read the Fantageville Wikia…

Anyway, I noticed that I am on Instagram and Twitter WAY too much, so might as well put it to good use for this blog. So I made a Twitter and an Instagram for Fantageville and will be updating regularly. Of course Princess_Moomoo can contribute if she has time. Instagram is apparently the most popular social networking website/app in use at the moment, so it will be great publicity for Fantageville. And I just like Twitter, so yea.

Instagram: @fantagevilleblog

Twitter: @fantageville

If you have noticed, you can find the direct link under the “Find Us On…” tab. But you probably haven’t noticed since I just updated it like two minutes ago…

find us on

Our name on Instagram isn’t @fantageville because someone took that name. So, do not assume that @fantageville is our instagram. Remember, it’s @fantagevilleblog. I will try to get the username @fantageville, but I am not sure I will be successful. I will let you guys know if I change the username of our Instagam. Anyway follow us if you can, and thanks for visiting the blog!


Comments on: "Instagram and Twitter" (20)

  1. is it bad to talk about facebook or social media to young children?


  2. Okay sure 😀


  3. Nice! You can run ’em. I don’t have a twitter or an instagram in real life, so I have no idea how they work.


  4. I followed you on instagram :3


  5. _dana_aam said:



  6. by the way?
    Do you and moomoo share the same account on face book and those social media


  7. Do you casey cow and princess moomoo
    put the latest updates on?
    i think your kind of behind!


  8. --> fill in my name said:

    Cool 😀


  9. _____Cool_______________ said:

    I was thinking, you guys could make an app.
    Now days you can look up how to, on the internet.
    I definitely would download it.


  10. aw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wheres the latest posts!
    did you post it on facebook ! AM I MISSING IT AL OUT


  11. Anonymous said:

    Ok! This is just a great idea! You guys are just great!


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