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Raffle Winners

Click here to read the original post with information about the raffle

82 people entered this raffle, which was a lot more than I expected! Thank you to everyone that took some time to write a “welcome back” comment, I wish I had time to reply to all of them! Don’t worry, I read them all 🙂

Time to announce the winner! Here is a screenshot of the randomized list from random.org. I randomized it 10 times, as I said I would.


Congratulations, Jade! Just email me anytime and I’ll reply with the code 🙂

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to make a couple of comments/explanations.

If you commented on this post, I automatically entered you, even if you didn’t mention your Fantage username (or forgot to). This way, there won’t be any people unhappy about forgetting to write their username 🙂

Also, note that your number on the screenshot above doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a randomized list! Being #82 is no different than being #2, because I am not doing anything like “the winner has an hour to claim the prize before it is passed to the next person.” It’s just proof that I typed everyone’s name into the machine, so everyone had an equal chance.

Last, I am a little disappointed to say that there were several people trying to enter multiple times under a different username. I only called out a total of two people after solid proof from identical IP addresses, and their names were not entered. However, I know there were more. Some had nearly identical IP addresses and were commented within half an hour of each other (and of course I did not have the time to check all 82 entries). Anyway, if you tried entering twice, you know who you are. Cheating just to gain another 1/82 chance of winning is not worth it! I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I am fairly familiar with the loopholes. No hard feelings, just don’t do it again please.


Thank you to every one else for participating! It’s SO good to see you all again!


It feels SO great to be back, at last!!! Since I left in September, things have been pretty rough, but I have finally finished my work.

Enough about me, here’s a quick check-list of the things I plan to be doing this month, to get everything up and running again:



MooMoo’s response/reflection/reaction at the bottom in purple, hopefully Angela will see it!!

Hey guys, it’s caseycow101. I’ll get straight to the point.

I have changed my name to angelakzhou, so no more caseycow101. I’ve decidedly quit Fantageville and my fashion blog SoCal Spirit and created a new blog: justyouraveragezhou.wordpress.com. On this blog, I am basically blogging about my life and whatever I feel like. Please give me a follow, because this will be the only blog I will be updating from now on. I have created this new blog because I feel like my old blogs are too constricting, subject-wise. I also do not want to quit blogging as it has helped my writing skills tremendously.


What’s Been Going On

So this is the first time I have checked the blog in say…2 weeks? Life is basically torture for me right now.

I’ve never really made a post like this before, but my sweet 16 is coming up and I really wanted to celebrate it with you guys. So on my birthday (the 18th), hopefully, I will post a video of me and basically a big mushy gushy speech about why I appreciate you guys so much. I want you guys to all know that I am still here, I am still alive, I still support you all, and I really miss you guys </3. How can you be a part of this? I want you to ask me anything or tell me anything. You can ask me by video or by word, and I will answer your questions and share your video clips in this upcoming video I will make. You can send anything you want to caseycowfantageville@gmail.com, but know it will be part of the video!


We Need a Break

We’re very busy, and I know a lot of you guys are too, so I’ll get straight to the point. (Even if you are busy though please read everything on this post, because I put a lot of heart into it ❤ )

I need as much time for school as possible, meaning I need to cut back on some of my hobbies. And as much as I would like to stay and continue being a part of your lives (because you all have touched mine; even though I don’t know what you physically look like I see you all as real-life friends), I need to take a break.


Inactive Buddies Reminder

It’s past the deadline, anyone’s name who is on this post has been deleted. I felt bad deleting so many people, but you guys did have over 2 weeks to comment!
This means I have tons of space on my buddy list now, if you find me say hi and I can add you and give you a sticker!

As I mentioned near the bottom of the Find Me on Fantage post from 2 weeks ago, I wanted to remove inactive people on my buddy list so I have room for active people.


Find Me on Fantage!

As you know from the About Us page:

“I always go on the first MM server, which is usually Mahogany Mongoose or Maroon Moose. On weekdays, I can be online anywhere from 3PM – 9PM FST. On weekends, I can be online anywhere from 12PM – 12AM. Try and find me, I will be more than happy to add you! <3″ 

Lots of you have been able to find me on Fantage, but the problem is, my buddy list has been full since the Summer Party and I wasn’t able to add you. I really wish Fantage would let us add more than 200 buddies!

So, I came up with this idea. If you find me on Fantage, I will give you this sticker and put it in the top right corner of your first sticker page.


Summer Party

Update: meet at Sunblock first, instead of the Lighthouse!

I will be on Fantageville XAT while I’m at the party 🙂

Sorry for the super late notice, but I just remembered!

I got invited to a Fantage event on Facebook by Fantage Angelly Luffs Potatoes a while ago, it’s a huge summer party and she invited as many “famous” Fantagians as possible!

Here’s a screenshot of the event page on Facebook (here is the link, but it doesn’t work if you weren’t invited, I think)


Green Ville Bills!

Before I leave for vacation, I decided to finally hide all the Green Ville Bills so you all have something to do while we’re gone! 😀

If you don’t know what Ville Bills are, or you need to refreshen your memory on them since it’s been so long, visit the Ville Bills page here

And of course, here’s a gift to the people who are following this blog! A hint to the location of a not-so-easy-to-find Ville Bill:



My New Youtube Channel

Hey guys, it’s Angela. I have recently started a new Youtube channel with my twin sister, Amanda. We aspire to become famous Youtubers someday, and it would be AWESOME if you could subscribe to our channel. We are inspired by the Youtube channel Jacksgap about a pair of British twins named Jack and Finn Harries. Here is the link to our Youtube Channel:


And here is our official trailer for our channel. I am the one on the right 🙂

Thanks guys! And don’t forget to subscribe!



Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone 🙂

Enjoy this fine-looking cupcake idea I found on Facebook (and maybe even attempt to make it!)


Very Quick Post

Updates at the bottom.

Hi, this will be quick!

There’s a girl, selena_107, that has been claiming that she “works for us” and “gives us ideas for our videos and everything.”

She’s lying, please don’t believe her.


Blog Updates

I know you guys have been asking for new pages, so I’ve just made two!

The first one (you Shingeki no Kyojin fans will love it especially) is Free Cursors! Some of you already know, since I announced it on XAT yesterday, but I just finished making another cursor that’s Fantage-themed!


The second new page is titled Did You Know.” Changed the name to “Fantage Fun Facts” because someone already had a page with that name 🙂



Instagram and Twitter

I don’t feel like I have been contributing greatly to the blog lately, and it seems Princess_Moomoo is literally running everything, from ask.fm to Facebook to the Fantageville Wikia. I find it depressing that today was the first time I read the Fantageville Wikia…

Anyway, I noticed that I am on Instagram and Twitter WAY too much, so might as well put it to good use for this blog. So I made a Twitter and an Instagram for Fantageville and will be updating regularly. Of course Princess_Moomoo can contribute if she has time. Instagram is apparently the most popular social networking website/app in use at the moment, so it will be great publicity for Fantageville. And I just like Twitter, so yea.

Instagram: @fantagevilleblog

Twitter: @fantageville

If you have noticed, you can find the direct link under the “Find Us On…” tab. But you probably haven’t noticed since I just updated it like two minutes ago…


XAT Poser

Poser made a new account, but thankfully, nobody seems to believe her anymore, good job guys

I usually don’t post about XAT, but there has been some–*tries not to use bad words*–arrogant fool posing as me lately, claiming that there have been “new rules.” I was shocked that some people actually believed her. Because one, if there were new rules, wouldn’t I post about it?? And two, this scroll message that I added:


This is what she has been saying. Thank you so much, pandiithepanda, for these screenshots



So, I think it’s about time that I told you guys…

You all know that I am very serious about privacy; you guys don’t even know my age, much less my name or what I look like. So I don’t think you’ll be too surprised (or will you?) when I reveal this secret that I’ve hidden for over like, 2 years


I’m So Impulsive

Okay, so I didn’t have much homework due tomorrow (for once), it’s Sunday, and I was in a creative mood.

I also woke up this morning with a super good idea for a movie, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, sooooooo… After a whole day of being glued to my computer screen, this movie was born.


Why My Last 2 Weeks Sucked

Have you guys wondered why I have not been online, or least barely, for the last two weeks? Oh by the way, this is Angela speaking. Well, during the first week that I was not here, I went to Denver as many of you have known. It was for our annual Synchronized Skating National Championships competition. I have to say though, I really love Denver’s clean and clear air. Anyway, we didn’t get the place we thought we would in the competition, so we just did okay. I was supposed to go snowboarding with my parents in the beautiful Denver mountains, but unexpected snowstorms and a change in my schedule made it too much of a hassle. So that’s when things started going downhill.

During the trip, there was a lot of tension between members of our ice skating team. So much drama and hatred towards specific “friends” made the atmosphere extremely tense. By the end of the trip, I was in a bad mood because of how bad all the drama and stuff was. Maybe that’s why we got 5th place, because our team just didn’t seem to work well together during this trip? Ok, so you probably don’t want to hear about my lame high school, first-world-problem, drama, so let’s get on to the second week.


Very Busy

Hi everyone,

I have been EXTREMELY busy this past week, that’s why I haven’t been on. I have just been dumped a huge amount of homework over the weekend.

Task 4 for the FV Games has ended, I’ve taken a screenshot of all your freerice scores. The screenshot was a bit late, but since Daylight Savings Time sorta messed things up, I’ll use it anyway.

I don’t have time to count up the scores, so I will do that when I get back. There won’t be a task 5.

I will be taking 1 week off to tackle my homework.

If you go on Fantage, you will see that there’s a new movie contest (which I probably won’t be able to join, again because of homework) but you should check it out!

That’s all the time I have for now, see you in a week, on Friday 3/14!

My New Style!

(The topic of this post has nothing to do with Fantage, which is actually pretty rare :3)

Yesterday, after seeing this extremely blunt and straightforward comment on my art page yesterday…



FV’s Anniversary and Fantage Cosmic Crest

Thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes in the comments and the other blog posts as well!

The Cosmic Crest update has been posted, just scroll down

Blog Anniversary

Fantageville is now 2 years old! xD Thanks for the happy wishes, WordPress!



This was mentioned in our previous post, “Announcements!“, so you might be wondering why I’m posting about it again.

One, it was kinda hidden among several announcements, and I think some of you might have missed it! If you don’t know what collage I’m talking about, please click here and read #2. I need as many people participating as possible, and it’s super easy!

Two, I want to update you guys on my progress!

I need around 200 ID Fones total for this collage (not 300, I miscalculated earlier), and I have around 80 so far. Thanks to everyone who emailed me your ID Fones already!

Also, as some of you might have inferred from my responses to your emails, I need a lot of different colored ID Fones!



This post has been updated 2 times, see green sticky notes

Hi everyone! I’ve just returned from my vacation in the spectacular weather of SoCal! Time to enjoy the rest of my winter break, while I am still able to escape the clutches of English homework…

As the title of this post suggests, I have a couple of announcements to make!

1. Thank You Angela

Thank you SO much for keeping our blog updated while I was gone! I lost Wi-Fi for 3 days, so I wasn’t able to come on at all (ok, there was Wi-Fi, but you had to PAY for it! I ain’t paying for that!)

She has posted Part 3 of the Holiday Blowout event, kept our ask.fm inbox neat and tidy, moderated all new comments, and took screenshots to keep our VG History page up to date.


Quick Post

Hi, MooMoo here!

In case you didn’t notice the scroll message on the XAT chat, I’m on vacation right now, for about a week!

I can still moderate comments and stuff, but I need Angela to do a couple things for me:

1. Post Part 3 for the Holiday Blowout event

2. Take screenshots of items sold for the Vintage Gold History page

3. Check once in a while on our ask page

Also, when I’m back, I’m planning to do a couple things as well:


A Few Announcements

1. Vote For Page

I’ve removed the entire thing >.<

One, because a lot of people seem to not like it. Some viewers argued that it defeats the purpose of Vintage Gold, because we would all quit if all of the good items had been released, destroying Fantage’s business. Well, that would have never happened anyway, as described in my next point…

Two, because it’s futile. I’ve concluded that Fantage pretty much ignores our votes and releases the most wanted items once in a while, just to keep our interest from drying up, as Lady Fantage suggested. I think a more useful page would be how to be smart when it comes to Vintage Gold.

Three, I feel like even if Fantage was truthful and released the items we most voted for, I doubt there would be enough people from this blog voting. Well, that doesn’t matter anyway, our votes don’t do anything.